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  1. FWIW, have had a couple of these appear in the last few days - always sorted by a simple refresh of the page, though.
  2. The 'F-15EX This Will Screw Up the Social Media Analytics for LM's Launch of the Danish F-35 As People Tune in to This Instead as They Wonder What On Earth We're Going to Rename the Eagle' might have been just a bit too obvious...
  3. Jokes about NATO needing to invite the Poles to pause at the gates of Moscow should WW3 kick off while obviously flippant, are underpinned by a clear recognition of what the Poles think about the Russians (hence the old joke that a Polish general, asked which front would be the main effort should Germany and Russia attack simultaneously, said 'The German front, obviously: business before pleasure'. The joke is also told with the Russians being the first to be dealt with, which perhaps tells us something... )
  4. Now the Centre for Aviation Medicine, stationed at Henlow; uses Hawk T1 nowadays, although a new type will be required as the T1 goes out of service, of course.
  5. Because they're identified as part of the 'persistent engagement' (previously 'defence diplomacy' and 'defence engagement') part of the government's strategy. This suggests more overseas tours and flying around with the Chiefs of the Air Staff of various nations we want to sell kit to. In truth, they've been seen by certain elements of government in this way for years - which has helped their survival in addition to governments not wanting to get berated by the press for binning them. The RAF did, at one stage, moot the idea of putting them up as a cost saving, but were told (I par
  6. Puma is to be replaced by a new medium lift helicopter, although whether this will be in the form of one of those infamous 'capability holidays' for a few years isn't obvious. The 9 retired Chinooks - which may mean Bravo November finds a parking spot at Hendon or Cosford - will be replaced by new-buy Chinooks. The Hawk T1s go - but I note that the Red Arrows are listed as part of the Future Force under the 'Persistent Engagement' (or 'defence diplomacy' as it were called when I were a lad...) element of the Command Paper, and this might hint at a decision on a new aircraft a bit
  7. It's an absolutely perfect rendition of the little-known RAF Sabre FGA5, I think you'll find; as an FJ-2/-3? Not so much...
  8. I should like to complain vigorously on behalf of my bank account about this choice of subject...
  9. It's a fleet of 28 airframes - 600,000 hours over just under 15 years.
  10. Don't know about the specific airframe, but the target-towing Meteors could be aluminium/silver or Light Aircraft Grey. One of Xtradecals' sets for the F8 had a Singapore-based TT example, and that was in LAG (with a black/night fin and the yellow/black undersides).
  11. I'm guessing the 'p-word' is associated with pigs and barrels, plus the penchant for the USAF/USN/USMC/Army Avn to get more airframes, etc, than expected because a Congressional delegation has decided that the service(s) requirement for the aeroplane/kit built - purely coincidentally - in their state can safely be increased by a few hundred million $.... More generally, there's a fair amount of real-world evidence (and the RAF have been good at this) that pairing 4.5 Gen and 5th Gen aircraft is a very effective (and less costly) means of doing things than investing in an all-5th
  12. Badly expressed on my part; I meant in the context of in the instances where the load was reduced to five, the reason given (from TGR mates across the three locations) was the weight being the consideration. I forget whether the raid on Shaibah right at the end of January originated from Muharraq, but it's a cracking example of the full eight x 1000lb fit being used from medium level, as is the subsequent declassified MISREP - which I think is in the link I provided - where the aircrews complain that despite managing to get 60 odd bombs in the right target area, it still wasn't close enough t
  13. Eight x 1000lb were definitely carried during the opening sorties. John Nichol has mentioned it on his Twitter feed; Al Byford (retired a couple of years ago as an Air Cdre) references it here (you can also access it via the link to RAF Air Power Review in Paddy Teakle's piece); see also Mike Toft's article here. The load went down to five because of the effect of the weight on trying to get the TGR up to medium altitude; it was carrying a hell of a lot of weight (with the big tanks) to an altitude where the aircraft had a metaphorical fit of the vapours with 8 x 1000-pounders unde
  14. A great point. I can remember going into my local newsagent on a Saturday and being drawn to the wall of kits. Airfix, Matchbox and think Revell were there, too (it's the most logical place the 1/32 Bob Stanford Tuck Hurricane came from). Earliest kits were the aforementioned Hurricane, Airfix Gnat, Airfix Concorde (in the Sky Kings - I think it was - boxing), OV-10A, O-2/Mig-21 dogfight double, several Airfix Hurricane IIs (were you could do the Hurribomber, IId or a sort of IIb/IV hybrid with rockets) and the Black Arrows Hunter. Ah, nostalgia... I understand why and how it's happened,
  15. Yes, the old Smiths in Birmingham (they've moved to smaller premises on a single floor now) had a section right at the top of the stairs/escalator. After a while, it didn't have much in the way of choice or bargains to be honest, and as I was usually there on a Saturday after walking into the centre from the Jewellery Quarter, I'd invariably pop into Parabellum on Vyse St instead. I don't think it ever did well, since after a few months, the size of the section was reduced, and eventually disappeared. There'd be almost no hope of them fitting a revived MZ section into the current building in
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