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  1. Well ,I have to say I'm most disappointed. On behalf of my wallet.... ... which has admired my discipline in not lobbing yet more stuff into the stash recently, but this is going to lead to it expanding by at least two more boxes. A good choice and will suit my liking for minimal rigging.
  2. Forgive me if this has been covered before and I've missed it, and for the slightly tangential link - but looking at the link and instructions (only just got round to it as I bagged several Airfix Sea Vixens and have no interest in buying a Trumpy one), it appears that you can give the aircraft a weapons load of two Firestreak and two Red Top: did the Sea Vixen ever carry this mixed load? I've wracked my brains and have no recollection of ever seeing a photo of a Sea Vixen in that configuration and was wondering if there was any evidence to suggest that the load was carried (or, indeed, cleared)?
  3. XV107

    Revell 1/72 Irish Air Corps UH--60A Blackhawk

    Not disagreeing with the overall thrust of the argument, but the lack of obvious military utility is one of the reasons an unspecified number are in service at Hurlburt Field...
  4. XV107

    RAF 100 Years Flypast Over London July 10th

    Based on what I've heard from er... reasonably informed sources (the individual making the comment did so during a Q&A under the Chatham House Rule, but if they're not informed, we're rather stuffed) that this - 'largest in recent times' - was how it was being touted. I suspect that this means that someone typing up the webpage failed to read to the end of the [metaphorical] piece of paper and missed it off. I know from experience that there have been a couple of similar (if less obvious) instances of what was meant to appear online appearing as something a bit different because of input error...
  5. XV107

    Some Tornado questions

    Only just seen this, but I have a feeling that the pylon was fitted. If you go to the Tornado SIG page: http://www.tornadosig.com/gulf-war-weapons.html You will see at the bottom a photo - which, viewer discretion advised, has a rather rude piece of advice to Mr S Hussein of Baghdad scrawled upon the JP233 cannister which dominates the shot - in which JP233 is being loaded. And there is something looking jolly like the centre pylon of the GR1 to be seen...
  6. XV107

    Some Tornado questions

    1. ASRAAM came into use with the F3 in 2002. It was meant to enter service the previous year, but there were some contractual issues which delayed acceptance by the MoD. It was at an interim standard at the start of the year, and then underwent trials. ASRAAM was declared operational in the summer of '02, with a final (at that point) upgrade of a couple of features being accepted in 2003. 2. AMRAAM & Skyflash overlapped in service. AMRAAM integration was begun under the sustainment programme in the late 90s, but this did not give the F3 full capability with AMRAAM (no mid-course update, etc). The AMRAAM Optimisation programme was approved in 2001, with test firings in 2002; the -120B came into service in June 04, with the AIM-120C-5 in September that year. The initial 'austere' capability wasn't much of an improvement over Skyflash, which is why the older weapon went with the F3 to Op TELIC in '03. 3. I'll leave that to an expert who knows which fetching shade of grey it is 4. This will depend upon a variety of factors which will boil down to whether, on some/any sorties it is thought that there may be an air threat, in which case weapons would/can be carried. Anything more than that starts getting into discussing possible ROE... But there is a video of a sortie below which is public domain. 5. Er... I refer the Hon Gentleman to the answer I gave a few moments ago.
  7. XV107

    Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    It looks as though the 72nd scale Lightning F6 and Vampire T11 & the 48th Spitfire 22/24 can be added to your shopping basket on the Airfix site...
  8. XV107

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/davids_world_2011/5994514076/ ISTR that there is a photo of a snow camo Wessex in Bill Gunston's Modern Combat Aircraft (2nd or so edition) from the late 1970s, although without looking, memory fails me as to whether this was an RAF example or not.
  9. XV107

    Anyone fancy a B-1B gunship?

    With only one user of the B-1B, I suspect Boeing might notice if the USAF's aircraft suddenly sprouted a system violating the patent, and conversations involving lawyers would ensue... I can only assume that this is some sort of idea for supporting SOF in a reasonably permissive environment [a term which always makes me think that the enemy's defences will be commanded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, with Timothy Leary as a SAM battery commander...] with the B-1 racing to the rescue using its high dash speed before putting the wings fully forward and setting up the standard orbit (albeit rather quicker) for a gunship with the ability to get out of the way of incoming SAMs in a way an AC-130 can't if the need arose. But... you'd have thought that unless there was a cost imperative - no destroying $10,000 Hilux Technicals with a $500,000 missile - that stuffing the bays full of GBU-44 and AGM-176, or even Brimstone - would be the answer. On top of that, the effort to put a directed energy weapon onto the AC-130 would suggest that putting one of those into the bays would be a more obvious proposition. All rather odd at first glance...
  10. XV107

    F-35 Question ?

    By all accounts, they're even easier than those on the Typhoon. With just a bit of background knowledge, I was able to decipher about 90% of what a Typhoon display was telling me within 15 minutes of sitting in the sim (aided by someone who actually flies the thing on a daily basis), and since I've no reason to doubt my informants regarding the F-35 displays... As Graham says, the pilot's role is mainly managing the systems and fighting the aircraft, more of a weapon system operator with a bit of flying responsibility - although the importance of some of the wider airmanship/situational awareness honed as a result of being able to fly a fast jet shouldn't be entirely disregarded just yet.
  11. Not quite what you meant, but... [from http://luckypuppy.net/i-watched-as-the-phantom-crashed/ - crew in this one sighed, muttered something about an interesting day in the office and put the aircraft down in one piece at a slightly sportier landing speed than normally adopted]
  12. If it's the incident I'm thinking of, it was a couple of B-24s. They were sent to conduct a recce of the Kuril islands after the Soviets had occupied them, and some P-63s were sent up by the Soviets to usher them away. The aircraft were from the 28th Bombardment Group, which conducted a number of recces over the Kurils in late August and early September 1945.
  13. Hannants have it on their Future Releases list, so... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MSVIT72052
  14. That might be a bit pessimistic (I'd buy two unless Amerang were setting the price, in which case doing a deal with Cosford for the 1:1 scale version would be cheaper) , although not sure that 48th would be the right scale with which to test the market. The FD2 deserves a modern kit because of its significance, even though only two were built. The Novo kits go for fairly steep prices on occasion - there are two on ebay at the moment, both buy it now and neither under £30 (plus p&p), and the last one I watched ended up going for the sort of price one pays for a new Hasegawa kit in 72nd these days. I think it'd sell reasonably well in 72nd, but 48th? Not so sure (even though, as I say, I'd buy a couple, how many others would?). I imagine that the market would be expanded if the option of doing a what if and sticking a couple of Firestreaks on the wings were provided; I have seen, somewhere, a fairly plausible looking FD2 in that sort of get up (plausible looking vice plausible capability), but can't find the photos at the moment. The SR53 - this year marks the 60th anniversary of John Booth's death in the crash of XD151, of course - is slightly less significant as an aircraft, so of the two, my vote would go for the FD2. I'd still buy a couple of those in 48th as well, though. Even if it goes the other way, I'd strongly advocate that consideration be given to kitting it in some form, though, given its history.
  15. XV107

    MBDA Meteor missile

    If you've not seen it, 1:05 gives you the rear view of a Meteor on a Gripen shortly before it's released.