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  1. Just as a matter of interest, how long is it normally on a pre-order between Airfix taking the money from your PayPal account and the product arriving? Money was taken from my account 15 days ago, and the notification was followed by an email saying my Spitfires were being prepared for despatch. My uncharitable thought would be to add 'By snail, presumably.... ', since I've had ne'er a notification or a parcel, but before concluding this, my sense of fairness made me wonder if this sort of delay is normal. I ask since this is my first purchase direct from Airfix and I thus have no experience of whether the gap between taking cash and the customer getting the parcel is usually this long (I accept that they may have had a 'wow, we didn't realise how popular this would be' moment and that this has delayed things).
  2. There's someone enjoying their day at work! Great photos, as usual, thank you.
  3. Agreed - the Hasegawa kit is much nicer. It can be got a decent price, but you're looking - in the main - at something between about £33 and £40 (quite a few sellers on a certain site do free p&p when they have the kit available). As I may have said before, I treat the box as containing two kits, namely the Typhoon and the European weapons set. This means that you can create a (obviously rather false) sense that you've not done too badly - the weapons set costs £14.99 from Hannants, so if you bag your Hasegawa Typhoon boxing of choice for (say) £35, you can tell yourself that you've done well - £20 on the aircraft, and £15 on the weapons, if that £35 includes free p&p, you can go even further with the delusion and say that you've got the Typhoon for about the same price as the Revell. As I say, deluded, but it comforts my credit card to approach it that way... Being more serious, neither the Revell nor the Hasegawa kit provides the standard air-ground weapon for the RAF Typhoon, namely the Paveway IV. Nor is the previous standard AG weapon, the Paveway II, to be found in either. That said, post the Centurion project, Brimstone and Storm Shadow can be loaded quite happily (as can Meteor), and Hasegawa gives you those options; if going for the QRA fit, then the Hasegawa one provides all that's required.
  4. Original configuration: https://airbus-h.assetsadobe2.com/is/image/content/dam/channel-specific/website-/products-and-services/helicopters/PT2 Tiger.jpg?wid=1000&qlt=85,0 First flight of HAP prototype, 1993* http://www.hottail.nl/special/prototype/multinational/TigerTigre/images/Tiger.jpg - this is 1993 at Le Bourget https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5006/5209613235_e43bcfacbf_b.jpg - as is this https://www.airliners.net/photo/France-Army/Eurocopter-EC-665-Tigre-PT/214501/L - as in 1999 https://www.airliners.net/photo/France-Army/Eurocopter-EC-665-Tigre-PT/166674/L - this from 2001 when the HAP prototype was down under as it went for selection by the Australian Army *The first prototype - the 1991 first flight - was, I think, in the HAC/PAH-2 configuration https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1991/1991 - 0353.html?search=tiger Not quite the airframes at the times given on the decal sheets, but maybe a start?
  5. Credit to whomever UK Defence Journal credited on the page from which I've borrowed this.
  6. I assume that this won't be arriving in time to be my Mother's Day present to my wife? Which may be no bad thing, on reflection... Do we have any idea of a release date, though? Have I missed rumours/tales of it being delayed, or is this a rare instance of such news not breaking out all over t'interweb?
  7. I think the 1939-40 volume is Volume 1. As I recall, the blurb on the back cover says Volume 2 will cover Dunkirk to the end of 1940. As an aside, it always struck me as a shame that Brian Cull's 2nd volume of 'With the Yanks In Korea' hasn't made it onto the shelves (or if it did, it was there for a very, very short space of time).
  8. Su-30 has been claimed, but no evidence seems to have appeared, unlike the MiG and the Mi-17. Things are not being helped by some news outlets and enthusiastic nationalists Tweeting images claiming to be shot down aircraft - so far we've been treated to: 1. Photos of the wreck of a n IAFHawk 132. Which crashed in 2015 2. Video footage of the Su-30 pilot. A very unlucky man, since identical footage from last week shows that he was involved in the mid-air between two Suraya Kiran Hawks a few days ago. 3. The wreck of the Pakistani F-16 which was shot down. For some reason it appears to be wearing American markings.... 4. The wreck of the Pakistani F-16 which was shot down. Wearing Belgian markings.... 5. The wreck of the Su-30, which appears to have turned into a MiG-27 as it crashed, altering the time-space continuum as it fell, since there is TV coverage of it dating back to 2016... 6. The wreck of the Su-30, which has rotor blades (this one, to be fair, is probably confusion on the part of a picture editor rather than a deliberate use of some random image taken off the internet).
  9. The Meteor-carrying jet was from II(AC) Squadron. The knot on the tail gives it away; you can just make out the 2 Squadron 'fighter bars' as well. ZK306 was with 1(F) last year, complete with squadron markings. This would've been in the Autumn, so that may well have changed now.
  10. Bear in mind that OC IX's aircraft lost hydraulics shortly after landing, and he and his Nav (OC 31) returned to the flight line via a minibus while some linies sighed and headed off for what certainly isn't the first time and probably won't quite be the last to retrieve the jet...
  11. Yes - I believe that it's the aftermath of an air-to-air two 54 Sqn Hunters had over Libya in April 1967; one aircraft crashed (pilot ejected) and the other returned in somewhat 2nd hand condition to El Adem. If this is the aircraft I'm thinking of, HSA bought it, rebuilt it and sold it to the Indian Air Force.
  12. As Rich's post suggests, they've made a correction - but have corrected the wrong thing... It should be 1994, but I rather suspect that it was Lossiemouth not Honington, for the Buccaneer finale. The aircraft never served with 216, but was painted so that all the squadrons which had used the Bucc were represented; there was also a nod to the RN, with one aircraft being painted in 809 Sqn markings (although ISTR that Tim Laming lamented that an airframe which hadn't served with the FAA was chosen when there were still a couple available which had). https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p783529736/h2694F3#h2694f3 may be useful here - it would seem to be taken at the finale, or from around that time.
  13. Ah, that'll buff out.... ¹ That looks like an 'I learned about flying from that.' article written all over it. Mid-air? ¹ In truth, if it's the incident I'm thinking of, it didn't... until HSA got their hands on it and rebuilt it for another customer.
  14. No, not alone. Seems a good move to me (not necessarily to my wallet, but...)
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