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  1. Fantastic series, well worth watching. I've just finished series 2 on bluray, now I've got a years wait for series 3.
  2. I have to agree, the only speed 12 kit i know of is the SMTS 43rd kit.
  3. I bought their Kawasaki kit a couple of months ago, it looks stunning in the box but I couldn't tell you how it goes together. Stuart
  4. I couldn't agree more, it seems there are a number of people in this hobby that are self declared "experts" but they are not the majority. I bought one of Didier's BOAC VC10 kits on Sunday, I like it a lot. It will go in the stash with quite a few other Mach 2 kits and i'm sure i will enjoy building it because that's the main thing i want from a hobby - enjoyment. Stuart
  5. Try using Ublock origin, I made the switch from adblock a couple of years ago and found it much better.
  6. I've used google photos before in the past, I think the links seem to break if you log out of your google account. Most people never log out so it's never an issue.(I think)
  7. Thanks Chris, I was in two minds a bit about this film and I was a bit suspicious about the trailer. I'll wait until it's on TV.
  8. Looks amazing so far. The big question is : what does the red button on the side do? cheers, Stuart
  9. I'm assuming this isn't the "Walking in the air" The Snowman with Aled Jones. I think I might be a bit behind with current films.
  10. The aviation industry runs on acronyms, every section has it's own set and there are far TMA (too many acronyms) I suspect that rg is registered and rrg is reregistered.
  11. If you go to Broughton there is a cafe called Chocks Away on the business park on the opposite side of the airport. Great food, good prices and a great view of the Airbus factory. The Beluga was being loaded up when was there yesterday. Also the hulks of A Mig 23 and two Sukhoi 17/22 to see. Well worth a visit.
  12. You could buy an actual Beetle for £1100.
  13. Interesting, I have one of these for my Africa twin. How was the assembly process?
  14. Looks to be seriously good, just a shame it'll only be on Amazon.
  15. I've been through a lot of airports (including CDG) and Bordeaux–Mérignac was by far the worst I've experienced. The terminal resembled a cattle shed and the staff treated the punters just as such. Never again.
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