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  1. I bought their Kawasaki kit a couple of months ago, it looks stunning in the box but I couldn't tell you how it goes together. Stuart
  2. I couldn't agree more, it seems there are a number of people in this hobby that are self declared "experts" but they are not the majority. I bought one of Didier's BOAC VC10 kits on Sunday, I like it a lot. It will go in the stash with quite a few other Mach 2 kits and i'm sure i will enjoy building it because that's the main thing i want from a hobby - enjoyment. Stuart
  3. Looking forward to it Paul. Cheers, Stuart
  4. Try using Ublock origin, I made the switch from adblock a couple of years ago and found it much better.
  5. I've used google photos before in the past, I think the links seem to break if you log out of your google account. Most people never log out so it's never an issue.(I think)
  6. Thanks Chris, I was in two minds a bit about this film and I was a bit suspicious about the trailer. I'll wait until it's on TV.
  7. Looks amazing so far. The big question is : what does the red button on the side do? cheers, Stuart
  8. I'm assuming this isn't the "Walking in the air" The Snowman with Aled Jones. I think I might be a bit behind with current films.
  9. The aviation industry runs on acronyms, every section has it's own set and there are far TMA (too many acronyms) I suspect that rg is registered and rrg is reregistered.
  10. If you go to Broughton there is a cafe called Chocks Away on the business park on the opposite side of the airport. Great food, good prices and a great view of the Airbus factory. The Beluga was being loaded up when was there yesterday. Also the hulks of A Mig 23 and two Sukhoi 17/22 to see. Well worth a visit.
  11. You could buy an actual Beetle for £1100.
  12. I also have one of them, very useful for small parts. I build 43rd scale Cars and the clear Vac forms for the windscreens are quite often yellowed with age, it's fairly simple to recast them with new clear sheet. Cheers, Stuart
  13. Interesting, I have one of these for my Africa twin. How was the assembly process?
  14. Looks to be seriously good, just a shame it'll only be on Amazon.
  15. I've been through a lot of airports (including CDG) and Bordeaux–Mérignac was by far the worst I've experienced. The terminal resembled a cattle shed and the staff treated the punters just as such. Never again.
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