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  1. Looks like an amazing event, some very nice cars.
  2. Take care of yourself Paul, your health is more important.
  3. Great show, great museum. Appalling traffic coming home though. (42 miles in 2 hours)
  4. Have you tried Vectis, specialist toy auctions. They have sold kits in the past. https://www.vectis.co.uk/
  5. I'd be surprised if they could have made a Lincoln fit in the hangar, I could be wrong though.
  6. My (admittedly limited research) seems to suggest that the metallic finish aircraft were ministry of supply aircraft for test and research. I guess this would be why it's being maintained at RAE Farnborough. Does anyone know when they were retired? This might give a clue as to when the picture was taken. Thanks for everyones replies, I'm not a vulcan expert by any measure.
  7. That's because all the crap is behind me.
  8. RAE Farnborough. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
  9. I recently had this picture sent to me: It's taken in the hangar that I work in so today I tried taking a current version: It's a little off but the best I could do. Does anyone have any idea of a date of the first picture or the particular Vulcan in the image?
  10. At the Sandown toy fair today, a nicely restored Ford Mustang And an original Austin Princess
  11. It was a newish truck (5 years old max), certainly not a restored unit. I think Rich has hit the nail on the head, it was probably a temporary flat bed for transport and the truck was being relocated for use shunting trailers. It was where I work at Farnborough airport and it was coming on site, possibly preparing for the Airshow in June. Cheers Guys.
  12. Hello Rich, It had no crane or connection for a trailer. It was a 4x2 truck with a small flat bed on the back of the chassis instead of the 5th wheel.
  13. Another question, today as I was leaving work I saw a truck which had me wondering. At first sight It looked like a standard semi truck you see on British roads (a Scania I think ) but instead of the 5th wheel on the back it had a flat bed with a small load on it. Why would you need such a large truck for such a small load? Is it for transporting very small but very heavy loads? Cheers, Stuart
  14. Count me in Patrice, I have lots of Mirage kits ( at least I think I've seen some in the heat of the stash.) Stuart
  15. Very cool little dio, very realistic.
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