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  1. I also have one of them, very useful for small parts. I build 43rd scale Cars and the clear Vac forms for the windscreens are quite often yellowed with age, it's fairly simple to recast them with new clear sheet. Cheers, Stuart
  2. Interesting, I have one of these for my Africa twin. How was the assembly process?
  3. Looks to be seriously good, just a shame it'll only be on Amazon.
  4. I've been through a lot of airports (including CDG) and Bordeaux–Mérignac was by far the worst I've experienced. The terminal resembled a cattle shed and the staff treated the punters just as such. Never again.
  5. I'll be there bright and early, (well early anyway) Cheers, Stuart
  6. I went on Thursday and it was a real kid in a candy store day, by 5pm my legs were killing me but there were just too many nice cars to stop. I sat for some time just staring at the Embiricos Bentley, absolutely stunning car but the Voisin was a close second with the Bugatti 57C Atlantic 3rd. Stuart
  7. I'll second that thought, I always make a date for the Avon show, always worth the visit. Cheers, Stuart
  8. Stu_davros

    W series

    Not a bad start, interesting idea to swap the cars between the drivers. Guaranteed level playing field.
  9. The actual tyres were painted through a stencil so they would have been a little fuzzy in places.
  10. Yes, the stencils only really work with an airbrush or spray can. Tape the stencil to the tyre with masking tape, making sure to cover the rest of the tyre and a couple of light coats of matt white will make the tyres looks fantastic. Regards, Stuart
  11. It looks like they have got wet and then dryed out leaving some with parts attached to the backing sheet. The spray masks available is probably the best way to go. Something like this: https://www.hiroboy.com/120_Goodyear_Eagle_Tyre_Stencil_Template--product--7786.html
  12. Very good result, sort of a super dreadnought.
  13. Please excuse me if I'm stating the obvious, but do you know the Goodyear tyre decals are printed backwards and applied completely different to normal decals? The decals should be on the thin clear sheet and applied to the tyre dry, then wetted and the sheet removed leaving the decal. Apologies if I've got the wrong end of the stick. Cheers, Stuart
  14. The modified airframe does not require a brand new type certificate, most aircraft types evolve like this over time.
  15. The last show was a bit of a damp squib on the public days, a lot of the military and civil aircraft had left by the weekend. I think the trade says have been driving the show for the last few years.
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