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  1. I've had the same lately, I use the text authentication to simplify things. I think this may be a regular thing from now on though.
  2. Much better, not sure who the one on the left is meant to be but the replacement is defo Harrison.
  3. I've had some success straightening parts by clamping them flat to a piece of glass and exposing them to UV again. Maybe worth a try? Stuart.
  4. A fantastic series, loved the mischief that Peugeot got up to during the German occupation.
  5. Seconded. I can see it being very useful for you Roy. I think the market for garage scifi kits taking a hit, also the resin aftermarket companies. They need to roll with the times though and start producing CAD stuff for sale, it's already happening and will get bigger, with or without them. Stuart
  6. The lower hull assembled much the same as the top hull so not much of interest. A test fit of the rear hull showed the fit was better than the top. It would still need some work though. The two halves of the hull were clamped together and glued, working from the aft to the forward, clamping and squeezing by hand as I went. I managed to close most of the gaps but a certain amount of filler will be required. Another mock up, Than
  7. Great looking collection and i do have a soft spot for 43rd and Provence Moulage kits so always good to see more of these. Cheers, Stuart
  8. A little more progress, The main parts are printed hollow so drain holes were necessary: Most would be hidden inside the model but a few were necessary in visable areas, the resin was again used to fill these, using surface tension and the UV lamp to good effect. Once sanded down the resin blends in well. The top hull sides were next and quickly attached: Despite the size and complexity of the assembly glueing with the resin makes it feel like a single part.
  9. It's certainly a very interesting new direction to our hobby, however it's worth considering that resin printers are quite messy though so need to be kept away from pets and children. I have neither so can do this without having to put everything away when I'm not home. Thanks Steve, patience is certainly a major requirement. However it's curious how much time I've spent looking through the window of the printer, watching another part emerge from the goo. A little update, I've started assembling the top hull, first up is the three parts of the cockpit. I'll be using
  10. Having bought an Anycubic Photon after Bootneck kindly pointed out they were on offer, I have been printing away for about 3 weeks. So now is the time to take the plunge and build someting that I've printed. I had been quietly watching StevenBills build of the Y-Wing using his Elegoo Mars and this got my interest up in building a Star Wars ship, the CG model was bought from CGTrader (same author as Steves Y-Wing) and away I went. A couple of weeks of printing got me here: Scalewise I thought I would revive the old 'Box scale' of the 50's, but this was go
  11. My neighbours cat Maddy hasn't quite got the hang of the internet: Either that or it's some feline dark web.
  12. Not a silly question at all. Cgtrader is a website I buy higher quality files, thingiverse is free stuff. I can't say I've seen any bang seats though. Stuart
  13. I'm just getting started with my Photon resin printer and looking at your game piece it may be more viable to print in resin, as 30 or so would take the same time as 1. The material costs are higher though. If you want to send me the stl file I can estimate the cost using Chitubox for as many as I can get on a print bed. Stuart
  14. There is a nice cafe on the trading estate that's worth a visit. Also the Bristol Britannia is parked a bit further around. Cheers, Stuart
  15. All good info, thanks Mike. I made a test print today: Well chuffed with the print quality and ease of use, however whilst tinkering with the slicer my 10 year old PCs graphics card overheated and shut down. Needed a new desktop PC anyway. Cheers, Stuart
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