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  1. Hi all, I was wondering what your 'go to' site is for AFV related announcements of new kits, aftermarket, etc? The Rumourmonger area here seems to be, how shall I put this, a bit biased towards aviation. I used to love the PerthMilitaryModelling site (PMMS), but this has unfortunately become dormant (I believe due to ill health of the founder?). I haven't found anything equivalent, but maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough? Thanks in advance, Paul.
  2. Cool picture Tcoat Thanks John. Cheers Mr Pig. Ah, I should have known not everyone is a thick as me! Thanks for the comments Andrew. Many thanks Ned, those pearls of wisdom have filled in a few blanks in my understanding - things are starting to fall into place now. 'Too small to model' you say. Hmmm, sounds like a challenge. Managed a bit of time at the bench this weekend, mostly working on beefing up the cab area. Using this as a reference... ...I've added some detail, namely (using my b
  3. Thanks Andrew, but you've fallen into the trap I did when I started working on the engine. Apparently diesel engines don't have spark plugs. Who knew? I certainly didn't until recently... https://engineeringinsider.org/no-spark-plug-diesel-engine/ Those things that look like spark plugs are fuel injector nozzles. No, me neither
  4. Makes perfect sense Tcoat. Lazy works for me too, though I'd probably term it 'efficient'. Thanks Mr Pig. I'll see what I can come up with on the stick front. The latest update will cover the engine, mainly to use you guys as a sounding board to validate my understanding more than anything else. Not being mechanically minded (checking fluid levels in the car is my limit!) most of the terminology I use is educated guess work. Understanding what the engine components are is important though when attempting to wire/plumb the engine within the vehicle. Feel free
  5. Oooo, lovely stuff. The kit looks impressive with nice crisp detail (well apart from the exhaust!) It will be interesting to see what it builds like. Paul.
  6. Lordy, talk about taking things to the next level. Awesome stuff bazer.
  7. Thanks Pig. The faff in the Landy doesn't sound too bad - I suspect that the L 4500 seat would have been like a church pew in comparison Thanks for your insights Tcoat. I agree, I think that the seat would just be too unwieldy to lift off and put somewhere, it being much easier to tilt and prop in some way. I suppose there could have been some kind of friction hinge type thing (similar to what you may find in a casement window). I know the Germans over engineered things, but a complex hinge arrangement like this would seem to be a tad OTT: I'm leanin
  8. Thanks for the pictures Kelscale, I've seen most of them but a couple are new. The first example appears to have split seats rather than one bench seat. I suspect this is not original being a later modification during restoration, but who knows? Thanks Pig. Out of interest, what did you do with the seat when you lifted it off? Lob it in the foot-well, chuck it on the ground, or lean against the vehicle? I'm guessing that whatever you did the L 4500 guys would likely have done. Cheers, Paul
  9. I agree Andrew that it the sheer bulk of the back cushion would prevent the necessary clearance for hinges at the rear to be feasible. You'd think that lifting the whole thing off would be grief - surely they wouldn't inflict that on the long suffering drivers...? Oh, hang on, it sound like they would inflict that on the long suffering drivers. There is another picture that's confuses things further (well for me anyway). Here's a shot of the L 4500 at Saumur. It's not the same version as that modelled by Zvezda (the dash is very different for example) but I assume t
  10. Lovely stuff George, and what a cracking bag of potatoes (that's something I never imagined I'd be saying on an armour forum ).
  11. Thanks Echen Just need some fuel and a battery - more of which later... Thanks John Time to cover the cab in more detail I think. Detail here is OK, but again you get the feeling that after the great work on the chassis and engine, Zvezda just ran out of steam. The firewall is a blank canvas that will need work to add missing detail: The inside is also rather sparse and there were several knock-out marks to deal with. I've started to add detail but more work will be required: The clear plastic for the glazing
  12. Excellent work @AdrianMF. I don't know what it is about it, but it's kinda cute,
  13. May well be part of the general dumbing-down malaise in society, but I don't think that misidentification is necessarily a new phenomenon. Wasn't every German tank encountered in Normandy a Tiger?
  14. The ball mounting for the MG is fine for a Panther G @echen. The 'letter box' style was only in place for the first variant (confusing the Panther D). The ball mounting was introduced on the next variant (Panther A) and retained for the G. Good build by the way - nice and dirty
  15. Don't worry @Kelscale, the engine coolant system is definitely on my radar (see below). I hadn't seen that link before, thanks for posting. The Hussar and Panzer Art replacement wheels appear to be unweighted, which is a shame, as it would have been interesting to compare with ET's representation of load. Many thanks for the kind comments Kelscale. Feel free to post pictures of your completed build - I'd love to see it. Kelscale has mentioned the prominent cooling system of the OM 67/4 engine that powers the L 4500, so now would be a good time to cove
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