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  1. I contacted Sophia Lynm asking about the closing down. This is her reply: "Hi Danie This is the Boss Song's decicion, We will sell the complete stock before the company is definetely closed. You can order some earlier, some kits may have low inventory."
  2. I hope there will be an Italian version too. The one on FB page is the German cannon armed version.
  3. Looking forward to seiing it!
  4. Great! I'm looking forward to seiing it. A float equipped version would be fantastic!
  5. Thank you for the pictures, jon. Yes, they are over-scale, but not worse than I was expecting. Well, I'm going to get one I think. Daniele
  6. Are the tailboom tubing thin enough to look almost in scale or are they way overscale like in the Italeri OH-13? D.B.
  7. Did anyone see the actual kit? I can't find any photo of the kit sprues and bits and I'm curious about how it really is. D.B.
  8. I just bought an Academy PBY-5A, so I'm in for one or two!
  9. If you come out with the Cousteau version, count me for one in each scale. I'm longing forward to seeing it.
  10. Compared to TH-55, the 300c has slightly longer tailboom and different lower tail fin too IIRC.
  11. Very good news, and I hope a civilian Schweizer 300C will follow too. It's very similar so not too diffiicult to obtain from the TH-55 mould.
  12. I like it! Can you post any WIP photos? Is the checkered underwing and tail a decal? Daniele
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