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  1. https://dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/a-10.html has some operational shots during deployment. Generic colour info: https://dstorm.eu/pages/color/usa.html https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/a-10/a-10_profile01.shtml
  2. As I said, feel free to start your court case. You'll need to go through the lower courts first however, so be prepared to wait for a while.... It's pretty clear to me you feel very deeply about this, however misguided I may think it is if only for the simple fact that your chosen subject of ire is not the only kit maker by far (so not a monopoly player in the sense you refered to) , neither are they the only one to use their own paint range as advised - in fact from your point of view you would be better off going after the likes of Airfix and Tamiya. So from that perspective I'm inclined to say that what you are implying is not only infeasible but also incorrect. Interesting though this is, this is a discussion better wielded over in the general chat section instead.
  3. @ElectroSoldier: This bit: ensures you have plenty of alternatives to choose from in a free market environment without vendor lock-in (which would have been a possible argument). So there's AK MiG AMMO Humbrol Mr.Paint Tamiya ICM Lifecolour Vallejo Mr.Hobby AKAN and a bunch of others probably that provide accessible alternatives to Revell. Court summarlily dismisses case. Next contestant!
  4. A British Heavy - probably going to end up as one of the 'MacRobert's Reply' XV Sqn aircraft.
  5. That depends on what your comparison material is, I guess? From the generic pics on the interwebs, the colours would be standard Mod Eagle FS 36251 / FS 36176 - so it also depends on what paint you can match it to...
  6. If you do not see that comparison misses the mark by a country mile, I'd suggest filing your case with the ECJ (while you still can) and see how that works.
  7. That looks more like the usual pics a vendor posts up to prevent copying. You know... intentionally colourshifted and with a crap background.
  8. Hey, it's RIAT, or the latest and greatest IPhone model. Have you seen the prices of those? And yet it seems to be no problem to get one of those. Priorities are different these days apparently.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the IIIE/RD is originally an Italeri E/R kit. They still have it active in the catalogue, so it may be worth a shot to see if Italeri are willing to sell you the clear parts separately.
  10. That always seemed to me a bit suspect Considering the amount of effort & expense taken in building both the J8M and this, throwing these away in suicide attacks when you have other, low-cost (relatively speaking) alternatives such as time-expired aircraft and the much cheaper Ohka or Ki-115 doesn't sit well with me.
  11. The original Valom clear parts were indeed too large. AZ models released a correction set that is much better in fit. I've built mine (see sig) with those. @Heather Kay On the off chance you might want to look for them, it's AZA7034. I may have a set spare if the SabreKit edition of the Valom Hampden has those in the box.
  12. Alternatively, a look at the instruction sheet for the Gavia/Eduard kit may offer help.
  13. Yep, this one has them too, as one of the schemes depicted is the captured P-2 prototype R. The R kit is also in the stash, for exactly the scenario you describe
  14. As usual, I start off with doing a quick dry fit to see what we're dealing with. So far, I don't see major issues, mostly the standard slightly oversized rough edges. There is however a fair bit of brass origami to do - the etch set is from Hauler/Brengun and a bit easier to get off the frames and cleaned up than Eduard's - and luckily is correctly sized. Stuck in place: I'll do the detail painting by hand after priming & base coat. For the IP's - they're dangling loosely on the port upper coaming, so I did add a small box of styrene to give some support. Starboard side is less of a hazard Tip: the bottom cowling is far too wide and needs a good bit of sanding to shape. The seamline resulting will get some PPP to smooth out. \ Another tip: To ensure the width is correct when adding to the top half of the cowling on the upper wing, a spacer cut to size helps. That's enough for now, can't deal with the tiny levers that need to be added to the engine control box @ 23.00 hours
  15. @Graham Boak 04728 is a 1/32 kit.
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