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  1. Sooo... Ocean grey on. Hard to tell with the plastic colour I sprayed the Sky band and the spinner - pin glued with PVA - and taped the band off. Exhausts are not the kit ones, but went through the spares and picked the extra bits off of the AZ Spit Mk.Vc from the MTO GB build. They will get some rust pigment once they're added. Maybe the punch-out window will survive the masking
  2. Wings stuck on: And dihedral alignment checked. The upper wings inside are supposed to be horizontal. Last pieces of glasswork drilled, sticking on later and then it's off to the paint street. The engine nacelles will get a bit of a tweak with some reddish brown drybrushed. Props sprayed, undercarriage (fiddly!) will be added once painted.
  3. Like!! Soo... different red browns, greys and light drybrushing steel?
  4. Going off memory (and some quick img searches) there's all sorts of options used. AIM-7 Training rounds as well. Sometimes AIM-9 on the inboard rack, sometimes outside.
  5. That's the F/A-18, this topic is about the F-35 ok ok
  6. Not to make fun of you, but ALWAYS check via alternate means if you can. Same goes for those WhatsApp scams asking for money. Of course, someone scamming using a hacked mailbox/account will reply as done here. That's kind of the point of the scam. If it sounds/reads off, it probably is.
  7. Having received several deliveries from multiple countries including JP - Most carriers already do. Either on the stickers or documents stuck in the sleeve.
  8. Can confirm, it (sticking to the window) works. Of course, in these Dark Days.... you have to leave them for longer periods, but I've successfully de-yellowed decal sheets from yore in that manner.
  9. Ok. That's too convenient. Any takers on the odds that that profile with the patchwork is based on that particular exhibit?
  10. Take care CC. Overclocking is for computers, not for human hearts.
  11. Also on EAV-8Bs, US AV-8A's , SHAR FRS.1s... In flight:
  12. Correcting topic titles is easy. Click and hold the mouse button on the title, and you can edit.
  13. Found a good piccy in the archives. This is a stationary EAV-8A at Rota in 1990: You can see the top aux inlet doors open, and the lower ones closed.
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