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  1. alt-92

    NEI Martin WH-3's

    I believe the SH kit would be fine (with alterations) for the earlier WH1 and WH2, not so sure about the -3 & 3A. That was rather redesigned, as quoted in the article: Missing in this quote is also a wider fuselage to increase bomb load capabilities, the wing changes also include sweep angle. There's more info on the Dutch IPMS site: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-m/vliegtuigen-m-martin-139/1636-vliegtuigen-m-martin-139-modelbouw 3A were 1200hp R1820-G102.
  2. Cue the aftermarket engines, that open cowling looks really nifty. /me gusta mucho
  3. I feel that pain with Vallejo's primary colours.. switched to Tamiya for the yellow & red (one of the reasons my DH.88 is stalled). That ice/show wash looks interesting, though..
  4. That's colourised. Look at the black sides, and the rubber on the stbd wheel. But. Since it's the annular collector ring style also used on Mercury, it may help to look at more recent pictures of the Lysander & Blenheim to get a good idea.
  5. It might have something to do with the level of detail available nowadays. You now find the sort of detail implementations in 1:48 (and 1:72 in some cases) that used to be reserved for 1:24 or 1:32 scale some 15-20 years ago. And where large kits tend to take a lot of space (still haven't figured out where to put that 1:32 Tomcat & F-15 I've had in the stack for 20 years), the smaller scales offer similar or even better detail in compact dimensions.
  6. That's my experience as well with VMA 71.323 and 324. Although I must say I like how Tamiya XF61 and VMA 71.013 work out sprayed over 323.. 324 sometimes has a yellowish brighter tint when used thin. [edit] Nice A/B scheme view btw.
  7. I was wondering about that, since I did also get the ex-fujimi Italeri Spey Toom, and might need the nose gear.
  8. alt-92

    New Spitfire partwork

    The point about these part builds is the semi-subscription business and possibly cross/upsales connected. I.e. it only results in a complete model if you stay the course for the entire runtime - often that is too long for some - but then it is up to the individual purchasing all necessary editions. If possible that is...
  9. Here was me thinking the topic title referred to the MR.1 ...
  10. Check. One contains the radar parts & SNEBs, other has SUU-23.
  11. That is absolutely lovely. There's an AT-6A based at our nearby airfield, always surprising to see how big the Harvard actually is compared to GA aircraft.
  12. I'll have a gander at mine, what should I look out for? (yes, it was a noticably tightly packed box)
  13. Some interesting side comments about the business end of the restart as well. Apparently, the factory & personnel was not included in the deal. Hopefully that won't cause problems further down the road...
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