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  1. Most i've seen are black & white stripes. But I'll be honest, that was some time ago (say 1990 build of a matchbox B-26)
  2. Some progress in the meantime. Lots of putty, sanding, more sanding, little bit more putty.. primer to detect the worst bits. Two large sinkmarks on the underside of the wings are gone, just the bit at the wingroots to do now. The blob of transparent plastic that goes for canopy added for effect. Preparations for the landing light in the nose.
  3. Older or 'legacy' kits are more a labour of love sometimes. Something you don't rush, but work on and off on. Filler, sanding, refilling, more sanding, finding out the decals are shot, looking around for spares or aftermarket sets that might come in handy whenever the mood strikes.. - yes it is the 03019 - I know how that feels
  4. There's a PR XIX and an Overtree Mk.IX waiting in the wings in 1:48 for that. The PR XI pictures you linked do help though. Not entirely sure about those tailplanes - they seem slightly too large. Maybe crossfitting with a Mk.IX?
  5. Oh dear... I feel a stash addition or two coming...
  6. I've just come across a Ventura 1/72 pr.XI kit... no idea if that is in anyway accurate enough.
  7. No J-21R? Special Hobby has/had one in 1:72.
  8. It was though, pass over Capel Le Ferne on the way to Goodwood. The two Red Arrows Hawks were the escort, the other turboprop is the Pilatus PC-12 chase/crew plane they used on the tour. Departure was just before 12.00 UK time from Lelystad Airport.
  9. This misty morning at Lelystad Airport, G-IRTY, the Silver Spitfire started her final leg on the tour around the world. Luckily, at around noon the fog cleared and a soft winter sun came through. After final checks were completed, engine start for the last leg. The escort on the way out of Dutch airspace was provided by Trusty Rusty, a P-51D twoseater. Heading out to the runway Take-off run And a well-appreciated farewell fly-by.
  10. I'm giving it a try to see whether it works for G-IRTY (Silver Spitfire)
  11. Enamels, yes but very thin for airbrushing. and I haven't tried them yet, I was admiring Duncan's work. If it works like that, it's worth it to me
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