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  1. You have peaked my curiosity now - I didn't know there was a 1/144 one out there of this giant.
  2. Good. 2022 eh? *starts saving* Now what to do with the recent AZ ones...
  3. Ok, this time with glue. Fuse done up, the EDSG lightly oversprayed with Dark Gull Gray to add a bit of depth. The intakes I've done in gradual lighter towards the front shades which works convincingly enough. Maybe I'll handpaint the compressor fronts. The wings are glued, once dried it's time to cut out the flaps.
  4. Oh great.... I can add another one then.
  5. Funny how that long tail makes the 2000 look more graceful than the more muscled appearance of the production variants Nice one Werner
  6. One little quirk to take into account: In her current guise, the upper wing roundels are not the B-type, but C-type with the white oversprayed red.
  7. Not in this batch, the Belgian ones are KPM72268 . On the previous page there's 6 boxings in total mentioned.
  8. I love how you always seem to come up with a) the weird, obscure, one-off, experimental, rare-as-hens-teeth subjects b) nifty little tricks and tips using DIY tools of various sorts c) stunning end results as a combination of the two above
  9. Heeejjjj another Portuguese Heller In case you haven't used LF decals already, they're very thin and fragile, and require careful cutting as they are not done separately. But they handle well with Microsol/set so I'm sure you'll get along fine.
  10. It's actually pretty relaxing to do something with relatively little parts count. Wings fitted - and the moulded in tiptanks don't look too bad. Just a little filler and correcting needed. A smidgen of plastic putty in the wing roots was all: The lump of blutack is to keep the sensor in the intake splitter there.
  11. What I did on a 1/72 Meng F-102 is mask the splitter plates, glue the intake & splitter on with PVA and prime. Cleanup and glue before touchups and final coat - in my case I had to leave the masking tape on between the splitter and fuselage because the F-102 has partly metal-coloured plates and intake rings!
  12. ? You're (hot)linking the images from your own blog, so no space other than your own used. -- Nice work on the oil streaks though. Merlins are messy
  13. Was it that long ago? anyways. Both the Esci and Italeri cockpits have the same problem as the internals are... just call it bare. The rear bulkhead is a flat plate, and the separating bulkhead for the front seat is just not there at all. And since this is supposed to be a derelict, leaving the seats out means exposing those spots. Ergo: Rear bulkhead with rails and bobbins, front as well. There are some conduits, for which I'll use the lead wire . More conduits in the spine piece it's a good thing this was an incomplete kit to start with, less anxiety about hacking up kit parts. Quick bluetack and tape bodgery shows that the front bulkhead is almost right and just needs the coaming added. Meanwhile the intakes have been made devoid of ejector marks, and the slats have been cut off the wings. Off to inspect the flap situation on those Las Bardenas birds..
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