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  1. Mmm.. not RAF though. How about a 1/32 Blackburn Beverly? Post-ww2, highly underrated, has plenty of storage space for the other kits /runs very fast There's always the 1/72 Spey Phantoms of course. Or the Bucc.
  2. Did you pick the 'embed' option from the top menu ?
  3. Have you tried Midway yet? /runs like hell
  4. I can understand the Customs bit from your complaint. The two working days, under these circumstances however, I would consider with a VERY large grain of salt - no matter where or who ships stuff around or where it's supposed to come from. Maybe it's just me but I really can't be bothered anymore if a delivery takes longer. A positive side effect is that it doesn't give me anxiety or stress - there's enough of that around so...
  5. Actually, the 'copy url from address bar in browser and paste as plain text' bug is Chrome/Chromium related. It also does/did that in an earlier build of Google's Chrome. MS's Edge uses the same browser engine.
  6. Yes, with care, thinned & with a bag of tricks like @PlaStix uses. But having said that, and considering your preference and experience with enamels, you might consider ColourCoats as well.
  7. The picture with your uncle sitting on the wing might also be a Hurricane - at least, that wing root & crank starter hole suggest so. Love a build with history behind it And this one is basically in my family's backyard. Volkel AB was known as ALG B-80 in the latter part of the war. Other ALG's in the close vicinity are B-88 Heesch, B-84 Rips (used by 126 Wing, Spits Mk.IX) and B-82 Grave. My granddad was recruited to help dig the drainage trenches on both B-88 and B-80. On 2 October 1944 B-82 became the temporary home of 125 Wing (RAF) and 127 Wing (RC
  8. with the incoming demise of a rail connection, it's air travel or ferry indeed.
  9. Just for clarification, I didn't feel a like, sad or confused would have been right. It's too absurd for that.
  10. AFAIK its a rather common post-war mod to allow for the axle changes on the wheels due to the increased use of hard runways. Also done on IX/XVI's and other marks, and followed later by the wheel well bulges.
  11. alt-92

    Saintly Fiat

    F/S John “Jack” Hughes, RCAF maybe?
  12. alt-92

    Saintly Fiat

    JG891 says hi. maybe it's a 249 Sqn 'tag' ?
  13. And they promised the return of the NF-5 kit. No sign.
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