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  1. my bad - don't know how I came up with that the postage is FL after all...
  2. http://www.prontomodel.com/DettaglioArticolo.aspx?CodInterno=TM72/2109 That one? I have ordered directly from Pronto before (the current owners of the Tauro range). Just an idea...
  3. Parametrised decision making here, usually 3 params: a) do I like the subject/kit? b) how big is the box c) does it have a reasonable price tag
  4. Nice effect You may just have given me an idea how to handle the reverse - i.e. darker patches of touch-ups.
  5. Received a warning that expedition might be subject to 'industrial action' at RM.
  6. That looks good. Hmmm. Maybe keep an eye out for one after all...
  7. Excellent thread here with lots of reference material:
  8. That still leaves Monogram, Testors, Italeri, Hasegawa & Esci.
  9. different spine is needed regardless, boom tanker receptacle. Incidentally, most Air Force F-4's in 1/48 are from the previous millenium, we could use a new Rhino with 21st century tooling.
  10. Bonkers. They really need to set aside their pride and just buy themselves US-2s. Or license-build. I don't care. But this is just a stupid idea.
  11. Sorry! been a bit busy with life lately More later.
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