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  1. Those are the Face-eating Leopard Party* voters Everything is fine until they start eating YOUR face. *No it's not an existing party
  2. Oops. DCS, here I come! Sunday browsing resulted in a i7 10700, RTX 3070 showroom sale. Getting the components separately is unpossible so for 1800€ can't pass this one by. Some rare finds: a Pegasus Lockheed XFV-1 Salmon VTOL experimental, and MPM Spit PR.XI via the 'bay.
  3. It's an interesting psychological process. I think in some cases it's a (perhaps misguided) feeling of having lost control and looking for an alternative to maintain (the illusion of) control of one's life.
  4. It may be worth it to gather a couple of friends, pitch in together and order a bunch of them collectively. Saves on postage & import duties, at least.
  5. Very moving service, indeed. Including a little chuckle at the Land Rover. Followed it via YT channel of the Royal Family here. Perhaps a fitting addition: The 1995 interview he gave on his WW2 service. Fair seas, sir.
  6. Urgh.. @treker_ed : sorry you had to deal with that. Speaking for myself, I get mildly anxious when people don't wear masks in confined spaces, however, I keep an eye out for behaviour and if someone does all the appropriate things while not wearing them, no problems. It makes no sense at all to then go confronting people at all in my opinion. Misplaced righteousness if you ask me.
  7. The IT guy in me, reading that:
  8. Useful Thanks, haven't hooked it up yet but you've given me ideas that I hadn't thought of
  9. No longer the kit-that-shall-not-be-named --- so did mine - extras - Minicraft Ventura kit for either Op Oyster or the raid that spelt the end of Venturas in Ramrods and made Leonard Trent a VC. - one can never have too many Spits. - KP/Italeri F/A-18, mainly for the Spanish markings - witnessed the last ones being delivered back in 1990 at Zaragoza AB. And cleaners and thinners as usual, TET, Sand & grass bits for a Dio later this year. And because some markings are a right pain in bigger scales - think codes and civil registr
  10. All three kits mentioned are what you would now call Vintage. Hampden origin: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-491-handley-page-hampden--161563 Blenheim: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-02027-1-blenheim-iv--163369 There is no alternative for the Battle (yet) so.. for newer, more recent versions of the other ones: new tool Blenheim (or other boxings of this serial like A04017 ) https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-a04061-bristol-blenheim-mkiv--1025262 That would be recommended over the old one. The Hampden is
  11. The Special Hobby/Academy release is available for ordering direct since today. https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/our-own-production/special-hobby/harvard-mk-ii-iia-iib-the-british-commonwealth-air-training-plan.html
  12. At a guess, looks like Aussie Mk.Vs .
  13. Ready to pounce or in this one's case - run like the scaredy-cat she is
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