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  1. Cutting Edge does them under Pyn-up. I gather the owner is not everyone's favourite, but the decals are really good.
  2. F-5C decals: F-5B decals - pic is a bit blurry on the edges, it's not the decal sheet. Now all we need is someone re-issue the decals for Lanakila, the only ones I've ever seen are an older AeroMaster set.
  3. There was a significant amount of radio interference in the SWP in 1942-1943, possibly related to the relative high sunspot activity from the early 1940s that was greater than previous episodes. Somewhere in my library there's a map with the worst spots, right over the NEI and New Guinea area in that time. So not only would you have the 'normal' weather to contend with, but also the geomagnetic results from sunstorms like we had a bit more than a week ago.
  4. What it does do however is show the Sto-Wing action, and the F6F pic emphasises the point that it would be a very exceptional situation for the rockets to be attached with wings folded - the lack of space and position on the wing fold makes it less than practical to put it mildly.
  5. I keep mixing up the 1/72 and 1/48 kits.
  6. Well, it does say Seafire III on the box, not Ib.
  7. Not just between versions, even between individual planes of the same type and unit.
  8. There's ways to tell. Back in the very early 1980s, my dad was looking for a new Peugeot 304 Break (as a shop owner, the stationwagon allowed for doing deliveries). The car the dealer offered must have tumbled off the production line somewhere as it was 1.5" shorter on one side - the tell was the gaps between the panels & rear door. That's not something you can fix with a bit of sanding though Needless to say, that one was rejected and another brought in via the importer.
  9. I was under the impression that the 04100-1 is the original, and A02040 is that kit with an extra tree containing the Vc & seafire bits.
  10. Travel pod, looks like.
  11. Their systems seem to be able to account for invididual EU members' tax rates, indeed. 19% 21% for us here too.
  12. Perhaps that is a translation thingy, as it looks like 'new schemes' - especially with the SEA C-121. Thunderbird might convince me to get another Acad B-17 actually.
  13. WW2 era: yes. The instructions to do so are posted earlier.
  14. If you've found the posts in question, maybe it's a good idea to get the URLs from those posts (the post ID is under the timestamp) and the thread itself and send those to one of the Admins to have a look? It is possible that very occasionally the posts don't get attached to the thread in the database (I've seen weirder hick-ups with database stuff, and we do have that 500 error popping up still).
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