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  1. Didn't they have two ...dodgy characters... in sales working for them at the time?
  2. Aw maaaan... they were such a great act last time I got to see them. One thing's for sure though. That's a helluva gig Upstairs.
  3. I'd guess a similar formula as mentioned by Edgar Brooks applies here. But that's based on looking at A-20/Havoc sizes. https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Camouflage-Markings/Douglas-Boston-Havoc/Douglas-Boston-and-Havoc-10-19-960
  4. My compliments for the work so far. Just my personal opinion though: maybe the half greyed one is a bit too distracting. I keep checking if it's something in my graphics card that's b0rken (and it makes me feel.... incomplete somehow)
  5. I guess so. Airfix themselves have it listed as May 2022 - not quite winter, but maybe that's a fiscal year thing
  6. Thanks Masked the clear parts - windshield and canopy are one-piece and take some fettling to get flush with the spine. And grey primer on.
  7. I think it is supposed to look like that individual blades, making it a 5 maybe 6 part assembly per prop. Good luck with this one Pat, you're gonna need it. Plenty of time, no rush... oh who are we kidding here.
  8. I am shocked - SHOCKED, I say, to discover not appearing in the list. Amends MUST be made! Where can I send my strongly worded letter to the Editor, please? No, the Heyford is not a candidate for this GB, unfortunately. That will receive it's due attention.
  9. Really? what makes you say that? I can't imagine.... -- oh, a perusal in the legacy bookcase turned up this:
  10. Oops... And it's not even a rivet monster but reasonably restrained. Typical 1971 decals - just black & white, but they are for Buchholz' Fw-200C-3 F8-DH (wn.0060) that was shot down in May 1941. Must keep that box however. Nary a mark on it...
  11. Thinking about this presentation-wise: Perhaps use the tank as a timeline from left to right? I.e. May Days/Dynamo, then Channel shipping raids, then BoB dogfights?
  12. Considering there were only 14 active subs deployed from September 1939 onwards, and most of them were more active between Scotland & Norway and in the Atlantic south of Ireland, I'd say you would be quite right. Besides, that first offensive petered out somewhat around the beginning of May 1940 - use of convoys and the need to resupply made them RTB, to prepare for the start of the Battle of the Atlantic with larger-scale deployments from June onwards, this time further out into the Atlantic. Most of the threat to shipping close to Britain along the North Sea coast and the Channel was aircraft. That is where the Stuka's come in though, so there is that
  13. @vppelt68 another volunteer to add to the ranks
  14. Academy's B-17 (and the Catalina) are said to have slightly undersized engine cowlings. It's probably noticable if you have several B-17s from different kit companies... I'm trying to find that field of things to be given but it seems to be barren
  15. Also available as a MisterCraft P-40E It depends a bit, but if the Smer decals hold together in water you can end up with an OK sheet and a suitable paint mule. Basically got the Smer Spit Mk.Vc for the RAAF decals, as the kit itself is the Heller Mk.V with no-dihedral-at-all I prefer not to, but sometimes Amazon is the only one carrying the titles you want. There's a Revell or an Academy B-17F in the stash that might end up in CC colours...
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