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  1. New progress today, here are the side bins with more realistc locks...
  2. Thanks Roger Take care Cesar Thanks for looking Ian. No I dont, I will use the Spade Ace Models white metal track links, code SAT-35178 (ruber type), because the Tamiya tracks wouldn't fit very well on this different chassis Cheers
  3. Superb Gepard Werner, Excellent paint job and weathering. Cheers from Brazil
  4. Hello a little more progress today. I have upgraded the gun carriage using many small pieces and scratch buiid parts.
  5. Excellent build and finish, I love it, like the real tank.
  6. Sure Vaastav, welcome aboard too. Take care Cesar
  7. The gun isn't too bad, but I decided to change by a metal barrel from RB Models, because it is more accurate, mainly the muzzle brake:
  8. Thanks for looking Welcome aboard
  9. Thank you for your interest Stef. I will have a lot of work ahead and I will do the best I can. Cheers from Brazil I thank your company during this project Roger. I really like to make these adaptations. Take care Cesar Many thanks Ed This practice is also very common here, I have the habit of doing many grafts as needed. Take care John Many thanks Anrew
  10. Excellent build and finish, I like that a lot
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