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  1. Great job, I like that a lot....beautiful camouflage scheme
  2. Many thanks Werner. I appreciate your encouragement Cheers Hello Andy, thanks for looking and commenting. I really intend to leave the doors open, because I will put a radio inside the vehicle. All the best, my friend
  3. I thank your kid words, Roger and John
  4. Thanks for looking and comment, Roger and John
  5. Hi all, The basic kit is the well known Tamiya item 35294. The parts are excellent, well molded, have a perfect fit, and this all makes for an easy and quick assembly. So, I just needed to make a few improvements in the kit, using partially an old and simple set of photo-etchings from EDUARD catalog 35312 and a turned aluminum barrel from RB MODEL, 35B103. I will added a resin sand armor set from PANZER ART, RE35-084, a new towing cable and many small pieces from spare box. I decided to change the new and good Tamiya’s M40 tracks by metal ones, from FRUILMODEL, ATL-18.
  6. Hello everyone, Sorry for the long time without proceeding with this project. In the meantime I decided to dedicate myself to other kits too. So, now moving on again, I worked on the internal details of the doors, putting many missing items... News as soon as possible
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