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  1. Very nice Pete, well done. Your kit depics a Finland Army version indeed.. Cheers
  2. Hi Joe, welcome. John, thank you for mentioning me and my Vietnam topic, much appreciated. You are very kind. Cheers from Brazil Ceear
  3. I totally agree with all others, Yuu have done a Winner kit, superb paintjob and weathering effects. Cheers from Brazil Cesar
  4. Many thanks Sfet,. A trio...this is an excellent idea and I have some options here: M113, M577, M551 and others. Hard to choose one Cesar Thanks a lot Ed Hi my friend, I thank your kind words Thanks Yg Thanks Milan, a lot of work on these two to improve the end result. Cheers many thanks Bertie Hello my friend, I appreciate your kind words to. Now we have a new tank from this SPG family on the market, tho M110 from AFV Club, better detailed that this good old italeri kit. which means less work ahead. Cheers Cesar Hi Pete, wow, a great moment for you I'm sure. Thank you for recognizing my effort and for the kind words because they value my humble work. Many thanks Darryl
  5. This is my simple tribute to American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War... M107 SPG: Tamiya Italeri Series code 37021, 1/35, M-107 SPG (old Italeri 6248), plus PE eduard 35549, Spade Ace Models metal track links SAT-35134 and a lot of improvements. M274 Mule: Dragon kit code 3315 (Hue City 1968), "NAM" Series, with Eduard´s PE, Voyager 106mm metal gun barrel plus superdetalling in many parts. I added a lot of extra details: 1. Gear transfer shift lever 2. Handbrake lever 3. Transmission shift lever 4. Throttle, brake and clutch 5. Hand accelerator 6. Battery, its support and the cables 7. Front and rear wheel axles and gears 8. Exhaust system pipes 9. Engine alternator 10. Ammo straps. BROTHERS IN ARMS - THE GIANT AND THE DWARF
  6. An unusual Sherman version, well done mate.
  7. Great job so far John, very inspiring and high level work as always, Cheers
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