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  1. I appreciate the trust in my work George. Thanks a lot. The suspension alignment is not very simple, a bit problematic I think. So, go slowly and carefully on this part when building your Chaffee George. Cheers from Brazil
  2. Thanks for looking MD. Little to show now, but a lot to do yet. Cheers, Cesar
  3. Hi folks, One of my faults is not working with just one project. In the meantime I was having fun and building a Italeri/Tamiya italian P40 heavy tank, but this is an another story. Well, now I proceed with the construction and detailing of the turret tank. The plastic smoke-grenade launchers in the kit are too small, but the smoke launchers provided by voyager are excellent and solved the problem. Gradually the turret takes shape.
  4. Superb build and finish MD. Great details that you did. Cesar
  5. Very, very nice work. Juan. A few years ago I built one of these too, the same version. Cheers from Brazil. Cesar
  6. Great job Tojo, well done. Cheers from Brazil Cesar
  7. Excellent build and finish Simon. I love the look of a very dirty panzer. Cesar
  8. Many thanks Simon, glad you like it. I like a lot soft skins vehicles, some time ago I started building a quad gun tractor, not yet finished. Cesar
  9. Superb build and finish Simon. Love it Cheers Cesar
  10. Great first model Eva, my first 1/35 kit, a Tamiya Leopard A4 was very rough, Cesar
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