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  1. Very nice job Ian Cheers from Brazil Cesar
  2. You did a superb job Kristjan, I like that a lot. Cesar
  3. Great first amour build and finish, well done. Cheers from Brazil Cesar
  4. Excellent build and finish with a little scale Sherman Roman. Cheers from Brazil, Cesar
  5. Very nice job with small kits Ian TC Cesar
  6. Top job my friend. You did an excellent kit and I love your weathering effects Cheers Francis
  7. Hi my friend, I hope you are well. Glad you like it. Cheers Francis
  8. Great job, I love the Panther camo and weathering. Cesar
  9. Another amazing job Sergei, the enigine details looks great
  10. Many thanks Paul. No problem, it's great to share ideas and inspire others. My pleasure sir, indeed. Cheers from Brazil Cesar
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