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  1. As in intake bells? I have used electrical wire ferrules with good results. Or the 1/43 car crowd might have useful stuff. https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=4474&language=en
  2. We should poke and prod HGW to expand their product line....
  3. Hi Nick, This thread was just pointed out to me.... I'm deeply, deeply impressed by your work and the speed at which you picked up Fusion and tuning the printer. I think we passed each other on Facebook when you showed off your 'disco curing machine' (does disco need curing?)
  4. Well, after some pleasant contact with customer service, and a compliment from them on my mods..... They seem to think the problem is either the touchscreen or its cable and they are sending me a set foc!
  5. Not that advanced with this yet but it would be interesting to try.... Hmmmmm, ......1/48 merlin engine repair dio?
  6. Have a look at John Fall's GrabCAD library, some really nice stuff in there I downloaded the Merlin engine set, just to look at in in Fusion360....wow!
  7. well, for those interested......I killed it! the printer that is....... that should teach me to leave well enough alone! two red lights on the main board, had a second main board....same did the voltage tests, both are good. some googling tells me it means a short circuit somewhere, so investigating that atm. but it even gives the red lights with just the power connected and nothing else! Oh well, I will fix it, and finish my designs in the mean time........while keeping my eye on the phrozen sonic 4K price!
  8. But, but, but, but,.....they went over and scanned, measured, poked and prodded it didn't they?
  9. As in to get the last fuel out? The lowest spot in the tank?
  10. What is this bulge on (every) the Sea Fury wing? And why is it not on the Airfix kit?
  11. https://postimg.cc/gallery/Wbsxdcm What I have on 505...
  12. for the decals use a hairdrier on the low/low setting to get them to conform.
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