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  1. Bozothenutter

    Ammo belts

    wanna post some pics? I'm a bit wary of companies that only post renders of their product.
  2. There is an app called hobby colour converter. Ammo 0135 cinnamon for 10219 The other it can't match
  3. I have contacted the tank museum, but as stated the archive is still closed. apparently they have research 'packs'available ready to go.....
  4. makes me want to order some oilpaint now......
  5. Forgot to add....the Sea Fury I want to gift a mechanic that served on the Karel Doorman before he dies...
  6. King is on hold, Panther V2 is getting there (I also have all its brothers and cousins in the stash), SU-152 is getting a full scratch interior (currently working on its engine). The new Miniart T-34/85 wants my attention...........
  7. Doing it again I'm afraid..... Will hopefully turn into a cleaner version of this.
  8. Bozothenutter


    snarky answer.......which /85 exactly? a multitude of factories with all their own signature makes for a LOT of variation. Zvezda make nice cheap ones, AVF club do beautiful ones with interior, Dragen makes good ones, but you'd have to do research on what boxing to get as they are 'parts bin specialists' and Miniart are about to have a /85 in the shops, that should be the dogs danglies, with the caveat that it is the rare early D5T armed one. https://miniart-models.com/products/35290-t-34-85-w-d-5t-plant-112-spring-1944-interior-kit/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-34_variants http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/t3485bg_2.html
  9. I have a question good Sirs! Fokker built a small batch of FB Mk.51's texts mentions 'small differences' but does anybody know what those differences were? Being Dutch, I looked over'ere first, but came up dry.....
  10. for those interested, I've found colours that come even closer.Have a look at Alclad II their 'Jet Exhaust'(there it is again), 'Burnt Iron' and 'Exhaust Manifold' seem to give a range of shades to work with. get some of their 'copper'as well, and you can tweak the colours even more!
  11. most important advice.....less is more! the spanish school of weathering has gone all bonkers tbh......
  12. I know, I posted on landships aswell This oost was not about choosing the colour though. AI info I have seen about C47 says the colour is brown, and the image and number are painted on a patch of old paint that was painted around. I don't think it was...
  13. Well, I have decided on a scheme....subject to delivery of decals.... of course, me wouldn't be be if I didn't create difficulty for myself! The subject is C47 "Conqueror II" as seen here: Picture courtesy of Drake Goodman Current convention has it that tanks were a 'brown' colour (even describes as 'poo brown') looking at this pic I see the following: - a relatively light colour, nearly the same as the mud caked on the lower rear parts - the german puppet image seems to have been painted on a darker surface, as do the numer and the 'ace of spades' My original question was to be what the darker shade could be......then it hit me! somebody cleaned off the number and the puppet image, probably the photographer to make them show up better! You can see the wipe marks above the '7' and the top left corner of the puppet figure. To me it looks like what ever was used to clean dripped and/or splashed downward darkening the surface beneath. This leads me to the conlusion that the whole tank is covered in a this layer of dried mud/dust that gives it its light tone, and it is that that might also be obscuring the four digit serial number. (if there was one on this side) I would even go so far as to say fuel or oil was used as a liquid, as the spotting/splashing doesn't 'look' like water to me. This would make the darker colour the 'poo brown' then. Thoughts?
  14. Anybody know of a source of drawings/blueprints of this engine as used in the Mk.I-IV tanks?
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