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  1. Bozothenutter

    nuts and bolts smaller than 0.5mm?

    yeah, i was guessing PE would be my best bet!
  2. Bozothenutter

    Takom Spz abt 505 Tiger Ausf B

    more small smallness... I was working on the right fron shock when I noticed this... Ignore the phone shot of an ipad , and the ipad holder....the king on the lever arem is upside down in the kit.... so this happenend... improved the torsion bar end while I was there...... btw, this is the shock: and maybe I should see a doctor, i'm 'improving' 1.6mm nuts from masterclub......nuts.... the next get the centre hole drilled with a 0.3mm drill...0.5 was too big.... And to prove actual progress is being made....
  3. Bozothenutter

    nuts and bolts smaller than 0.5mm?

    does anybody make such a thing? RB motion does machined ones, but they are a tad on the expensive side... anything in resin or PE?
  4. Bozothenutter

    Takom Spz abt 505 Tiger Ausf B

    These http://www.rbmotion.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=79&product_id=108 Or these http://www.rbmotion.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=96&product_id=89 as Grease nippels ?
  5. Bozothenutter

    Takom Spz abt 505 Tiger Ausf B

    Tiny updates.. Brakes and housings modded compared to standard (bolts are a little oversized) 0.4mm boltheads in alu from my car building days....
  6. Bozothenutter

    Tiger I engine question

    you need to summon the Byrden.... tiger1.info
  7. Bozothenutter

    weathering question

    the Google-Fu is strong in this one... Tanks again! edit: wow that uncensored history site is erm....interesting....now where did I put that alu hat of mine....
  8. Bozothenutter

    What if WW2 never happened?

  9. Bozothenutter

    weathering question

    where mate, i've been looking, really I have! snow and frost then, know a good place for info on the 505 deployment?
  10. Bozothenutter

    weathering question

    i guess this is a good look, november in kaliningrad...
  11. Bozothenutter

    Restored Renault FT - Includes footage of it running

    I think I saw that one at Militracks a few weeks ago, together with the Saumur King Tiger....
  12. Bozothenutter

    weathering question

    been trying, but no real info available. that why i have been looking for modern armour exercise pics of that month or in winter, in that area (north east Poland, south Lithuania and Kaliningrad) any year, any operator. this should give me an idea what armour would look like.
  13. Bozothenutter

    weathering question

    Doing research for my KT build. The version i'm building was used near Königsberg in Jan 1945 (a very precise Jan 10th is given ) I was wondering are/were any modern arour exerscises held (by the russians) in winter ever? And would colour pictures be available of said exerscises? I need to get a feel for the terrain / weather / cirumstances in january.
  14. Bozothenutter

    Takom Spz abt 505 Tiger Ausf B

    No pics (yet), but was going to scratchbuild the right front damper, as i didn't like the part being cast with lever and shield in place. Luckily I noticed Takom provide 2 dampers and levers each on two identical sprues, so saved me a bit of work there!
  15. Bozothenutter

    Takom Spz abt 505 Tiger Ausf B

    much better way of removing the lozenge shaped torsionbar holders..... just a tap with a hammer and it's a clean cut!