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  1. I went from planes, to cars, to tanks....currently back with planes again. 40 year journey, gained considerable skill, eye for detail, etc Not finished a lot, beat myself up about it, but no longer. Not about the finished kit, but the building! So now if a cockpit takes my fancy, I go for it, next week, some tracks....much more enjoyable!
  2. I've seen decals for the inside of the wing skin visible from the wheel well, but forget where......
  3. You know what the Germans said about the Jug pilots running around in there.....
  4. Thanks for that, much clearer idea now.
  5. Do you have a link to that? Can't find anything on there site/FB. I have a few of their 109's and they are very good short run kits, go together really well. They seem to be designed around the short run process, mostly working around typical short run shortcomings. Really interested in a kit being printed as dimensional accuracy can be a challenge unless using top of the line equipment.
  6. Does anybody have good images of the set? only found this image, which is potato res. A good image of the contents and the manual would be nice before purchase.
  7. The generic HGW sets might have what you need, just have to find the right spacing. (They do silver ones as well)
  8. The Nazis probably thought in straw skirts with a bone through the nose? Coat time again.....
  9. What do we know about Voldemort? - Big evil - no nose - leader - he flies Any 'evil' aircraft ? - Luftwaffe - Russian (American for them of course) Aircraft lacking noses? - Mig 17 - Mig 19 - F-86 Sabre - F-100 Sabre - Saab Tunnan - F- 84 That's about as far as my knowledge goes really.... Of the above only the Migs have not been 'state of the arted' (not even a word....) All of the above were leaders in their era for their respective nation. My analysis is based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but great fun doing it!
  10. Thank you very much! It does look like it is a ring pinched at the rear edges of the sides. (Ever so slightly oval) Well here's hoping for rain this weekend, so I won't have to resume the terrace....
  11. Tha Daco is on the list! No idea on the Warton drawing, but bring it on!
  12. Would they be smooth all over? I'll get my coat......
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