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  1. Bozothenutter

    King Tiger tracks

    oh yeah, they are wider for one, sprocket is different aswell. T1tracks are essentially 1 piece while T2 are two piece. the T2 tracks come in Three flavours (not counting the transport ones) http://tiger1.info/EN/Tracks.html T2 Gg 24/660/300 transport Gg 24/800/300 early multipart Kgs 73/800/300 later twopart Kgs 73/800/152 last single part
  2. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    More damage by way of a book voucher.....
  3. Bozothenutter

    German Yellow

    http://byrden.com/panzers/Colours/ https://panzerworld.com/german-armor-camouflage And there is another site, german I think. They make paint, but did a lot of research....but I forgot......
  4. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    Aah yes, but to paraphrase a popular saying in racing: "To finish, you first have to bloody FINISH!"
  5. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    Don't hold your breath......still have a Tiger Ausf.B to finish! (Could do a Soeren though and just start this aswell.....) BE GONE YE DEVIL OF DIVERSION AND PROCRASTINATION!!
  6. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    in this case, that'll be Berlin Staaken, and a hail DEMAG (I kind of like unicorns....)
  7. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    I do like having options... Still looking for Demag zimm and the Spielberger book. Oh and if somebody has some spare time for sale.......
  8. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

  9. Bozothenutter

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    Bless me brothers, for I have sinned. I made an promise to St Expeditus not to buy or even think about another until I finished with this one. But the mind was weak, the wallet strong with a 13th month of silver. A friend, (bless or curse him) gave a gift of distraction, which was too strong to resist! For days and weeks I agonized of a descision I had already made but was too too afraid to face.... Sleep brought not rest, but images of details, PE and resin. Daydreams were not of Utopia, but of Dunkelgelb, Elfenbein and Oxidrot. behold the result of my weakness, and I beg of you your forgiveness for my tresspass and for support in the days ahead.
  10. Bozothenutter

    Panther tank books

    Just had word this was shipped, apparently it is as good as Jentz/Doyle / Spielberger, but more up to date. https://abteilung502.com/product/panther-external-appearance-design-changes/
  11. Bozothenutter

    Thinnerline circle cutter

    never heard of this...but I like it! going to try and make one myself!
  12. Bozothenutter

    A 2019 Mad Moment From Copper State

    you could use real bicycle wheels for that!
  13. Bozothenutter

    Swastikas on model aircraft....what's behind that story..??

    I was at Militracks 2018, only because the Saumur King Tiger was there. Being an axis vehicle event only I had certain prejudices about the visiting public. They turned out to be partially true. I'm of asian decent, and had quite a few instances of hearing derogatory remarks being made about me and my kids. Quite unsettling being born and raised dutch. Visitors could be seperated into three groups: - Tank nerds (WOT mostly) - day trippers - neo nazi sympatyzers The last group were recognizable by things like tattoo's T-shirts etc. So yeah glorification and adoration of Nazi's is still alive and well....
  14. Bozothenutter

    ROCHM PE sets?

    Anybody actually have the Takom Panther A set in stock?
  15. Bozothenutter


    Have this on pre-order