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  1. That would be Kinetic for a Harrier, and I 'think' Revell does the 'best' Tornado
  2. The zero engine looks better. Retentive me would still like seperate rows of cylinders though..
  3. Quinta just announced a 9-13 set https://quinta-studio.com/en/product/553/
  4. Ooohhhh! Tempting! Quite a few launch sites in my home town !
  5. Agreed, it looks very blunt!
  6. Second this, awesome book.
  7. If it is like his 109 books, it is more a reference work, not really a modelers book.
  8. Is this the current RAL, or the earlier (wartime) 840R?
  9. Just don't go chipping the red primer, that stuff is incredibly tenacious!
  10. Lighter colour went over the primer. Primer is there to improve paint adhesion/protection.
  11. Anybody know if this was ever done? Have an Alfa P3 and Auto-Union...
  12. Just a plan for now Turret obv is a no go, hull will give me a base to work from.
  13. Can I post some of my pride'n'joy too? Needed a small car, wanted fun. Has quite a few mods like a Quaife Megane brakes etc. A smile a minute for 10 years now!
  14. Have been able to get my hands on a Mono/Dragon release of this kit. It is tiny! Thinking of finding the cheapest Miniart T-34 I can find to transplant the interior bits (following all relevant literature of course!) I have some AM stuff (obligatory Aber sets, resin radio's, ammo etc) Any hints/tips/pitfalls?
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