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  1. Where? Nobody seems to have any 1/48 ones....covid strikes again....
  2. thanks all for the pointers..... for now I'm just about the E's, but being a 'bookender' things tend to go south quite quickly...(not to mention the fact I start, but never finish.......) next stop.....finding the books
  3. Just placed another monkey on my back, in the form of the 'adlerangriff' eduard set. I happen to have a 'flea market' Find of the Radinger & Schick A-E book which seems a good start. But what are the 'standards' in this field? (Any excuse to buy some books really...)
  4. If you do and want to, please pm me. in need of the S-100 Schnellboot drawings within.
  5. Oh god, now look at what you've done.....that Sabre Fury looks delectable!
  6. oooohhh, nice stuff, but I think this (nose art kit) would really benefit from some really this vac
  7. does it exist, or is anybody working on it?
  8. Hi, I'm working on the Italeri 1/35 S-38 Schnellboot at the moment and looking for some advice. The boats were built wood on alu frame and pictures show a very subtle planking effect on the hull under all the paint/filler. Any tips on how to replicate something like that? I was thinking masking tape strips applied in the planking pattern, skipping a few here and there. Then spraying primer, removing the tape and sand until the effect is as subtle as I want it. Any other ways to Rome?
  9. now I need to figure out what the launch fittings inside the tube look like...and match them to outside fittings random image of sub tube... but you see what I mean.....
  10. Again nice find! Think that is the same location as some colour picsI have. Yeah, I agree a lot of details are wrong on these kits. I'm wondering about the bilge outlets, all the upper ones seem to be missing. Interestingly on the pic with the nose blown off, the tube seems to have an inner sleeve?
  11. Thanks, I knew about the friction thing, I was just wondering about the angle and the length. Nice pics btw, I get the feeling there is a book or two I'm missing
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