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  1. Found two images of one of the XP-51B 's wrongly labeled as regular B's on Getty images.
  2. Getty images, we all know them. If one uses a screenshotting program, like say Greenshot and one opens the image and then maximises the image (button upper right corner). One can use the screenshotying program to screenshot a pretty high res image. Works even better on a 4K screen.
  3. Ok, I have downloaded a extremely large bunch of what looks like blueprints for the Mustang (unsure what type) two folders called P-51_blue 1 and _blue 2. In these are folders marked A-Z. the header page is: "Index of drawings on microfilm", date is 1945, so I'm assuming it's for the -D. is there something similar for the Allison Mustangs?
  4. thanks again @ColFord, I have some of the stuff, but figuring out what to find where... Might actually go for the closed main doors.... as I said, I'm still chewing.
  5. Looking for the layout of the leading edge beam(?) and the transition to the engine bulkhead.
  6. @ColFord and others. Any way I can get a hold of a P-51/A parts catalog? i'm boxing my own gear wells, and have bitten of more than I.....oh well....
  7. Could the Mk.IV be the old IMC kit? It has the 'look' of a kit of that era.
  8. Most of the wire I've seen has a woven sheath around it. Found this about the R2800 .50 in https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/74103-diameter-of-ignition-harness-on-an-r-2800/ Found something better https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/bendix-magneto-and-wiring-harness-for-the-p-w-r-2800-engine-manual.38253/
  9. Oops, my bad, meant B/C. Though a lot of the existing internal structure was only modified where needed.
  10. That's the thing. XP-51B started as an Allison engined P-51 that had the Merlin mounted by North American. The version I'm working on the the final one which has pretty much the B radiator intake, but still had the high mounted wing. So it'll be a mix of A and B cockpit.
  11. Anybody have a good source for cockpit layout pics of an Allison Mustang? Specifically interested in the internal support layout. Restoration pics/site would be awesome. Afaics it mostly follows the D, as the biggest difference was the dropped wing, but the devil is in the details....
  12. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/gtm-models-ford-gt40-mark-iv--1441859 Why would you advertise a new tool with a model built like that?....
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