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  1. Just started the first of three versions of the Lotus 49. That 'close relationship' sure didn't show in the quality of the mouldings. Tamiya kits made 30 years earlier put their effort to shame really.
  2. Very impressive! Was pointed towards this thread in answer to a question I posted. Would these scale to 1/20? The Ebbro engines need serious help!
  3. While mucking about with the Ebbro Lotus 49, I was getting a bit dissapointed. Wow that engine is a retrograde step compared to what Tamiya did decades before! Before I start scouring the 'bay for engine sprues, does anybody do DFVs as aftermarket? I have a few Cossie engined kits in the stash, but I am reluctant to scavenge these. Just look at the difference in crispness. The upper sprue is one from an FW07, a kit from 1980. The 49 is from 2013. That does not look like 33 years of progress....... It almost looks like Ebbro meant the kit as a diecast or something (since that was their main business)
  4. Doing a bit of research, and I noticed that the Zandvoort car's ZF box does not show the hydraulic clutch actuation most of the current restored cars have, and the cars had later in the season. Questions: When did they switch over? What did the mechanical (assumption) actuation look like? Car at Beaulieu: You can see the clutch gubbins right behind the gear linkage. Period pic from Zandvoort:
  5. That drawing is wrong, though.... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/p-51d-question-t534661.html
  6. I can work, but the primer won't be as white as the paint. I did this with automotive paint aeons ago, still looks good, but the white could have been whiter, and the primer seems to have a bit of structure to it.
  7. The blog almost makes you think the sales of the Hurricane were disappointing... I like that they are being so open about trying to find a 'sweet spot' of price, detail, and cost.
  8. Take a closer look at the pics....there is stuff on there that you cannot mould.. So they designed and printed a fully detailed model, and seem to have to 'injection proof' the CAD.
  9. What you can 3D print, is not necessarily what you can injection mould. But it does make for pretty pictures!
  10. I agree it's gorgeous, but a seat (cockpit?), gear, and maybe an engine would be nice. Since the Reskit F-35A cockpit I'm hooked!
  11. "Working on it" could well mean a feasibility study... But one of those grotty looking Sunderlands would float my boat!
  12. Contacted Laci if they would be interested in printing a 1/48 scale one, and what the cost would be.
  13. Anybody aware of such a thing? Just seen a picture of how the cowling opens, and that is such a futuristic look! And since I accidentally have two Cavalier Turbo Mustang III conversions....plans, plans,plans....
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