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  1. Try resistance soldering it is easier! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035815-takom-spz-abt-505-tiger-ausf-b/ post #9 and #24
  2. this would look nice next to a Panther and a Char1...........must.....resist.......darkside!
  3. impressive build, good pics as well, what do you use for the close-ups?
  4. I can't help seeing a JP covered in bacon.......
  5. sockelshop.de https://www.dersockelshop.de/search/index/sSearch/pershing/sSort/1/sPerPage/48/sFilter_category/885 assuming you've found this: https://anicursor.com/colpicwar2.html
  6. Oooohhhhh Leopard! DO NOT tell me anybody does a A6 with interior, or my inner 'cousin boneless' will not be able to resist....
  7. Excellent work mate! Hope mine turns out half as good!
  8. There's a voice inside my head saying "seperate the whole lot, slice off the hatches (or make some PE) and build it like the Original" Sometimes.....i listen.......
  9. almost, but not quite... Main parts (Hull etc,) would be parkerized (standard with steel) as this can be welded, after welding everything would be covered in 'menninge' red oxide primer. smaller parts would be covered is mennige AT THE SUBCONTRACTOR. This means that smaller parts can be different shades of primer (just as you can get red oxide primer in variying shades now, still the same stuff regardless of colour) dependent on the timeframe the exterior was covered either fully or partially in a base colour (if partially the other two would cover the rest). Don't get me started on the interpretation of THAT order..... Same for the interior, dependent on timeframe, blueishgrey, ivory, or unpainted primer (or a combination of two)
  10. yup, afaik the 'Tarnanstrich' (three colour camo with dots) was applied t the factory
  11. strange though that as the more fiddly one the RFM has cast in vent/heating tubed on the floor when compared to Takom
  12. following both the Jagdpanther builds now........
  13. Depends..... Ambush field or factory applied? Factory no Field....anyones guess.... As said the well known 503 pics showing field applied and wheels being done aswell.
  14. They DID just buy a bunch from Vietnam I think runners too!
  15. This, Diehard enamel here aswell, though i use whatever suits the purpose now, but to learn, use tamiya acrylics, milky consistency and enjoy!
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