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  1. Was just thinking of something like "what attracts you to a subject?" No real place to ask....
  2. I always go wrong with anything being restored, my mind goes into overdrive thinking on how to solve problems, come to think of it, that is another big attraction...soving the 'puzzle'.
  3. Hi mods, Would it be a good idea to have a 'General Modelling' chat area? Some of us have multidisciplinary interest, with general modelling questions.
  4. This, we seem to excel in finding stuff that's impossible to find stuff about....secretly we're masochistic research junkies.....
  5. When you're reading the Crandall book on Dora's, see a weird looking 'Egg' He 111, find out it's a Siebel 204, find out Special Hobby make one and your wallet starts twitching.......
  6. Love that 'Spitfire in my workshop' book! I have something similar from my car building days by Gerald Wingrove. Another book that teaches not only scratchbuilding skills, but 'eye' skills as well.
  7. In vol1-3 they keep mentioning a vol 4. Did it ever happen, is it still a project? Or the proverbial doornail?
  8. For drills, use drill manufacturers! I use Phantom, Dormer as my goto brands
  9. You might want to follow this guy.... Google translate is atrocious, but he does good work!
  10. I have a set of the excellent JLC saws, but was wondering if there were any thinner blades to be found. I've seen PE blades of the same shape, but nobody states the thickness...
  11. Being on a book buying spree, it seems I'm in need of books on the early Spitfire. I already have Andy Saunders "Spitfire Mk.I P9374" and the Haynes book on the Merlin. Any other that are 'must have's? I'm more into the technical side of stuff, so rebuilds, restorations, aircraft in bits etc, would have my preference.
  12. Sorry yeah I should have been clearer (did include the caption) Caption states the second pic is the 603 that went into V15.....and I was wondering why would they change the engine mount when using the same engine? Though a prototype so anything is possible, it just seemed strange. Then I noticed the 'bolt' alignment. Light bulb flashed and I looked for a Jumo pic. Found two other books with the same error.
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