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  1. love this quote: "but one can only imagine how effective it could have been at providing suppressing fire for landing Marines. I would imagine just the long throaty cries of "bbbuuuurrrrpppp" would keep the enemy in their foxholes long enough for the individual Marines to start plying their trade." I guess that was just what the Airforce thought.......
  2. That resicast set looks yummie! Don't do competitions, just have a sick attraction to stuff which changes every week or so....keeps life interesting.
  3. I think the plunger thing might be some sort of valve that opens once a compressor has built up some pressure. In which case it will never open as the max my sil air can produce is 5 bar. Off looking for a substitute then.....
  4. Hi, in need of some help. I have a Sil-air compressor: This one without the cover. As the tank is only 1L and I'm using it with an air gun to clean machined parts I wanted a bigger tank. So I found a compressor with a broken motor with a view of using the tank. Then I noticed it has a pressure switch, mine doesn't. So I wired mine up to the switch and lo and behold it switches on.. Dial wasn't moving though..... Hear and felt air coming out from under the switch, took it apart. Membrane is fine., all the switch gubbins look fine as well. The air seems to be coming from the line going from the tank to the switch. At the switch end it seems to have a plunger, that doesn't plunge (ie close the hole). The plunger part is not removable and is marked with an 8 (for 8 bar I guess). Anybody know what such a part is called? This is what the regulator looks like:
  5. Ypu come through again with a coherent answer, thank you!
  6. Bozothenutter

    BFC change?

    How often do the Eduard BFC kits change? Really not interested in 1/72 or Mig-21 ...
  7. To be clear,tjinking about an existing Firefly kit and adding an interior. So assuming a kit has a gun with a breech, everything else is a transplant. All the exterior details would be taken care of.
  8. Yup, but all the skills are available,think of ot, a whole new aftermarket!
  9. Actually they would! Just a change of surface to the model and done! Lime changing a jacket.
  10. FC's reputation is not the best I read here and there. It's 3D printed stuff, with iffy quality control before shipping, but this has my interest. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fc-model-trend-48438-little-willie--1360022
  11. How much of the RFM M4A3 interior could be used in a Firefly kit? I know there were all kinds of different engines used. The ammo storage of course would have to be built. Radio's probably UK types Any specific details that differ?
  12. Printing them for sale is a IP lawsuit waiting to happen, even if the moulds are 'lost' somebody probably still owns them..... 3D scanning and printing for own use is of course ok.
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