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  1. Thanks Terry! The second pic was taken outside while the others are indoors. I didn't realize how different the blue looked until I posted the pic! It's the same camera, so my only guess is that it's an exceptionally bright day and it washed everything out. I have to admit that I like the indoor pics a lot more, and am thinking about replacing the pics in the Gallery (outdoor too) - usually it's usually the other way around!
  2. Bah, you beat me by two hours Patrice! Here's my contribution to the Hellcat STGB - it's the 1/72 Cyber-Hobby kit (very fiddly) - the build thread is here:
  3. OK, I'm calling it done. Thanks for the encouragement everybody, and thanks to @Col. and @Enzo Matrix for running the Group Build!
  4. Enjoy your holiday Giorgio! Oh, the Mustang is looking sweet.
  5. Fantastic work John - I like that you're including the 'dimpling' in both directions; raised and dented.
  6. Sovereign Hobbies has some great paint guides: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/pages/us-navy-usmc-aircraft-colours-around-ww2 Since this is a very late -5, I'd go with Yellow Zinc Chromate for the cowl interior. For what it's worth, I've seen a color photo of -5 with a YZC panel 'frames' and cowl interior, and I've seen a pic of a -3 with light grey in the same places. Your Hellcat is looking excellent - I really like your solution for the drop tank seam, I used plasticard and it's definitely over-scaled looking.
  7. So sorry to hear that Crisp - your Achilles is your only known modelling vulnerability, oh the fates are wily. Hope you heal up quick! @Terry1954, so sorry to hear about Nan, it speaks so well of all involved that you were as close as you were.
  8. Well that's only, um, let's see, carry the 4 - something like 48 pieces of masking tape! Hope you're seeing straight, well done Ced.
  9. Well, the end game was pretty frustrating with this one, but it's nearly done! I figured I better get some pics of the fuselage before attaching the wings I had a really difficult time seeing the stressed effects when applying the rivets, and they don't line up how they should (where they're visible anyway), so that's a little disappointing. But, it's nearly there. Everything you see here fell off about five times and had to be re-attached. Ooh, looks like I need to de-saturate the prop a little.
  10. [Furiously scribbling notes] Lots of great techniques on display here Ed!
  11. Thanks for taking this one out for a test drive for us Patrice - great work so far.
  12. Thanks @shortCummins and @81-er ! I had to scratch a replacement for the lost gear bay part - it's no @giemme yogurt cup work, but it will do for now. And then cleaned up some of the overspray on the white portions, and painted the stripe on the tail: I managed to accidentally mask off part of one of the stripes, and it required a fix: And started the decals/transfers: I wanted to make Flatley's CAG '00', but I didn't have enough zeroes! So I went with a non-descript '9', since my Techmod numbers sheet came with plenty of those. And started a little bit of the rivet wheel work: I think I'll apply the matt coat before any more riveting.
  13. Gorgeous Firefly Chris - perfect finish, amazing detail and I'm quite taken with the exhaust staining.
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