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  1. Fantastic Giorgio, I must invest in some 3M Magic tape when I get back to the bench.
  2. Ha! I think you invented the Monday UpdateTM Giorgio. I invented the 'update everyday and then none for six months'.
  3. This Monday UpdateTM is a cliffhanger - can't wait to see the reveal!
  4. Cookenbacher

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Nice brush painting Jon!
  5. Cookenbacher

    RNoAF F-16s Part 1-- A and B

    Wonderful work as always David.
  6. That looks wonderful Giorgio! I found the same with Mission Models paints, especially with the white I used. It was delicate, almost powdery, until it had a Future over coat.
  7. Cookenbacher

    Laven's F-100D First F-100 Combat Mission

    A great addition to your Laven collection Ed, and a brilliant finish to boot.
  8. Hi John, the RS P-38 kit is a real pain, but it is possible. @TheRealMrEd and I have both managed to build the Aleutian P-38E boxing. The cockpit/nose gear bay fit is the most difficult part - I ended up sanding the cockpit walls down quite a bit, and chopping off a good chunk of the nose gear bay - pics of the process are in the first link above. I'm sorry I didn't see this thread earlier and I could have warned you! Either way, I'm looking forward to your F-5A no matter what kit you end up using.
  9. Cookenbacher


    Beautiful beast there.
  10. Cookenbacher

    Spitfire XIV 1/72

    Another Stunner Justin!
  11. The pilot really does add a lot of life to the build, especially posed as he is.
  12. Cookenbacher

    Spitfire VIII, 615 Squadron RAF *FINISHED*

    That's really cool Simon.
  13. This. The painted roundels look great PC.