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  1. Right? Too much something! Thanks Giorgio Got the top colours on - a mix of Mission Models and Vallejo Free hand camo with water based acrylics is a fraught affair - I should really use masks! Masking off This will be the last update for a while; leaving early tomorrow morning for two weeks in South Africa for work, then spending a week in Colorado to visit family on my return. I know some of you are at Old Buck today(?) - have a great time and please tell Jim hello!
  2. Not just a save but an improvement - that roundel looks painted on!
  3. These are coming along great Chris - the wrinkling/oil canning on the Tigermoth is incredibly convincing.
  4. Well in my attempt to get a darker 'brick' red by adding some brown and black, I ended up with a sort of neon burgundy As to how it affects the top coat - the answer is: not at all! Unless, you spray a thin enough coat to allow a sort of pinkish hue, which I don't think makes an appearance in any Hurricane pics that I know of. Well it wouldn't have been an experiment if I already knew the outcome, and there is a half maroon Hurricane (band name?) in the BM WIP section now, so there's that. Sky undersides:
  5. Ha! Thanks Giorgio, I'm motoring through this one because I have to travel for work for two weeks next Sunday, and then I'm off on holiday to visit my family the first week of July. I don't think I'll get it done by then, but I at least want to start painting (the best part!) Thank you Charlie - it is a very nice kit and I think I'll be able to do a much better job on the Mk II in the stash by applying lessons learned from this rather slap dash effort. Thanks for the detail info, the wheel wells are all masked up currently, but I'll see what I can do to dress it up - and definitely good info to apply to my next Hurricane. Slathered on some PPP - oh, it looks like I added the horizontal and vertical stabilizers too - I decided to droop the elevators and wag the rudder because, looking at ref pics, it seems that this was the case as often as not. PPP cleaned up and canopy masks on Just for fun, I painted the fabric sections light brown (I really should have added some white to the mix to make it look more like fabric) and metallic sections with Tamiya paint in lieu of a primer coat. The Wing Leader Hurricane I book has a great picture of some fabric removed from a BoB Hurricane - it's fabric, red primer, and Sky (with a silver layer as well from its days with black, white and silver undersides). So I'll paint the fabric sections red and the metal portions grey next, then the camo - interestingly the red fabric primer is apparently the same used to paint the fabric patches used to cover the gun ports. I can't use PE or gussy up a cockpit, so I figured I should do something interesting!
  6. Ooohh I like the fuselage stripes Alistair, and now you're all set up to deliver the wing ones (black over white will be much easier than white over black, I think).
  7. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Got started on the Hurricane this weekend: I'm giving the photo-etch a go, but I'm learning that the gear bay liner seen above is about as small as I can go with any competence! I had a little trouble getting the fuselage halves together, but all's well that ends well:
  8. That's becoming a very sharp looking Spitfire Chuuurles! I think every Britmodeller has their own exhaust painting technique. I like to dry brush a little light grey on the aft 'pipes' more on the ones further back (as you can see in the photos posted by Troy) - I think it's probably lead build up, but don't know for sure. And then I like to give them a dark wash. This tends to tone down the whole affair.
  9. I just bought one of these - well worth it - any Tamiya pot that's been opened once or twice before is nearly impossible to open again. Wonderful progress Ced, ceiling and museum worthy for sure.
  10. Looking svelte in its black coat Alistair, that will make a great base for paint.
  11. The engine looks wonderful John, I gotta bookmark this for reference when I start mine.
  12. That is stunning Terry, you managed to make a Mustang that matches the elegance of your gliders - what a scheme!
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