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  1. Cookenbacher

    What am I not getting about Acrylic paint?

    Oh and I meant to mention Mission Models paints as a water based solution - they have a proprietary thinner, but I've thinned them successfully with water. They spray incredibly well for a water based paint, and they're available from a source near you in Seattle - I'm not affiliated with Model Paint Solutions other than being a happy customer.
  2. Cookenbacher

    What am I not getting about Acrylic paint?

    I wholeheartedly recommend Colourcoats enamels as well - they are probably the best performing paints that I've ever used and their color selection is also the best (the various USN Sea blues are all represented, fantastic RAAF selection, and the best British colo(u)rs as well - Dark Earth, Dark Green etc). The only downside is the fumes endemic to all oil based enamels, but a good mask and ventilation take care of that. I just use hardware store mineral spirits (white spirit) to thin them, but recently purchased some Colourcoats thinner as well due to its promise that paints thinned with it can be safely returned to the tin and not 'spoil'. I haven't had a chance to give it a try though. As far as water based paints go, Badger Stynylrez is a great water based primer - sticks very well to plastic and can be sanded after drying overnight - sand too early and it just peels like other water based primers, like Vallejo. I've found that water based acrylics (Vallejo, Lifecolor) perform very nicely when sprayed over Stynylrez, and enamels work just fine over it too. I agree that the problem with Tamiya not sticking was probably due to the 'metallic' undercoat. I've found that alcohol based Tamiya paints stick to plastic pretty well. I'm house sitting for family friends just up the road in Spokane right now, and have had to shovel the driveway every day since last Friday!
  3. Pound of bacon? or Colourcoats?
  4. Cookenbacher

    Airfix Spitfire Prototype 1:72

    Wonderful conversion work.
  5. Cookenbacher

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Yes, that looks quite menacing in flight with the bomb bay doors open, Shellie, very cool.
  6. Wow, what wonderful scratch work Moa - I've really enjoyed seeing your "Golden Age Retrospective" here in RFI.
  7. Cookenbacher

    "Tony?" ..."Hien!" - Kawasaki Ki-61 Id

    Phooey to the flu, but hurrah to interior details.
  8. Cookenbacher

    1/72 Hasegawa F-110A

    Very cool to see a rare F-110 designated F-4, and it adds to your Laven collection, nicely done Ed.
  9. I can't wait to see them all together Ed!
  10. That's two great finishes there Beggsy.
  11. Cookenbacher

    Spitfire 21 and 18 in 1/72

    Careful Steve, you may spend the next two or three years of your modelling life building late model Spitfires after admiring Bedder's builds. Ask me how I know! Fantastic and inspiring builds as always Justin - I can't wait to get back to my stash and dig around for that Freightdog XVIII tail.
  12. Cookenbacher

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    That's fantastic John.
  13. A tip of the cap to sweet Madeleine.