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  1. Hi Col., I think any F-15C kit can be built as an F-15J with the right decals. I know the Hasegawa C and J kits are identical. The main difference that is noticeable on a model is the aerial on top of the left vertical stabilizer - USAF F-15's have a larger one, while everybody else has a thinner one that matches the right hand aerial (the Hasegawa kit comes with three vertical stabilizers as a result).
  2. I've been staring this build off and on for many months now, and just noticed that I hadn't left a comment - this is a great model. I love the added surface detail, and am using it as a reference.
  3. I'm a big fan of cross kitting Spitfires, and this is a great project Stefano, lovely work!
  4. Off to a great start Craig, and glad to see that your Mustang will be piloted. As far as the puttied wing panel lines, I think that painted airframes would have them too, but hopefully someone with much more knowledge on the subject will be along to answer definitively. Either way, this detail will be much more obscure on a camouflaged aircraft, and you should only go through the trouble if you think it will add to your enjoyment of the project - both in construction and subsequent admiration on the shelf - just my opinion of course!
  5. Well, it looks like you're keeping up your usual spectacularly high standards with this one Giorgio. Happy New Year my friend!
  6. Simon is building Spitfires, all is right with the world. It's coming along great Simon, and I really like the results on your first two. What transfer sheet did you use for the 91 Sqn build?
  7. Wonderful builds of a fascinating variety of subjects (I'm partial to the Corsairs, but enjoyed seeing them all). Happy New Year Dennis!
  8. Well done, every one of them Stew - and thanks for your leadership in the BoB GB this year. My favorites are the three Hurricanes of course!
  9. Happy New Year H! Lovely 2020 collection, especially the 'personalized' HB Spitfire.
  10. Yes, I'm a fan of your dynamic style.
  11. Just incredible Tony, so many great builds on display - the Walrus is sublime.
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