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  1. They've really gone downhill, I remember when they used to be about the broth.
  2. So did you take that pic with a time traveling drone? How did you deal with the wind buffet?
  3. I know there is a certain hedgehog inclined fellow ahead of me in line, but I am willing to mask in return for room and board. References available upon request.
  4. That's an honour indeed! Ced: What are you two taking pictures of? PC and Cookie (gazing in wonder at the green English countryside): This! Glad everyone had a wonderful time, and looking forward seeing everyone again, and looking forward to more gliders Terry!
  5. Nearly there now, that matte coat is NICE!
  6. Fantastic - I'm especially taken with the delicate appearance of the sliding portion of the canopy, it really adds to the overall effect you've created with the realistic finish. A wonderful tribute to the great (and probably only) under-claiming ace.
  7. Well, at least they give the dimensions for the pitot tube you have to scratch, so you don't have to divide by 72.
  8. That certainly captures the elegance of Spitfire, Stuart - inspiring work.
  9. Another stunner from your FAA build thread Chris (such a great thread), and am enjoying seeing the other 'Group Build' results too!
  10. Just in time Terry, they all look wonderful! Enjoy the weekend, and looking forward to the RFI when you get back.
  11. That looks so much like the real thing - did you borrow @Fritag's shrink ray? You can be honest.
  12. You are a treasure PC, and that Kittyhawk is looking sweet.
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