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  1. The Dutch jet is coming along - almost ready for paint. Had to scratch the bird slicers for the RNoAF jet from plasticard
  2. Very cool metal finish Dennis, and that's a sweet collection of 50's jets you have going
  3. Three weeks to go? Let's start! Three weeks or three months, I'll still struggle to finish. The plan is for a 322 Sqn RNLAF F-16AM, a 37° Stormo Italian F-16 ADF, and a RNoAF F-16AM - all from inexpensive Hasegawa kits I've been gathering over time. First up, the RNLAF F-16AM: The RNLAF jet will need a pilot as I'm planning to build it wheels up. I drooped the leading edge flaps, more work than I anticipated due to the hard, brittle plastic Tail attached In a happy coincidence, the ejector pins from the Arma Hobby Mustang are just the right size for filling the pylon holes on the Hasegawa kit The AMI F-16 ADF underway - note the fairing at the base of the tail. The RNoAF jet has its fuselage together
  4. I'm grateful to have caught up with this one - wonderful work David.
  5. Fantastic Sea Harrier Bill, and it's wonderful to see it with its 'family'.
  6. I love the invasion stripes Patrice, and the drooped elevators really add to the overall look.
  7. Wow! All I can make with sprue and gun pods is sprue and gun pods - excellent scratch work Adrian!
  8. Thanks guys, I do like the look of the foil, but it is slow going and delicate - I'm afraid I'll have to re-do some of the early panels by the time I get to the end from wear and tear during the process. @Karearea My fillet filling job passes the fingernail test now, but we'll see what foil reveals. The Arma kit comes with a PE template for the camera access hatch - INCIDO time! A little wonky, but that's how you know it's a genuine Cookie build Primer on the wings - mostly Future with a little grey acrylic paint in an attempt for maximum smoothness - it worked pretty well Vallejo Metal Color applied The foiling is slow going, and it's wearing as I proceed (note the tip of the tail) I used the rivet wheel and a 3000 grit sanding stick to take some of the shine off, but it's still much shinier than the VMC! I'm going on a two week holiday starting next weekend to visit family and friends in New Mexico and Colorado, so I'm afraid this is as far as I will get this second build before the deadline.
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