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  1. I was instructed in the 2015 BoB GB that L2099 had metal wings, which I attempted (and failed) by modifying the Airfix fabric wing kit. Thank goodness for Arma.
  2. Off to a great start Trevor! Just highlight the word(s) you want to have represent the hyperlink and click the 'chain link' looking button on the toolbar, uh eighth from the left it looks like, and it pops up a window to paste in the URL.
  3. "Certain that their target was London, Park was no longer intercepting as far forward as he used to...He would hit them hardest at the point the Germans called 'die grosse Angstkurve uber London' ('the dreaded big turn over London)...Park had given his young braves height and surprise...As his forward units engaged, Park ordered up his own reserve, his Praetorian Guard of 602 and 303..." - Stephen Bungay, The Most Dangerous Enemy My plan is to build a Polish 303 Sqn Hurricane from the new 1/72 Arma kit, and 602 Sqn Spitfire from the already venerable 1/72 Airfix kit (probably the two most popular kits in this Group Build, so I don't get points for originality). I've got some 303 references all ready to go: And have thrown a little primer on the kit interiors. First up the Hurricane: And next the Spitfire: It's actually the Mk Va boxing, but contains everything needed for a Mk I.
  4. looking forward to this one, your builds always show creativity and skill.
  5. Excellent choice Dave, and off to a nice start. I believe that RF-O, L2099 had a cylindrical 'pole' type aerial that sort of sets it apart from its 303 brethren.
  6. A double triple, and to fill out a squadron too - great project.
  7. Nice work Heather, you're really bringing this kit to life.
  8. Thank you Chris. Oh, good - thanks Ced! Thank you Dana, just don't look too close! Thanks Giorgio, I finally got a little more done, see below. I've now used hairspray chipping on water based acrylics, lacquers and enamels and they all work, but act very differently from each other. With water based acrylics, you might not even need hairspray, they chip off with ease. Lacquers require a lot of elbow grease and enamels are the trickiest, because they build the most effective water barrier I'm guessing. They can still be a little elastic if you chip them too early, but may never chip if you leave them too long. Although, I was able to go back and clean up my test piece several days later and it still chipped OK. That would be something to see Crisp. I was tempted to go up a scale or two for this one, but decided to stay loyal to my 1/72 roots and see what I could do. Thanks for the kind comments everyone, and sorry for the lack of updates. Added the turtle deck which is more work than it should be on a Tamiya kit. Plastic shim trimmed, and I had to remove the headrest. New plasticard headrest: All painted up. First round of filler on the flap resin/plastic interface. And all masked up for the 'pre-primer': I'm planning to prime the fabric portions separately, and add a little 'oil canning' to the fuselage at the same time, using a technique I watched @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies do on a Hellcat, but I can't seem to find the thread now - that's what the strips are for. Looking at WWII era pics of Corsairs, it's hard to see any wrinkling on the metal skin, but current pics of KD431 show it.
  9. More great work Dennis, the Sword Kittyhawk/P-40K kit is not the easiest build.
  10. That's an elegant looking Corsair Steve.
  11. Looking forward to your build Matt, and thanks for the background on the invasion port raids.
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