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  1. Beautiful worn P-47 Giorgio, you definitely gave this one some real personality! I hope it make it safely to Old Buck and that you folks had a great visit.
  2. Incredible work Steve, I'm especially enamored with the the wing root weathering.
  3. Same here - that was such a great day Giorgio. The P-47 is looking fantastic!
  4. Sorry for my late arrival to this discussion - fascinating and inspiring conversation as usual. I built the CMR Mk XII alongside a Brigade conversion a few years ago as shown in the link posted by @Troy Smith on the first page of this thread. I found my old RFI for them here, but who knows how long the old Photobucket links will hold up: I just used the Brigade Griffon nose section and mated it up to a Sword VC, and it matched up pretty well. The CMR kit was superior in just about every way, except that its fuselage is noticeably short, and it's resin. Reading through this thread has me dreaming of using the nose section of a Sword Seafire XV mated to an Eduard VIII for a pleasing XII. I'm a little worried about that route, as it turns out that the Sword VC nose does not match up at all with the Eduard IX fuselage. and I'm afraid that the Sword XV may suffer the same fate.
  5. I found the same thing in my chipping experiments with Colourcoats - but if you decide to chip as early as you would with water or alcohol based acrylics, I found that the enamel Colourcoats remained pliable, almost rubbery, so it was best to wait for them to fully cure and then apply elbow grease. Beautiful paint work Steve.
  6. It's always so enjoyable to watch your paint work Giorgio - now where's that popcorn emoji? Ah, there we go.
  7. Exquisite Canberra Phil, so glad to see you back!
  8. Amazing finish Chris
  9. That turned out great Steve, wonderful camo (and giant decal) work!
  10. Just saw this in the gallery - wonderful build
  11. Thanks for putting this list together @Sam, and for being a great GB co-host
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