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  1. You are truly one of the most gifted modellers out there Giorgio, you made a Stuka look good! Amazing details, amazing finish my friend.
  2. These look awesome Dennis, still very impressed with the subtle variations on the glossy sea blue schemes.
  3. Phew! Very cool. I'm so glad I just happened to check the thread right after this update Crisp, I only had to anticipate the result for as long as it took to scroll down from your last post!
  4. That kind of looks like a radar dome Ced. Did Revell produce a 'Pathfinder' version of this kit? https://standwheretheyfought.jimdofree.com/b-17-flying-fortress-crash-in-trimbach-switzerland-february-27-1945-then-and-now/
  5. Fantastic Sabre Justin, with your usual impeccable modification work.
  6. It's not like I wasn't already enthusiastic about seeing this build, but that reference pic is amazing, and I'm really looking forward to the rivets. [successfully avoided riveting pun]
  7. What a cool scheme Bill, a very appropriate Navy Bird subject. Good on you for your never ending quest for 1/72 perfection Bill. After seeing the resin I think I'd have just build this wheels up. I don't think I've ever seen a pic of a parked Hornet without the flaps down, but am willing (in fact, would love) to be corrected. One thing I do know for sure, is that the Academy vertical fins are noticeably larger than the Hasegawa, and I have not been able to find out which is more accurate.
  8. Wonderful build Ed, you never fail to find fascinating subjects. I've almost caught up with your recent output, and may a have number of new 'likes' in your notifications!
  9. I do have the file for for 1942 US stars from a Dauntless build, all I have to do is scale them up to 1/48 and have the cutter go to town. Just say the word Steve.
  10. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by your attention to detail at this point Steve, but that is a surprising amount of attention to detail! The wing looks fantastic.
  11. Those look fantastic Dennis, the fading on the fabric sections of the Corsair are especially on point - great detail. I'm a big fan of the Essex G-markings, and I think I've got to build some too!
  12. Yes indeed, a great memory, Jim is definitely one of the good ones. I also remember you driving PC and I around Shipdham looking for my grandfather's crash sight - you're a truly a great host Ced, and PC, Bill and I will have a lot to live up to whenever you're able to make it over here. Looking forward to that day. Please take pics if you make it to the airshow Ced. It's that old adage, "Close up before close up".
  13. Your Mustang is looking great in its camo (and sharkmouth!) Craig.
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