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  1. It was not as difficult as I had feared it might be Ray. As usual with such parts, when it came to doing it, (as opposed to thinking about it), it all went rather smoothly. Just be sure to get the spacing and size of the holes in the wing right. P
  2. Evening All, I have completed most of the construction and the model is now well on the way towards completion. The first step was to fit the undercarriage. The tail skid assembly looks complicated but in reality it is 4 outer support struts with a central post on which the skid was mounted. The purpose of the outer struts was to keep the skid rigid. Similarly the main undercarriage legs were simple to make and assemble - I used 30 thou rod, (which is probably a little over scale but needed for strength), with plastic rod for the axle. The V struts for the bracing wires
  3. That is very accurate measurement from a photo! P
  4. Your points 1 and 2 are correct. I think it highly unlikely that the boom rigging would have been dismantled when the wings were removed, but then I have never been involved in moving a pusher biplane on the back of a lorry! I think that your suggestion that an x pattern for the rope is as good as any. Given the lack of evidence, I dare anyone to challenge your interpretation: should they do so ask them for the evidence! Having seen the pictures of your model so far I am now very keen to see the completed vignette. I do not usually make scenes like this - they are far t
  5. First class build thread and first class model. Congratulations on completing this monster of an aeroplane. Rigging is just superb. P
  6. Excellent build and log. A superb model of a very large earoplane, even in the True Scale. P
  7. Thank you for the kind comment about my model. Just a small point about yours: you have omitted the cross bracing on the front bay of the boom - check the plans - these were extended to the rear interplane struts when the outer wing panels were attached. If you look closely at the Gunbus on the left of the photo there are two beams across the upper boom supporting the tailplane. The forward one is just in front of the boom strut, the rear is just behind the middle boom strut. However I can see no evidence of how the tail unit was held down, but is it possible that as these machines
  8. Thanks for the comments gents. I too have tried printing serials and assembling them from sheets, but this time I could not find suitable numbers in the correct font from the transfer sheet, and I do not have the correct font or size on my desktop. I will leave that detail out on this occasion. P
  9. Evening All, I have painted the main parts of the model. I used Humbrol 103, (clear doped linen), mixed with white for the fuselage and flying surfaces, and Humbrol black for the cowling and stripes on the fuselage. I added some 10 x 20 thou strip with the corners rounded with a file to make the frame on the front of the fuselage behind the cowling. The wood was Revell 382, as was the propellor which I found in the spares box: I had made one for another model and reduced it in size to fit this one. The national markings were Humbrol white, red (60) and blue (25) mixed w
  10. Excellent progress but a real b.....r with the wing and then setting at the wrong angle. However you do seem to have fixed the problem. P
  11. Very good update. Keep at it and it will not take too long to finish now. P
  12. Just catching up (again) Ray. You have certainly moved tis one along a good deal and are in the process of producing an excellent model. Rigging through holes in wings is a real pain in my experience - hat off to you for achieving such a good result. Those final details are invariably the most awkward - and always between us and a completed model.... Best of luck with them though - you are certainly close to the finish now. P
  13. If it was a DH 1 that was issued to the squadron it would have been a trainer, but if a DH 1A was used in Egypt it would have been used as an escort for BE 2c's and other reconnaissance machines. As far as I am aware there is no kit of the DH 1A except as a vacuform. If you are interested I made a conversion from an Airfix DH 4 - https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=3261.0 P
  14. Dear Eric, My apologies for the delay replying to this topic- I have only just seen your question about the control cables on the Sopwith Robey Gunbus. Thank you for referring to my amateur attempt to convert the Airfix Avro 504 into one of these unusual machines - I am afraid that looking at the photos of my model will probably not provide the answer to your question about the control cables to the tail. I will try to explain why. First however the aileron control cable arrangement described by Paul in the thread is exactly how I interpreted it - the cable probably exi
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