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  1. I think that those two machines must be the most unusual attempts to build somethhing that would fly that I have seen. I too would like to thank you for posting so many of your wonderful and interesting models - I have learned more about the byways of aviation history from your threads than I had previously learned in a very long time. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your work in future - if only to pinch a few of your excellent ideas! P
  2. I too know that aircraft well from when it was at Aldershot at the Paras museum. I may be wrong but I believe it was flown for some time at Farnborough before it became a static display: if so I have seen it in the air on numerous ocassions. That is a superb model in very different colours - very well done indeed. P
  3. I too think that this is a Triggers Broom - but it is markedly improved as a result. Both models will be more than restored when finished - rejuvenated would be a better description. P
  4. That is a very nice Pfalz. P
  5. Are you going to keep this in the garage when it is finished? Or move out there yourself? Lovely finish on the tail - the effort was well worth it. P
  6. A very interesting thread as I have never attempted a vacform (and never will now as scratch building is my modus operandi). I do like the idea of cocktial sticks for struts and am very impressed with the CA filler in the u/c struts. As for the engine: been there, done that! In all a very tidy little model in the making here - looking forward to seeing more. P
  7. What an odd but still aesthetically pleasing little aircraft. Completely new to me (surprised? no!), and very interesting background link. Thanks for posting. A 1/72 HP 42 would be an interesting kit to build - equally an intersting challenge to scratch build! P
  8. A lovely model (or rather, pair of models). I cannot comment on the kit because I have not seen or built one, but it stiall needs a modeller with real skill and patience to turn out models of the consistent quality that you are currently showing us. P
  9. Got to agree with Baldy about the Caudron lineage there, and his comments about the colour scheme. A very graceful model with a first class finish as always. P
  10. I agree with what you have written about Heller kits: with the additional comment that they issued models of aircraft which were avoided by other large manufacturers. A beautiful model - I am reminded of the Percival Proctor (a later machine of course). The internal detaisl are, as always with your models, perfect. P
  11. pheonix

    Fokker E.II (Airfix 1/72)

    Super build and the engine cowling is most realistic - and difficult to achieve! I do hope that you build a sceond one of these - perhaps in a different colour scheme. P
  12. pheonix

    Listening to the Solstice

    Just dropping by as it is so difficult to keep up with you! I have to agree with Chris - this interior should be mounted alongside so that it can be properly seen and admired rather than being hidden away. Al;ternatively you could just make the whole thing a strip down model - you are half way there already! P
  13. It may not have won any beaytu contests but if it flew well who cared? In any event it has made up into a very nice little model and another unusual design too. First class modelling. P
  14. Whar a striking scheme! Unusual to see such a colourful aircraft with PC10 uppers. Very well made too - no need to worry about criticism there. P
  15. pheonix

    Interwar 504.....

    Which makes it even more remarkable! Well done in turning a sow's ear into a silk purse. P