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  1. Evening All, I have been dithering with this project because I was not sure how to fix the lower wings to fuselage assembly. I had run through several possibilities in my mind: 1. Fix the lower wing via the V struts to the fuselage, then place the middle wings on the fuselage to measure where the strut holes should be. Drill the holes in the middle wing, attach it to the fuselage and insert the wing struts. Finally add the top wing. 2. Put the middle wing on to the fuselage with the strut holes pre-drilled and struts already in place. Mark off on the lower w
  2. Excellent detailing Ian. What a relief that it was not taped to the turntable...! Definitely getting ready for the Gunbus. P
  3. Super engine and prop Ian - the more so given the size of both! P
  4. Evening All, Thanks Stuart for the kind remark - you are most welcome to follow along. I did write that this one was going to be slow - well it is being so. Painting of the main components is now complete: the fuselage was painted gloss black before I applied several thinned coats of aluminium (acrylics). This has given a metallic finish but not high gloss which I think would be unrealistic. It has also concealed all of the filler... I think that the black anti-glare panel will need to be made a little wider but that is a simple tas
  5. Sorry Ian but you have put the same link in twice! P
  6. That is a superb little scene. The snow looks completely realistic with the overspill on the skis and tracks. The paint finis is of course first class- just what we have come to expect from you! That is a winner and no mistake. P
  7. Evening All, Sorry Steve if I have caused you to have to do some research....if it is any consolation I had to do the same when I first read about this on another site. I know that you will understand why, when I discovered this odd design, that I just had to have one in my oddball collection. I did warn that progress would be erratic, and life has kept up to expectation as I have not been able to do a great deal even with the new restrictions on outside activity: most of my activities are at home so I am not affected as much as many. I have made a little pr
  8. Watching you use this software to determine size etc is fascinating. I wish that I had these IT skills and the programme to match!
  9. Asusual your patience is really paying off. This is a super model of the type - it will certainly be setting the standard for others to follow.
  10. I'm a bit late to the party Jon, but I am pleased to have found this. An excellent build thread and a super finished model - certainly one to be proud of in every way. I also like these unknown subjects - they are just so appealing as subjects for scratch building. P
  11. Excellent representation of a much maligned subject. When it was introduced in 1915 it was a very good machine, well suited for its purpose (reconnaissance) and stable and easy to fly (also good given the poor training and lack of experience of many pilots). Its reputation suffered because it was kept in front line service long after it was obsolete. You have captured the lines of this machine well - the colours are also very good. P
  12. Super piece of scratch building there. The figure is an excellent addition for scale - it was quite a large aeroplane. Looking forward to finished pictures. P
  13. Evening All, Thanks for the encouraging comments - they are very much appreciated. I have managed to make a little progress which I can report upon here. I started by completing the basic fuselage nacelle - I added a seat for the pilot, floor and control stick, and an IP but little else because it cannot be seen. The fuselage will need some cleaning up of the joints as with most push moulds that I make and I suspect that the tube of filler will get a bit of a bash too! I also made the engines: I cut two circles from 60 thou card and cut the cylinders from 60thou rod. Th
  14. That is a super scratch build Jon. I for one could be easily mistaken to ask where did you find the "kit"?! When it is rigged it will really look the part. Ungainly it may have been, but from my point of view, all the more interesting. P
  15. Evening All, There seems to be an increased interest in triplanes among WW1 modellers at the moment, probably because Meng have released the WnW Fokker triplane after the latter company ceased trading earlier this year. It was in discussion about this topic on another thread where I found out about another, and in my opinion much more interesting, triplane from Siemens Schuckert Werke. Most people will probably be like me and not heard of this machine, but it was the product of the "triplane craze" in Germany in late 1917 following the success of the Sopwith triplane on the Western
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