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  1. For the question of printed glazing: The varnish has the particularity of removing the slightly yellow color of the print. For my part, I sprayed several layers (3) of pro varnish car paint ultra shiny 2K spray. The result is amazing. I sand a little before with the 1000 to remove the printing layers still visible. It is necessary to print at 20 microns of course. https://www.peinturevoiture.fr/3362-vernis-ecar-aerosol-2k.html No need to hit the hardener cartridge at the bottom of the can, it works fine without it, so you can use it later for other parts. I use a Motip spray can diffuser, which have a smaller flow rate, more suitable for small parts. It takes two to three days to dry, but you can apply the coats 1 hour after the previous one.
  2. There are at least two such boats on the battleship. I think I'm covering one, not the other. For the print, it should do. If not, it will be done in japanese paper or equivalent. (Dirk)
  3. @Thom216, Tks Thom, I only had this one sitting down to give the scale, at the moment I have to do others sitting in other postures. @Alan P : Thanks Alan, It gives me courage to continue this pharaonic project. @Steve : " Where's the stoker?" It snores at the bottom of the engine room.. I redesigned the cover, the result is much more convincing, after the advice of a very competent friend. V1. V2. (Roadster style!)
  4. I drew the steam engine today and the rear benches. I've almost finished, no need to put much more detail. There are still the fenders to be placed on the planking, the hoops for the cover. There will be two such launches on the battleship, I may cover one with a half-top probably.
  5. I didn't make too much progress today, I took advantage of the great weather to get some fresh air.
  6. Tks Steve ! Back to the drawing board. I have started to draw the boats, thanks to those who provided me with plans. Not too many period photos of these boats in general. But if you look around, you can find some. The 11mt steam launch to start with. It will be 55 mm long. One day to get to this point, not bad.
  7. I spent 2 days on the cables that hold the spars of the Bullivant starboard anti-torpedo net. I drew, printed, installed the front pulleys, and the supports of the net's sea station. I had fun comparing the Bismarck and the Bretagne which are on the same scale. 20 years of evolution in design and shipbuilding techniques separate them. 251 m for the Bismarck, displacement 41,700 tons: 166 m for the Bretagne, 23,500 tons. Bretagne: Lorraine:
  8. I 'm also a good keeper, I take care of the mechanics and the tinkering. We complement each other!
  9. Yes, cooking, for a Frenchman, it's a real pain. But my wife is very competent...
  10. A batch of postures created this afternoon. I need to make another batch with figures with more stoutness.
  11. Some small progress, small details, gluing of decks, deck ladders, etc., the bridge is not yet glued. Improved aging at the waterline.
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