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  1. Thanks all followers! Drawing the linoleum plates of deck 1 and the forecastle. I'm preparing deck 2 to draw them too, I have to arrange the front parts by group, because I have to make impressions to facilitate the gluing of the parts when it will be printed. Very long and tedious operations, but very useful for the assembly, it's the first time I'm doing this. There is camber on the first 2 main decks, which does not make it easy to draw some elements, like linoleum, or even the move itself because of the irregularity of the edges of the decks, casemates etc... It's not easy. Well, this boat has no shear, that's something, flat as a flatfish! I'm almost done with the linoleum on deck 2, the upper deck of the C turret remains. Footprints of the elements
  2. It's ending! There is still the bottom of the ship to do, but that's going fast. One last one, the plating adds a lot to the realism:
  3. I started to draw the hull plates on this light file which will be used to cut the hull sections that will be printed, a very long work.
  4. Telford, part 4: https://www.modellmarine.de/index.php/fotogalerien/215-ausstellungen/6741-scale-modelworld-2022-in-telford-teil-4
  5. A lot of little things have been added or modified, today a lot of work has started, to add many details seen on the last pictures found on the internet. You have to look at these pictures many times to discover all these details that sometimes escape our eye at the beginning. I had forgotten about the stairs between the rear stack and the launch boat platform. I still have to add fuel tanks to fill up the motorboats.
  6. Drawing of the rails of the numerous rear searchlights, deck taps, rangefinders of the 140mm casemate guns. Replacement of the propellers by 3 blades. The only photo I have of the rangefinders on the 140mm guns The famous protective "railings", here on the rear deck. A deck light on wheels, unidentified French ship.
  7. No, it should be done with stretched sprue. Drawing it will help me to place them. The general 3D drawing is more pleasant with it too.
  8. Drawing of the front and rear searchlight sights. For the viewfinder devices I mentioned above, I think they were devices for projectors that were remotely controlled by their viewfinder. https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k17090n Drawing of the yardsticks. Modifications to the railings.
  9. Scale ModelWorld 2022 in Telford, UK; https://www.modellmarine.de/index.php/fotogalerien/215-ausstellungen/6738-scale-modelworld-2022-in-telford-teil-1
  10. My french Oncle Jean ( (FNFL) was on corvettes Renoncule ( ex HMS Ranunculus K117 ) and Commandant Detroyat ( ex HMS Coriander K183 ). https://compagnonshavrais-jimdofree-com.translate.goog/biographies-de-ffl-du-havre/saliou-jean-fnfl/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=fr&_x_tr_pto=wapp https://www.wikiwand.com/fr/Corvettes_françaises_de_classe_Flower HMS Ranunculus K 117 ( Built: W. Simons & Co., Renfrew ) HMS Coriander (K183) (Built: Hall, Russell & Company (en), Aberdeen):
  11. The project has been on your list for some time, Rob? Nice!
  12. The rivets will show for having tested it already. Continuation of the design of the rear mast with its platforms. I still have to modify a railing on platform 2 to fit the reality of the many pictures. There is a sighting device on this platform, I have no details about this device unfortunately.
  13. I finished the cranes for the boats, two days of drawing. I've had my fill of rivets! A crane contains 2100 objects, rivets included. The result seems to be correct thanks to the very small profile drawing and especially to the two detailed HD pictures I found recently on the internet. Without that, the result would have been much less close to the original.
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