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  1. A colour film about the Hood in the fleet which has not been retouched, we can hardly see the Boot topping of the "submarine" . On the other hand, it is interesting to watch the other ships next to her at sea at anti-fouling level. Some captures of the video:
  2. I'm working on the stern at the moment. I've just about reached what I wanted after, as always, some trial and error on this part, which is always difficult to model. The plans of the couples that I would qualify as sketches didn't help me much, fortunately thanks to some very good photos found yesterday on Flickr, I was able to make progress on the vault that is not so easy to reproduce correctly. It's still at the draft stage, I still have the horizontal hull lines to add to refine the curves and modifications on the shape of the frames to make. We'll let the drawing
  3. Printing of the final front half hull today with the few modifications. And I continued the design by starting the aft half hull in a new project on Fusion, because the program couldn't take it anymore... The rendering of the bow is not so good, it's normal because it's simplified with an STL file. It's almost straight, it's going fast. Tomorrow I'm really attacking the back. It will take longer.
  4. I started printing the forecastle's equipment. It came out very well, better than I expected. Even the windlass flywheels, which I had already reduced in thickness, came out well with 10% of the basic scale down... I am amazed at every impression by the new machines. The Photons S is far behind. What will the Chinese and Taiwanese be producing next year?...
  5. Printing of the second half-hull test this night, 8h30 printing with the Mono X Anycubic. It went well this time I had reduced the tear off speed to 3mm/s instead of 4. Everything is well printed, I have a small problem on the foredeck plank only on the port side, but it's my fault, I had removed the under plank on that side, a mistake, the battens were only resting on the hull and as it's not uniform, it was not resting on anything in some places, it's unforgivable. The bulwark reinforcements at the bow are a little deformed, it's very thin, 0.2 mm maybe, I
  6. I finished the windlass, it was an exciting design to do, but quite long, this type of steam windlass is quite complex and compact. Unfortunately I don't have all the technical informations, especially on some anchor chain sprocket dog clutch controls. I will now get down to the printing of the small parts, and the front part of the hull which is also now finished. There's something written on this fly wheel, I couldn't figure out what, so I winked at the construction shipyard.
  7. Tks all. Fusion 360 from Autocad. These brand new resin printers bring us closer to our designs, we are much less frustrated with the result of the printing compared to the "old" models. I can't wait to see what the next developments in low coast 3D resin printing are going to be. It's exciting! I will try to reduce the size of the control wheels, the circle is 0.35 mm thick and the spokes are 0.3. This part is a bit oversized because of the limits I had set for a first test.
  8. I continued today with the steam engine, bringuebales etc... I also printed out a test copy to see where I was at. I'm very happy with the size of it... 14 mm wide between the 2 gipsy heads. It allowed me to validate the new Mono X FEP film, great! It only took him 37 minutes to print this windlass on the backing. The quality is very good. You can see the nuts and bolts perfectly. It's better under a magnifying glass in real life, the photos have difficulty rendering the print quality. The scale of the piece looks good in relation t
  9. Drawing of the engine frame, connecting rods, crossheads, guides shoes, bearings.
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