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  1. It looks like a 3D image. But it is not sure. You can work for the cinema without problems!
  2. This is a deballasting operation. The ship is new, the picture is taken in Saint Nazaire in the C form. She has probably just done some sea trials. When the ship is not loaded with crude oil it is ballasted with sea water, thanks to the cargo pumps. Here to go faster the two cargo pumps are probably in service, they can deliver up to 10,000 tons per hour. This also allows to test the correct functioning of these pumps / pipes / valves / safety systems, during the tests when the ship is new. The water is discharged directly through the manifold on the deck. The final fitting of t
  3. I have a lot of printed parts already, almost all of them, there are some test parts too, which is a lot to sort out. I started to paint them, I chose N°9 Humbrol for the black of the deck gear, it's a dark anthracite grey that goes well, because it's less contrasted with the rest, always the story of lightening the tints with the size of the model. The pipes are almost ready, but I still want more details. I also painted the second antifouling. Aero touch up to do on the bow at the waterline. I still have the white stripes to paint on the hull that indicate
  4. I really like your assembly, it's clean and precise, a treat to savor !
  5. A Huge piece of metal plastic! I will follow this construction with interest.
  6. Some small progress on the engine casing and the paint. I have the low antifouling to apply yet. I had to tinker with my new Humbrol pot color #60, it was not the same red as my old pot #60..
  7. Some progress on the chimney block, it's not finished. The color of the chimney looks good, I had to mix it. A lot of masking done, as everything is airbrushed, including the pool. I have to put a swim ladder in there yet. Olympic Maritime's chimney color:
  8. Iceman 29

    HMS Hood

    Your welcome, Pete!
  9. Iceman 29

    HMS Hood

    Discussion is started, very interesting . Discussion with Commander William Sutherland RN (retired), Commander David Hobbs, MBE RN (retired), Graeme Lunn, and Rob White. Introduced by Captain Chris Smith, Regional Commander RN Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  10. Iceman 29

    HMS Hood

    80 years since the loss of HMS Hood. Moya McDonald May 6, 2021 NEWS, Online events: Remembering HMS Hood On May 21st it will be exactly 80 years since HMS sailed from Scapa Flow on her final voyage. Three days later she was sunk by the Bismarck in a sequence of events that led to the end of the great German battleship as well. The Hood was so renowned that her loss was a national shock, and story of her life, from construction to the final days, will be told in an programme of events by the group Another Orkney Production on 21-22 May for their
  11. I printed the chimney block, a staircase landing on the left is missing, my fault, I'll glue a piece of plastic card, if I'm satisfied I'll leave it like that, if not I'll reprint it. My drawing of the Olympic Maritime logo came out well. Drawing of the railings and ventilation ducts of the pump room.
  12. I continued to draw the stern. The pool is on the port side, on the opposite side there is a playground, often transformed into a bowling alley under the awning, with real sand.
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