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  1. I made good progress during these two days, especially on the rigging. I bought a good machine to make "small holes", it's expensive, but great and for life. It allowed me to make the pulleys. The rigging is not finished, but not far, at least on the front, I still have the lifting cables for the hoses to mount. I also have some hoses still to be added including a port / starboard manifolds, the forward hose was connected to it in operation. You can see it on this picture of the AO81. This photo helped me a lot.
  2. Pedestal reduced in height, then patinated, I need to practice the patina for my 1/48 Uboot .
  3. Printing of the 2 front lcargo masts booms, of different lengths, and the small masts along the beam, there are 4 of them, there are 2 more at the back in front of the middle castle intended for the launching of the 2 Paravanes, I haven't drawn it yet because I lack information on their exact shape, but it's on the right track.
  4. Focus, focus, Beefy , "Mai" or "May" or both, in english?
  5. I thought it was a spelling mistake on the plate for the month May, May or Mai? May in French, I'm sure of it but in English, are they both valid, Beefy ?
  6. I have just finished the 3D drawing of the Bismarck's pedestal, it will be glued on the board. I had found this plate (28mm by 44 mm) which is not too bad on AliExpress, a fortune, "gold plated"... https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32601906547.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.67446c37gPDfRJ I have designed a foot that I will print and put patina to make it a little more highlighted and a little more legible:
  7. Dome of bunker tanks and deep tank. Turrets. Hoses and their supports Cardan valve handwheels. These valves are at the bottom of the tank on the suction pipe of the petroleum product. There is a large main line valve and a stripping valve, a smaller pipe that goes down to the bottom of the tank. A rod system with cardan joints mounts flush with the deck to close or open them. I've seen this system still present on coasters from the 1970s and 80s, a horror to maintain. Quickly replaced on newer vessels by hydraulically operated valves. I started the drawings of the 2 cargo masts, and the 6 small ones along the rail.
  8. Nice job! A rare argentic photo of the Amerigo Vespucci that I have never published on the internet, taken at the entrance of the port of Le Havre (France) in the 1970s, in the foreground the pilot boat of Rouen "Le Mascaret" waiting at anchorage for the high tide, my father was chief engineer until his retirement on board this ship, that I intend to make a 1/100 model soon, I have all the original plans of the ship in my possession thanks to my father.
  9. I was not at home this weekend. It was rather "Autodrome de Monthléry", then visit of the Jean-Baptiste Salis flying museum in La Ferté-Alais. I took a lot of pictures. So I was a bit late... I continue on the details of the foredeck, mast stay cables, crown buoys, dome of the forward bunker tanks, add many steam pipes, install the winches and their piping, 2 drums of supply hoses. Northstars finally sent me the M51 firing directors... It's coming out in dribs and drabs at their place...
  10. Successful printing for this winch declined in two versions, the valves are well printed as well as the rods of connecting rods, the forward mast too. I printed some more. I have the steam supply pipes made in Evergreen.
  11. Today drawing of the foremast, 3° backwards inclination, with its crow's nest and the hydrocarbon vapour discharges from the cargo tanks, the ladder to climb it will be in PE and also the winches for manoeuvring the cargo derricks. I have simplified it. Not too many pictures of the machine. That's all I have: This one looks a little bit like it, I could be inspired by it. https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/winch-mm1296-tug-plan/ Printing in progress for mast, 11 hours... In two pieces to shorten the printing time, 13 cm high in total .
  12. My father too, Kev. (Merchant navy tanker).. My father in the engine room on the french tanker "Kirkouk", he was second engineer , main steam machinery was replaced by 2 strokes diesel engine Stork. 1964: Steam generator, setting the speed regulator. Cylinder heads plateform. The "Kirkouk" in Algeria, 1956: This is the only picture I have of this ship... T2 clone. I am now struggling with painting, a dazzle is always complicated and long to paint. I also made progress on the front pipes, but I still have some to install. I started painting to find the right method. Black is Tamiya, easier to apply than LifeColors. There will be an antifouling, there was USN red or black. On the Dazzle measure, there was no antifouling, but I think they didn't bother to represent it. On the photos we can see that it does not mount very high along the hull so that the camouflage remains effective, probably, on light ballast. USS Tamalpais (AO-96), veterans of the tankers pose in front of this very beautiful model, we can see a paravane on her launching mast, it will be reproduced also but at the sea station, although..: USS Mascoma (AO-83), Paravane at the rack. USS Tamalpais (AO-96) - You can see the black strip (boot-topping) and the red antifouling . Black here on the Pamanset, or just a black stripe and red underneath??? This is also a possibility. USS Sebec (AO-87) (1944 - 1946), but same "Escambia Class" series. San Francisco bridge behind. USN Red antifouling. I have kept the hull defects, I could have erased them as elsewhere, they will be useful for the application of the patina, the bow plates are often deformed by the pressure of the waves... This can be seen on the photos above.
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