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  1. Tks Guy's! The mould walls for the crystal resin are ready. Print the bollards, lamp-posts, fishes, with crystal resin. I am currently testing the casting resin and am waiting for another MIG product. This element is almost finished, the quay capstans are still to be designed.
  2. Prompt recovery Crisp! I hope you can get back to business quickly.
  3. Thanks all! @Beefy. Yes it's huge.. But I didn't ask myself too many questions before I started... I have an understanding wife! The ageing of the door boat is finished, it is now varnished. I have received the crystal bi-component resin. I still have the docks to continue, the fish to be printed with the crystal resin and two crystal resin supports for the boat to be printed as well. The opposite side.
  4. The principle of the caisson from Rochefort (France) to the hold of the Hermione : This technique was developed by the intendant Pierre Arnoul in Rochefort in 1683. These boats are specially designed to close the refit forms and dry them out once the ship has entered them. Each gate boat is custom-designed according to the characteristics of the refit forms. At Rochefort (17), the gate-boats will be used to dry the Napoleon III and Louis XV forms for the launching of the Hermione hull.
  5. I printed the deck of the caisson this afternoon. Laying the very fragile railing from TomModelWorks. I also printed a small craft that I found on the net for free, it's not bad and this one is designed for printing. It will be moored next to the door as in the photo. Thanks to the contributor. https://www.turbosquid.com/fr/3d-models/3d-model-row-boat-1476522
  6. Tk Greg ! It's a rather improvised project! It's going to force me to assemble a second Nomadic... The caisson is painted, part of the dock as well, but nothing is finished. There is still the caisson to be weathered, then varnished matt, the walls to be varnished matt. I only realised the walls outside the dock, because I want to pour the crystal resin first, if I see this operation messed up, I wouldn't have painted everything for nothing. I have to finish the boat and its deck as well, which I have just redone, with PE for th
  7. Thank Salomon! I'm making progress with the dry dock, but yesterday I had some printing problems that made me lose time and money. As the new version of the Slicer Chitubox was finally available for the mono X (several bugs have delayed the possibility of using it for several months to slice the V 1.81 parts), I used it probably too confidently to print the final parts of the dry dock. The slicer is visibly bugged again, I got some horrors deformed on the printing plate and it damaged my FEP film of the bottom of the tray that I had to replace and lost a significant am
  8. It's going well, drawing the joints of the stones takes a lot of time for the programme... We are now at the end for the drawing. There are still the lampposts of the time, the guardrails, the quay capstans, the bollards. The only existing period photo that helps me a lot, especially for the "accessories". Other interesting illustrations:
  9. It also happened to me with thin and long pieces. I think that they need to be painted quickly to insulate them from UVs.
  10. I drew two sumps as I could see them in the different dry docks I went to. I have two pipes and valves to add. For water, i'll use this method: Paint test on a sample.
  11. The caisson is almost finished, I'm going to reach 1000 rivets. I have a good hundred more to add. I made them more prominent so that they stand out better after the different coats of paint. I have changed the project a bit, it's a shame to cut the door boat in two, so I'm going to keep the other side of the quay where the door is, so it will be held on both sides in situation. But I wouldn't put the side of the dry dock, that doesn't change. I'm tempted to pour resin on the outside to represent the water in the harbour. I would tint it slightly green so that the door
  12. Good progress Chris! Maybe this project of Jim's can help you a little. Maybe you've already been through it? http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=168156
  13. After a few days of "holidays", back to the design of the drydock, this time on the boat side. I drew both sides for ease of design, but the diorama will only include 2/3 of the dry dock width to better present the ship. The caisson will be cut to 3/4 of its length as well, so we will see the inside, in part... The drydock will be shorter than the original, because at 1/200 it would take up too much space.
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