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  1. I've got the D, I've not seen the A but I'd like to have a look at one. John
  2. They did Steve, some of the very first PR.3's may not have done though. I've still not got to the bottom of that. All PR.7's did though.
  3. The mark the anniversary of the first flight of the Martin B.57 Canberra I posted what I considered to be the Alpha and Omega of the type. A few people thought that the B.57G was not the true representative of the Omega, instead it should have been the RB/WB.57F. The F may represent the ultimate development of the Canberra family but even with my slim grasp of the English language I'm sure F comes before G also in reality the RB.57F is not a Canberra but a General Dynamics product. The biggest and only slightly less impressive long wing development of the Canberra family was the RB.57D. John
  4. Phew, I'm glad it's clear! Yes, it really is that line. It's the forward transport joint, the Canberra fuselage brakes down into three sections, simple! John
  5. @BillF67 a PS. If you want some reference have a look around my site IPMS UK Canberra SIG or drop me an email, as I said I can send you some plans for the PR.7 John
  6. Ok @BillF67 Here's how I think it can work using the Airfix B.57 and HP B(I)8. The Areoclub nose you have will fit the Airfix B.57 fuselage, all you need to do is remove so of the thickness on the inside to take the locating ring on the nose. As I've said be fore, for some odd reason when Palitoy destroyed to B.6 to make the B.57 they increased the length to that of the PR. Canberra's, every cloud and all that! The photo shows where the change (yellow line) was made, and where the extra length accrued (blue line) and where to make the cut (red line) The next photo shows after cutting. Another silver lining to the butchery of the B.6 was the decision not to give the new version an open bomb bay option, this means that all you need to do is remove the raisd detail for the Martin bomb bay, and re-scribe as required. I can email the necessary plans for the forward full tank/ flair bay position. The HP B(I)8 wings will be good to go, you will need to either remove some of the span either by reducing the the integral part of wing from the Airfix kit or part of the HP wing, personnel I would remove some from the wing but that's up to you. As a an aside this is a link to my PR.3 that I started, it's not quite the same way as your build but it may give a few pointers. I have done it the way I'm suggesting here on a T.22 but I have no WIP for that PR.3 build. John
  7. That's ok @rossm, it's always good to get other input on a subject. The fuselage dimension on the Italeri B.57B is about the only thing that is right, is fine, 6' 6" that is up until the rear of the bomb bay, that's where it all goes horribly wrong! Well from that aspect anyway, there is so much more, but that's a diferant story! Nice to see you building an A model, what are you going to do it as?
  8. Yes Bill that should work too. I'll get back to you later with more detail. John
  9. Thanks Bill it's the older one not the clear one. Still all is not lost it's a good set. Unfortunately this won't give you the extra fuselage length needed for a PR. Canberra. Rather than the HP Canberra you may be better looking for an old 1/72 Airfix B.57B/RB.57E and a cheap FROG/ Novo/ Revel B.(I)8. The Airfix B.57 for some odd reason is the correct length for a PR.Canberra. The FROG 8 will give you the correct wings. I have one on my site that I started that way some time ago. John
  10. Is the Aeroclub conversion a transparent nose section? You should be good to go with the HP kit, if you are after building a PR.7 you may be better starting with a later Mk.20 or a B.6 as they will have the correct size triple starter fairings for the Avon 109's. I assume you are aware of all the other mods to make a PR Canberra? John
  11. When you say that HP do a B.57 what model? I know they do an RB/EB.57A and RB/EB.57D do they have a B or E in the range? John
  12. That's right the PR.9 was the last operational type in the RAF, and if you allow a point stretch then the WB.57F will be the last of the Canberra family still earning it's keep for the military. John
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