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  1. Hi TW fortunately not, unless they are the same as the ones used on the Canberra? John
  2. This is a link to a drawing of the door on my site Door it's the B,57A door but it's identical amda not too clear photo to give a more 3D idea. John
  3. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, have a look on the SIG site, if not just ask. John
  4. If my maths is right it's 1/4 inch John
  5. Two drawings I hope fit the bill? First up, PR.3, which is the same as the PR.7 And the B.6 John
  6. If it's this build you were referring to? It's 1/72 1/72 PR,3 build I relay should get on and finish it. John
  7. Ok I'll sort some drawings out today. Yes it was 1/48 but the same would work in 1/72. John
  8. Take a look at the albums on my site, IMPS UK Canbrrra SIG I think I've called the album Avon 1. The vents are actually cover but you'll on the photos. John
  9. Skill set is relative, what you consider easy could well be well beyond someone else. I think I have a reasonable level of skill but I found the kits to be a challenge, in itself not a bad thing. but it could put someone with less skill/patience off building them. All this is subjective and largely a pointless exercise. John
  10. Another thing to consider with High Plains is how difficult they are to build in comparison with mass market kits, not every one has the skill set to tackle one. John
  11. It doesn't really help but here is a photo of PX252 pre or post chevrons John
  12. Let's start by dispelling a myth, the FROG B(I)8 and the Airfix B(I)6 are the same length, which is the correct length for a 'standard' B.2 derivative Canberra 65'6'' all production bomber variants are this length, the two mentioned kits reflect this length quite accurately. I think the miss information arises from a statement that the B.6 was the same length as the PR.7, this is not correct! The three PR. Canberra's are the only ones with the fuselage extension having a length of 66'8' 14 inch longer to accommodate the forward camera bay. On to your model, if I had those options
  13. A chap at IPMS Newark uesd to build his B.2 style Canberra's that way too, and B.57's for that matter. It is a good way if you can get a hold of the nose cap and canopy's needed. John
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