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  1. Some more drawings that may help, or not? The first one is the packing dimensions, which are rounded up to the nearest inch. The others are just nice drawings. John
  2. I don't know the Meteor too well but I would imagine that that wouldn't have changed. I'll put these here just for reference, John
  3. Don't worry Andre, when it's out we'll let you know! John
  4. We, myself and Ken Delve are hoping this will be the only Canberra book you'll need. John
  5. Well at least the light fittings are safe for a while Mike! John
  6. Hi Bob I'm ok thanks Bob, how's things with you? I wish I had, apart from 3 weeks off with the Covid, I've been working, and when not working at work, I've been hard at work on writing the new Canberra book. I've only managed to build one thing this year and that was one of my dad's P.47 Thunderbolts. I'm hoping to be back in the Canberra saddle soon. John
  7. LOL! I wish Mike, no such luck, But I have got this And you know what this means? I feel a big wing or two coming on! John
  8. Agreed David, this must be the adaptor added to the bottom of the pylon? John
  9. I think so David, the one in the top drawing looks like an adaptor for the pylon to missile? John
  10. It does have a gun through, it's just not on that drawing. John
  11. No problems David, this is all ld find in the IPC, I hope it helps? John
  12. Gary, some drawings that may be of use? If you want more just ask. John
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