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  1. What you have there are two types of Avon 109 fairing, the blunt one is the early pre mod type. The kit part is the right size and shape for the Avon 1. Take a look at the engin albums on my site. John
  2. Trevor, he's probably had the trip from hell with the Sqn boss, squash up in the nose of the T.4 on a 4 hour flight doing tuch and goes in the dark. John
  3. Here you go, And for the Navigator, the good old 2cs Both seat types have undergone mod's over time, but for the purposes of modeling it's not something worth considering. The T.13 had a very shish version with armrests like the Mk.3's in the PR.9 early T.4's had no MB option thor the driver and his mate, just the Mk.2 for the Nav, I think this was a unique set up and something the V-Force Nav's must have looked upon with envy! The GAF Mk.21 was the same as the RAF's early T.4's. I hope this helps? if you need any more info for your fabulous build just shout, I'm busy with some very time consuming non model related Canberra stuff, but I'm still around lurking in the shadows. John
  4. What era T.4 are you looking building? let me know and I'll sort out drawings and photos. John
  5. Matian What era T.4 are you looking at building? I'll get you a definitive answer to the seat question. John
  6. I've had a trawl through all my AP's and these are the only two drawings that give a clue to the shape, John
  7. Interesting, WT313 struck of charge 14th October 1968, it's possible she could have stayed on the airfield as a decoy? As James says, the only thing in the kit you can hang under the wing is the bombs no AS.30's no rocket pods. As for weight, get as much as you can over the nose wheel bay and if not fitting the bomb bay as much directly behind as possible. The only photo I've of her with the big Hornet. It looks like Airfix managed to find the least interesting B(I)6 of them all!
  8. If it's the DF loop aerial on the centre upper fuselage? That is a semi gloos black. There are no beacons just small navigation lights. John
  9. Julien not sure what my dad on his feet, I can't recall him ever saying, The only thing he said was that most of the time he/they flew without a helmet as it was too hot, he blamed that for damaging his hearing, which meant that at his next medical he was told he was unfit to fly so was offered a desk job, which he turned down and left the RAF, but then re joined and went back to flying in Japan and more, he finally left in 1952, and missed it and his friends from that day until he died in 2001. This is the only photo I have of him in Burma, Army tropical fatigues with no rank or wings, no feet either! Thanks Steve, I really enjoyed the project, it's so good to have all the serials, bar one for the aircraft he flew in Burma. All I need now is the ones from Egypt and India, but I'm not holding out much hope for them. John
  10. @rossm HiRoss I've looked at the photos, not many, so it looks like no seat triangles, standard wing work way markings. John
  11. Hi Ross I'll check my photos when I get home. John
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