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  1. canberra kid

    RAF hemp for Nimrods, Victors and Canberras

    @Lord Riot I've been using Halford Rover Champagne Beige, it may not be BS, but it looks near enough for government work as they say. John
  2. canberra kid

    Hawker Seahawk Undercarraige Bay colour

    Dave, I think this has been covered earlier on the forum. From what I remember is there was no definitive answer, I found photos covering all combinations but my favorite was Sky. John
  3. canberra kid

    Canberra B.2 to B-57B/E?? 1/72

    @Sonoran This photo shows the truncated backend caused by the wings being too far back compared to my corrected one.
  4. canberra kid

    Canberra B.2 to B-57B/E?? 1/72

    Martin as you will see from my build the panel detail is quite diferant as are a number of the fuselage ones, apart from Classic Airframes 1/48 B.57B's no one has come close to getting it right. John
  5. canberra kid

    Canberra B.2 to B-57B/E?? 1/72

    My pleasure Mike, just happy to spread the Canberra love! John
  6. canberra kid

    Canberra B.2 to B-57B/E?? 1/72

    @RidgeRunner An interesting project Martin, yes it would be achievable, but a big task, it would make for a generally more accurate Canberra than the Italeri kit although the wings on the S&M kit aren't the best in fact I suspect they are quite close the the Italeri wing in plan? I'd be tempted to to keep the the S&M B.2 as is, or build it as an EB.57A which would be easier. Then look online for a cheep FROG or a repop B(I)8 use the wings and fuselage and Italeri nose from that for an even more accurate B.57 Canberra. This is how I did mine which is a wee bit more complex Early RB.57E build The wheels are wrong on all kits, no one as yet has done an accurate representation of the Martin main wheel and unless you do a pre 1974 EB.57E/B you will need to find some ESCAPAC seats. @Sonoran Take a look at this which I did some time ago, and the link to my RB.57E build above to give you an idea of what is wrong with it. It boils down to just about every thing apart from the nose/cockpit. but out of the box it looks like a Canberra give or take! italeri-1-72-b-57-canberra-musings John
  7. canberra kid

    HH-3/CH-3 Jolly Green Giant dimensions?

    a bit more detail. I don't know how thick the fuselage skin is but it can't be that much?
  8. canberra kid

    HH-3/CH-3 Jolly Green Giant dimensions?

    This doesn't give the fuselage width but it has some more dimensions which may be of use? John
  9. canberra kid

    Irish air corps vampire T55

    Thay would have been delivers with full standard British stencils, but as is often the case some may have been lost over time. John
  10. canberra kid

    Dual Sidewinder installation - help please

    @Tony Whittingham some more photos that may be of use? John
  11. I know this is very lazy but rather than a long list take a look here, everything that applies to the 1/72 kit also applies to your build, take what you want from it.
  12. @Mikey-1980 How much work do you want to put into getting it right? The kit needs a lot of work to get the most out of it, but out of the box it still looks like a Canberra. John
  13. I'm late to the show, sorry @Mikey-1980 nice build so far! The cockpit as @stever219 has said, is B(I)8 and has no relationship to the Sqn PR.9's, As for the seat's apart from being the wrong type I don't know why so many, in this case 3 wrongs don't make a right! even the B(I)8 only had one ejector seat and a 'crash seat' for the navigator. Fortunately little can be seen of the pilots cockpit unless you have the canopy open, and nothing of the Navigator's station at all which is a blessing! when you get around to painting remember the colour scheme for the 80's PR.9's was high gloss Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey and Medium Sea Grey NOT Light Aircraft Grey. John
  14. canberra kid

    Ejection Seat handle on RN Buccaneers

    A bit more info, to muddy the waters perhaps? but nice drawings. John
  15. @71chally Well James I've Just had a look at all the 1/72 kits other than the S&M kit, the old and new Airfix, FROG and Italeri and the upshot is they don't fit any of them, but the good news is it wouldn't take much work to get them to fit. I basically requires the flat area on the top of the tank behind the trailing edge trimming back. John