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  1. canberra kid

    Best Kits For Vietnam Era Aircraft

    B.57/RB.57 Canberra General Dynamics RB.57F John
  2. canberra kid

    BAC Lightning F2A History

    No problem Peter, I've had a quick look at the history, her first flight was 11/3/63 (the day before my 3rd birthday) To 92 Sqn 'G' 26/4/63, To Warton 5/9/66 for conversion to F,2A first flight after conversion 12/10/67. To 19 Sqn, 'J' first F.2A for 19 Sqn. 30/9/71. First F.2A to enter major servicing program, back to 19 Sqn 'J' in with Dark Green top 13/3/72 (day after my 12th birthday!) struck of Charge 1/1/77, then to Bruggen 11/1/71, scraped around 17/4/91. I think the fire damage was down to a fuel leak, ironically she had been back to Warton for fire integrity mod's in April 1971 John
  3. canberra kid

    BAC Lightning F2A History

    @224 Peter I've found some photos of her in the green, John
  4. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    I'm itching to get stuck in too Gary, but I really must get this EB.57 finished first, after the RB.57F VN813 should be a walk in the park! roll on April! John
  5. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    ah, I didn't realise you were a youngster, the bucket seat T.4's were right at the start around 1955, they weren't around long before MB got the bag seats sorted. John
  6. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Will do mate, I won't be starting her until the end of March, I have a EB.57B on the go for export, having said that, I have started already in a way with the wheels, and today I selected the kit from the stash and sorted the extra components needed for the project, Mk.1 seat, B.57B nose cone, Nene intakes. I now have a month and a half to scrutinise all the photos of VN813 to get to know her better! John
  7. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Thanks Malcolm, her public debut, a big day in more ways than one! John
  8. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Thanks Bob, unfortunately I got pipped at the post by some Ruski outfit that have done, I must say two types of very nice Martin wheels. I've got one set of them just to check them out but I'll continue to use mine. The set change was a nightmare, but easier than taking the canopy off and back on! Did you ever work on the T.4's with bucket seats, a much easier job I would imagine. John
  9. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Thanks! The wheels are a mix as you can see from this photo, I helped out a modeler in Poland with some info, in return he did me a photo etch of the B.57 hub. I combined the hub with the kit wheel and fellow SIG member Gary cast them up. @Retired Bob I too have banged my head on that door, perhaps not as often as you but enough to know what it's like John
  10. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Thanks Tony, it was fab to see and catch up with you mate! Thank Mike Thank you, it was a fun build. John
  11. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Thanks Andy! Thanks Julien, I know pride comes before a fall, and all that, but I am ever so slightly chuffed with her John
  12. canberra kid

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Thank Richard! Thanks Bill, it's been a long road but that's the missing link sorted now. Just the B.57C now to complete the set. John
  13. canberra kid

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    @Lord Riot as @Mikey-1980 says, plus. depending how deep into it you want to go there are quite a few problems with the panel detail, the problem with the vents on the engine nacelles that I pointed out too late on Mikey's build, the seats are the wrong type for the PR.9. John
  14. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    This is a link to the RFI page if you want to see more of her? Big Wing RFI
  15. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Thanks Dave! John