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  1. Hi Claudio, AMP did do some of the corrections I suggested to them, but it's still not 100% but until something better comes along it is probably the best way to build a B.2. The only other show in town is the Highplains Canberra. John
  2. I've tried the other types of the Nissan silvers, and from what I remember they are metallic with flecks of aluminum so no good for us. The Halfords Aluminum is good though, but you will need to seal it with an acrylic varnish or the decals won't settle down well. John
  3. Do these fit the Bill? All three offices, for and aft views. John
  4. With the up coming Airfix Gannet on the Horizon I thought I'd wet your appetites with a bit of a taster. If you are really brave, I have AP's for the AEW too. John
  5. This is the only tank I can find in the TO. Lot's of weapons though. John
  6. I have a few American Harrier T.O.'s I'll take a look, but I don't recall seeing any dimensions in them. John
  7. Just found this looking for something else. John
  8. This is all I have, I don't know how appropriate they are to the later Mk.'s? John
  9. Some more if it's still of use? John
  10. No problem, if you want cockpit and seat illustrations let me know, I'll post them. John
  11. Some drawings from the various Pilots Notes John
  12. Not being blessed or cursed with an Airbrush over the years I've tried many ways to paint 'silver', in 1/72 scale on a small aircraft, like a fighter I could get away with Humbrol metal coat, but this proved to be almost imposable as I moved up to 1/48 so I moved on to Halfords Nissan Silver which was a good all rounder, though the last time I went looking for some I couldn't find it, I'm not sure if it is still in the range? I decided to give Halfords Aluminium a go, It's a very nice paint, but, as I discovered it has a high metallic pigment content which makes for a nice paint but with a dusty surface which makes it difficult for decals to hold on to. The only way to solve this is a clear varnish that unfortunately affects the metallic look of the paint. I next gave Tamiya TS-11 Silver Leaf a try, this is very nice! Though not cheep! Out of the can it gives a good High Speed Silver. For a more polished finish I've been using Rust-Oleum Chrome, it's nothing like the lid of the can would suggest, but gives a very bright finish which responds well to acrylic varnish. These are examples of each type of spray can I've used; First off, mainly Nissan Silver, the darker areas are another shade, which I can't remember. Next, Halfords Aluminium, un varnished The next few are the Tamiya Silver leaf, first strait from the can is the Airfix 1/48 Vampire on top of an un used Canberra panel in HSS And the same colour with a satin varnish. Lastly, the Rust-Oleum with a gloss acrylic varnish I hope this helps? John
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