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  1. It's always nice to see another Canberra on the site, and it's the first time I think I've seen one built as it is on the box. I totally agree about the detail, but having spent too much of my life trying to fill it all, I now live with it, and under enough paint it's not that bad. I'm on with a B(I)6 too at the mo, so lot's of re scribing and and fun! John
  2. @jonf45 I forgot to say, I paint the base colour first in these cases white then apply the red decal. John
  3. Thanks Mike, very kind of you. I hope to start a build of the Canberra in 1/48 next year. John John
  4. I've done it four times so far, and I've used decal line every time, the Canberra and Hercules are individual hoops, time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but the end result was worth the effort, The Twin Otter and the wing mounted probes on the WP.3 were a single line wrapped around the post which was not right for the WP.3 as it should have been individual hoops but the thought of it all was too much! I think it was correct for the Twotter though? The main boom on the WP.3 were individual hoops. John
  5. @David Womby David, some more contemporary 9 Sqn Tonks to give you a feel for the airframe and scheme. John
  6. I found this one David, I hope it helps? John
  7. Rob XX108 appears to have been used heavily for weapons trials, I suspect the camera was a mod for this work. I can't see an operational use for a rear facing camera on a Jag, but I do like the sound of JohnT's idea John
  8. Not much done over the weekend, just a bit of filling on the wing. John
  9. Hi Murph The the door was fixed open and the weapon was mounted on a streamline fairing. John
  10. Talking of scribing, the wings are done, the gold areas are local skin strengthening where the wing pylons are mounted. John
  11. Hi Tony, it's good to be back too, thanks for the compliment, I can't really think I do anything special, I use a Tamiya scriber, which I think is actually made by P-cutter? I recently got another make to try out but I'm finding it very scratchy. I always mark out the lines in pencil, then use a the Scale Models steel ruler as the guide, I use it with the graduations facing down if I do it with them facing up I find the etched marks make the blade run a bit jaded, I hope that helps? John
  12. Good spot Selwyn thanks, I probably would have got to that conclusion eventually, I'll need to do the bomb door mod's if I do fit the Mk.7, though I've not decided yet what fit she'll have. John
  13. I've managed to grab a bit of time to do some more corrections and additions, I've marked out the missing panel detail, and scribbled out the fictitious ones, I'm hoping to scribe them tomorrow. John
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