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  1. Thanks for the link @Giorgio N some interesting info there. John
  2. Italeri must have a problem converting imperial to metric system as they also screwed up the B.57 Canberra. John
  3. As far as I know no Stairmaster had sidewinders. John
  4. If you need any detailed info or drawings/photos let me know. John
  5. Is it the 1/48 kit? The Mechanics Inc. seat ( the one with the arms rest) then they aren't too bad out of the box, the ESCAPAC seat is not so good, Aroclub did a very good replacement, but I suspect that is long gone now, so a resin seat for an A.4 or A.7 would do at a pinch, it would be far better than the kit one. Which Canberra are you planning on building? John
  6. It depends how deep you want to go into fixing whats wrong with the Airfix Martin Canberra B.57. much of the kit is wrong in some way or another! John
  7. I'd say so, 60 years old and still doing work for the government and military John
  8. Looks good to me. Well done. John
  9. The dimensions were the same though, as they were converted tip tanks. I was going to suggest the chaff podsbut didn't want to coud te issue. John
  10. Steve, you're right there is a flat bit just outboard of the nacelle on the trailing edge which shouldn't be there, but the wing chord at that point is correct at 19' it is also correct at the theoretical tip at 6'6". The CA wing is only 18'6" in chord, but correct at the theoretical tip. The CA wing has a better shape for the wing tip though. I too await the arrival of the next generation of accurate state of the art Canberra! John
  11. True Dennis, but as a percentage of time flown it wasn't very often, even more so towards the twilight years. John
  12. The Airfix tanks are OK, just lacking in detail, you need to add the filler cap external cables for the nav light on the tip. The PR.9 didn't used tanks very often so you could use the ones in that kit for your T.17. As they come in the PR.9 kit they are not quite right for a PR.9 anyway, as the should have an adaptor plate that accommodates the diferant wing contour on the 9 where the tank sit. If you do need or want another set for your 9 let me know I have a few! John
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