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  1. canberra kid

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    Beautiful work as always Bill!
  2. Having moaned about the way the after market business is changing modellers to assemblers how happy it made an 'old' modeller when I saw your innovative approach to the engine nacelles for you RB 57 project. I have long wished for a model of this aircraft but having experienced mach 2  products before I would rather scratch build. Off into the loft where I find the Matchbox PR9.  An Italeri B57A and a B 57 G as well as usable bits of an ex frog re-badged B1a. I cobbled together a 1/72 plan from the internet some years back which I managed to find so its down to the DIY store tomorrow for a couple of light fittings. Thanks for kick starting my modellling interest and you also prompted me to join Britmadeller.  I watch with interest your progress and look forward to your next posting. When I start my RB 57F I may post progress but as a newcommer I might just walk before I run.!

    1. canberra kid

      canberra kid

      Hello Austing


      Thank you I'm glad you like my efort, I've always enjoyed the challenge of trying to work around problems, the RB.57F has always been one I wanted to have a go at in 1/48 but I couldn't see a way around the engine problem until, urica! a true lightbulb moment! I'd already found a work around for the wing on my RB.57D build, so no excuses. It's not been easy but, hell I'm enjoying it! Any help I can offer please get in touch. Have you had a look around my site? IPMS UK Canberra SIG    


      Kind regards



  3. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Well, this is the CMK cockpit it's a big improvement on the Airfix offering, I've not gone to town with the painting as I suspect very little will be seen, It fits well I've got the tail fin fixed in place too, it'll soon be time to look at the vortex generators, I'll need to do a bit of planning for them still though. John
  4. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Thanks Mikey, I did have a rethink on the cockpit and went for the CMK resin, I'll do a full update soon. John
  5. canberra kid

    Lightning F.6 IFR probe colour

  6. canberra kid

    Building an accurate F-86A

    Again, I know this isn't an A but it may help with the shape of the back end? and this less so, but it may be of interest? John
  7. canberra kid

    1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    As yet Bill I can't find an answer, I did find this drawing which may say the size unfortunately it's too 'fuzzy' to read, I do have a set of scale drawings from BAC that I can look at at the weekend. John
  8. I'd stick with the Airfix one, unless they do a full rework of the kit, I can't see the point of paying that much for it. When it's really not that much better in a lot of ways. Jobn
  9. canberra kid

    Building an accurate F-86A

    Mike, this isn't an A model but it's too nice to ignore John
  10. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Thank you, It is big! I keep catching myself looking at and thing, hell, that's big! It's amazing what everyday objects can be pressed into the service of a higher cause John
  11. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Thanks Terry! John
  12. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    I've had a good look around Tony, but it turns out 1930's houses have very little to offer in the way of cockpit fittings! so it looks like I'm going have to go to plan B John
  13. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Ian this is the PR.9's Navigator station John
  14. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    I'd never do that Mike! a sun shade perhaps Vulcan Tail cone? You're right mike it does now you mention it, it's a shame it doesn't look like the nose it should, a Patricia Lynn RB.57E but that's another story. As for the wheels, I take it you mean the 1/72 kit? If so, yes they are good to a point, they are the only pre mod 'Big wheel' just right for early B.6 and B(I)6 and PR.7's I can't remember exactly when the mod cam in but 1963/4 rings a bell, that's the good news, the bad is the tyre is the wrong profile, being too 'squire' but if you round of the edges to make it look rounder it looks good, John
  15. canberra kid

    Big ideas about a big wing

    In the meantime, I'm on with the longer F nose radome, the new nose is 18 inch longer than the Pee Wee 1-2 option supplied in the Airfix kit. I've done the basic shape in milliput which I will fine tune with green stuff when the milliput is set. The photo shows the three nose sections together, left to right, RB.57F, Pee Wee 1-2 and standard B. John