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  1. Yes, though the black and white one looks like it's at Warton? The only other ones with stores are drop tanks John
  2. Do these shed any light? John
  3. @Selwyn @BushBrit66 some more info, though I haven't found any definitive NF.3 AP info I hope this my shed some light on things. Going by the AP it looks like all the goblins was just on the port side? John
  4. No Bill, I wouldn't wish any more maladies on you! As for the kit, if you're chopping the nose off that's the best part of the kit gone! from there back apart from the tail plains it's a mess, The wings are wrong in many ways, span, chord, shape, the panels have only accidental interpretations of the real thing with no representation of the unique features of the Martin built Canberra wing. The main wheels are too small and the wrong profile, the hub's are a passable stab at the Martin main wheel but that's faint praise. The next worst part is the rear fuselage, it's the wrong shape, almost ar
  5. Bill I'd avoid the B.57 like the plague, get a FROG/ Revell B(I)8 or the more resent Airfix 8, then you'd be good to go! John
  6. Hi @Selwyn and @BushBrit66This is what I have so far, I'll keep digging. John
  7. Yep that should work fine John
  8. Here you go Sean, I've also added a couple of extra drawing that may be of interest? John
  9. @ian fish as @Jabba says, out of the box in 1/72 the Micro-Mir 17 kit is the only show in town. If you are not too fussy how accurate it is it's a good/only option. The same goes for any other Canberra Mk. If you want something more accurate you will need to do some kit bashing using either the FROG B.(I)8 or Airfix 'new' B.(I)8. if you want a PR.3,7 you will need all sorts of bits! The PR.9 is easier, Airfix or Extrakit. All this just goes to flag up the still huge gad in the model world for an accurate mainstream kit of the most numerous Mk. of Canberra, B.2! There are some builds
  10. Unfortunately the old Airfix B.(I)6 isn't really of much use, it's overall size and shape aren't too bad, apart from the nose and other areas which are less than optimal. If you can't or don't want to get the HP Mk.20 then I would look for a FROG B.(I)8 and a replacement nose. I do wish one of the mainstream companies would do a B.2/6 kit! John
  11. If you're just happy to have something sort of Canberra shaped then the S&M could fit the bill but you will need to do some smallish mod's to make it look moor like a B.6, mainly the engine nacelles and starter fairing. If you can find one the High Plains kit (RAAF Mk.20 version,) or a kit bash option FROG B.(I)8 with a new nose perhaps from the S&M kit? John
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