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  1. Some Halifax prop photos that may or may not help? but they are nice photos nonetheless John
  2. @cema_ga I've measured the roundels and I get them to, 19mm total with the pink part being 9mm, the fin flash is 6x6 mm with a thin white outline, does the CA sheet contain the pink and white warning marking too? John
  3. The old FROG B(I)8 is old and simple, but still the most accurate shape in 1/72 around. John
  4. Not a brilliant photo. but this shows where they go on the top wing and size and my photo of the underside John
  5. That's what I suspected, they are wrong! They should be the small size all round.
  6. What size are the roundels on the wing? They should be the same as the fuselage size. John
  7. I think the top part is still white Julien, John
  8. I think the grey nose wheel leg's are Dowty serviced units. which I guess would have been just about all of them towards the back end of the Canberra's life. John
  9. Lol, Been there done that! Glad it helped out. John
  10. sAlso take a look around my site @Devilfish you may find some useful info? I have several albums Wheels, seats, cockpit, airframe and more! AS Jame's and others have said, the main wheel hubs and nose wheel hubs will have had Aluminium, the main undercarriage legs and bays were gloss white as were the nose leg, the nose wheel leg could vary between white, mid grey, or black depending on time frame and the company that serviced them? Canberra SIG John
  11. As far as I know Abel Mable was the first deployment to SEA, and the firs jets to arrive were to RB.57E's (Patrica Lynn) followed by the RF101's. John
  12. @71chally James I've had a look in the Phantom mod list and the only mention of the change to EDSG in it is this, highlighted in yellow, unfortunately there is no date! unless it's there and I've missed it, I don't speak military John
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