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  1. A bit of weapons info Sidewinders and Rockets John
  2. I've posted these before on some other Phantom thread, but seeing as it's relevant I'll stick it here too. John
  3. I've taken another look at the A.P.'s and this is what I've found, if you want any of the cockpit drawings let me know. Unfortunately I don't have the pod AP. John
  4. It's odd, the recon section of the phantom doesn't mention it, just the strike camera, I guess it must have had its own dedicated AP? John
  5. It just goes to underline the fact, if you are after an accurate model of a Canberra you can't go for a one size fits all approach, there are far too many nuances to take into account. I'm still waiting for a good mainstream kit or kits in 1/72 and 1/48. John
  6. James as you say it looks like the first few were strait out of the box GR.1's, the Manual's contain details and procedures for the UK cockpit and the Mk.9 seats, it would be interesting to know if this first batch were 'updated' to full AV.8A configuration, or scraped? John
  7. LOL! I like the sound of the that Mike 'Harrier Honcho' has a ring to it! but I'll stick to Canberra's, it just so happens occasionally I have some bit and bob's on other stuff too. The Stencil S II seat could have been in the AV.8B's? John
  8. Dennis, a bit of extra AV.8A info, I hope it helps. John
  9. AS Dennis say's but for the Canberra letter size and font depends on time frame too, John
  10. I've shout the machine down for the night Bill, but I'll send it off tomorrow. John
  11. Larry @ReccePhreak I've not found anything on the Seafire but I've found a nice photo of the flares. John
  12. I have the PN's for the 5,6,8 & 9 and some info on the 2 John
  13. I'll take a look this evening John
  14. found this, it confirms what has been said. John
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