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  1. I still think MSG would be too light and not blue enough, these are some of my photos the show a bit of the weathering seen on 100 Sqn Canberra's. The first one shows a nice contrast between a relatively new paint finish on WH718 and a well worn one on WK127. next WK118 more of WK127, as you can see she was quite grubby, the upper wing was very faded, but it still looks bluer than MSG to me. John
  2. She was James, Charley X-Ray was the unofficial 100 Sqn flagship. John
  3. Also if you look at the TT.18 album on my site I have some photos of CQ(?) which is very faded, all 100 Sqn Canberra's lived outside. John
  4. The only ex RN TT.18 that kept the Light Aircraft grey was the one I was building, all the others were standard Dark sea grey and dark green. If you want to fade the paint work I'd just add a touch of white to the standard colours. John
  5. Hi @Lord Riot As others have said you don't have to stick to a TT.18, but if you still want to you could build her with the pylons but no pods, 100 Sqn did fly the TT.18's that way on occasions, if you want an idea what is involved in making a B.2 into a TT,18 take a look at my currently stald Classic Airframes TT.18 build here TT.18 build, but as James says, from the Airfix kit you could build the B.2 TT.18 or E.15 without too much trouble. John
  6. I don't know if this is one of the photos that has been seen but it gives a good indication of the position of Blue Steel. John
  7. Does that cover what you needed to know, or do you still want me to take a look? John
  8. Sorry about the Hijack and thread drift @Giorgio N, I hope you don't mind? John
  9. I've found a better illustration of the American seat from the USMC F.4J T.O. dash one John
  10. Hi Alex I'll take a look tomorrow, I'm not sure I have much on the FG.1, but if I have I'll post it. John
  11. So, to sort of half answer your question, to me it looks like it's just the harness, there may be some detail differences too? I thought I had a T.O. covering the US version but I can't find it but I'll keep looking, in the meantime, two drawings the first from the F.4C Captains Handbook, the second from the F.4J (UK) Illustrated Parts Catalogue. The seats in the F.4J UK were the American type. John
  12. Thank you both for your kind comments always glad to help out if I can. John
  13. Some stuff on the British seat, I'll dig out the American stuff tomorrow. John
  14. I think this is the area covered in Iain's excellent photos? another bit of wing fold detail and finally, off topic a wee bit, but it's a hell of a drawing John
  15. Some more wing mod stuff for you to waid through. I hope it's of interest. John
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