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  1. That Orion is on my list to build as well, beautiful looking aeroplane.
  2. This looks kind of inviting until the I took the parts out... Anyone else built\ crafted/ shaped/ carved the Merlin Lockheed 10? A challenge... Box https://pin.it/3ewR5oc Sprues https://pin.it/MOmKt9h The bizzare fuselage layout https://pin.it/16ya0Dd
  3. It is a shame actually the moulding of all the remaining parts is very good-compared to what I have seen or have built from Pegasus short run kits in the past, the detail is pretty good too.
  4. I have a Pegasus Hawker Woodcock kit but it has a major issue... Only one fuselage side is in the box Looking at ways around this issue, my first thought was to get a replica (in reverse) of the only side available. Hmm, can anyone relate and how easy is it to get a single part made?
  5. Nearly completed a 1/72 Sopwith Camel F1 and the top wing has just been added but... It looks very high when resting on the kits own struts. I had read somewhere that the struts might need shortening for the biplane to look correct and this would now seem a good thing to have done. If I carefully take the the wing off, how much strut would anyone recomend removing? Those who have built the Revell kit (2004 release).
  6. Thanks @wellsprop interested now in the shortened distance between the wheel bays, I hadn't noticed that, so will investigate further. The PM cowl shape looks very simple to me but ok on builds I have seen online? Perhaps it needs more of a taper at the front or something. Annoyingly I did have a Tempest II cowl from a Matchbox kit but gave it away not to long ago.
  7. Not that hot on the differences and similarities between the Hawker Tempest and Sea Fury (despite the immediatly obvious looks; fuselage, tail shape etc). Just wondering if there might be any parts in the new 1/72 Airfix Tempest that might be useful in a PM Sea Fury build, or parts I can alter to add detail? My Airfix Tempest on opening was a not the greatest moulding on some parts and therefore I want to use it as parts as I have a replacement now anyway.
  8. Thanks @BritJet will probably go for 23 or the prototype, just needing to sort out tge nose profile having chopped off the T11 nose, before the gun barrels.
  9. Which RAF Squadrons used DH Vampires (Night fighters)? I cannot find a list of users and markings. Mid-converting a 1/72 Airfix T11 and getting closer to deciding a finish. Thanks!
  10. Thanks all does sound a much larger undertaking than expected now reading your posts! Also yes it does need to move into the post-war section... Oops
  11. Without using any resin addons or conversion sets, I am interested in backdating the 1/72 Airfix Supermarine Swift to show an early production example of the fighter. I have some pieces of an old Swift F.1 Hawk kit to provide a very basic example of what to change on the more modern Airfix version, but does anyone save any recommendation on what needs changing. Maybe some have already undertaken the conversion?
  12. Adding a white layer is a good idea. Maybe even a few to some panels also to represent a bleaching effect perhaps? Might have to steal this method for my Korean War era Corsair if it works well.
  13. Watching your build as I was considering an Academy F4U-1. Go with the paint chipping, but not to much as paint-fade was probably more of a thing perhaps. Good luck.
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