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  1. Adding a white layer is a good idea. Maybe even a few to some panels also to represent a bleaching effect perhaps? Might have to steal this method for my Korean War era Corsair if it works well.
  2. Watching your build as I was considering an Academy F4U-1. Go with the paint chipping, but not to much as paint-fade was probably more of a thing perhaps. Good luck.
  3. I have started to use Humbrol 'Grass Green' from a spray can to get a base for ww2 RAF and USAF interiors in 1/72 when starting builds. My idea is to use the green as a base colour and then alter the colour with with shading to represent the final apperence. Also this should keep the finish quite bright which is something I like. Does anyone else use a similar method? I started because I could not locate a simple spray can of RAF green at a low cost and without an airbrush, wanted fast but neat coverage. My next thing to do is to work out how to achieve the relevant colours from this green base. https://pin.it/1RnthET
  4. A super build, the corrected details and paint finish really looks the part. That MASSIVE spinner How does the kit compare to the Revell F4U-1 which I think looks to share parts and Academy F4U-1?
  5. That's a beautifully built Tempest. Begining to see a few of these being started now. I like seeing the early black and white striped Identity markings.
  6. If anyone does have the 1/72 kit and would not mind conducting some quick measurements of the oleos etc, please PM me, this would be very much appreciated
  7. ... Well that's what scale the box says! Reading a few comments on the old Revell Air Power boxing of the Convair B-36 Peacemaker, I don't see any mention of undercarriage as it looks to be designed to be stand-mounted. I am going to have to scratch a set for a project, detailing this 'small' behemoth of a model. Would anyone have any idea of the specs I would need to form a set of legs and wheels for the build? Wondering if I could scale down a 1/72 Monogram undercarriage - although I would needs some measurements as I don't currently have this giant.
  8. Thanks @Das Abteilung great to read your comments. Found some online books on the type from zlibrary too so I am acquiring a wealth of info now. I seem to find myself building a Matilda, M3 and a King Tiger now and learning so much more about each as I do. Cheers
  9. Thanks @Troy Smith. More a case of what versions might be available to convert the model too perhaps then, I don't have a specific one in mind. I suppose the main pref' is that I want to keep it armed with its turrets - hope that sort of helps
  10. Looking at upgrading my hasegawa 1/72 Grant M3 to represent a later version. Can anyone confirm a good article or link that shows the visual diferences between the British Army Mark I, II, III, IV etc and perhaps even variations dependant in theatre of operation. I am not much of an AFV builder so learning the art with this and a few other types. Cheers.
  11. Will enjoy the Esci build non the less. I like how the yellow primer often shows though in some photos (and other built models). Just a small feature but one that will be interesting to replicate
  12. Cheers both. Thought as much but felt I had better ask those with more knowledge than me on this. Interesting link too, I will have good look at least. Also, is it just 74sqn that used the J(UK) I have only found pics of tiger Sqn examples so far
  13. Deciding on opening up my 1/72 Esci RAF/ F-4S Phantom but wanting to build an RAF version in grey/green camo. Can this version be converted to an FGR version. What versions could be made with this particular esci model (even with a bit of tlc).
  14. Thinking the identity markings would have been applied in a neater fashion than the invasion stripes? Any thoughts on this from others?
  15. Hi @ben_m. After a bit of research on here I have found your amazing group of Typhoon builds and wondering if you ever got the chance to finnish them off? It would be great to see them if so. (currently looking at using some old Pavla spare parts to backdate the Airfix Typhoon to a Mk. Ia.)
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