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  1. These are wonderful!
  2. So what constitutes as Mk2 ? As well as the ‘all flying’ tail?
  3. Searching Sabre post content on BM, there are some stunning builds and references and they have inspired me to open a classic Matchbox Sabre. But..what versions of Sabre can be made with the 1/72 Matchbox kit? This is understandably the only scale ‘A’ (or the RCAF only Mk 1). Would an RAF Mk 2 conversion be possible with this kit? Also, Did the RAF use a camo over high speed silver? or did they all have blue undersides? cheers
  4. Thinking about getting a Pin Punch set from EXPO, the webpage states 0.8mm dia. Would this sizing be good for creating the look of rivets on a 1/72 aircraft? Or would it give a representation that is too large in this scale please? I have a few riveter wheels but would like a punch type tool to emboss/ mark out singlerivet heads
  5. Get a B-24 instead . (I loved building the Revell B-17, you will enjoy it)
  6. Deleted - Read the pinned post
  7. Found some great little seats with arm rests from an online railway bits and pieces shop so thanks for the ideas guys
  8. My first finished model was an Airfix Sturmovik, painted in green and brown paint (for textiles), I thought it was a super looking finish at the time. Also I have a vivid memory of visiting a model shop in Harlow (very early 90s or late 80s?) and being in awe of the shelves stacked high of models, eventually spending my saved pocket money on an Airfix Kittyhawk.The shark mouth sold it at that moment, it was that or an Airfix RAF Harvard, which to this day I have wanted to build a Harvard!
  9. I am looking to start my 1/72 Italeri C-47, as a Civi DC-3 but looking for help on a few features. 1. How to make all the passenger seats? my first idea was to find a scrapped Corgi type bus - with an array of small plastic seats- which I could remove and use inside the airliner. 2. Is there a good go to reference online showing civilian DC-3 schemes? ( a bit like wing palette perhaps).
  10. I have a can of Humbrol 80 grass green spray, hoping to use it to cover a 1/72 Matilda (Soviet). Not to fussed about using an exact match but wanting some help with deciding if this would be a good paint shade option. Of course I would be weathering the tank to finish which will darken the finish. Any views would be appreciated, cheers
  11. I have the rubber tracks too although I am looking to use them by adding some thin sheet to make them sturdier
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