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  1. The ‘Tiger’ under the Schumacher signed ruined building is actually Russian armour too! Its dressed as a German Tiger tank for film purposes
  2. Looking forward to your build! I am using the new Blenheim to make a Mk.V, it’s a great model
  3. I have got a plan drawing of a Nieuport 12 which reads Scale 3/4” = 1’ -0” Can anyone assist in what I should do to photocopy the image down to 1/72nd please? Is there a mathematical way of doing this conversion? Cheers PT
  4. Hey, I hope BM,ers may be able to help out? I am writing a list of aircraft types (still flying today) that have been used in films. For example, B-17 ‘Sally B’ used in Memphis Belle or Spitfire Mk.IXb, MH434 used in a number of films etc. Looking for both well known staring roles and those possibly not so well known (DH Tiger Moth used as Thunderbird 6). hope those reading this might be able to help start listing!! cheers PT
  5. What a beautiful model! How did you cut out the parts so neatly? Have you any tips to share, I am about to start a 1/72 Joystick AEG C.IV
  6. I do have a few questions while looking into what type of MiG-19 to create..it will be Eastern bloc for sure. What stencils did this aircraft have? Hoping to add more detail with them if they were indeed covered? Needing to create a cockpit tub, I was hoping to use parts in the spares box but nothing suitable- not fussed about resin inserts etc for this so any pointers would be good
  7. A growing interest in Cold War MiGs and an eye on (new) moulds of older kits by ZTS Plastyk, I think this one was copied from PM moulds? Reading across the web I found a lot of mixed reactions about what you actually get from one of these so wanting a MiG-19 with engraved detail I got one to see what was good and bad about a ZTS Plastyk kit. I was very happy with what I found on opening! The panel lines are very neatly engraved and form a good basis to add more detail if I feel like it. The a plastic used was rock hard (and a nice mint green) but sands down well so far with the main parts cleaned up to use.
  8. I have the Tasukuda Hobby version of this so interested in how you approached the horizontal split fuselage
  9. I have this on the go too, a great kit. There are some etch sets that suit this also
  10. So the 1/72 SMER version is the same as the Italeri/bilek mould?
  11. Thanks. The Italeri/Bilek version is the one to look for then! cheers
  12. Is this kit any good? 1/72 Eastern express Su-17M4
  13. Could i get away with the same fuselage shape?
  14. How much effort would converting the 1/72 P-40B into an earlier P-36? I have the engine cowl parts from an old revell P-36 (probably this kit?) and wondering if it simply a graft of the engine?? Hoping for advise
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