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  1. phat trev

    Matchbox kits...

    It could have been a Circuits and Bumps artical?
  2. phat trev

    Matchbox kits...

    Hoping someone maybe able to help here actually? Can anyone remember a magazine article about improving the Matchbox Piston Provost? probably mid-late 90's? SAMI perhaps? I chucked my copy, wishing now I kept this article.
  3. phat trev

    RAF Interwar types

    The 1/72 Veeday Flycatcher is a wonderful (yet simple) kit.
  4. phat trev

    1/72 Merlin Brandenburg G1 - expecting a mess!

    Yes it is that one, parts are actually surprisingly good
  5. phat trev

    1/72 Merlin Brandenburg G1 - expecting a mess!

    Looking forward to seeing what can be done then.
  6. Anyone here attempted the 1/72 Merlin Hansa Brandenburg G1 bomber kit? Expecting a bit of a mess (going by a few of their other kits) but it’s a rare and interesting type so it caught my interest for a build- was not aware it was released my Merlin?
  7. Hi Andrew,


    I have a Revell N28 CI you can have for the cost of postage. Think the box is a bit rough but the plastic should be fine.



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    2. Bungled


      Hi Andy,


      Apologies just got back from a Norwegian Fjord cruise with the missus. Surprisingly both of us arrived back and there was no murder on board ! I will put the kit in the post this weekend once I've found it. Don't worry about the postage I'm sure you'll have something up for grabs in the future and you can reciprocate.


      Best regards



    3. phat trev

      phat trev

      Very kind thanks. Sure I will find something of interest for you at some point to reciprocate. We went on a Fjord cruise a few years ago with pando and loved it, glad you survived ;) and enjoyed it I hope. 

    4. phat trev

      phat trev

      received the N28, thanks :)

  8. phat trev

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    love this! a skilled build. I thought my continued butchering of a 1/72 Pegasus Gamecock was hard work...
  9. phat trev

    Improving a Matchbox Provost T1

    Hi. Wanting to detail and improve a Matchbox piston Provost T1. Has anyone any tips or hints about this model?
  10. phat trev

    Westland Lynx for the US Navy (brainstorm)

    Some interesting info there thanks all
  11. phat trev

    Avro Anson Flying Fridge Showroom

    Haha love these thanks!! Interesting website as well
  12. phat trev

    Avro Anson Flying Fridge Showroom

    Reposting on this wonderful Avro Anson fact
  13. phat trev

    Tim's Debden Pony - COMPLETED

    I now want to get some of this powder, what a great finish
  14. phat trev

    Westland Lynx for the US Navy (brainstorm)

    Yes there is ( found a really poor res version online which kick started this build idea)
  15. An idea I have been proposing for a while now is to build a Whif Lynx (1/72 Matchbox as the basis) .?.what if the Lynx had interest from the US Navy in the mid-late 70’s. I want to open this up on here to see others opinions on how the US Navy may have altered the helicopter, what would it have been used for, instead of or even alongside. This will also be the first helicopter I have built My first thoughts were that Sikorsky would have probably been in on such a deal vs Kaman (the Seasprite looks a similar machine) Thoughts, ideas and references from other by users would be really interesting (I hope) cheers