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  1. I am wanting to scratch build the interior for my (same) Matchbox Lysander, albeit a Mk.II. Looking for some clear 1/72 plans of the structure. It’s a shame there is no airwaves etch for this kit!?
  2. Resurrecting this as I was hoping someone may provide an answer to what might have the better moulding. The original Esci F-4C/J or this ‘new’ Italeri F-4 C/D J ack off all trades. The same basis for the kit I presume.
  3. Yes 1/72. Cheers for the detail looking around online it is confusing at times to discover just what F-4 kits (older box types from Esci or Fujimi for example) have engraved and quality parts. Just my perception this btw.
  4. Any views on the rather old ESCI Phantom F-4c? Looks like a good early Phantom with engraved detail and scope for extra details. Anyone here built one or similar ESCI versions?
  5. Cheers guys. Using the Italeri one as it is readily available (ie I have one to hand) and although aware the Finemoulds 109s are the great, I enjoy a bit of a challenge over a bit of accuracy sometimes I have seen sone great built versions around here too
  6. Would the Heller Bf109 g2 in this link be good for spares to convert the Italeri back from a g-6? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-230-messerschmitt-bf-109-g-2-5-6--148592
  7. Thanks Graham. I am looking for references now
  8. Cheers guys! Both good points to follow
  9. Hey all. Looking to start a 1/72 Italeri 109g-6 but need a bit of guidance. As well as narrowing the undercarriage, what else might need to be done to be more representative of a 109? Also so what might be needed to convert the kit to a g-2?
  10. Loads of engine options for the Taube too
  11. Looking forward to seeing the build. I have a 1/72 Matchbox Mk.II on the go but stalled at to no as I am wanting to construct a full scratch interior, lacking scale plans of the framing
  12. Anyone here know the US Carriers that had the FJ-4 and FJ-4B operating on them? Looking for some inspiration for the 1/72 Emhar jet I am currently building. There are some good images of Wingpallet.com which keep popping up in google searches and tempted to finish it as operating from USS Bonhomme Richard or if they flew from the USS Intrepid this would be great as I visited the museum a few years back.
  13. The ‘Tiger’ under the Schumacher signed ruined building is actually Russian armour too! Its dressed as a German Tiger tank for film purposes
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