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  1. Looking for some etch brass detail to add to a 1/48 Nieuport 12 (RNAS). Has anyone any thoughts on the following etch detail set? Thanks Brengun BRL48079 1/48 PE WWI Aircraft details
  2. Amazing looking models
  3. That’s some interesting information thanks @CT7567. I am looking to use ‘the grey’ over a new can of gloss Humbrol white 22 (spray can). @Johnv how did your use of Tamiya AS-16 go also perhaps.
  4. Just opening this post again as I am interested in the use of Tamiya spray can AS-16 for my USN 1/72 F4-J (the ‘new’ Vietnam Aces, ex Esci model). Would this shade be ok for a Navy jet? It is listed as USAF.. but is readily available to me so hoping this is an adequate choice and not too dark!! Too light I can handle
  5. Thanks Dave. Also just spotted hawkertempest.se. Amazing resource.
  6. What RAF squadrons had flew non-camo (silver) Hawker Tempest II? Sorry if this has been covered well in previous posts..
  7. Hope no one minds me opening this post- I am starting a 1/72 LS Type 93 and starting look into schemes. I want a wheeled (land) version rather than a floatplane, although the it is a float version in the box. Interested in any civil versions of this aircraft or even if another type could be made using this LS kit as a base and some scratch building.
  8. Looking to re-store some of my unbuilt 1/72 models - which currently are in ziplock bags. The original boxes have long since gone or were in poor condition for use so wondering where is the best place to get plain card, lid covered boxes, similar to the type Airfix kits come in (not side opening). maybe someone here has a good link to a seller online or something? Cheers
  9. Great info. Thanks guys, will look into these FAA Squadrons too. Does anyone one have a copy of SAM Vol 3, No 8 (May 1981) ? To scan this conversion perhaps. I had a look on eBay and no is is selling this edition I think it has a Gloster Gladiator on the front (for ease of looking)
  10. A bit of research for a 1/72 Matchbox Fury conversion to a Nimrod II (the sweep-back wings interest me...) Needing a bit of help with the FAA Squadron markings used, the colours and the ships they were assigned too. I don’t the mushroom models book but hear there might be detail about this in there? Anyone know of good web links perhaps that showcase FAA use of the Nimrod II.
  11. Hi. Hoping those here might be able to help me locate a photo, or even tell me if it really exists at all... I seem to remember reading somewhere in a book (or perhaps online?) that while the DH Mosquito was still a secret in the early 40s, there was a photo taken at the time of another aircraft or just a shot of an airfield (Hatfield?) with the prototype (could have been?) Mosquito In the background!? Is this a fable or was there really a photo taken with this “top-secret” aircraft showing up in the background in error! Help or guidance towards this story would be very much of interest.
  12. I have never built a Zero (Nil Zeros??..)
  13. I’ve got the Maintrack Models kit no 72:22, I want to build a cuda in 1/48.

    Regards Keith

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