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  1. This is a great diorama. Like all the little details. The interior of the house is great, very realistic.
  2. This is a lovely looking tiger, great tracks, probably cost a bomb but worth it tough. Paint scheme is great as well.
  3. We'll big thanks to all!!! That about answers it. Something I pondered for a while but hadn't actually gone about and asked. All seem to share similar opinions across a range of modellers, so it's a good start point for me. Oils seem very malleable and give more flex in working time and the ability to cleanse away or reduce as seen fit. So will be definitely tracking down some of these to use (think I'll try Windsor and newton as a nice middle ground not the budgy ones (cheap cheap) and not abeitilung (expensive end of the scale). Pigments (I have nothing against by the way, it's a preference) I already use pastels to the same effect (just hadn't considered them to be the same) just wondered if things like Vallejo's rust and corrosion pigment was worth it over something I could knock up myself. Sound like they are a time savers, convinient and extremely fine in grade but for now I think I'll stick to the home made for a while (but leaving the hammer in the shed!!!). Thanks all again. Paul
  4. Hello all, I've a couple questions on weathering I was wondering someone may help us out with? I've seen lots of videos and blogs and guides on how to apply oil washes and the recommended brands of oil paints to use but my question is why? Not meaning to found flippant but what advantage does this have over acrylic or any other medium? Also with pigments does anyone else just make their own, seems mad to buy something like brick dust/ rubble dust which could be made with a lump hammer and old bit of masonary? Does the bought stuff offer some advantage I'm not thinking of? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ah well not the worst thing. At least it's an easier one to fix.
  6. I like the rustic look, kinda stands out more, I wouldn't go to heavy with the dilute plaster. Great progress though. Coming along.
  7. This is truly, absolutely incredible to think you are scratch building this. Honestly loads of respect. In fact is go far enough to say...actually jaw-droppingly good. If I could do this I'd be a very happy modeller. The detail, the ammo boxes, the gun, even the painting of the black on the floor boards. Amazing. Going to follow this one and good luck with rest and Dio.
  8. Great idea for the diorama and good progress. Like it.
  9. I like this a lot, great bit of scratch building, way more satisfying than just buying the bits and pieces and you get to add your own take. Good luck with the rest.
  10. I Think helmet...don't have a reason why but the expression of gogles is very good from front on. Both are very good. What scale is this?
  11. Well Denis, greetings from northern Ireland, that's a serious amount of patients, inventiveness and precision. Great idea on the cloth, bandage and texturing the wooden stocks prior to painting. I'll defo take this advice and will practice on some sprue first. Thank you very much for the colour tips too. Hard to get it right. I'm in the middle of doing this exact model and using yours as ref.
  12. Well never thought of that but...hey what ever works. Cheers
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