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  1. Welcome!! You’ll find the site very friendly and plenty to give advice here… I’m originally from down the road (bwood). Happy modelling.
  2. The chair is looking great…. colour wise for the shades I’d go with…. A kinda beige/mangnolia/light yellow. I know, I know…it’s boring but it is a light colour which means your more likely to notice it and the shading of the vented/fluted parts will stand out more with darker shades, plus the wallpaper is kind of darkish. Or you could match the wallpaper blue to it? The frames maybe a mahogany/reddish brown? That’s my input, but the wife normal picks out in interiors… thankfully! best for now, Paul.
  3. Stef I was just going to say I like the look of the middle grey/yellow ones and hoped you’d do one of these.
  4. I like what your doing here. You can see your preshading through the dg layer. The oxide primer is nice and red/bright, I like that as it shows more interest and contrast. Damage looks convincing as well. Good job so far.
  5. Beautifully done. The faded camo paint work at the front looks superb. Well done on an amazing job…! Just like your ref pic.
  6. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/734157176782515682#imgViewer Here’s a step guide for them as well, just seen on Pintrest seems straightforward enough and saves mixing and rolling out milliput.
  7. Finally got my 'botherredness' together and fixed this one... Need a couple more coats of boiled linseed oil to blend it in and I can get over my ocd for a while...
  8. Thanks Philip… very interesting. I’m glad that their is a percentage of marking in regards to dios for story, as I’m heavily into this…. However on my tanks the stowage is connected by skyhooks (ask any uk based labourer for these and you’ll know what mean), road wheels are cockeyed and tracks… well aren’t they connected by imagination and a wing and a prayer? Good insight into the process, thanks again. Paul
  9. Well thanks to all the above, that really solves a lot of my curiosity about it all…. Seems pretty fair to me…. Just means to have work on becoming a much better builder!! cheers lads, much appreciate your input. Paul
  10. Hi all, I’ve never entered a model competition or been to a show (unfortunately can’t make it to the Irish nationals this year) hope to make it to a couple next year and hopefully have a few worthy entries in the competitions. I build mostly dioramas and AFVs and wondered if anyone had any experience with these? I’ve looked on line to try and find the Ipms uk or Irish guidelines for marking/assessing a model but drew a blank. What do the judges looks for, obviously good models, but I guess my question is what in particular do they think makes a good model? I’ve heard decal alignment is one of the items (no good if they are wonkey, which is pretty much common sense) and that they shine a light into crevices to see if their any unpainted bits (which again makes perfect sense). What else makes a winner, specifically within the realms of dioramas and AFVs? Thanks in advance to anyone who maybe able to offer any advice on this. Best for now, Paul.
  11. If you Google aquarium sand you’ll see it available from eBay in black/grey for about £1.50. You may only need a smallish qty. Good luck with rest of build. Paul
  12. Lovely job here. Like the chipping especially.
  13. You wouldn’t actually notice the wallpaper until you mentioned it…. Those pesky decorators having a liquid lunch again.
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