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  1. Me, personally, I wouldn't, don't think it will be tough enough. You might be better with scrap wood or as Richard e says a picture frame. Their not dear as I have two built on pond shop frames which are fine plus you can get scrp off cuts of MDF and the alike from homebase/b&q. Something more rigid. Old chopping board even?
  2. Hi Stix, As you'll see from message before, I'd like to join this one if possible? Not sure which one I'll do yet, possiably a 1/72 is-2 I have in the stash.
  3. Ah good to know from someone with personal experience wulfman.
  4. Another beautiful model!! One to take note of and feel inspired by. Loads of detail and smooth finish.
  5. I'm echoing what the others have said, very detailed. Like the crumbled brick works, mess and bottle on the table. Very nice work.
  6. Hi Sardauker, yeah that was the plan with the cheap/multi kits before the big ole 1/35 more expensive ones. I'd looked through the plastic soldier company and liked their options, see what mean on the detail front as well. I had heard (but not personally done any myself) that the italeri kits can be a bit of a mare. I'll keep an eye out for the s-models as hadn't come across them yet, so thanks for the tip.
  7. Yeah totally agreed, I know exactly what you mean. Im working my way up to the 1/35. Just need to finish this big Dio first then do some bigger models where the effects stand out more, bigger canvas and all that. Thanks for taking a look.
  8. Hi all, I know before I start this post that some people may want to form a small lynch mob and hang about out side my house like a sort of modellers mafia but I have my reasons for using armour fast...I can explain. First I'm relatively new to all this malarkey so need/want cheap, simple and excuse the pun... fast builds. I know armour fast lack the details, fine and in some cases major, but they are good paint horses to experiment upon and practice. They also come in two's and I like to do one fairly 'clean' ish and then the other I like to beat up and do a heavy weathering with battle scars
  9. Hello fellow modellers, its been a couple week since I started this and think I need to add a progress pic. I've added the snow!!! And what a torture that is!!! I put on watered down PVA and then the baking soda. I was gonna use precisions snow products...but I'm cheap. Its not right at the moment, doesn't look look convincing and yellowing in spots (which I read would happen with the soda). So I brush off and lacquer with hairspray. Then go again. I've covered the trenches and shell holes with card board as want more muddy than snowy their because I'll be adding resin to si
  10. This is fantastic. I really like the ground work, the figures are really well painted and especially like the cut away to see the inside....I'd like to do some fallschrimjager in the future...on the long term plan to do anyway.
  11. Great stuff, also really like the huey and the bunker. ....lots and lots of work here, must have taken some time.ots great though, must be happy with the outcome?
  12. I really nice build Riley, even coats, like the texture and weathering. Good job!!
  13. Hello all. This is the work in progress towards part 2 of my 'Grand old duke of York' diorama in 1/72 scale. I welcome all comments and feedback, please bear in mind this is my second dio. The idea for this piece is that its connected to the first diorama, of the same name, as a sort of before and after project. The Part 1 is in the RFI section: Part 1 is set during early autumn 1944 and the battle along the Tannenburg line ,in Estonia, is raging. The 3rd Germanic Panzer Corp, consisting of the 11th Nordland division and 11th infantry division, amongst others i
  14. Comments on my waffen ss/elite troops by zvezda are welcome. I was trying to build up the colours to get the autumn colour scheme right and found this difficult, I had created a nice contrast between the orange, green, brown etc but then ruined it by re-touching and so all looks like just one colour of light brown...oh well experience for next time I guess!
  15. Hi, I've seen some really spot on title plinths/plaques (call them what you will) on here and was hoping some of you guys might have places of recommend for these? Many thanks, Paul
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