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  1. Fantastic as always…. Feel a bit of mr uncle night shift influence possibly with the decorative brick? All of it looks just amazing. Especially like the slogan banner above the doorway, looks like it was once a ‘party’ owned building. Their a group build proposal for next year called ‘entrophy’ it’s concerned with all things rusted, wrecked and abandoned by the looks of your kv and the charring to the bricks etc something like this would be a really good entry. Anyways if your interested the thread (which is entertaining in itself) is here below: Personally I’d really like to see what you’d do if you did enter. (sarge Bertie in comment above me is running the show) Luck with the covid recovery.
  2. Great dio. 1/72 can be a challenge and this is really well. I like your figures they look really good.
  3. Oh man that burnt out turret looks mint! The damage and colours are perfect and gives the figures some focus in the scene which adds a nice bit of story to it all. Great work.
  4. Nice one Bertie! I like that your really not afraid to branch out into very possiable aspect/ department of modelling. The story line is great and I really like the archer (as you know) and the best for me is the little lad eating the ice cream at the back of the van. Well done you.
  5. This is all far too good!… all the scratch building is brilliant, the air con, sat and shutter etc all amazing and very neat (I’m now gonna check out the cutter option as fed up with wonky blade cuts making very thing that much less convincing). Plus the Hannants guys are very cool indeed.
  6. Wow really like that. Great work. Like the burnt out corner and the signs.
  7. Sold it to a mate… sure they loved it Bertie!! Great build and love the rusty wheel arches.
  8. Absolutely stunning!!! Just brilliant weathering and modelling all round.
  9. Hi Rob, Not a bad start their. Personally I don’t mind the rust, maybe if it has been hit by a bit of spang then maybe? But does look like it might need a bit of dust adding. I agree with Ian on the grass though, same as me, I don’t have an applicator but your working in a smallish space so bit of pva and whatever sticks up then happy days. You can make your own tufts and long grass from jute twine or rope or plumbers hemp or thick grass like reeds from pound shop brush bristles. Ive used all these. Last time I used the twine and individually pasted the clumps into place, let it dry/set and then used oil paints to paint the grass (green at bottom and straw coloured at top). Are you gonna paint the frame? Maybe think about where the diorama is situated and get yourself some nice ref pics for that area they will give you ideas as well. If this wespe is in Italy then you can add a home made olive tree for instance (wire wrapped and twisted into shape, coated in milli put and then painted. Add your foliage and voila.) It really depends on your desired setting. My go-to for any diorama hints and tips is cw modelling (he’s on most platforms but mainly you tube) He does amazing stuff. Defo on the figures. If you can then go resin for them, a couple alpine Or evolution figures would be good.
  10. I’ll hopefully see you their… same for myself too many choices for it. Here’s an idea the 51st div used to have loads of universal carriers (apa did a blinding one on here from the bronco set) they apparently graffiti HD everywhere, even on vehicles!!! Good excuse for some hand painted graffiti if you ask me. So much so they earned the nickname the ‘highway decorators’. I wanted to do this on my Tamiya uc but used a different div in the end. Bovington/tank fest is always great craic. I like the sound of the tiger and the airfix crom. Don’t know enough about the Tiran/idf but stix did a really cool one. Agree the miniart t54 with interior would be scary as hell!
  11. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/615022892870346312/ https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/615022892870299784/ https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/615022892870299695/ here we go, got em here
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