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  1. Thanks Stef. I’ll be giving this a go in a few weeks and hadn’t a clue. Cheers!
  2. Very nice indeed! Turned out well. How long did you leave them in the ak fluid? Any tips for using it?
  3. Glad to see you are going ahead with this one. I’ll be following along on this too. Really like a crusader and specifically the mk 1. Paul
  4. I’m happy with this, I think in this one it’s the diorama which counts. So I’m easy on this one. Paul
  5. I second that comment! Very clean and neat build Ian, looks the bizz. Paul
  6. Thanks Mig Eater. They look great. Let me have a think on it as I’m very indecisive…. I too and fro all the time! Thanks Paul
  7. Absolutely no problem. Thanks for looking. I’m happy to take look at other schemes I was mulling over earlier for this as I had seen a few others I liked and couldn’t decide between. 👍
  8. It’s not bad is it. Especially the bit about “all you … who make tamiya and revel kits with no pe and your perfect fits!!”
  9. Thanks Stef! Really appreciate the thought. If you don’t, don’t worry, as I’d rather have a switch as this stage before I’ve started. So nothing committed to plastic yet. Plus some of the there’s scheme are cool too. Paul
  10. Thanks all! No worries @Ozzy funny thing is the camo scheme image I have above is actually just from the side of the box as my box doesn’t have the detailed colour marking inside, like it’s supposed to, with the instructions sheet. I’m have to go onto scale mates for the decals and other vantage points. Annoying but no major drama. I’ll just park this vid here, very entertaining: This about sums it up for me! Ssspppprrruuuueeeessss! An entire kitchen floor full of them: So after 3 nights of work (roughly 9ish hours) this is all I have to show for my efforts; made a start on Monday as I’ve parked my other project for a few months: I want to take my time with this one and try get it right, instead of rushing like normal. The rear is a bit of a mess of filler at mo that I’ll later sand down. Note the stress marks on the exhaust cover guards. They don’t really fit very well, so I ripped them back off and filed down the inside. After replacing them they still didn’t fit very well. So sanded and filled again. The instructions are…. Loose in places. As I had heard and expected with this make. Each manufacturer has their own flow, style and quirks as you all know. But the kit is quite dear and recent (2020/2021) so I was expecting a bit better in ways. The pe fan guard is too small for the fan but a bit too big for the area it sits in, nothing massive as won’t really be seen once the top of the hull is attached just good to have something under the grills instead of a void: The instructions show the pipe connector at the top of the fuel sump facing this way (pictured)but in the assembled picture, later in the instructions, the opposite way. So had to ref David Bryden. Their are three types of modellers; the engineers, the creatives and the freak of nature who can combine the both perfectly. I’m the the second type but wish I was more of the first or third type.) Hence the need for good instructions. Ahhh rant over!! I feel better now. I’ve picked out some figures, panzer crew with the Kharkov era uniform. I’ll assemble as I got just to make sure they fit but won’t be painting them until much later. I cracked open the box of metal tracks, just because I couldn’t wait to see what they were like and assembled an amazing four links: They look alright no flash and no re drilling of holes just hope the other two million are the same😜 If anyone has any reference pictures of number 7 from gd 13th panzer regiment, Kharkov area, then please share here as I’m a bit short on an actual photo after looking everywhere. I think David Bryden must have them squirrelled away somewhere but not on his info site. It would be more to try and nail the weathering later on. Thanks all for dropping in. Paul
  11. They look great on now Stef…. Did you have to cut the rear idler connections in the end to get them on ok?
  12. Very nice example! Looks ace. im tempted to look at a new scheme again now. Thanks Paul
  13. I needed this tip as well, so thanks Daryl. I have the Ak Track burnishing fluid as well and also have never done metal tracks before. Paul
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