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  1. Well, the undercoat is now on, (nearly) all seams dealt with and the lovely brass Master barrels in place. The pitot was briefly accompanying them, but pinged into the ether - good job there's two in the pack! There's some rescribing and rivet detail to replace, but i'm quite happy with how the wing roots turned out, given the amount of plasticard shimming and filler involved. And, a better shot of the engine - nicked from an old build of the Hasegawa (1970s) 190. Next is to polish back the Halford's primer and get the m
  2. Hi, Not been as rapid progress as I thought with this, largely due to the terrible fit of wings to fuselage, which got this build paused. But, after working out the right dihedral, and how to make the front of the cowling at least vaguely the same shape as the fuselage it joins to, and laying in more Milliput, we have this: You can just see (poor focusing for some reason) the old Hasegawa Fw-190 engine standing in for the blob in the kit. I've just received the Master gun barrels and a resin pitot (for a
  3. Hello all, Been off BM for a little while, lots of life happening at the moment - job change, trying to buy a house... Anyway, some modelling has taken place, including this classic 1/32 kit, that's been boxed by quite a few Japanese manufacturers - Doyusha and Swallow at least. I picked this up under a club table at Bolton for a bargain. It's at least a 1970s moulding (but so am I) but the surface detail is great- all recessed and riveted. There are some snags though - it was meant to be a motorised model (I think Tomy had the moulds first?) so there
  4. Hey, thanks everyone, very heartening comments, thank you. Thanks Sanfrandragon, may have to post some new ones of the Chiefy when the sun is back. All the weathering on the Panther is brush painted, artists' pastels or Pitt Ink Pens (grey and sepia), with a little garden earth added. The wire round the barrel - well, I've seen some photos of that and it seems to have been used to hold camouflage in place - mostly branches of pine trees. Not yet found anything that convincingly looks like a branch yet, so just the wire... Thank you Badder, agree that the C
  5. Hi, I'd like to share my Tamiya Panther G, (and the old Chieftain), my second (and first, but can't find most of the pics i took) finished afv builds for many many years. It's been a different and fun experience compared to my more usual aircraft builds, got a bit bored of the latter (temporarily) a while ago so found some cheap second hand deals on 1/35 stuff. Been enjoyable experimenting and learning with different paint techniques and weathering especially. Now a small stash has grown up - nor rivaling the pane stash yet, but you never know. The base,
  6. Hi Kent, That's a great build! Actually, i'm planning to do a Danish version too, but can't find either the right blue paint or any decals in 1/32nd - welcome your advice!. Take care, Matt
  7. So so good. Inspiring work Eric, and perfect photography too. Wow. Matt
  8. Very fine build there Graham, really like the engine detail. Wouldn't worry about the stripes - were they really truly straight in real life, given they were applied quite rapidly ?(less so than for D-Day I imagine, but still...) Take care, Matt
  9. Bizarre, but very nicely finished! Les - what's the base made of - is it a tile?? Take care, Matt
  10. Many thanks for the kind words everyone, I enjoyed this build and i'm glad you have too. Thanks Polo1112, I'd love to see your Yellow Wings era build here some day. From what I've read from many sources, you are correct that the French version had a different dive bombing kit, with no telescopic site in the windscreen and very unique dive brakes. It also had French cockpit instrumentation, and reversed throttle controls, and a different rear MG - a Darne(?) rather than a Browning. There may well be more differeces. Sadly for those flying it, one commonality with the USN version was that i
  11. Hello, I'm happy to share my completed Azur Vindicator. It's a lovely kit to build, matching original Accurate Miniatures parts with new Azur wings, resin and etch to create a French naval version. It took a little while, with breaks for holidays etc, and the full WIP is here. Hope you enjoy it, and welcome all constructive comments as ever. The last image is also in the WIP, but shows the amount of interior detail on offer, and much stays visible. Take care, Matt
  12. Hello, Been a while since my last post, summertime took over, lots of trips and family visits. So, now it's raining and grey again I've found the time to finish up this build. Here's one pic for those that have followed and encouraged me so far here, and the rest are in the RFI. Take care, Matt
  13. Hello, thanks for everyone's kind and encouraging comments. Thanks batcode, hopefully it will stay that way as the last bits are done - quite happy with it so far! Thank you Garry, I'm always learning too, from the many great modelers on BM. Cheers Pete! Nearly there now... Thanks for commenting Bob! Thanks flarpen, it is a bit obscure, but then over 30 years or so I've built most of the 'main' catalogue! I hear that the first Accurate Miniatures Vindicators had great big sink marks on the fuselage, well, that may have put people off, but this boxing is pristine. So, what's
  14. Hello, Quite a lot done in the last few days, good warm weather in the evenings helps with the painting process, and I've repaired my airbrush at last (dropped it while cleaning, tip down - bad). So, first coat of blue-grey: I don't know what the exact colour should be, but I felt this was a little too blue, so lots of different shades went on in random manner, all mixed from various Revell and Xtracrylix, leading to something, that, to me, looks 'right'. A Klear coat gave just the slight sheen I wanted. Some decals also on and some weathering with line washes, chips with a mid-grey pai
  15. Hi, Been a little pause as summer activities take over, but here's the airframe as is, primed, blemishes tackled and ready for paint. I've used the closed one-piece canopy as a mask for the cockpit, will be using the open sections to show what's inside (given that's where about 80% of the kit parts are! Hope to have some more done soon, Take care, Matt
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