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  1. Hi Chief, I'm not sure what you're looking at but none of those photos show a Lewis gun for the observer (the pilot sits in the front and the gunner/observer in the rear). There are multiple photos of a single Roland C.II with a captured Lewis gun on a mounting to fire forwards over the propeller, but not for the rear gunner/observer. there are even more photos here... http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3110&cat=1 And maybe looking at their instructions might help wit the mounting of your Parabellum MG... http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3109&cat=4 http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3110&cat=4
  2. Does the OP really expect Revell to print a 10 colour (this is how many inks would be required for top and bottom lozenge) decal sheet and supply it with the model for the same very low price? These extra ink colours are exactly why the aftermarket decals cost much more than the original Revell model. Of course, if the model cost 3x what it does and still didn't include colour lozenge decals then that is another story.
  3. wmcgill

    WNW Albatros D.V

    D.Va Bavarians is showing as available for me, but the D.V Bavarians is still pre-order. Is that what you are seeing?
  4. wmcgill


    What's the difference?
  5. wmcgill

    Rigging for a novice

    There's always this I guess.. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/hintsandtips
  6. I didn't hear it. I looked at the shapes. HKM's radiators are the same "half octagon" shape as PA474's tropical radiators.
  7. It looks like HKM have only provided FE radiators, so that's good news for you at least.
  8. wmcgill


    No, only the prototype LVG C.VI 14440/17 had painted wings. All production LVG C.VI aircraft had 5 colour lozenge (usually early, low serial numbers) or 4 colour lozenge (usually late, high serial numbers). In post war service with foreign forces all bets are off. The "Black 7" arrow colour scheme appears to be fantasy with no photo to back it up.
  9. Fokker Eindeckers were not finished in (translucent) natural doped linen. If they were then shadows of the internal wing an fuselage structure would be clearly visible in good quality photos. But they are not... except on todays models. Combat and/or capture reports state that Fokker Eindeckers were finished in (opaque) "grey" or "beige" and sometimes had "brown on the upper sides". Photos confirm mostly dark finishes with no shadows of internal structures visible through the fabric.
  10. Karl Bolle's Fokker Dr.1 and the famous upturned "Ace of spades" Fokker D.VII are a couple with wide lap/belly/ belts that spring to mind (coincidentally both from Jasta 2) and Shuster's Jasta 17 D.VII (Albatros built) appears to have a British lap/belly belt!
  11. While quite interesting, the drawings/sketches above are from 1925 and 1991 so are not necessarily exactly right for WW1. While not as common as the 4 point harness, wide lap/belly belts can also be seen in some late war German fighters (Fokker Dr.I & D.VII), possibly preferred by pilots for the extra upper body/head movement they allowed.
  12. Quote "a. BE2e. No visible serial. Crashed aircraft. Overall black apart from underside of lower wing, tailplanes and fuselage aft of rear spar (all clear-doped). Pale coloured roundels on underside of lower wing. Forward-facing white skull and crossbones on underside of (black-painted) underside of starboard wingtip. Markings on uppersurfaces and port underside of upper wing not shown. References: ADB p.100, AWGB p.36, Wingsock Datafile 14, p.27 (all the same photo)" A slightly clearer print of this crash scene in Over The Front vol 30 No.4 2015 reveals the V12 RAF4a engine identifying this as a B.E.12a (although they continue to incorrectly identify it as a B.E.2e).
  13. wmcgill

    Help with Camel colour

    You can see the Wingnut Wings interpretation and painting guide here... http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3155&cat=4
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