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  1. Ok so. Basic coat of Dark Green on. Blu Tack and masking tape off and time to take stock: Not bad. I need to tidy up some of the areas where the grey and green meet; principally on the top of the nose and behind the canopy. Somehow I’ve left a bit of a gap with neither enough green nor enough grey in a couple of places Also the blu tack has left a residue in a few places that’ll have to be either wiped off (if possible) or over-sprayed On the plus side I reckon I’ve got just about the degree of softness between the camouflage colours I was after. And the masking tape came away cleanly all over, save for a little bit of paint that came away on the wing leading edge and looks just like purposely done chipping to show the alclad underneath More importantly I like the degree of colour modulation/variation, particularly in the Dark Green. Not too in your face but definitely there. The Ocean Grey on the port wing is maybe a bit solid - can’t make up my mind - and that may need a bit of post shading. Either way - a decent enough canvas to continue to work on I think.
  2. Ha. I’m definitely no Johnny @The Spadgent when it comes to painting Hence the “carefully measured approach”. Still, moving forward slowly…. Blu Tack time. On the cusp of it all going to worms. I feels it in me waters..
  3. Splotchification surely? Must be the GBS “separated by a common language” thing. I don’t believe you Bill S’all coming on very very nicely. Never any hint of disturbance with a Navy Bird build. Serene under the surface as well on top (c.f. the well known swan/duck analogy)…
  4. What Ian said. I’ve already ordered two new thesauruses of superlatives so I’m suitably equipped for the RFI. I’m rather lost for words in the interim Now I feel even more inadequate A somewhat battered iPhone in a grubby mit doing it’s own exposure thing doesn’t isn’t really pushing the envelope is it……
  5. V quick progress report. Like Terry @Terry1954 I've been masking. Spent all Friday evening on it. (slight hyperbole - did stop to eat, drink wine, chat with Mrs F and watch a bit of TV; still it felt like all evening….) But have stopped short of masking the whole of the underside (p'raps not as paranoid as Terry? - p'raps foolish? - p’raps lower boredom threshold?) Topsides paint later hopefully. Random thought. If any paint lift on de-masking it might just show the alclad ‘chipping’ coat. Might then be able to claim it as a designed part of the weathering process. In which case I’ll come back and edit this post to delete this remark……
  6. As others have said, lovely update Terry. I share your masking pain terry. We were probably sat in different parts of the country busily (pedantically?) masking away in parallel..... Oy. Stop that - it's not an image that's allowed to catch on...... Luverrly. Very pretty looking aircraft. Envy. Several years ago I used to hire one of two Robins at Sherbun-in-Elmet airfield. They were aerobatic two seaters tho' - Robin 2160's IIRC. Had control sticks rather than yokes (proper means of control ) and I use to take myself off for some gentlemanly aero's - returning to base when the ageing aviator's stomach started to heave with all that disturbance to equilibrium.....
  7. Think of it as practice for the Chivenor TWU 'awk if you like Alan they tended to end up with a modestly variegated look.
  8. Seconded (or maybe that’s thirded?) And of the 3D printed panel? Attractive scheme done full justice - lovely build and finishing.
  9. Ditto what Iain said. I think your builds are awakening a latent love of airliners in me Matt Steve
  10. Beautiful result Matt. You’ve really cracked the production of DIY decals, on a grand scale! The tail decals are dazzling - and produced and fitted with apparent nonchalant ease!
  11. As I understand it the chipping bit of the process works best when (just) acrylics are used over the chipping fluid, and then the water softening and scrubbing away of the surface is done pretty quickly after. That’s certainly the only way I’ve done it before. So there has to be considerable doubt that the chipping fluid will do it’s stuff under all these coats and after the delay. But hey - if it does it does; and if not then nothing lost by trying.
  12. That looks just like the stuff to me Terry I find it intermittently useful. And I haven't had to go out and buy anymore Dymo tape.... Even it that is more wordificatory correct (as to which I reserve my position m'lud) it just sounds so vile that I don't think I can even bring myself to think about it More preparatory phase first G Added some more colours - various well-thinned tamiya browns and greys: Mostly applied through random stencils - as also used on occasion I believe by our notable Naval Brother, not to mention a certain senior brown job. Until. Endex. And then knocked it back/blended it together with a light dusting of well thinned Tamiya Sky Grey prior to painting. So that the final post preperation/pre-painting look was this: And (finally G), I began painting proper on the underneath with a first session with colourcoats medium sea grey. Again well thinned; and applied with a random 'marbling' type technique; looking to keep some variation in tone/shade/hue to avoid bland uniformity and simulate variable fading/reflectivity/shadow - but without it being too stark: It's basically a matter of taste of course; but I think I'm pretty satisfied with that. Post shading tbd if required. Chipping, washes and filters tbd too (obvs.) Fun eh?
  13. Yep. Looks awful in all of it’s flawless surfacedness and beautifully smooth consistent paintedness. Dunno how you could inflict it on us Bill. Very much looking forward to a step by step account of the baby growing up and growing old and decrepit.
  14. Ah, a scenario I empathise with . My modelling set up is in shared space, and further adaptations included requiring a long hose on the (allegedly quiet) compressor so that during use it can be put outside the mostly closed door. Most recently I was told that the noise made by the air from the airbrush hitting the model was getting intrusive.... Back to the garage for most airbrushing tasks now...... Rightly so. Lovely result. I'm a rubbish brush painter, almost pathologically scared of doing it. If I ever had that skill as a pre-airbrush-owning youngster (debatable) I've lost it now
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