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  1. Am chock full of good intentions. Brimming with them. Just have to translate them into action now.......
  2. Profoundly satisfying.....And I didn’t even do owt... If you’re not feeling smugly contented Tony, you’re not human.....
  3. TBH, in the pleasure of watching the CAD work develop I at times forget that there's a contingent physical reality; also TBH I think the CAD work is of itself sufficient raison d'etre. That said; when the move from working on the the CAD to working on the the physical reality is under way I may have more of a grasp of the processes involved......May
  4. I think Johnny's right. It aint a zero sum game. Blow any cognitive dissidence; I'm gonna admire both too. He's right too. This posting lark is a lot less demanding when other brighter bods have already said it all......
  5. Agreed Sorry Bill (and G) but it was them others.......
  6. But not QWI’s - a much higher lifeform altogether.
  7. You’re just about peerless when it comes to this sort of internal construction work, Martian. Typically awesome
  8. Thought I’d lob in an easy one for you G They make QFI’s at CFS you see.
  9. And so do I Alan. Bit tardy in saying so, but what Tony says sums it up for me. Thanks for the ride.
  10. Colour me jealous. For the tour on the Lightning......defo not for the CFS
  11. Says it for me too The 747 has been around all my adult life and I felt rather stupidly sad when I heard the announcement that BA were retiring them Likewise
  12. Fascinating intro - love the ear-to-ear first solo grin - and a cracking theme.
  13. The very best wishes from me too Bill; hang in there old chap. Steve
  14. Herewith the aforementioned desultory development hitherto not posted herein.... Yesterday, or perhaps it was last Christmas - it was in any event the previous page - the fuselage strakes had acquired some lateral flanges. The nextstep required these here resin rivets. And they found themselves here: I wasn’t that impressed with the Archer domed rivets actually; a bit too much uneven blobbery and not enough identical domed rivetry. But good enough for the medial surfaces of the strakes. I couldn’t th
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