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  1. Impressive and satisfying exercise Crisp. Looking forward to its translation into 3D
  2. That goes for me too. I’m a fan of dettol as a paint stripper also. Seems guaranteed not to hurt the plastic. I agree it pongs a bit, but the pong stays in the garage in my case
  3. Oooh too. Also just noticed that progress has been made. Also think things are looking and well up to the usual standard. Will try to have an original thought to express for next time…
  4. Second that. Looking forward (as ever) to what you’ll produce, Garth; but I’m not sure I’ll start one myself!
  5. Office(s) look(s) good, Rob. And another enjoyable thread to read. What’s not to like
  6. Great story, Tony. BTW could/did you practice PFLs in the Canberra? or was the loss of both engines too unlikely or a bang-out scenario? Sorry for all the 'likes' - but there's so much to like Excellent fusioneering.
  7. I’m minded to think that you mean that literally and not ironically, Bill. Difficult tho’ I find that to believe… probably cos of my own etch aversion
  8. Beautiful work, Bill. Neatness to the extent of flawlessness is an entrenched Navy Bird trait that’s on display here as usual. Love the subtle shading in the grey.
  9. Brilliant. Thanks Andy. Both really useful pictures and unusually clear, the one of DR972 in particular. Best photo I’ve seen of the outside of the operator’s cockpit door. In other news, I survived the week’s skiing in Tignes with limbs intact and came straight back to an intense week and a half at work which has left precious little time for modelling. The workload might also have something to do with being away in Amsterdam next week for Mrs F’s birthday in particular to see the Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum (well she does have an art history degree). But it’s always possible to pinch some screen time to work on a Fusion file; and I think I have more or less finished the design of the new Merlin XX nose for the Defiant. Fishtail exhausts were needed and so drawn. And oil cooler grill detailing - that will probably only be visible with a torch - but hey ho: And the whole nose ensemble could be brought together: And the oil cooler and exhausts had a print to see if they could exist in the real world: (Had to overexpose the photo to make the grill visible) And I printed the nose (split down the middle so that it could be printed flat and thus quickly) to check out the fit and look of the exhausts: I’m modestly pleased with the quality of the surface detailing and the look of the exhausts. T’other side: We meander forwards. Probably good enough , as we used to say back in the day, for government work. Internals of the rear fuselage next I s’pose. Maybe I should stick some actual plastic together n’all. Just a thought.
  10. Nice cover KT, thanks for sharing it I have just one RAF cover - From 1989 , the 75th Anniversary of 6 squadron - I was in the formation that flew the covers I can’t remember if they made us buy them or gave us one each The real collectors of such things is Ian @Brandy who posted some picture of his collection just last month. Maybe he’ll be after yours KT
  11. Doesn’t it just! Impressed of North Yorkshire… Nicely, Bill. She’s coming on beautifully, Bill.
  12. What? Without a plane-ride and a 3 hour road transfer…. Doesn’t seem fair somehow Me too. Something I aspire to do but lack the organisational ability and patience to actually do….
  13. Well I think she’s lookin’ very pretty, Bill. Nice curves - as one would expect Is the appliance white to tuff for cocktail sticks to clean up Bill? Them’s my usual weapon of choice on canopies.
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