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  1. Gorgeous looking aeroplane and great result PC. Too short a thread tho’! Work slower and narrate more
  2. Everything you build, in whatever scale, Tom just seems to progress beautifully and elegantly. Always a pleasure to follow.
  3. Not during military basic flying training Bill. Most every dual flight you walked away from was a horrible stress inducing, sweat inducing, mind exploding hell ride, But it got better later
  4. These chaps do seem to have summed matters up nicely. I can only endorse their submissions. P’raps they’re hiding some legal training?
  5. Useful It’s just reminded me that I got a proper and instantaneous whack on the head once in the JP3; for reciting in my downwind checks “undercarriage down, three reds….....three greens” before actually even pressing the undercarriage down button I didn’t do it again mind you.
  6. I always thought the Tucano looked like fun to fly? - that’s if there’s any room for fun at BFTS....
  7. Sickening ain’t it.... Like Bill say’s. There are other Alan builds about just as close to perfection. Sickening ain’t it....
  8. I’m on the hunt for new superlatives - in the meantime I thought I’d just re-post this photo, as it frankly speaks for itself. Seeing as Giorgio started the Q&A That printing resin looks like a splendid fixer and filler combined - is it likely to work on pouring resin as well? or even regular kit -plastic? Or does it only bond with itself as it were. Chemistry ain’t my strong point....nor is anything else really tbh...
  9. Love these skilfully crafted almost absurd but beautiful details. Now that’s modelling
  10. That’s a lovely photograph. I love the scheme and to my eyes the Hawk looks beautiful in it.
  11. Bits have at least been got out and laid ready on the bench Tom (a quick fnaar fnaar for Ced there and to welcome CT back )
  12. Ha. You’re a bad man and a laggardly modeller Mark. You wouldn’t catch me dawdling like that.......
  13. Of course it would only really have carried ordnance for a fraction of it’s working life; so, on an overwhelming balance of probabilities, you’re more likely to see it without. Stands to reason. No need to bother. I rest my case. Oh - maybe my case isn’t rested yet.... You rarely see a warbird that looks prettier for being loaded with weapons. Mind you I’m not sure the Wyvern’s a pretty aircraft to begin with, so maybe that’s not my best point and I should have stopped before I made it. Advocacy is a hard art......
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