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  1. Perhaps - but probably not as corporeal as the Hughes Hercules.
  2. Stand-out work, Guy. Meticulous, neat and beautiful finishing.
  3. I have a clever ruler with holes in it Can’t remember where I got it, I’ve had it that long: It’s principal use is to mark-out accurate measurements on plastic card etc. with pencil dots or pinpricks. But It made getting the holes in a straight line bit tolerably straightforward - The bit I had trouble with was then cutting and sanding sufficiently neat narrow strip around the ‘oles.....
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Some fabulous images This one took my eye because, whilst it’s listed as being a Mark Vc - and in any event it has the internal armoured windscreen - it looks to me like it has the old flat sided hood. Just goes to show that all sorts of combinations must hve ended up together in the field. I picked up on those photo’s of BL628 from the link you posted on Stix’s thread - invaluable thanks So whilst I ponder whether to risk trying to do something with the overweight yet flat sided nose - and thinking I
  5. I expect Alan or Tony will be along before too long to tell you whether the springs will print, Ian. So there’s you producing 3d prints now and Crisp won’t be far behind you I can quite see how 3d printing will be hugely useful with your preferred subjects.
  6. That’s what I call a relief...... Ok so. Who wouldn’t want to use this bit of the Aires set? It’s just a shame that most of it’s covered by the seat..... The sidewall inserts fitted neatly into place with some judicious fettling and moderate use of TET. Yes - and so am I The learning curve better steepen now methinks.... And I’m calling (maybe prematurely) the plan a success - cos the new sidewall inserts match up perfectly on both sides to the resin floor
  7. Could be. They saw a red jet And they wanted it painted black No colors anymore They want it to turn black ......... They looked inside themselves And saw their hearts were black They saw their red jets They must have them painted black On t’other hand they may just be easier to see.....
  8. Sorry for the thread drift Ced; It’s website says it has a little area of the bar dedicated to the memory of the WW2 aircrew Parson Woodforde - B24 photos
  9. Oops. Sea Vixen. Crisp’s gonna get you...... Probably is the RAF’s fault tho’.... Anyway - I’ve always thought it was a shame that the RAF started painting all the outside of their (training) aircraft black....
  10. I’ve got you well ahead on points now, Alan. And it looks to me like you’ve softened it up over several rounds and are close to delivering the knockout blow. Might risk a small wager on the outcome now.......
  11. Or as @PlaStix put it “thank you for the masterclass in kit modification/correction.” - which I think is probably rather more apposite I shall peruse again and cogitate. Smashing ta; I hadn’t when you posted - but quite literally as I was wondering whether to buy the Airfix kit or look for a decal swap - Jim from the 453rd BG museum emailed me to say that he’d found some decals in Canada! and they’re in the post. Airfix Vb is now the back up plan.... - looks very doable. Tamiya 0.2mm ‘plastic paper’ (plastic card to the likes of me) fits neatly
  12. In a moment of work-avoiding google-mapping last week, I worked out that I used to live just 500m off-of the threshold of runway 19 at RAF Attlebridge back in the 90’s. If your Grandfather could tolerate warm beer he probably drank in the village inn, the Parson Woodforde at Weston Longville - it’d have been the closest pub to the base.
  13. Nonchalantly knocked-off practically perfect cockpit I s’pose that’s the privilege of rank.......
  14. I’ll echo that too. Looks they just about all stuck! Great job Crisp Like hendie I think the HGW system looks lifelike when done with patience and skill like this. Subtle and realistic. Better not be be too heavy handed with the subsequent paint tho’ - I’m sort of wondering if I’ll ever see the rivets again on the rear end of my Hawks, and they’ve only been primed.
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