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  1. S'true for any period really. When I stopped flying FJ's I lost over an inch from my neck and went down two shirt sizes - and the last bone dome I wore was the lighter U.S.version Been scrawny necked ever since. Don't pull a lot of 'G' as a lawyer........ Strange - I'm loving this build at at once removed........P'raps the Airfix Hawk's is just more fun when built by someone else? Nah - I did some measurements from a photo to try and fix the dimensions - all the way back at post # 35 on page 2 here. Dunno who the yoof in the photo is - I don't remember ever having been that young.............. Airfix made a bit of a mess of the whole cockpit really. Perfectly good for the ceiling tho' The pilot looks a bit to big for the seat to my eyes. His head shouldn't stick so far above the seat head box. I s'pect the answer for the ceiling is that he's leaning forward and pushing himself up out of the seat (harness unlocked) to improve his look out Onwards and upwards Ced - a Hawk on the ceiling is worth 2 on the bench.........
  2. Red 10 flies the spare don’t (s)he? and (s)he’s on the ground for the display ain’t (s)he? Anyroad up I wouldn’t suggest it was impossible for 2 redbaggers to be in a Jet together - just not typical. Not untypical to see a blue suited ground crew in’t back tho’ ’course I don’t remember wot they did in the far off gnat days anyways.....
  3. Small lawyerly type smart-aleccy point to ease myself unobtrusively back in so to speak...... If there are two red grow bags in this one gnat.......who's flying number 9? I'll try and muster something more sensible and/or constructive when I've actually given Ced the courtesy of reading what I have no doubt is a suitably Cedpressive thread........
  4. Fritag

    Dornier Do 18-D *Finished*

    Just adding my appreciation for the prop work to that of the mob other fine gentleman BM’ers Tony One thought. Seems to me that that could have been a classic job for resin casting. Make one blade and cast several identical copies. Resin work would be a walk in the park for a man of your calibre Tony.
  5. No Bill. Thank you. For demo’ing - once again - just how 1/72 scale aeroplanes should be built!
  6. My pleasure. The only problem was costa took so long to make it that it reduced my cross-examination time of the witness as to his Spitfire flight said witness had better not forget the details by next year....... Not me. I wouldn’t not want one. I wouldn’t not want one very much even tho’ I don’t want to paint roundels and can’t think of any other reason I need one.....it’s loooovely. It’s being beamed from Berlin too.... Phew. Maybe this feeling of need will pass........
  7. I’ve let you down Bill Wanted to get the second instalment in the post before going to Berlin today for the week. Failed to find the time....... Did tart up the artwork tho’ So you - or Tom come to think of it - could take the plunge now and have em done by the time I get back? You know you want to - you know you’re going to and that goes for Crisp and Ced and Tony and Giorgio et al......oh and of course hendie will be on line soon to..... I do need someone to teach me how to solder tho’. I feel very under skilled in that department Thanks for being master of ceremonies at Telford, Bill. It was short on purchases for me - pathetic haul really: But long on enjoyment with the pleasure of everybody’s company.
  8. Fritag

    Dornier Do 18-D *Finished*

    A real pleasure to meet you Tony. I’m only sorry that the posse fractured so soon and that we didn’t get to sit and chat over coffee. Next time maybe - now that we’ve all broken the ice - ably facilitated by Bill
  9. I’ve already done my congrats over on the Bucc thread. But working on the principle that great work deserves maximum appreciation I’ll repeat em here I didn’t think Scoutie could be bested - but Waspie has done it
  10. Likewise. Very pleased I got to see it at Telford.
  11. It was a bl**dy brilliant example of the model makers art Bill. I thought it looked good in the pictures in the WIP. But they completely failed to do justice to just how good its looked live.....
  12. Maybe Bill - I've had the Flex-I-File frame and strips more or less ever since I came back into the hobby - so I must have used it sometime But I prefers the engineuity ingenooity cleverness of the Bill-brand home brew example Them wings is looking the business. I really would like to avoid having to fill them holes tho'. I think I may risk sacrificing my 0.3mm drills on the alter of trying to drill tiny weeny no-need-to-fill holes on the wings for my VGs.... It's good following in perdu-pioneering footsteps.......
  13. This is a great looking kit and it's great to see it Crispinated. Now I do appreciate that it's not getting the full Crispination - but I have to say that even a half-Crispin is pretty bloomin impressive
  14. Looking forward to the hendie metal mastery being transferred to etch Ta John. Not sure about quickly tho' - think rather a certain obstinate persistence born of desperation to avoid the embarrassment of utter failure..... These won't - but I'm hopeful I will. We're off to Berlin for a few days next week (never been before) so have been busy with work this week - but I'm hopeful of having cleared the decks enough to get to Telford on Saturday. The Hawks have a stopwatch holder on the left of the front and rear comings. The it's a curved housing that lays flat with the coaming and hinges upwards for use. Its a nice point of detail on an otherwise visually prominent but bland bit of the cockpit and so it'd be nice to represent it in some way and add a bit of eye candy. There's a representation of it in an Eduard etched fret I have - but it's very simplified and I thought I could do better. So I produced a quick bit of artwork and a fret. Here's my efforts on a fret with a set of grills. I forgot to take a photo before I removed some of the grills and a stopwatch holder for use..... Here's my effort compared wth the Eduard one. It was just a bit of fun really. And here's a couple cyano'd in place on the rear cockpit coamings To get a neat fix I drilled a 0.5mm hole in the coaming and put a drop of medium cyano on the hole and then popped the etch on top. I'm hoping that this will give a bit more purchase/hold for the cyano. I'll find out if it works depending on whether the etch pings off into the maws of the carpet monster any time soon........ I hope they'll stand out nicely and look suitably interesting once gently dry brushed. Note to self. Stop faffing about with unimportant details and do some proper modelling..........hey ho...