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  1. I just took these photos of my first proper little diorama project ever WIP and background here: Airfix kit, Tamiya and resin figures, base made of floor insulation foam, plaster, static grass, and Mig Ammo Acrylic Water. Thanks for looking - comments are always welcome! Elger
  2. Inching closer to the finish with this project. Making the base was fun - but more difficult than I thought in the end. I started by laminating pieces of Ikea insulation foam board pieces together: The water was made with Mig "Acrylic Water" - which works okay. I tried making thin layers but they started cracking almost every time as they dried. Eventually a top layer remained mostly intact, but then I still added a layer of Future to make the water look more reflective. I invested in a static grass applicator to make the grass stand up - nice to do this so
  3. You should consider chopping off the corner of each of the elevator - as discussed here in this thread:
  4. Same experience here with Printscale decals and the ones from Aviaeology - Printscale very tricky indeed, but Aviaeology worked just fine. I liked the Minicraft kit, which I used parts of for building an H last summer, and would choose it over the Hasegawa kit for building a type D or J if pressed. Not as good, but butter value for money. Pointless observation: some of Minicraft's B-24 series did have some wonderful box art - including this one.
  5. The aircraft is mostly finished. I weathered it lightly with oils and an enamel pin wash. Mud was made with Mig and AK interactive enamels mixed heavily with dark brown pigment powder to give it texture. Next up I'll finish the base and the figures. Thanks for looking!
  6. Looking good! Did you do a good dryfit of the fuselage parts and the bomb bay fitted? I had trouble with both the Mk II and the Mk I kit I built. Especially the front bomb bay bulkhead gave me trouble. And I can't imagine that the Eduard floor improves the fit of the Airfix parts!
  7. Decals added - aircraft markings mostly from the spares box; stencils from the Airfix kit. Up next: some light weathering and some dirt on the underside to simulate the effects of the belly landing. Thanks for looking!
  8. Really wonderful. My favourite build of the Airfix kit to date!
  9. Small update. While the Airfix kit can be built wheels up - it has parts for the main gear in that position, the tailwheel is weighted which is incompatible with that option. I fixed this by laminating some sheet styrene, and then sanding the wheel to shape. The main airframe has been assembled and primed. I reduced the heavy panel lines by blasting the main parts with 5 layers of Tamiya primer from a spray can - really up close and thick (the way you're not supposed to prime). After drying, I sanded the primer off, and ran a q-tip with a bit of Mr Levelin
  10. Hah well thankfully I already finished this in 2018 but I do think that a B.IV from Tamiya is not out of the question. Especially the PE fret with the kit includes some unused parts that might be applicable for a bomber version. But Tamiya works in mysterious ways... I have an HK IX kit in the stash as well, but I can't bring myself around to start it. The nose is actually very problematic - I still think that my solution of swapping the windows improves the look but there are more things off. If I had to do this again I would actually try it with a Revell bomber nose.
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