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  1. I've added some chipping and this morning I've sealed everything with a coat of clear satin. Weathering with oil washes next, and exhaust stains need to be added as well. Thanks for looking!
  2. it's pretty complete out of the box - with a lot of opportunity for superdetailing. a really good -almost- OOB build is here https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/04/build-review-pt-i-48th-scale-avro.html
  3. I painted on the markings. I have a generic 1/48 RAF red letters decal sheet, but looking at photos it was pretty evident that 101 Squadron (like a lot of other squadrons) had their own interpretation of the font. The S in SR has slanted edges at each end of the letter, and the stem of the R is attached in a particular place. But most puzzling was the K - it's very different from the standard RAF font; I figured it was probably the right hand half of an X attached to a straight vertical bar. Similar for the serial number - the cuts in the stencil are in very particular places. I started with scanning an 1/32 RAF serial number sheet, which I scaled to 1/48 and then made the appropriate edits in a very basic picture editing program. This is what I ended up with: For the first time I also painted roundels. It's very difficult to keep the circles centred, and I wish that the yellow was a bit more saturated: I thought that the dark red and the dark blue I had bought were dark enough and it looks okay on the model, but compared to the decal sheet the colours are much more bright and vidid: I'm still really rather pleased with the overall look of the painted markings: I will be adding the stencils with the decals from the kit. As always, thanks for looking!
  4. it definitely is! I can't imagine what it's like building these 4-engined heavies in 1/32!
  5. Thanks all! The black is on. I used IJN Q1 Anti-Glare Blue-Black from AK as the base (which is a dark blue, almost green colour) and then more squiggles on the inside of panels, this time with very thin RLM 66 and then the panel and rivet lines were shaded with Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade. @Pajarito yes I'm going to use the shrouds from the kit - I've made them all the same length. A Lancaster I know that flew without them was NG347/QB-P “Piccadilly Princess", but that was in 1945.
  6. I had a few days off, and managed to get quite a bit of painting done. For the last few years black basing had been my go-to approach, but for no particular reason I've been wanting to go away from it. But when I built my 1/72 Blenheim I felt the overall finish was rather bland, so I wanted to make sure that there was some visual interest with the big Lanc. After a base coat of grey Ammo One Shot primer I started with the green - dark green from AK's Third Generation range. These paints have received a lot of criticism over on the paint forum here, but I don't share that criticism at all. Especially if I add a little bit of Vallejo flow improver to the mix (AK paint + AK thinner) they spray beautifully and they're very forgiving. For the camouflage I cheated a little and used AML vinyl masks (for the Tamiya kit). I then sprayed the Dark Earth (also from AK's third gen range). Then things happened pretty quickly and I didn't take any photos. I added semi-random squiggly highlights to the centre of most panels in very thin lighter versions of the base colours (both paints mixed with Buff). I then added shading along the panel lines with Citadel Athonean Camo Shade (green) and Agrax Earth Shade which I both ran straight through my airbrush. Both were way too heavy, and so were the highlights, so I toned down everything with thin mixes of the base colours again - still leaving quite a dramatic overall look: I'll let the top colours dry for a day or so and then think about masking things up to paint the underside blackish. Thanks for looking!!
  7. A simpler version of this mix that I've been trying and that's been working very well is a mix of AK's Third Gen thinner and a little squirt of Vallejo Flow Improver (probably 60-40 of this, added to the paint). Greatly reduces the 'sputteriness' of AK third gen. Haven't tried really fine work with this yet.
  8. It feels like I'm finally getting somewhere again. Haven't mentioned it yet, but the fuselage was actually really difficult to get together - the halves just wouldn't fit and I had to use a lot of filler as a result. It's not because of any of the interior parts, because the problem was there even when I dry fitted the two halves before anything was added. The wings are meant to be detachable, but right now I'm thinking that after priming I'm just going to glue them on; especially removing them takes a lot of force and I can't imagine doing that once the landing gear and especially the bomb bay doors are on without causing major damage. I haven't fitted the exhaust shrouds yet. I ended up cutting the kit parts so that they're all the same size. The grilles in front of the carburator intakes is from an Eduard set. Priming next!
  9. Finished the turtle deck today. The armoured glass is there, and I also made what looks like a protective soft cover for the edge of the deck with some layers of Mr Surfacer 500. The canopy can be added next, and then I can start thinking about painting this thing!
  10. Turrets are done I'm going to add the bullet proof glass to the rear deck of the cockpit. I'm starting with a piece of cardboard cut to size, but I'll make this out of clear plastic once I've got the dimensions figured out. thanks for looking!
  11. The interior is done! Again if I had known that Quinta Studios product would be coming from Russia I wouldn't not have bought them. They're fine - very easy to use and they look great, but I did not think they look significantly better than their Eduard equivalents. I cut out the section of the instruments decal with the fire extinguisher buttons because I thought the layout of the kit's instruments panel was a more accurate representation. The kit comes with a Fishpond set - DV267 was equipped with the earlier Monica device. I simply made the screen of the kit part square to resemble a Monica box. I added a lamp for the navigator, rearranged the boxes below the table, and moved the location of the Gee set Thanks for looking!
  12. this has been such a fantastic build to follow. congratulations on a beautiful result!
  13. Before going back to business first I'm happy to report that play I mentioned turned out a big success; four sold-out shows at the theatre at our campus. Each night almost 100 students (most aged around 20) not looking at their phones, but breathlessly at their peers putting on a very challenging English language production. When I was a student myself around 20 years ago being part of a theatre group was very valuable to me, and a year and a half ago I started a theatre group at the university where I've been working for over a decade now - and it has exceeded all my expectations. So the play was good: the audience was pleased and for the actors and crew it was a great experience - and then also something very strange happened on the final night. I had heard that a career actor who is known for many television and film productions has been living in the town where I work, and a former colleague brought us in touch, and I invited him to the play. He has been in very big things (movies and TV involving Michael Bay among others), but I've known him since the mid 1980s from a show in which he played a character - and this was my favourite television show when I was 8 or 9. And then two weeks ago this guy came to see my play - it was quite surreal. Not because I was star struck, but because a guy who literally played a childhood hero of mine attended a play I directed by a theatre group I had formed - which, to boot, I coincidentally named after a song on the sound track of that same 80s TV show that he was in. (Not mentioning who it is because he values his privacy). Chatted with him for a bit, before and after the show, and during the intermission, and he seemed to genuinely like the play (even though it was technically an amateur performance). The next day I received a friend request from him on Facebook - he posted about the play, again praising it, but what I wanted to share here was that he also liked photos of the Lancaster build I had posted there as well. If someone had told me at 8 years old that this would happen a bit over three decades later I would not have believed them Anyway, back to business: The interior is ready for paint. The HK kit is really nicely detailed, but I wanted to spice things up a bit. There is some Eduard PE and scratchbuilt items, but the jewel in the crown is the 3d printed seat from Resin2Detail. It looks beautiful and it's very easy to fit. The only real challenge with these 3d printed parts is figuring out what is part of the set and what isn't. Once things have been painted I'm going to be adding 3d decals from Quinta Studios - their website states that they're from Kazakhstan but if you order from them you will get mail from Russia. I did not plan for that to happen. I followed @CraigH's brilliant build of his Dambuster Lancaster, seen here: In his build on LSP he points out that prior to H2S being fitted the Gee instruments were fitted on the right hand side of the navigator's table, and that the boxes underneath the table had a slightly different configuration. Based on that, I modified things slightly in the 1/48 cockpit as well. And theoretically, it should be visible from the window. Theoretically. Anyway, thanks for looking!
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