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  1. So, the fuselage is together! In the end, the Tamiya engine fits the Hobbyboss kit remarkably well, and the entire fuselage went together without any major issues. I still need to do some cleaning up at the very front where the engine frame meets that circular plate that's behind the propeller, and some small seams along the top of the fuselage but those should be easy to take care of. Somewhat related, I got these shoes from I Love A Hangar (https://iloveahangar.com/collections/mens-low-top-canvas ) - they've got a lot of aircraft themed shoe designs but t
  2. Thanks all - really appreciate the encouragement. I've assembled the engine but there's still a few difficult steps before the fuselage is done. But so far so good: I'm cheating a little because I'm leaving off the U-shaped tube underneath the coolant tank (can't get it to fit right and still have the lower cowl in place). Other than that this stage went just about the way I planned it.
  3. Finished painting the engine - I'm going to let things dry for a bit and then I'm going to put this all together. Quick pics - a bit blurry, apologies: Thanks for looking!
  4. you're outdoing yourself with this one Neil!
  5. does that mean that the plumbing could have been any colour? (except perhaps pink with sparkles )
  6. Hello all, I've been trying to look at wartime colour photos to figure out what colour pipes, hoses and wires might have been of Spitfire Merlin engine. Etienne du Plessis' Flickr page is a great resource. The coolant pipe appears to be either brass or interior green - but what about the other pipes and hoses? There's an original colour photo that seems to show light brown, almost sand coloured hoses leading into a Merlin on a Lancaster. Was there a system, or is there a general rule of thumb for the colour of the material of the different kinds of plumbing? (Oil, fuel,
  7. I think I've added every wire and hose that I want to and the engine is ready for some primer, finally! Thanks for looking!
  8. Wonderful build of a kit I once built myself. Like seeing an old friend
  9. elger

    Name that B-25!

    looks like Revell's reboxing of the 1/72 Hasegawa kit https://www.modellversium.de/kit/artikel.php?id=594
  10. This is fantastic. Now I'm wondering what 43 connects to eventually
  11. I should have been more specific - this is the area I am interested in: how is that line connected from the fuel filter to the carburetor?
  12. That is indeed helpful! Thanks!From firewall to fuel filter.. and then to the engine. Still curious about that part.
  13. Hello all, I'm making progress on fitting a Tamiya single stage Merlin engine to a Hobbyboss Spitfire (build thread here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235090354-132-spitfire-priv-hobbyboss-wtamiya-engine-alistair-mcdonalds-aa783-lost-march-13th-1942/) I've got most of the plumbing and wiring of the engine figured out, but I can't seem to get any clear idea of how the fuel line is connected to the engine. I do know the point where it comes out of the firewall, but does anyone have access to any diagrams or photos that show how and where the fuel l
  14. No I don't think I will, because I think that the aircraft did not have a radio mast. Although I'm not sure if the support structure would still have been fitted. Continuing with the engine and its components. I'm almost finished with the engine bearers. I've glued the left and right one together. They consist of the upper part of a Mosquito bearer, with the lower rear halves and the cross frames made from styrene rod. Finally I added some of the surface bits from the Hobbyboss parts, as well as the big main diagonal support that connects the two as well. T
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