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  1. None at all, good communication and easy to purchase, I paid with PayPal.
  2. I don't know if it is too late but I have these two sets I ordered from Microdesign for the Zvezda and they are going to make that kit a lot easier. The interior 3d decals are nothing as good as the Quinta but the etch is good and the external set has those grills you are making (which are decals in the Zvezda). https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/su-57-eksterer-zvezda https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/su-57-interer-zvezda
  3. It never was bad, I built a lot of them and they look great next to other companies' newer and better kits. It's considered underscale because of a measuring issue with the pitot tube. I've compared fuselages with other flankers and there really isn't a scale issue. I have 5 on the shelf below. The Academy's weaknesses are covered by aftermarket like any other kit, mainly canopy, burner cans and cockpit. But with these amazing GWH kits on the scene now (and even the Hobby Boss and Kinetic offerings) it really is at the bottom.
  4. I love the scheme, haven't seen anyone do that yet. I too have built the HpH beast and can see all the omitted details you've added, very nicely done! I wish we could have a photo of them together and one more showing it's current pixel scheme.
  5. I am now fully convinced that it's failings was the paint job, that scheme positively lifts it. Nice work.
  6. Nice work, it definitely needs a mirror to sit on.
  7. Nice build! The MiGs of that era really sparkle with that insane cockpit color and pink putty.
  8. Looks the business, great job. I've got one in the stash with some of the same extras and your build log will provide me with a very useful roadmap. Also, nice dedication.
  9. Nice work! That scheme was on my 'to do' list of Forger schemes. I think they just inherited them with a lot of other Soviet hardware. I doubt they were ever used.
  10. Nice scheme! I've built it too, it does present some frustrating fit challenges.
  11. Very good damage, inspiring! Wish I had the shelf room.
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