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  1. Here's a few from a book I have on the Yak-28PP
  2. paulsbrown

    Su-35 Paint Sets

    I certainly think so. I've had the suspicion that sometimes the companies just put something off their shelf that's close like RLM light blue for Flanker light blue etc.... I think this set is exactly that but I think that some like MRP and AKAN do make a new mix for a dedicated set and in this comparison it shows.
  3. paulsbrown

    Su-35 Paint Sets

    I'm nearing the end of my Kitty Hawk Su-35 build (which has been an enjoyable, simple build after my Su-30MKI) and already preparing to begin the excellent looking GWH Su-35 in the three tone blue-grey scheme. Although I'm more than confident that AKAN colors (with a little tinkering) will do the job on the three color blue-grey camouflage scheme I thought for fun I'd get some of the new dedicated Su-35 sets that I'm not too familiar with, namely the MRP Su-35 and the AMMO by MIG Jimenez Su-35 and see how they looked. These are simply brushed on to watercolor paper, merely to see the color hues so I'm not worried about the tone as all that will change through the airbrush and any necessary lightening. I'm very happy with the MRP colors and hear great things about how they spray. The light blue is suitably cool, the grey and darker blue-grey also look accurate and most importantly they all look good together. I've used AKAN colors for the modernized Su-27SM as they are what I had planned to use and from earlier use know will look good and won't be so dark when sprayed. The AMMO colors all seem way off to me. I'll see how the MRP colors look when airbrushed but they seem the best so far and I've never sprayed this kind of paint before. I look forward to a strong surface that the acrylic AKAN has never really managed. Has anyone airbrushed any of these colors yet?
  4. Here's my Su-30MKI based on the Academy kit. I used Sol, A.M.U.R Reaver, Neomega, Fairy Hobby, Eduard, Begemot, Aires, AKAN paints, Metallic Details and various other Flanker bits. It was quite a fight to get it all together but I'm glad I finally managed, it's a Flanker I always wanted on the shelf. The AKAN paints for this particular Su-30MKI Bort 01 and the second prototype 06 were excellent and Begemot had both the demonstrator's decals, I think there's something to be said for companies that produce such niche items for kits that don't really exist without some aftermarket and elbow grease. I think I'll reward myself with a well deserved relaxing build of one of the latest 1/48 Flanker family that arrived last week. Thanks for looking.
  5. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Yes I commend you for that, I couldn't quite face correcting the angle at the time. This photo shows how small the Academy canopies are compared to the Fairy Hobby one. I had to use some Eduard PE for the Kinetic Su-33 for the Fairy Hobby canopy as anything for Academy was too small. I'm glad to see all the new flanker kits seem to have corrected this.
  6. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Yes The Sol part was fine, I hadn't used it on a 2 seater before. The wheel wells made it unexpectantly flimsy around the wings which caused me some trouble. The big exhausts also took some time as well as the Fairy Hobby canopy (which is so much nicer being the correct size).
  7. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Yes I followed that excellent build and I marveled at how quickly you managed to get it all together.
  8. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Nearly finished! Just needs some tiny details and tidying up now and find the pitot tube that got knocked off by my hobby lamp.
  9. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Bombs painted and on the racks, I tried my best to match the colors and weathering of the photos for each dispenser. The finish line is getting close now that these are completed. Each one seemed like another separate kit.
  10. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Thanks Radleigh, the canards are from a Sol Su-35 set, I wondered if it would work for a two seater and it did. In fact it wasn't much of an effort or any more work than the 4 single seaters I have done. Windmark and Wolfpack also make them.
  11. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Painted bombs, now for some rust, chipping and more fading.
  12. I received mine last week, this kit is amazing. I've done a dozen 1/48 Flankers and really looking forward to starting it.
  13. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Some details on the excellent and correct sized Fairy Hobby vac formed canopy. Had to use some PE from the Eduard Su-33 set to fit the bigger canopy.
  14. paulsbrown

    Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Gear is on, now for some ordinance. Nice etched mudguard replacement Never knew I'd turn a Flanker into a bomb truck but I've always liked this cover photo. So I've been rummaging through my stash and finding as many 250 kg bombs and racks as I can. And using photos to find the correct position of the racks with the right number and layout of the bombs. I'll use the nicer resin dispensers for the wings and intakes where they'll be seen more and the lesser plastic ones for the two between the intakes and engines. Same with the bombs.
  15. I began this with the 2017 Sukhoi Flanker STGB group build but wasn't able to finish in time. To recap it is the Academy Su-30MKK kit with the Sol Su-35 (Su-27M) canards, scratch built instrument panels with the Neomega Su-30MKK cockpit, Aires wheel wells, new resin nose, A.M.U.R. Reaver burner cans, AKAN paint and Begemot decals. Bort 01 Neomega cockpit with MKI instrument panels being made. Tried to make some resin extras as backups but my casting wasn't very good. Canopy mechanism work Days of putty and sanding to come. I ended up filling it with foam to give it some internal strength to compensate all of the cutting of both fuselage halves. A.M.U.R. Reaver exhausts are a lot bigger than the original Academy pipes but look great. No complaints with AKAN's Su-30MKI demonstrator colors. The overall pale blue the dark blue were perfect, I grayed the middle blue just a bit to get a better match. I always use little 1/144 kits as color testers G Gear is on it's way. I found some photos where that wonderful Russian pink sealant was used on this plane's gear which certainly adds a bit more color. I'm using the resin Armory wheel set with the nice sagged tires. Thanks for looking, more to come.