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  1. Is it just me or does the RAM still look over pronounced like all the other F-35 offerings?
  2. Yeah, I think that is the best result I've seen yet for achieving the Raptor skin. Awesome. Let's hear how you did it!
  3. I'm definitely interested in the J-10C upgrades, I can send you € directly or ebay sale, whichever you prefer.
  4. I'd really like to buy a set from you for my J-10, will you have any extras?
  5. How did it do against the Hellcat? Nice build, I share your affinity towards the Rufe.
  6. I've purchased some of Arma Models Zvezda and GWH combos with added resin extras unique to them which are pretty good, it'll be interesting to see what comes of this project. Very happy they have mentioned rivets, the Ka-52 conversion below, an MH-60 and my Ukrainian Su-25M1 have been quite a time consuming affair, not to mention depleting my Archer rivet stocks! Nothing better to spur a complicated conversion (1/48 Neomega/Italeri) with all the aftermarket parts available than the treat of a new release. Sadly the announced Ka-52 Kitty Hawk kit was what got this one out of the box and then it was shelved again. I've been back on it for a month and this Arma-Models possibility will spur it to completion this time.
  7. Thank you! It’s still growing with all the excellent new Flanker kits.
  8. Hey Gaz, The bottom is definitely a bluish gray but different from anything in the upper camo. I had the MRP Ukrainian paints to work with, I used two of them for the overall top and the bottom. The photo below of the crashed aircraft shows the top and bottom colors well. The other main color change is the cockpit is more like the Su-35/57 darker blue gray and the landing gear, inner doors, ladder and chaff tubes share a similar color. I believe I used AKAN 73069 straight for the cockpit and slightly altered (lightened and blued) for the other mentioned areas. Hope this helps.
  9. Just sanding. I'd hold it up in front of this profile photo until it was the same. No, not nearly as good as the Monogram but I've got one in the pile and I enjoy making prototypes with molds that were released at the time. It will be a quicker build, cockpit all in box as the canopy doesn't open.
  10. Good scheme, I'm making it too with the (old) Tamiya F-16. Thanks for looking, I think early attempts at mixing model paints to match the boxtop might have helped my career choice to be an oil painter.
  11. That belongs in a museum, what an effort. Superb!
  12. When I first saw photos of the F-16 Viper Team Demo out of Shaw AFB, SC in 2020 I thought that this was one of the best of many F-16 demo schemes but thought it pretty unlikely I would be able to replicate it. Luckily Model Makers Decals had made this scheme super easy for someone with my patience and I ordered the decals immediately. They provide very clear steps in the instructions to lay all the scales down in sections. The decals were thin enough that the Tamiya surface detail still shows through. I had a few hiccups but overall it looks the part. I added a Quinta Studios cockpit as well, painting the gull gray areas to make it blend in better.
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