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  1. Inspiring! Great job on the whole project.
  2. Great job, particularly on the homemade canard mods. Any cockpit shots?
  3. Didn't realize there was a yearbook thread, thanks for the heads up!


  4. Thanks everyone! Yes Matt, here's the set up. Thirsty work...
  5. Good work! I did it with the amazing Neomega cockpit and some extras years ago, it's quite a beast to build so- well done.
  6. Great opener, skillfully done! What was the airbrush and paint you used?
  7. MiG-23MS Red Eagles YF-113E from the secretive American Red Eagles squadron under the Constant Peg program out of Tonopah, Nevada in the 80s. MiG-21 F-13 Red Eagles YF-110B Ex Indonesian aircraft also in the Red Eagles. I stripped down this Hi Kit resin 1/48 MiG Ye-8 Prototype Red 82, rebuilt the cockpit and gave it a better paint job And I did the same for an old Italeri Eurofighter, I stripped it and rebuilt it as the second prototype to pose with the Ye-8 and a Chinese Chengdu J-10, all are canard/delta winged aircraft I can't resist an Aggr
  8. I like the folding option. First aftermarket resin will need to be the life raft. And it has the cover plate on the chaff dispenser.
  9. I had both kits half built and on ice until I got the Paul Metz 'Northrop YF-23 ATF (Air Force Legends) book a few years ago, it has really good cockpit photos. The Collect-Aire had the right 'architecture' but was lacking in details. I left the fictional pipes on the HB kit, sort of wished I hadn't now but at the time I didn't want to drain my energy on yet another HB correction job that would take away my enthusiasm to finish the C-A kit (I had taken that thing out of the box so many times to see if it was time to tackle it again). The Metz book seems to be stupid pr
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