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  1. I second that. I've just started the Zvezda Yak-130 and have been enjoying all aspects of the kit. I'm thinking the whole time how nice a Zvezda 1/48 Su-30SM would be like.
  2. It builds up into an early prototype well, I'm looking forward to having several production versions next to it someday. Too many paint schemes already for only a handful of aircraft.
  3. I've used the Eduard and also Dream Model etch too. I always repaint as much of the incorrect 'interior color' on the etch as I can with lightened AKAN 73069 to better match the rest of the cockpit. Basically fill in between the dials with a tiny brush and diluted paint.
  4. Sorry this took some time but here's some photos of the two sets I have. I haven't been able to check the fit as the only kit I have is on the bench and has my own scratch built interior. As soon as I get another Blackhawk I will do some fitting. Overall, I like the kits, they are pricey but there's a heck of a lot of work in them and there's some great detail. Thoughtful things such as pilot's seats having different belt positions where as most kits annoyingly just give you two identical ones. I will also add that Diego of Xtreme Modelers Studio was very good to work with, we had to go through some hurdles with Paypal that were tedious. His shipping was very quick and well packed. This is the Pave Hawk And the UH-60M
  5. I'm pretty certain that whoever makes the next 48th it will be preferable to the older Italeri, I wouldn't build another one but I'd love a new kit of an USAF CV-22B to sit by my Marine one.
  6. The Italeri can be made into a decent kit, although you'd have to go to town on it to really make it nice. Blackdog make some resin bits and there are some decal sheets with surface details. I built this one up in anticipation of the new release.
  7. It's a good kit, just make sure you correct (lengthen) the front landing gear rear spar so that the droop is the right angle. This is the GWH Su-35 instruction page, does that help? Perhaps for the air to ground stuff check out the photos of their latest offering Scroll down and check out Haneto's build.
  8. That's inspiring, love the paint chipping, very realistic. Did you add the fuselage rivets?
  9. Yep, me too. I'm starting it now, hoping the Mi-28 comes out first.
  10. Great job on a great choice, lots of color and variety in your bird.
  11. None yet, I had about 20 minute's time to look through the parts before having to go on a trip. I'll do some fitting and take some photos when I'm back.
  12. I've got some of his stuff, overall it's very nice, lots of small details well made. After rebuilding the inside of the Academy kit once already I look forward to seeing how his interiors fit in.
  13. Wow, so that looks like they're making the entire replacement fuselage instead of cutting/adding the canard shoulders.
  14. That is a gem of information, thanks Ken (and the original photographer)!
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