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  1. I enthusiastically support this project! Although starting off with maybe a 1/72 727-100 or DC-9 would be more practical from a business point of view. I’ll take a 1/72 Tristar please and maybe a 757 too. And if a 1/72 DC-10 comes along later, even better! I have no room to put them but I’ve never let such minor problems stop me before…. Best regards….Duncan Already planning how to get the packages past the wife…
  2. Hmm. Doesn’t look like a reissue of the tired Frog molds, which is a good thing! Just have to prepare myself for the sticker shock…. Best regards…Duncan
  3. Huh? I thought they were doing a A340-600???
  4. If they are only doing reissues how about a repop of the 1/144 ATR-42 with some new ‘super decals’? I think it is a nice little kit that is getting difficult to find. Best regards….Duncan
  5. Just got mine and I love it! Yes the fan disks are questionable (PAS kit had same issue) but everything else looks amazing. The molding really captures the ‘character’ of the plane very well, especially the nose/windshield. After years of wrestling with the Minicraft effort, this kit is a godsend. And the price is excellent too (take note, Eastern Express). Can’t wait till they reach my local hobby shop so I can buy five more. Thank you Zvezda!!! Best regards…Duncan ps. Hey Zvezda, show some love towards the 707 and 727. We won’t mind!
  6. <makes you wonder why only two variations? > I believe one is steel brakes, the other carbon brakes. Best regards...Duncan
  7. Was there a separate release announcement for the 1/72 Electra? I’ve been following it here on Rumormonger and didn’t hear anything about the release. I bought one on eBay anyway, thank you for the heads up. I will buy the Eastern express Electra also. The Electra was just one of those planes that were never done justice in plastic (757 as well). It’s amazing but I never thought I’d see the day where almost every semi-popular airliner has been done in 1/144 injected plastic. And from Russia too! Good times... Best regards....Duncan
  8. Check out the 787, they’re all over that thing! But you gotta use torx plus, or you strip out the screw head with regular torx.... Speaking of Mirage 2000’s, are the Peruvian birds bespoke versions or can I use the Modelsvit kit? Best regards....Duncan
  9. Wow Eastern Express is really filling in the blanks with their airliner releases. 26Decals please re-box the CV-990, BAC 1-11, and A340-600 with some nice decals please! Take my money now! Best regards....Duncan
  10. If 26 decals boxes it I will buy it. I’m not going to settle for a laser decal for such an expensive kit (don’t know the price yet, but I know it will be high). Best regards....Duncan
  11. Oh well looks like I’ll have to buy one. Not really my scale but too beautiful to ignore! Best regards...Duncan
  12. P&W and RR engines??? Too good to be true! Lobe crease, pinched fuselage between the horizontal stabs and most importantly, accurate nose shape. Looks like we have a winner here! Best regards...Duncan
  13. >Hi all. >Good news, I will now be reboxing the 747Sp kit with my decals Affordable 747SP kit, Zvezda 757, new tool mystery 1/144 727... Truly a golden age for airliner modelers!!! Best regards...Duncan
  14. I’m an absolute F-5 nut but I won’t buy this one unless they knock $10 off the price. Best regards....Duncan
  15. >My advice: minicraft to the bin or ebay. Yes please just bin it. Certainly don’t attempt to build it or make somebody else try to.
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