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  1. Another great M47 build using the old but very neat Italeri kit. Well done! Terry
  2. I'm sure the Takom M47's are very good, but this is reminding me of just how good some of these old Italeri 1/35 kits are. This one is looking very neat indeed. Great build. Terry
  3. Good luck Bill. As a number of us said earlier in this thread, we are right behind you! Terry
  4. Beautiful work. Marineflieger F-104's are my favourite of the type .............. must have been due to my miss-spent youth watching and being completely dumb struck by the Vikings F-104 duo at various air shows! Terry
  5. Still awaiting the arrival of a resin Jupiter engine which, depending on how it looks, might involve me chopping off the white metal one. A decision to be made for sure. I may first try and see what the existing one looks like with the cylinders airbrushed and some dark pin wash on them. Might not look too bad and if that is the case, the replacement Jupiter can be used for another project! Meanwhile some clean up and further detail added There is some complex strut work to do as I have decided to go for the @Baron approach and at least construct the Cabane struts from brass. I think these would not only look good but give some much needed inherent strength at the core of the upper wing/fuselage join. Time for very accurate measurments and some drawings I think. I also need to go firm on a colour scheme. There are a few colourful choices for RAF machines, and of course there is @Moa's subtle suggestion of a civil scheme......... More soon Terry
  6. Thanks! Definitely an uphill struggle but very enjoyable. Should have some update pics in a day or so. Terry
  7. Joining this at the end it seems Roger, but a very nice interlude from aviation! Lovely if not unusual subject. I'm having an AFV break myself here with an AMX-13. It's always good to vary things I think. Nice work on this one. Terry
  8. This is becoming like Triggers broom! I'm most impressed with your determination Bill. She'll look the biz when all done I know it. Terry
  9. Hi Werner, I've just seen this and your earlier Leopard 1A3. They both look really superb. I especially like the subtle weathering, it suits modern tanks very well I think, but more realistic for me are the subtle touches like the occasional differing hub colours on this one and the slightly different panel shades on the side of the 1A3. Although I really like them both, this one, the 1A% is my absolute favourite. I am looking for a Meng 1A5 myself at the moment, but they seem very rare and thus very expensive. Thanks for sharing Terry
  10. The seats look really good from inside and out. Excellent thread. Terry
  11. You did indeed, although I hasten to add it never actually left Swanage station to make the journey up the hill to my house, so I only caught a glimpse when I passed by the station! I never realised that, interesting. I'll have to seek out said Xtracrylic and give that one a try. I should add that I rarely use pure black on models even for stuff that is supposed to be, like tyres or radomes, even whole airframes. Always mix a tad grey or brown in for good measure! Terry
  12. Yes the original is just the same as the first one above, sitting below the keyboard, as opposed to the second one above, below that, sitting above the keyboard! Always like to bring clarity to a thread.
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