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  1. To most it's just a grass field, but we know Ced, we know! Terry
  2. Awesome picture! Takes me back to when I lived in both Broughton and the Wallops (not at the same time I hasten to add) for quite a few years. Salisbury was our go to town most of the time, and we got to know it very well. There was a great model shop in Endless street, and now (I think) one in Fisherton street. Also went to many live gigs at the Salisbury Playhouse. A great city which I miss. I also did much of my PPL training out of Old Sarum. The take off from runway 24 and immediate right hand 45 degree (almost) turn to avoid overflying the Old Sarum heritage site is something I shan't fo
  3. We did same not far away in Purbeck. A cracking day. Also quite spooky that on return I did a massive tidy of my hobby room (man cave coming later after garage conversion), and it had the net effect of bringing back some of my lost mojo of late. Love the micromaster stuff, and those hatches look the biz. Terry
  4. Impressive 3D work Ralph. I'm currently working my way through some Blender tutorials, and latterly Fusion. Fusion is definitely my favoured software. but even though I have worked in IT most of my life, these software tools are a whole different world to what I have been used to. That said things are starting to make sense. Most impressed with what you have done. Terry
  5. I'm liking the bronze green a lot. One of mine is a pre-war in bronze green. Your shade looks spot on. Terry
  6. Phew! I got in on page 1, must be doing something right. Excellent choice of subject John, and I promise I won't go on about preferring the Cold War scheme! Seriously though, that commemorative scheme really will look superb on a modern warship in this scale. Judging by your last build, we are in for quite a treat. Terry
  7. Missed this one from the start Beefy, but have just had a catch up from the beginning. Lovely subject, and your usual exquisite work. Very glad to hear Mrs Beefy is OK. Seem to have lost my modelling mojo lately, since before Xmas, but I'm sure it will return, especially when I look at threads like this one! Terry
  8. My periodic overdue catch up Giorgio. What can i say but wow. Superb work, and I do love the attention you are giving that Jumo! A bit of a masterclass going on here. Terry
  9. So that's why I found my Day Skipper Course so challenging. I thought it was about the evening drinking! Fantastic work here Kev (as usual of course). It's like watching a miniature expert shipwright at work.............. with the occasional input, from a submariner. of course Terry
  10. Mrs Martian must indeed be praised on her photography skills of course, which have enabled us to view your deft and somewhat awesome modelling skills (yet again). You certainly seem to be "back in the groove" as far as modelling skills my friend. And that is very heartening! Terry
  11. I recently discovered a very tiny piece of etched brass (a three rung section of 1/700 ladder) inside the open cockpit of my 1/72 Sedbergh which sits on the top shelf of the display shelves in my hobby room. I had lost it early last year when working on a small 1/700 ship. My Carpet Monster is clearly very devious! Terry
  12. The sound of Avon's ............. certainly not silent!
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