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  1. Fantastic result Ian, and you got my vote at this months club meet, but clearly didn't need it judging by the number of votes when I last looked! In the end, models are what we make of them. As you know I do have the new tool 1/48 Buccaneer, and it is a great kit, but I know I'm going to be severely hard pressed to come anywhere close to what you've done here. Well done that man! T. PS, As for your recent experience at the FAA museum, it does sound like they might need to talk to some serious FAA advocates, before they dillute things too much. I wonder if @Ex-FAAWAFU has a view? I' ve not been down there for a couple of years, but did hope to go back soon.
  2. Fantastic progress Ralph. Love all that additional etch. Shots like that one of Cumberland are invaluable for detail, and indeed final coloring and particularly deck "weathering" Terry
  3. Can I second that! As Bill suggests Edward, hang on in there. Many of us have been through similar angst stuff with families. Wishing you all a speedy route out through these challenges. By the way. We have an informal weekly coffee morning (in Wimbourne) where a few members of our local model club get together and generally solve the world's problems. This morning, quite by chance, an elderly couple overheard our banter and we got chatting, only to find out as we chatted that the older man (who was pretty deaf and I would say in his early 80's) was an ex-RAF Lightning pilot! I asked if his deafness had been caused by Avon's and he found that very funny, but nodded in agreement! He regaled us with some tales for a while before leaving us to our coffee. A fantastic morning was had by all. T.
  4. They are both looking good from down here in Dorset Bill. Dayglo and Silver will look awesome on the Gnat I know, but like Steve I was hoping for some view on Hataka colours. Can't recall if we are expecting the JP to be using them? Terry
  5. That is exactly what I meant! I could have sworn I'd put it the other way round, but there, you seem to have it and I reckon that's looking much better now. T.
  6. Looks extremely tricky to me. FWIW I tend to agree with Ian re the "join". I'd describe the lower part of that transition as a convex curve outwards, rather than concave. I've not explained that well, but I know what I mean! T.
  7. Lovely work there Steve, and I agree it's looking close to the profile in that picture. This sort of talk makes me nervous. Are you gently letting me down towards your eventual use of a SIHRC by any chance? T.
  8. I'm loving that crane David, absolutely delicious - not that I'd want to eat it! Terry
  9. Awesome detailed work here John. That comparison of real vs model above, says it all! Terry
  10. Interesting take on the definition of "doing stuff with" a SIHRC. Lack of clarity on my part obvs (I've lost many wagers that way), but would that really be classed as using said tool in earnest, and would cajoling Bill in this way make an admissible case? I guess I should be careful with all this................... dealing with a lawyer can be fraught with wordy complexities I never learn do I. Nice try Bill! Terry
  11. C'mon Bill, do we ever really expect Steve to be doing stuff with a SIHRSC? Beers all round on me if we ever see that day T.
  12. Lovely work on the cabin area Tony. Writing that got me thinking (dangerous stuff), that we aren't calling it a cockpit. I guess that's cos it's not just a cockpit but a place for other people to be entertained? Coat time perhaps.......... Terry
  13. Wow Chris, just wow wow wow! All your work is up there with the best, and when considering your use of brush painting, I'm often left speechless that you can achieve such results. An unusual subject and you have done it complete justice. Well done! Terry
  14. Just to add to my comments in the WIP, I feel like this picture is one of those "it's like getting the band back together" moments Great to see a few shots of them all together. All five builds are simply masterclasses each in their own right. Wonderful work that you can be very proud of indeed. Terry
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