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  1. But doesn't @TheBaron use superglue mixed with flour? That would be a nightmare mixer to clean out.....
  2. A short term relationship, destined to end in tears I imagine............. Terry
  3. Pod looks superb Steve. That underbelly photo of the TWU Hawk from Chris Allan's book will give you plenty of scope for "in-service" weathering look! As long as you haven't forgotten you still have that book again ! Lovely job. Terry
  4. That's good news Roger. Will definately drop by. Terry
  5. Can't believe it, I made page 1 of a Ced build, phew! Excellent choice Ced, looking forward to this one, and as others have said Dark Slate Grey does indeed look green, to me at least, most of the time. That and good old EDSG are simply a delicious combination, which always adds something to the already "extra specialness" of FAA aircraft, and in this case, Coastal Command birds too! Terry
  6. That is looking so convincingly good, the grey on the engine panels, the PC12, the CDL and the blue on the roundels all look very good. This build has just about become the single go to reference for my future 1/48 Swallow! Terry
  7. We plan to exhibit for both days (Poole Vikings). Hope to meet some more new BM faces, along with all those I now know through this excellent forum! Terry
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, but its a real shame we have to contend with thieves. That was the first time I'd ever been to the Farnborough show, but will certainly try to make it a regular one in future. Well done to the Farnborough team! Terry
  9. Very nice Barracuda Nick. She looks good in the post war scheme as you say. I'm hoping maybe I'll see this in a forthcoming show soon? I'll be at Bovington and Telford next. Terry
  10. It was great to meet at last, yesterday evening Ralph. As for explaining that spend to the wife, I can only wish you the very best of luck! The amazing build continues Kevin. I am curious with all this brass, what will you use to clean, and then prime it? I've had variable results with priming then painting small bits of brass. Terry
  11. Everything he said, and yes, especially those colours, spot on i reckon! Terry
  12. Er...................I am lost for words.....and my wife will tell you that's not actually possible! That really is one of the best builds of anything I have yet seen. Stunned! Well done Moa! Terry
  13. Terry1954

    Telford 2019

    Thats a real shame Heather. I'm sure we'll all be at next year's show to say hi! Terry
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