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  1. Been there recently Ced. As you say, minefield!! Hope you get it sorted. Terry
  2. Nice start and an interesting conversion. There you go @Courageous, must make you feel quite at home! Terry
  3. Superb Hellcat. That weathering is spot on! Terry
  4. Those decals do look the biz. I think James could have a point re printing white on the decals, although I'd have thought F-Decal would be OK with that? Your back up plan for doing home made white letters might be flawed I fear, unless you have an Alps printer? I'm pretty sure that printing white on inkjet and laser printers isn't possible? Terry PS. You could use white decal paper and print the surrounding area blue I guess, but matching the blue would be a challenge?
  5. As Bill suggests, those photographs of the gathering storm sky are superb Tony, both in technical and artistic quality. A man of many talents it seems! Terry
  6. They all look great don't they. I guess my favourite is the BOAC scheme - showing my age there! Great photos again James. Terry
  7. Lovely looking Hellcat. I'm a recent convert to Lacquer based paints. Superb finishes can be achieved as you have shown. Terry
  8. Welcome indeed Ralph! Completely understand the challenge you have, one of my sons suffers similarly. I must say I'm very impressed with your ship models! Terry
  9. That's great news Andy. Thanks for the update. I may make contact myself this weekend. Terry
  10. Absolutely superb work Werner. As others have said, your weathering and overall finish are very realistic. Love it! Terry
  11. Well said @Heather Kay, @perdu and @Brandy A crazy time indeed. Terry
  12. Thanks David. Not as stunning as that Victorious of yours! Thanks Martin. Makes a change from aircraft! OK Tony, I confess, yes I did! So it's been a while since I made any further progress on this one, and I'm sure some of you will comment on that! In my defence several other builds have got in the way of this one (no WIP's but RFI's on each shortly) and a bit of mojo loss generally. For those curious, the main distractions have been.......... Two 1/72 AFV's. One is a WWII Mk VI light tank in a very tricky to mask
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