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  1. I'm sure you will be well able to correct the tail Massimo, but in case you change your mind, I think this is what @heloman1 was referring to https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/rotor-craft-1-72-westland-wessex-uh-34-fuselage-correction-set.html I have one and it's pretty good. Terry
  2. Some superb modelling on this thread Rob, and having just caught up I am really impressed with your work here. Terry
  3. Excellent thread. Always loved the Puma and did several right of passage builds on the old Airfix 1/72 many years back. Kits like this could further tempt me to upscale! Terry
  4. Catching up here after many Christmas and New Year distractions Bill. Great progress and as @andyf117 has already observed, I too hadn't realised that the Merlin is similar in size to the CH-53. A very Helicopterish thread indeed! Terry
  5. Thanks Kev. I should point out that its not new work space, simply moving back into the existing one. We had an extraordinary number/amount/volume/mass of family to say down here this Christmas and New Year, which meant adopting the hobby room as an overspill bedroom for a few weeks. For damage limitation purposes, I decided to stash everything away! Will re-commence soon> Appreciate your comments Steve. It is a challenge though! Terry
  6. Yes, they do seem to be in the way, but appear to be correct according to plans I have. I'm getting me hobby space back shortly so should get this one back into production soon. Terry
  7. You never know Crisp, they might be tempted to upscale it at some future date. I'm sure it would be a reasonable improvement and somewhat more "current" in detail on the existing 1/48 release............. Terry
  8. Terry1954

    British K- Class Submarine

    Looking good Stuart!
  9. Terry1954

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Cracking extra pictures Martian. Mrs Martian has indeed given us all an extra Christmas present. Some excellent shots there of the deck edge elevators and the Starboard side detail in general. When taken in conjunction with those you took, a pretty comprehensive set I would say. I wonder who will be first with a model kit for us ..................... Terry
  10. Likewise that is one of my long term plans. Terry
  11. Happy to report that repairs on the Sabre are just about done and the final replacement decals are being applied at the moment. Photo's of the completed model, and the T21 Sedbergh will have to wait until after the Christmas break as I have temporarily turned the hobby room back into a makeshift bedroom with some airbeds on the floor. Our house is reaching capacity this Christmas with the returning brood, complete with their own broods! All will be revealed in the new Year! Happy Christmas everyone. Terry