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  1. Terry1954

    F-86 undercarriage doors, up or down on the ground?

    Hi @sanguin I will add that as I am becoming acutely aware, building sabres is much fun. I'm on my third in a year, with six more in the stash! And those doors look so cool when they droop down like that: You will get some good help on here especially from @Tony Edmundson and @Sabrejet and many others I have not mentioned. Terry
  2. Terry1954

    Interesting article about Scimitar...

    Just seen those and I have to agree. At first I was going to say that was one of THE best 1/72 models I have seen, certainly by far the best Scimitar, then I looked at the Attacker ................... (can't find a jaw drop emoticon!) Awesome modelling and makes me feel slightly less depressed about owning an Xtrakit Scimitar, seeing what could be done to it ............... Terry
  3. Nice Hornet. I remember building that one in my youth (very long time ago!) There is another Hornet available in 1/72 from Special Hobby. See this link - https://www.scalemates.com/products/reviews.php?scale=1:72&topic=de Havilland DH 103 Hornet Cheers Terry
  4. Very neat indeed. I especially love the subtle weathering. The upper camouflage brown and grey look superb. Terry
  5. Terry1954

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    This is stunning work indeed. I occasionally do 1/144, mostly airliners, but am drawn to such miniature things! Terry
  6. Terry1954

    Mitsubishi A6M2b 'Zero'

    That is one seriously realistic zero Michelle, beautiful job! Terry
  7. Terry1954

    Harrier GR3 - Airfix 1/24

    Thats neat. Decided to follow this as I dont usually follow very large scale, but I like the look of this. Phew, at last someone who has many builds going like me, although I don't think I have 30 ....................... yet! Terry
  8. Terry1954

    Dornier Do17z

    Some rather good, and seriously speedy building going on here, certainly compared to my glacial pace! I have both an Airfix Do17z and an ICM Do215B-4 in the stash, and both look like long builds for me! Terry
  9. Terry1954

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    Only just picked up on this fascinating thread. I have fond memories of the old Airfix Auster. Some superb modelling going on here. I'll be following this one for sure. Terry
  10. Boring repetition ............. modelling a Thud? You must be kidding! Terry
  11. This is looking superb Martin. I notice you are starting another Thud too! Terry
  12. Thanks Roger. By all means try it. It's still ongoing, will see how it develops. Terry
  13. Great stuff Adrian. I was wondering when this one would be back! Terry
  14. Terry1954

    FJ-1 Fury

    Just made it here to see this one although I saw you were just about there in WIP. Really nice job Stuart, and I think you made some good calls on the final job! I pulled out my Valom Fury last night, inspired by this, but must get latest Sabre done first! Cheers Terry
  15. Superb work on the big one of course, but I do get enjoyably distracted by this wee one! Will have to make a start on my one when I get a few other builds out of the way. Terry