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  1. That's fascinating, I just looked back and read dana's explanation. I must admit I had not considered that demarcation between paint layers could cause that level of airflow disruption The white aluminium looks super slick Bill. Will you lay on an undercoat of some kind for the yellow wing tops? Terry
  2. Oh well, a very small matter that no one would notice, had it not been mentioned! I've made far more obvious "misrepresentations" with decals in my time, I can assure you! Terry
  3. Beautiful decalling Giorgio. And you will be sure to get those nose wheel door numbers the correct way round now, won't you? Terry
  4. Hi Rob. I discovered this build in a bit of a roundabout way, in that I saw the pictures first via your Flickr feed! That of course, made me start looking in the obvious place......... A great start on what looks like a superb little model. Starling certainly do produce some beautiful maritime kits, credit to you @Mike McCabe. And of course, any maritime build worth it's sort on here will always attract some incredible colour dialogue from @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies which is fascinating reading in itself. Your description for matching to PB10 sounds very interesting Jamie! I know so little about maritime colouring, but always learn in these threads. I'll follow along, as your maritime builds are always exquisite to view Rob. Actually, all your builds are! Terry
  5. Excellent recovery on that IP Steve, well done! Seems that these annoying little hiccups come to us all during most builds. Actually with me, it seems like every build! Terry
  6. Really nice line up of Tomcats. I like my US Navy aircraft in the old Light Gull Grey/White schemes, but these pictures show that Tomcats look good in all grey too! The VF-111 shots actually look as if they may have been in the older scheme? Terry
  7. I stumbled upon your WIP on this very recently, and was still tabbing my way through that and already I find this RFI! The build is absolutely superb Mark, and executed with such speed, yet at the same time incredible expertise and precision. I do like everything about it, but must mention especially the paint finish, and in particular how the red fuselage looks so realistic. Red is a challenging colour to apply, and can often look too bright, or simply just wrong. Here you have it spot on. And as for the rigging.................... just amazing! Hats off indeed!! Terry
  8. Great pictures Upnorth! @giemme might appreciate the Turkish F-4. Terry
  9. Absolutely beautiful masking there Guy! Terry
  10. Oh dear Bill, sorry about little Dexter. Hope he and you shake this off soon. What amazes me about this virus, is that when I had it (not as bad as you it seems) we decided not to isolate from each other during my quarantine, and ate, drank, slept and generally lived life together as normal, yet Mrs T remained completely unscathed, even though she almost tried to catch it, to het it done with! That was last April. Then last week we had our boosters, and I felt like the world was ending for 48 hours, much much worse than the real thing for me, then felt totally fine. PNuts virus! Get well soon both! Terry
  11. Wow, your cracking on with this one Guy, really starting to look the part. You may have said, but are you doing a sea scape or freestanding on the plinths? Don't get too excited Stuart, the Vosper has only just been on the go for 4 years so far (and a mere 10 pages), although I do hope to become a serious competitor with Steve @Fritag and his Hawk builds one day. Sadly I think I'm way off that in the elapsed time/page count equation that measures true masters .......... Terry
  12. Just had a massive catch up and can see that Swordfish is coming along beautifully Chris. Your invisible thread tightening technique, using a soldering iron, sent a few shivvers through my bones (a sort of reverse pun there) at the thought of being so close to all that plastic! You must have very steady hands. Terry
  13. Actually I was slightly unsure on the grade suffix so I left that off hoping no one would notice. Could impact my membership of the guild of glass graders I fear ..... Can I also join the merry gang of curve admirers ...... assuming it's legal for folk of my age? Terry
  14. That looks pretty neat Stuart. Love the finish. Terry
  15. Looking very bright and neat. Should be an eye catcher in the blue/green/grey water! Terry
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