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  1. Echo that statement! Superb work as ever Giorgio. T.
  2. I'd call it "railway modellers sorcery" ...... and I love that shot of the Hampden ............. well, of course I would! T.
  3. As Giorgio suggests, tis a dark side Bill, but after building Airfix's 1/48 Meteor in 2022, and now working on Jim's Museum Mustang (ok, not much lately, but explanations will follow soon), I can attest it is a mighty good scale to be working in, and that's from a life long passion for 1/72. The spirits are calling ................... T.
  4. Now that's what I call white! Super smooth and beautiful coverage. I'm with you on the weathering approach. That TSR2 was an awesome build and finish. The two should look very good together. T.
  5. These pictures might be of interest to you @Sgt.Squarehead. I took them at the Tank Museum in Dorset last year, where they have a Type 59 painted up as a Tien An Men Square example. Can't vouch for its total accuracy, but I volunteer there as a modeller, and can probably ask more about it when I'm next there (23rd March). Let me know if that's of use. Meanwhile, if you double click on this image, it will take you to my Flickr album of the exhibit (19 pictures). Also, if there are any other close up parts you need more pictures on, let me know, and I'll try my best. HTH Terry
  6. Sounds like a good plan, and given that you appear to have a second hull available(?) you could use that to help form the brass perhaps? T.
  7. That looks like a serious lump of putty! More work for the SIHRSC I assume? I so love your builds Bill, for so many reasons! T.
  8. I spotted that putty before I read your comment, and had one of those "hmmm acrylic putty" concerned moments. I've never had much success with Vallejo putty, or (what I believe is an equivalent) PPP. For me certainly, they just don't sand well, nor perform in a "solid" way like other lacquer based putties, although PPP is good for filling very fine joins etc. My rule of thumb is that if you have to be very cautious with a putty (due to noxious fumes) then it's a good'n .......... but take appropriate precautions! With a hull this size, and your re-modelling of parts of it, I'm not surprised this is taking a while. Enjoying seeing this one being brought back to active service! T.
  9. Just found another which shows the device more clearly....... https://www.planepictures.net/v3/show_en.php?id=298419 T.
  10. I found these on BM CC .......... And these two links on the general net......... https://thegreatcanadianmodelbuilderswebpage.blogspot.com/2013/09/hawker-sea-fury-mk-t-20-target-tug-2.html https://www.planepictures.net/v3/show.php?id=299076 And this one on Flickr In some you can make out what might be the towing device?? Unfortunately I have nothing specific on this, as my favourite area is more in Target Drones and Drone support aircraft, rather than target tugs. Google is your friend!!! T.
  11. Love the subtlety of the yellow paint achieved through preshaping Johnny, and my .............. what big wheel hubs you have! T.
  12. Likewise Bill, good vibes coming across from here 🀞🀞🀞🀞 Terry
  13. A bit like a weekend in Norwich then ........... A very good one Bill! T.
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