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  1. At least he said aircrew, could have been dodgy if he'd alluded to a navigator! Terry
  2. Like Giorgio, I'm looking forward to the grand reveal! I remember seeing these archer decals a while back at Telford and was very impressed. Terry
  3. Hmmm. I have a Supermarine Attacker and a Meteor FR9. Sounds like I have some challenges in my future! Terry
  4. Oooh, nice work on that seat As for the other one....... I wish I could find nice surprises like that in the middle of our cupboards Terry
  5. Well I'll be! Another 453rd thing. This is all rather exciting, and I'm not sure I can keep up with them all. Must get myself over to that American Air Museum in Britain site and take a peek. Meanwhile this is an excellent start General. I especially like that cockpit. I'd never really taken much notice of P38's, but this build and the one Crisp is building, are both opening my eyes to what a fascinating aircraft it is. Lovely stuff! Terry
  6. I know its been said before Ced (did you see what i did there?), but that wood effect is superb! Terry
  7. This is all becoming rather splendid Ian. Very impressed with everything you are doing to this old kit. The end result will be a feast for our eyes! Terry
  8. Trying to find a way to slip surreptitiously in at the back without being noticed. Wow, two B17's Ced, impressive. Will stay tuned to this one these two! Terry
  9. Sadly not yet. Have been distracted by real life 1:1 projects, an arm injury, and a bit of temptation from the dark side of finescale 4mm railway modelling Terry
  10. Just found this Steve. Went for a quick lie down in a darkened room to get over the shock of: a. Seeing some actual modelling take place from your very skilled hands b. It's a Spitfire c. It's 1/48 d. I don't think you ever flew one (you may have) e. I appear to be in on page 1 Seriously. I am looking forward to this, it could be rather good By the way, this statement made me smile........ To explain - I may have mentioned before, that in my youth I worked in the MOD project office which "handled" the Jaguar's entry
  11. I'd say it was dazzling! Seriously though, absolutely agree. She is coming along superbly Rob. Terry
  12. Watching the exquisite technical production of these two 1/72 beauties continues to enthral a mere mortal such as I. That is a given I guess. My attention was also taken by that monster chipping machine - I love it! We are about to purchase a somewhat smaller machine to deal with a similar problem. I hasten to add that the size of our problem is such that your chipping machine might struggle to fit into our whole garden! Well ok, I exaggerate a bit - looking at it, we might possibly get between four or six of those beasts into our compact garden! I do love big machines.
  13. I fixed the wing pylon and wing fence issues on my Airfix Sabre, but nowt else. It doesn't build up too bad as others have said. Airfix on left, Hasegawa/Tasman Avon on right. Terry
  14. I agree with your observation Martin. At first I thought I could also see a big difference between the two canopies with the nearest machine having some complex looking (locking) mechanism on the lower edges of the canopy, then I convinced myself it was down to camera angle, and that I was seeing the internal lower part of the far side, of the nearest canopy - I think! Terry
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