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  1. Lovely job especially the nose correction. Have bookmarked your link for when I build my own. Terry
  2. Lovely build which brings back memories. I built two when it came out, one similar to yours OOB and the other using Model decal set no. 9 for VA-176 with the Bee down the tail and either side of the spine. Terry
  3. I love the stuff, so many uses, and made for shaping things like this. Really impressed with those rear nacelles. I'm pleased to see this one back on the go again. Terry
  4. Must have missed the start of this one Stuart, but caught up now. An impressive subject, and clearly not a Sabre! This one looks like quite a challenge but you are clearly getting stuck in. Terry
  5. Very neat flanges there Steve. Sounds a bit like a chat up line! Terry PS. Another variation on Bill's idea might be self adhesive "metalskin" often used for canopy masking. It would adhere to a leading edge curve I reckon and could be trimmed as Bill describes.
  6. Splendid magnificence, it's the only word to describe this build. Ah, there's two there....... Eagerly awaiting the RFI, and of course the next build. And I do believe there may be two there as well if memory serves me well. Terry
  7. Looking pretty good Bill. I can't help 're the airbrakes but I agree silver doesn't seem a sensible choice. Terry
  8. Looking good from here Stuart. Good luck with the remaining decals! Terry
  9. As others have said, very impressive result there Tony. I have a family full of technical/artistic design types that are into 3D design and and such like, so I have access to a good knowledge base of products, but we have yet to provision a 3D printer. I think they are looking for Dad to take the next step - funding of course! About 5 years ago one of my sons helped me 3D design some replacement main-wheels for a C-47. The design looked the business, tread hub detail etc, but at that time getting them printed through shapeways way exceeded the cost of the original model. In the end I cast a new pair in resin from masters borrowed from a friend. My own background is in software, but like @Heather Kay, I am strangely averse to learn new products ..... a kind of reluctant boredom I think having spent years with the stuff! Time to change that I think. The Anson is looking superb, and now of course after many masterclasses in brass-work, we will all now get to see you dipping your toes into the 3D modelling world .......... we are right behind you! Terry
  10. Which one of us will it be Stuart @Courageous? I think I'll prioritise it above the dental vac forming machine now! Terry
  11. This is all coming along splendidly Rob. I especially like the weathering on some of those smaller supports and inside and around the twin MG mount. Really does set them off so realistically. Good luck with sourcing the corre t font decals. Terry
  12. Glad to see much excellent boaty stuff has continued during my whistlestop trip to Strasbourg and back. Just off the ferry and sitting with a coffee waiting to have a boaty day in Portsmouth Dockyard. The current R09 is looking splendid alongside and quite enormous. First time I have see either of the new carriers in the flesh. A very nice day ahead for me! Terry
  13. Back from France and catching up. Awesome sights there Steve, massively impressed. Terry
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