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  1. Welcome back Ian! All great stuff but I especially like those shots into the bomb bays assuming that is what they were called on the Battle - they seem more like very efficient places to store bombs to me! Terry
  2. That blue looks a pretty good match Matt, nice one! I'm curious as to what sort of printer you have for the decals. I may have missed that earlier, but you are intending to print white? I certainly couldn't do that on my inkjet! Cheers Terry
  3. Looking good Bill. Be careful with the Molotow though as it takes a while to dry off completely. I left mine a day or so. I understand the latest thinking is that Alclads Aqua gloss coat (the milky white stuff) is the best for varnishing these metallic finishes if you want to retain that hi shine. HTH Terry
  4. How about an F-14 or maybe an F-22. That's two guesses so maybe i get disqualified! Terry
  5. More wonderful work to observe here Tony, lovely stuff. I can never resist a good book on miniature or model engineers lathes. As for the Wasp build, the very mention of it makes me tremble with anticipation. I assume you will also be scratch building the giant key to wind up the mechanism? Terry
  6. She's coming together great Bill. Do you know where we can get one of those? Terry
  7. The model is looking superb, and that video made my day. XA310 was the aircraft I Flew solo in back in January 1971. I was like re-living my first solo! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing that @Tim Perry Terry
  8. Thanks for that. Looks an interesting interior on the Celsior. Sounds familiar Ian! Terry
  9. Well it's all quiet again Bill cos he's gone skiing in the Orkney's now, or was it cycling in the Ganges, or maybe walking on Lake Tiberias............. Terry
  10. I just thought you had a very large garden Pergola of course looks the biz, and the F-86K is coming along fine. Terry
  11. Wow, that was certainly a roll Cookie, she's looking every bit like a Mustang! Terry
  12. They are looking great Martian. My mind wandered then, thinking what brilliant targets they would make, with all that highly flammable gas inside ................ they are for the Target Facilities SIG aren't they? Terry
  13. Absolutely not Keith, a very welcome post! So the scheme is completely made up? It looks fantastic! Terry
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