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  1. A major setback tonight folks, probably as a result of using Alclad Klear Kote (first time for me) and not using my usual Johnson's Klear, to seal the finish. I was applying a very light wash of paines grey oil paint. I have done this before successfully on the F-86H but only difference was I used Klear acrylic seal before the enamel wash. The wing clean off went OK, but the fuselage seemed to react badly with the thinners ............. result is some of the Alclad has been wiped away. The fuselage is looking pretty ruined. Very p****d off about this as you might imagine. Have stopped all work to reflect on whether things are recoverable. Better news on the Sedbergh, as the temporary windshields came off fine and two new ones of correct size and shape are ready ............ tomorrow for that I think. Such can be the ups and downs of our hobby. The end of week visit to the local pub may happen a day early this week! Terry
  2. Terry1954

    Spanish Dornier Do-27 ?

    Looks like a great little kit and one (or two) which I will add to my stash! Terry
  3. Terry1954

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Excellent result Jamie, and it was great saying hi at Telford! Terry
  4. Simply brilliant. Can hardly believe this is 1/700 scale. Terry
  5. Terry1954

    ICM/Flyhawk 1:700 SMS König 1918

    A superb example of the finest modelling in 1/700. Terry
  6. Thats turned out a real treat. I followed the WIP and loved it! Terry
  7. Beautiful work. Brings back memories of sitting on the grass beside (then) Runway 28R, and watching so many of these lovelies landing. In those days (late 60's), as spotters, we could just climb up the bank on the left side of the tunnel entrance and sit on the grass by the runway. Recall an airport "security" vehicle stopping off to ask us what sandwiches we had packed that day and just reminding us not to stray onto the active runway itself! Happy days. Terry
  8. Terry1954

    New Ship Related Releases

    I was very tempted by that T class but in the end picked up the 1/350 River Class Frigate. It's a real beauty! Terry
  9. Terry1954

    The African Queen

    Have to follow this one .......... a Sea King on steroids! How about the old UK Coast Guard version. Used to see that a lot down here a few years back. Terry
  10. So my preliminary investigations seem to indicate that the Chinese Luda 051 could have been based on the earlier Soviet Neustrashimy. The Kotlin Hull looks a tad too small, although Neustrashimy is actually bigger that the Luda. Back to the drawing board for now I think.
  11. Lovely choice of subject. I wonder will it be peacock blue with the flashy half union jacks, or the earlier black with red square trim ................?
  12. Terry1954

    Matchbox Mojo Restorer

    Beautiful work! Its dark here to in neighbouring Dorset, very dark! Terry
  13. Really great build so far Giorgio, and seeing how that AK paint has gone on, I am very tempted to give that a try on my next metallic build. Onwards! Terry
  14. It's been some while since I had some time on the Vosper, so a status update is due. Telford weekend gave me the opportunity to acquire some things to help progress the build to the level of detail I would like. The Coastal Craft stand was buzzing with activity and I was able to pull together most of the things I needed for the build. I was very impressed overall with the product sets available and most certainly, after the Vosper and the Air Sea Rescue launch I plan to build, I will be adding one or two of their fine resin complete models to the collection. For now, we have these: So, once I have completed some very minor tidying work on the Sabre and Sedbergh, work will re-commence on the Vosper in earnest, most likely in the next day or so. Meanwhile, I was tempted by another Naval subject at Telford, after purchasing this fine book at an absolute bargain price (sorry slightly off topic for a Coastal Forces model thread!) I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in the subject, as @Courageous will no doubt testify, as I helped him spend some of his budget at the weekend! The Naval subject I purchased was this beauty, which I promise will form a thread on it's own over the next month or so..... So, on with the Vosper! Terry