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  1. That forward fuselage looks superb Tony. Wait, what am I saying ............. that is the whole fuselage innit! Totally agree Bill. Challenging to use, but once mastered supreme. Can't wait to master it! I'm currently finalising the paint/wear on two 1/48 Derwents which will live inside the open bays of a Meteor F8 build for a friend. I'm finding many different greys, metallics and other shades of other colours here and there, seem to be doing the trick, in order to give an over greyish well used metallic "lump", and agree with @Pete in Lincs and @hendie re the in service look. These Vixens are going to be the biz I reckon. Terry
  2. A belated thank you! I was quite pleased with the result, and discovered that weathering techniques for 1/35 work just as well in 1/72 AFV's! Full RFI here Terry
  3. Just found this fascinating project. The Leander class is one of my all time favourites, and this one is shaping up superbly. I'll tag along on this one for sure! Terry
  4. The surface of those decks look superb, but as you say, for the money, the fit is really not good. Good luck with the fixing work, I'm sure you will sort it! Terry
  5. Very nice looking blue PC .............. oh and the finish on the Spitfire looks good too! Terry
  6. The J-21 is coming along very nicely. I started my own Tarangus J-32 recently, as a background job between my main builds. I've managed to dremel out the release pins in the wheel bays, but may yet decide to build new bays! Terry
  7. Lucky present Edward, imagine all that modelling time! The Spitfire is looking splendid I must say. Gotta love a Malta Spitfire. And Malta itself holds happy memories for me as I lived there for 3 months as a 6 year old, back in the summer of 1960. That is when I learnt what hot really meant! Terry
  8. I have to agree Jamie, still amongst my favourite varnishes, and of course I have to agree with Guy regarding the quality of Sovereign paints! Those three shots above Guy, look simply awesome! Terry
  9. Looks really great to me Cookie! I'm also fascinated by the difference in the blue finish between that last picture and the preceding ones. I'm guessing the actual colour might be somewhere in between? Terry
  10. Ouch. You are certainly having a challenging year and so is your poor wife by the sound of it. Sorry to hear of these latest mishaps. I'm perfectly fine myself health wise touch wood, but the wider family challenge this last week has been the loss of my ex-wife's Mum. Nan to all my offspring, and still Mum-in-law no 1 to me. Passed away quietly in her sleep aged 93. She was really like a second Mum to me (I lost my own mum over 25 years ago), and although I divorced her daughter, she has stayed that way with me. She also formed a very close relationship with my current wife, so we are all a bit down. Let's hope you recover from your injuries, soonest and not have any more mishaps - @CedB and I can't possibly go to Boscombe and Wallop on our own! Terry
  11. Yes, great progress on the Spitfire. Bad luck with the sick child. Been there and got many badges on that score. The worst I can recall was upper bunk sickness permeating almost instantly down to the lower bunk followed by lower bunk shrieks from the two occupants at that time sleeping head to toe .............. The worst of that event was that the two down below were just sleeping that way for fun. There was a third vacant bed in that same room. Such wonderful memories! Wishing Winston a speedy recovery. Terry
  12. The collective power of Britmodeller in action! Terry
  13. Agreed, what with them being made of brass as well ........... I actually seem to recall Northstar models did some. Also maybe try Shapeways? That stern shot above looks amazing. Terry
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