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  1. Terry1954

    Centurion Shot Kal 1973 1\35 AFV

    Very nice indeed, really looks like it should! Terry
  2. Very nice Dauntless indeed Russ. Love the finish and the setting. I have an Accurate Miniatures SBD-1 in the stash, and its a beautiful model. Mine will be done yellow wings of course! Cheers Terry
  3. Very nice. Do we know if it's a real K or an M in navy paint? Terry
  4. Terry1954

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    It's been a while since I did any work on the T21, partly due to distractions on other projects, but mostly due to my Holiday in Canada, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We got back on Friday, suitably jet lagged, so only really had a chance to do some modelling today. The wings have been rubbed smooth and now are ready for paint, although I do still need to make the two small fixing attachments on the underside, where the underwing struts will meet with the lower wing. Top and bottom On the fuselage, I have managed to tidy up and better shape the area around the cockpit itself, which is now closed up for eventual airbrushing, and to prevent any damage inside. This shot was taken before I trimmed the liquid mask back to the edges. Also did some work on the wheel housing, to take a central wheel "spindle". Studying the pictures I took at Old Sarum recently (now posted in the Walkaround section) in order to get and make the front tow attachment correctly, I realised that I was not happy with the very front underside and general lower profile. This picture shows how it should be: The model nose comes to a neat "point" when in fact the point (behind the tow hole) does not extend to the lower line, and the lower front fuselage is quite flat in profile, unlike the slightly boat hull shape of the model. This earlier pic shows what I have at the moment: So the plan is to build up but also flatten the front profile. So first the build up part has begun with a couple of layers of plastic card, all to be shaped and blended in - the following sequence is where I am at so far: That needs to set off overnight, for further work. Next the wheel. The Vacform offering is not that great, so a wheel from the spares box will suffice. It still needs its profile decreased a little more around the edge of the tyre, but its a pretty good match to the plans. Some Formaplane (I think) rod forms the spindle, which will sit in the housing as shown. Once in, the ends will be shaped to form part of the housing itself. This is what we are aiming for, so a way to go yet, probably need a little more depth on the lower edges of the housing as well. Finally some work on the tail area. This will need smoothing into the fuselage spine a bit more And these holes were drilled to emulate the prototype as best I can We are aiming to get close to this really: I had hoped to be painting this one by now, but there is a lot more refinement of detail to be done on the fuselage, at the front, underside and here around the tail and rudder. Hopefully much more progress this week. Thanks Terry
  5. I'm in for an F-4 build, a British one more so, and if there is a just the faintest possibility of an RN bird, even more so! Terry
  6. Terry1954

    Navy-ating Bucc's fizzing nicely

    I would have reacted the same way as Massimo, but seeing the picture and the actual finish you have there, I'm impressed and a tad converted to the idea. Another one for the "list of other peoples good ideas from BM"! Thanks Terry
  7. That brought me back to life with a start! I have models to finish for Telford!
  8. Terry1954

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Its great to see some wooden model boat construction. This one looks superb. I'll follow along closely! May even tempt me to resume work on the Talhoer Spanish Fishing Vessel I acquired some years ago. Got to the hull planking part and put it on the shelf for a while - almost 20 years I think! Thanks for sharing Terry
  9. Yes, it is the Planet Model kit, in 1/72. RFI which describes some of the challenges, is here: Terry
  10. That is a superb MB326 Valerio. The attention to detail and the final finish is stunning. I like training aircraft, and IAF schemes are great. I have three MB326 in my stash, all 1/72, and I had planned an overall orange one to go with my SF-360 (see below). I also now will plan an overall silver bird, as this looks so good Thanks for sharing Terry
  11. Great picture @andyf117 and interesting commentary @Ex-FAAWAFU. So @Chris Hewitt you can safely ignore my comment in your Ark Royal thread regarding intake guards on Ark IV Sea Kings. When you get to my age, the memory becomes a bit dodgy! Terry
  12. Terry1954

    Navy-ating Bucc's fizzing nicely

    Splendid looking first coats Bill. Two Buccaneers are always better than one I say! Terry
  13. Terry1954

    Fujimi F7U-3m 1/72

    Very nice Cutlass. I built one of those around 30 years ago for one of my sons. It came out rather well. As I recall it was avery nice kit to make, and the quality of detail was pretty good , even now. Terry