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  1. batcode

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    Would been m. A. N models
  2. batcode

    Star Wars The Last Jedi

    saw it on wednesday and was very disappointing, just felt was lacking alot personally a hate to see it but its one the worse ones i think
  3. batcode

    Midland Air Museum Christmas Model Show 3rd December

    was a great show picked up some nice kits,,,, was great see you again Chris and a big thank you...
  4. batcode

    lost bag at Teford

    i went to the lost and found part of the center on the sunday afternoon and left detail's as for the mossie yes heard the same things many thanks guys....
  5. batcode

    lost bag at Teford

    not sure where to post this,,,or even if post but thought was worth a shot......somehow and foolishly i lost a bag at the show on Saturday , it was a generic carrier and inside was a meng toon sherman some figures and decals and a book which is the main thing im annoyed about as it had it given to me by the guys at the fv magazine stall....... it really annoyed me and messed with my head all weekend as was so gutted....... a long shot i know and doubt will ever see again but thought i would try many thanks indeed
  6. batcode

    Middle Wallop

    should be there as usual a great show in a great museum...
  7. batcode

    SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    im staying at the university accommodation this year lol, wondered if anyone else on here is also???
  8. batcode

    Marvel's 'The Defenders'

    Then you have missed out and really you need see the othersbefire defenders as it all carrys on from the story line and end of each series...there are a lot of refernces to previous episodes ie each own story that wont make sense unkess seen them plus it all is one big story with daredevil and iron fist....
  9. batcode

    6 days

    just finished watching 6 days which for the ones not sure its based on the Iranian embassy siege in 1980,,, not a bad film at all, thought bound to have some critics poking holes at it ,,, i enjoyed it deff worth a watch.
  10. batcode

    Marvel's 'The Defenders'

    watched them all last night and enjoyed it alot...shame there only short seasons... just waiting for punisher to come on next ...
  11. Hi all managed to finish this build the other day and must admit other than a few inaccuracy's and couple fit issues really enjoyed the build.i wanted to push my self yet again and something im trying more on each build,, to add some extra detail in the way of handles and cables...also wanted to get the look of a well used/battered machine and using google and the d9r book for reference im hoping that is how it looks...
  12. batcode

    Operation Compass

    fantastic work,,, and great looking dio...
  13. batcode

    T-54-3 (MiniArt;1:35)

    nice looking build, the scheme and finish looks great...
  14. looks great,,,,nice job...
  15. batcode

    1/35 Academy M1151 Humvee

    very nice work indeed,,,great job on the scheme and weathering...nice touch with using the green