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  1. Hi just to lot all know heard from the organisers that sadly this show has been canceled,....
  2. this sunday the 17th
  3. Hi,


    I am literally getting in the car for Telford. I will take the Hurricane if available and if it the new boxing SD-X I think 


    Here is my mobile if you can text me 075 287 96566


    Kind Regards


  4. Hi all managed to finish this build the other day and must admit other than a few inaccuracy's and couple fit issues really enjoyed the build.i wanted to push my self yet again and something im trying more on each build,, to add some extra detail in the way of handles and cables...also wanted to get the look of a well used/battered machine and using google and the d9r book for reference im hoping that is how it looks...
  5. fantastic work,,, and great looking dio...
  6. nice looking build, the scheme and finish looks great...
  7. very nice work indeed,,,great job on the scheme and weathering...nice touch with using the green
  8. superb work looks great, and very nice looking dio...
  9. fantastic looking F-4,, some nice detail work and great job on the paint and finish
  10. nice looking build,,, great job on the cam and the weathering looks great....
  11. superb looking Eagle,,, the scheme and finish looks great...very nice work,,,
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