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  1. Hi all, I'll be doing this: as one of these or very similar (this poor quality image was one of the few I found to use without infringing the copyright business), probably the more recent FUGRO scheme with red booms: There are plenty of images of VH-WGT in the white and beige FUGRO scheme around for reference so I'll have enough to go on. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Afternoon all, This is my first post in the figure forum. I recently had a bash at sculpting a figure based around the pilot of Airfix's 1/24 Hurricane for the recent BoB group build. This is my effort at sculpting, I used the face and arms of the kit figure and sculpted the rest from two part epoxy putty (Apoxie Sculpt). Whilst I failed to complete the whole project I did take away a desire to do more of the same type of work, and so I decided to enter another upcoming GB (Anything but injection) with a 1/10 scale 1805 Royal Marine from the Battle of Trafal
  3. Hi Dennis, I believe I volunteered to Co-host for the original proposal, happy to do so again if needed. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hi all, I would like to join this please. I have been in a period of very slow modelling of late and with a change of interests to boot. Over the last couple of years I've been very slowly trying to build the Airfix HMS Victory and in conjunction with researching various bits and bobs for that and the enjoyment I got from the figure I almost completed for the BoB GB decided to have a further go at some figure sculpture based on some figures in a painting of the Battle of Trafalgar by Daniel Maclise entitled the 'Death of Nelson': So if acceptable I'd like to enter a 1/10
  5. Hi Mark

    On your fantastic NF-104 build what diameter rod did you use as a stand? I am thinking of doing the same as you with a Hasegawa kit.


    regards Toby

  6. Sorry chaps, but all modelling on hold at the moment due to work. This one never really got going despite eagerly looking forward to it! so all back in the box for the foreseeable!! apologies again. Mark.
  7. Evening all, Added a bit of colour to the Ground crew figure, all painfully slow progress I'm afraid: The side cap, gas mask bag and helmet have been added all sculpted from apoxie sculpt except the side cap which showed up the workability issues with the product so I reverted to Chavant clay which is harder when cool and can be carved to shape, however it never really hardens completely but does take paint very well. The strap on the gas mask bag is too thick so I'll have to change that at some point. Cheers, Mark.
  8. Evening all, A few more bits and pieces added to the Ground Crew figure: Some creases and folds have been added to the left leg of the trousers which allowed me to affix the left arm, to which I've also added a watch. I had a go at a shoe which has proved almost as difficult as an ear to make look convincing. The whole lot has been given a liberal coating of Mr. Surfacer 500 which has shown up just how rough the general surface is so I may have to use a little filler to deal with the worst of it, but as it is mainly representing fabric I'm not too concerned. I am mostly happy
  9. A little bit more added to the figure this afternoon: Collar, tie and braces... Ear Ear what's all this then; ......ears are difficult! four attempts and only one done!! looks like this bloke is a prop forward in his spare time. Cheers ears! Mark.
  10. Afternoon everyone, Apologies to all, I just checked and its been over a month since I posted anything at all. Work has been and continues to be crazy busy and as stated before; I ain't complaining. Obviously the downside is lack of time and necessary energy to divert to modelling, All in all it is vaguely irritating as I was genuinely looking forward to the Hurricane build and the associated bits and bobs. Anyway I have, over the last couple of nights, got around to some experimenting and fettling on the figure for my little BoB vignette: I have used the face and
  11. Remember if modelling 'at scale' to take account of wall thicknesses. I had two scales of wheels printed (Shapeways) for a starter trolley (modelled in Rhino3D) and had to make substantial changes so that the print was self supporting at 1/48. The 1/24 scale was less critical for obvious reasons, and I even managed to get the valve stems printed, didn't expect them to work. 1/24........ ...and at 1/48 I can highly recommend Rhino3D especially the later iterations version 6+. Blender is also a very good modeler and can be made to turn out models for pri
  12. It would be wrong to not celebrate such an aviation icon, legend.... insert superlative of choice here..... count me in.
  13. Yeah, an extension would be welcome. I did rather rush the masking and paint process today and was probably lucky I only had one paint 'pull' but happy I got away with it!
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