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  1. A little more progress on the Interceptor cockpit: A load more greeblies added to the rear bulkhead, including an X-wing like targeting computer "stay on target!". Its nothing like the 'real' thing but busier than the kit effort. components sourced from all corners of the spares box Pilot, seat and control column test fit, the ex RAF pilot insisted on having a drinks holder installed for his flask of tea whilst on extended deep space anti-UFO sorties. The front console made from some thin plastic card and Milliput and more greeblies added. ....and a test fit of the whole lot. Good fun using a bit of imagination now and again. Cheers, Mark.
  2. There are a few examples still showing up on eBay but some of them are quite expensive I keep a weather eye out for them and this one , whilst still not cheap was the best price I've seen for some time so I went for it. What I need now is the same scale Alien UFO to accompany the Interceptor, but for that I'm going to have to scratch, 3d print, vac form and do some resin casting, I've already created the 3d model just in the process of costing it all up.
  3. It is the Bandai kit sourced via eBay from Japan, a remarkably rapid service I might add. Yes the series is seriously dated it was produced in 69/70 and set in 1980. But I love it anyway. Quite dark in places but at times the purple wigs and Nehru suits get in the way of the plots BUT, like I said....Gabrielle Drake in a silver catsuit....
  4. Hello all, I have been wondering whether I should add a third build or not, unfortunately when the subject kit arrived I couldn't help myself and immediately started fettling, and dry fitting, and generally thinking about how I would do it and the next thing I know.... BANG! like a low yield nuclear missile I've gone and started on the cockpit. Anyway here I am with Bandai's 1/48ish S.H.A.D.O Interceptor, from Gerry Anderson's UFO...as if you didn't know. The Cockpit base and rear panel replacing the joke like kit effort being detailed. The pilot is an ex RAF (Airfix sqn.) harrier pilot who is living the service moto to the full, however he just can't be without his home comforts so has brought his comfy Harrier seat with him. He successfully completed the strenuous S.H.A.D.O selection process whilst his kite was in transit from the factory in Japan. I know with my current poor start/finish ratio, embarking on another build is not ideal but I've been wanting to do one of these for ages. Additionally I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the DVD of the series (this is for research purposes only and has nothing at all to do with Gabrielle Drake in a silver catsuit!!) More later, Mark.
  5. I thought I might be able to make some decent progress this weekend but dealing with a very thick head after my Golf Club's presentation do last night has put paid to that! However, I have got the main chassis and interior parts together: The instructions call for assembly of the fan housing, radiator and front bulkhead prior to fitting and also after the body shell is fitted but there is nowhere near enough clearance to actually achieve this so the radiator and fan housing have been loose pre installed and the bulkhead will be fitted after the body has been fitted, talking of which... …. I have primed and wet sanded the body shell: I have also tried to see how best to go about fitting the body shell and it looks as though a considerable amount of manipulation will be required to get it over the interior and chassis I hope the paint work will stand up to it! I need to go and lie down now. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Well I had to have a go at the shotgun, couldn't resist once the idea wedged itself in my brain!.... it looks a tad chunky in mostly white, maybe some paint will help to reduce it's size visually still it was quite good fun, this is just the thing that gives me the modelling bug again. The real Winchester is about 39in. long but the Bullitt featured example was obviously sawn-off, it might make an acceptable back seat extra once painted. (obviously leaving it on the back seat is exactly what two seasoned mob hit-men would do whilst they are in the diner or the library or what ever mob hit-men do when they're off duty) Cheers, Mark.
  7. Purely out of interest this is the type of shotgun featured in Bullitt: Winchester Model 1897 I fancy having a go at scratching one if I have time.
  8. The firing order! jeez it was as much as my eyesight could deal with just getting the leads in place!! And yes you're right 'Phil' (Driver) fastens his seat belt just before the start of the chase proper, 'Mike' remains unfastened and eventually clambers into the back with his Winchester pump action shotgun. So Yes the seat belts will be installed and possibly a suitable firearm on the back seat if I can source one.
  9. Evening all, A little more progress, I am continuing in sequence and the next step was assembling and detailing the interior: I have had a go at doing the carpet with flocking and the result is surprisingly convincing, I used Humbrol satin black as a base and it's slight reflectivity shows through the flocking here and there. My reference photo for the interior had a very smart carpet footwell mat and seeing as there was a spare 'Charger R/T' decal I made one for the model. The central console wood effect is done with Burnt and Raw Sienna oils streaked over Tamiya Dark Yellow acrylic. A fair bit of dust and debris is showing up against the predominantly black of the interior in the photos so I need to make sure I deal with that before sealing it all up. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Afternoon all, I have finally managed to make a start on the Charger. As Scale Auto modelling is not my natural habitat I felt that it was a good idea to just follow the basic sequence of the instructions. The first task is to construct the engine, I did decide to add some lead wire ignition leads just to busy the whole thing up a bit. The engine block colour is my own mix so apologies if you feel its a little off, it was washed with a darker version of the main colour and then dry brushed with a lightened shade. The photos have shown me that I need to make a few touch ups to the pulley belts but otherwise good enough. The only other bit of progress is the addition of the vinyl roof seams made from thin strips of plastic rod glued allowed to cure thoroughly, trimmed and then sanded to a flat profile. Cheers, Mark.
  11. Excellent choice! you'll have to skip breakfast to build the Klystron frequency modulator though!! What a great film.
  12. Hi all, Part 2 of my Bullitt themed build: Lt. Frank Bullitt's '68 Ford Mustang GT Fastback. Again no real work done except the same stripping, cleaning, mold removal and dulling of plastic in readiness of the primer. The caveat to these two builds is that they represent my first efforts with what seem to be quite decent and detailed kits of cars. I have previously made a kit of a Ford Capri 1600 GT for my Dad as a gift and painted up as his favourite motor but the kit itself left a lot to be desired as did my paintwork, so an improvement on that finish is my goal for these two models, but having researched I am amazed at the results some guy's can achieve, however I won't be able to use some of the noxious paints and clear coats they do, so we'll see. Anyway, I love this car too, if I ever win the lottery...it'll be a hard choice....maybe both! Cheers, Mark.
  13. Yes indeedy! the Mustang thread to follow soon. I too have the Blu-ray of Bullitt and it's still one of my favourite films, several parts of the soundtrack also feature prominently on my Spotify playlist, especially 'shifting gears' which is used in the build up to the car chase and when I'm about to undertake my evening commute although thankfully it normally ends in far less explosive a manner.
  14. Hi all, Here is my attempt to get back in the swing of things: The 68' Dodge Charger R/T from the 1968 movie 'Bullitt' staring 'Mr Cool' Steve Mc Queen, slimy Robert Vaughn and two nasty Mob hitmen and featuring THE seminal 'Car Chase' and a brilliant score by Lalo Schifrin. I had already made a limited start a while ago, but nothing more than stripping the chrome parts, washing all the parts and cleaning up the mold lines/sanding the body in preparation for primer and as you can see a few of the motor components have been assembled. I have some Flocking powder to do the interior of both cars and some paint and lacquer on order for both this and the Mustang. Such a cool car. Cheers, Mark.
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