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  1. MarkSH

    Lassie and her Lads

    An excellent workspace, I'm not jealous at all!
  2. Nice drawing VP, I should have put the Anchor rings in!
  3. MarkSH

    Flying Fortress Mk111

    It seems that most of the hosting sites are going to apply a limit on the number of pics after which a charge will be made, From my point of view I have already had the inconvenience of switching from Photobucket to Flickr (I think Flickr is superior now anyway) so I am considering upgrading when I reach the 'limit'. Like @vppelt68 says its a sign of the times I'm afraid.
  4. Evening all, Had a bit of a play around with the display base for Outhouse Mouse this weekend. I wanted to make a sort of generic airfield base that I could use for some other of the larger 1/72 scale kits I have In the to do pile; Lancaster, Stirling, Whitley and the like so I made the diameter of the hardstand at approximately 135ft which I believe is somewhere in the middle of the range, according to google maps, the extant 'frying pans' at Bassingbourn are about 150ft. (45m). I have made the individual concrete blocks to about 15x20ft. I had a bit of plywood left over from some DIY and it seemed a good size at 20x17.5" and like @TonyW with the inclusion of the re-supply set I didn't want it to be too crowded. Above I have described the curve of the 'Frying pan' and have applied some PVA. Here I have applied a thin layer of Polyfilla and have smoothed it out with a palette knife. Here, whilst the Polyfilla was still wet I used a straight edge to make the concrete block joins and then used a piece of plastic to create the 'tamped' effect. When this was dry more Polyfilla was applied to the grass area and left with a rougher and slightly more raised texture. The concrete was panted flat black all over and then dry brushed with Tamiya Buff and Medium Grey. The grass area was panted all over with a Burnt Umber and Sienna mix of acrylic paint when that was dry a liberal coat of PVA was applied and various tone of flock grass was added. The edges of the joins have been darkened with weathering powder and some oil stains dropped onto the surface using thinned Tamiya smoke. Just a few details to address with the B-17 and a final decision on the overall finish for the paint work, nearly there. Cheers, Mark
  5. MarkSH

    What's your day-job?

    34 years as a Senior Technical Illustrator and Technical Author, mainly with one contract company in Cheltenham and latterly with a much larger global company based in the midlands. Generally its been an interesting job (for the most part) producing illustrations and publications for a wide selection of equipment, concepts and processes, from the mundane everyday to the surreal. Overall I have been very lucky to have a stable and relatively rewarding career.
  6. MarkSH

    Boeing GB going for 2021?

    Superfortress 2021 means I’ve got time to source one and build an extension
  7. MarkSH

    Panzer in the east

    Very nice work on the figures, I have the same set (Tamiya) to add some interest to my Panzer build, I hope they turn out as war weary a bunch as yours.
  8. I just caught up as well lovely paintwork, the kit itself looks really well done with some great textures. I don't fancy that fish much at all even if it was served with chips and mushy peas! but the iridescent scale effect is brilliant.
  9. MarkSH

    He-111 STGB 4 to go

    Assuming this is going to be a 2020 GB? Far enough ahead to get organised, so sign me up!
  10. MarkSH

    Mark's Dragon 1/35 Ausf. G

    Sorry for the delay in replying @PlaStix I have been trying to get my effort for the B-17 STGB finished, however it's in a relatively good state so whilst some paint was drying I did have a go at some bits and pieces on the Panzer IV but I haven't had a chance to post any piccies yet. It looks like I've got some substantial ground to make up in both the build and the reading of the GB posts! Cheers, Mark.
  11. Would it not be better to shunt the existing STGBs back to fill the gap? if a new STGB is inserted that means that the Corsair and Bucc GBs have almost identical slots.
  12. Evening chaps, I'm really glad we've got an extension to the GB. Overall I have been quite happy with this Revell kit but I have to say that the undercarriage (once again!) is the weak point of the whole experience. I thought that the indistinct fitment of the engines and cowlings was bad enough but the undercarriage is worse and very delicate to boot. It took a fair chunk of time to persuade them into place and then get them reasonably well aligned, however they are in and the 'mouse is on its feet. The underside has been given a much more restrained oil paint treatment the superchargers and exhausts have been fitted as have the bomb bay doors: The engines and cowlings have been fitted: The pieces of plastic rod emanating from the fuselage are the 'pegs' tensioning and holding the antenna wires in place, the same has been done at the two attachment points on the tail. when fully cured they'll be carefully trimmed and touched up. I have also fitted the aerial mast root stay from a twisted loop of 0.2mm copper wire and fed the antenna through it. Additionally I have been continuing with the Airfix USAAF Bomber re-supply set to go onto the display, the Chevrolet bomb truck is weathered, I just need to bring it's trailer to the same level, construction of the Autocar tractor unit and the fuel trailer is on-going. I will have to get on with the display base at the weekend....time, even extended time, marches on! Cheers, Mark.
  13. MarkSH

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    I use a thin white glue to tack the clear part in place, then as long as I have dipped the part in Klear I use a very thin cement as VP has mentioned above and allow capillary action to draw the cement around the join.
  14. Just a quick couple of photos of the Starboard top side oil paint: The fabric covered surfaces are supposed to be a Pale Olive Drab according to the paint instructions so I used much more Yellow Ochre in the oil paint filter. I tried adding a bit more burnt sienna to the mix to try to get the purple brown bleaching effect I've read about. I stippled it into the panel centres of the top most surfaces. I'll let the top side oil paint dry for a couple of days before doing the underside, whilst the oil paint is drying fairly quickly it is still quite a delicate surface. Cheers, Mark
  15. MarkSH

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Good call VP and thanks Enzo, I was getting a little concerned about the display bit of the build.