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  1. Great build, very nice result. I am going to do the Airfix kit as a BUA example for the upcoming 'The year I was born' GB....if I can achieve a part of the quality of your build I will be very pleased. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Oh I forgot to thank my dearest SWMBO for agreeing to let me visit the Tank Museum in a couple of weeks when we are in Dorset ostensibly for a quiet couple of nights at our favourite hotel to celebrate one's birthday! Isn't she good to me!
  3. Hi all, I'm glad that the Zimmerit method I've chosen to try has interested a few people, FYI I found a video made by The Salisbury Model Centre: It seemed like a pretty cheap and easy process to me so I'm going to try and replicate it.....and I'm sorry, I will put my hand up to wanting to test it out to see if I was making a rod for my own back: Like the video I used masking tape for both general tidiness and to create some chipped areas which leaves a quite nice relief effect. I bought the Tamiya Zimmerit tools which with a couple of shims, fit nicely into my X-acto handle. Anyway...I promise that's all I've done In answer to @Badder's query, yes it does cure quite rapidly so a small section at a time, both of the above examples were completed separately in one hit. Sorry for jumping the gun. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Evening all, A little progress with this one: Major assembly complete, cleaned up, masked and primed. A quick test fit of the 3 part aftermarket pitot set....very small and delicate and will be put on at the very end! Cheers, Mark.
  5. Hi all, I am going to join in with this: I have bought some PE grilles by Aber which will be my only concession to aftermarket stuff. I have however bought a Tamiya Zimmerit applicator tool with which to spread and detail the "Zimmerit in a tube" (NO MORE NAILS), wish me luck. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Excellent result, looks great in-flight!
  7. Great news, hopefully get a couple especially if they do the different configurations!
  8. Great build of a pretty difficult kit to find these days, I've been looking for one for ages.
  9. I'll be interested, although sadly I have no evidence of any of the builds from my youth,. However, I did notice the recent or pending re-release of the Airfix Black Widow, a kit I remember enjoying immensely. There are of course many other options mostly Airfix it has to be said....so sign me up!
  10. Very nice and rapid work.
  11. Great work on all three, I thoroughly enjoyed building the Flycatcher last year, assuming that is that you are building the Inpact kit. I thought that considering it's vintage, it had stood the test of time remarkably well.
  12. An article about the Slapton Sands tragedy on the news today. Overlord had so many far reaching consequences.
  13. Very nice work on the cockpit. I have one of these waiting in the stash so am enjoying watching this come together.
  14. Yes I had seen the same article and some other footage of the re-discovered Mustang and thought the same even the close-ups don't show much in the way of a metallic finish. More food for thought. P.S. it still looks good, although I felt a tinge of sadness reading Steve McQueen's letter to the current owners Father!
  15. Ha! turns out Hiroboy is right here in Cheltenham so can click and collect. A brief search of the website suggests that they don't actually stock a Mica/Pearl 'Bullitt' green only metallic but I'll give them a ring and see what the options are, thanks again for the heads up re; Hiroboy @cmatthewbacon. Cheers, Mark
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