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  1. MarkSH

    A Rather attractive Ventura

    Very nice, colourful build, I like it a lot.
  2. Your garden Gnomes have got big ears!
  3. MarkSH

    HO/OO Village Church

    Donger, Clapper you're on a loser whatever you call it!
  4. She thinks we're all weird anyway!
  5. My missus questioned the need for two repeat kits in my stash, I think I may have to show her that photograph.
  6. That's looking good as Big X says a really top notch primer base for your paintwork.
  7. MarkSH

    Percival Proctor IV

    That is a lovely build, the old kit buffs up nicely doesn't it?!
  8. MarkSH

    HO/OO Village Church

    Careful about accelerating the drying process it cracks like you wouldn’t believe.
  9. MarkSH

    HO/OO Village Church

    Surely you could fit in a quick village Post Office or Pub build in whilst you’re waiting?!
  10. MarkSH

    Another Short's Stirling.

    Very neatly done Steve.
  11. MarkSH

    Junkers Ju 87 Stuka STGB - 8 to go

    I really shouldn’t sign up for another GB but what the heck!? Nothing suitable in the stash but that’s easily remedied as long as it’s done on the QT!
  12. MarkSH

    Macchi M.5. Fly. 1/48

    I heartily agree with all your sentiments Jamie. There is a great deal of modelling by rote and it seems not enough room for artistic interpretation. I for one love your dynamic approach to this particular subject and look forward to more of the same. Well done .
  13. MarkSH

    Mark's 1/72 MRCA Prototype

    Evening all, Making a limited start on the MRCA Prototype P.01 D9591. The first task is to perform some surgery on the wings to make way for the extended flaps and slats for a take off configuration, for the flaps, at this scale at least, its a simple cut along the dotted line and replace with some stepped thin plastic card to create the familiar Tornado layered flaps, for the slats however I have cut a step which will be blended into the wing so the curved slat profile will match......that's the plan anyway. Next up the crew, here are Mr Paul Millett and Herr Nils Meister in pre-flight back in 1974 (that's not shading at the side of the helmets but some impressive sideburns!): And a gathering of (not many) parts for the cockpit, simple but I think we can make it a bit busier: I'm going to try and keep a similar pace with both the Prototonka and the Mossie for this GB. More later. Cheers, Mark.
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, with regards to getting the assembly right, most of that is down to Airfix’s brilliant kit. I can’t recommend it highly enough. cheers, Mark.