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  1. I managed to fit in a bit of modelling time between everything else I had to do over the weekend. First job on the list was the continuation of removing the infill on the rear sprocket, starting by drilling out the corners: After much careful scalpel work to remove the plastic between my drill holes I was left with this. The top part is about as good as I’m going to get it before paint (other than a little sanding to get rid of the last loose bits clinging on), the bottom is the part from the other bike which is still to do. That’s one of the parts that has been very s
  2. 81-er

    Hello Everyone

    Stifford Clays really is my neck of the woods. My parents live on Lodge Lane, my grandparents lived on Long Lane, and I went to Stifford Clays Primary and William Edwards
  3. My next job was to have a crack at removing the chrome plating. I nabbed some plastic trays from the kid’s crafting box and laid the parts out. The parts from Gambler are in the coloured trays with the Aces Wild parts on the clear one I grabbed the Mr Muscle from under the sink, headed to the garage and set to work A few minutes in and I could see it was already doing the job After about 20 minutes or so I rinsed the parts off. On the whole, a pretty good result However, one sprue f
  4. 81-er

    Hello Everyone

    Originally Grays, now residing in sunny Southend
  5. 81-er

    Hello Everyone

    Modern aircraft wise, I guess it depends on what you class as modern. I'd say something like the A-10 or B-2, but neither of those designs is particularly new. As for the bikes, I have to confess I'm not really much of a bike guy. I tend to like my performance machinery with 4 wheels, though I have a general appreciation of anything high performance. The choppers speak to me as I love hotrods and they're the 2 wheeled equivalents
  6. I'm with you on using metal rod, I've got a few coat hanger's I'm eyeing up as possible donors for the pivot. I'm also considering using some aluminium rod to replace the top end of the forks, I found a build that did that and it looked really effective. Alternatively I've got some self adhesive foil left over from shielding control cavities on a guitar. Thanks for the suggestion of using plastic sheet, I'll add that to the ideas pot.
  7. I hear that when one hits 40 you’re supposed to buy a motorbike or sports car, grow your hair long (if you’ve still got any), and trade the mrs in for a younger model. I’ve already got the hair (from 20 years of playing in heavy metal bands), I’m rather attached to my lady, and we’ve just bought a house that needs a fair bit of work so digging out these from the dark depths of my parents’ loft will have to suffice! I’ve had these around a decade or so but hadn’t got any further than taking a few bits off the sprues. I decided to start with the Gambler kit, though these
  8. I’m returning to modelmaking after a bit of a break, it’s been about a decade since I last bashed any plastic and more like 20 since I did any serious amount of model making/finished a model. I stumbled on here after finding a certain Mr Heath’s build of Attitude Adjuster in the process of hunting the interweb for info/builds of the Seavens Dalek, as I have a rather sorry looking one stashed away somewhere. I originally built that aged somewhere around 11 or 12, then somewhat disassembled in my late teens thinking I could refurbish it to a higher standard. That plan stalled due to the distract
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