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  1. I do, and for the serial, and possibly the P as well. I've got some very nice thin laser printer decal paper, so I'll be making my own decals for those areas. I just need to work out if the yellow prints out sufficiently well enough, but I've found a set of generic "P" decals thanks to @modelling minion if it doesn't James
  2. That's a good amount of progress, and things are looking nice. Those engines are beautifully moulded James
  3. Nice work on thr camo, Loren. I'm sure it won't take you long to respray the underside James
  4. That's going to look very nice when it's in place and painted James
  5. That looks good, Loren. Is there an RLM 75 mottle over the upper surfaces, or was this one plain RLM 76 on top? James
  6. That looks like another interesting build, Rob James
  7. I've seen a build in the French markings, but not one in the RAF ones yet (well, in 1/72, MPM offer both as schemes on their 1/48 kit) I've updated that now, thanks VP I think you made the right choice with selling those Airfix kits, it's a much older tooling than this one. I also think @vppelt68 has volunteered himself to spell check all the thread titles with his moderation privileges for this GB It has to be said that the kit glass isn't great for that big transparancy at the front, it's got some quite noticable tooling marks on the rear face. I'm going to give it a go with polishing those out with Micromesh first so I can hopefully avoid having to get a vac screen James
  8. Thanks mate. I felt the need to up my game with the number of builds given @stevej60's efforts James
  9. The engines are looking very good, John, absolutely beautiful James
  10. You've made neat work of that interior, Peter James
  11. Sounds like that's going to be a nice trip James
  12. That sounds like a bit of a nightmare with the Neutral Grey there, but I think you've got it under control now. I do like the Tamiya OD and NG shades, and they always spray nicely James
  13. You've made a good start on this one, Dave Is the Hasegawa kit going to be a second build if you get this one done in time? James
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