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  1. All in all I think this is a very fine kit, not the least considering it is almost 25 years since it was first released. I particularly like the crisp and fine surface details. That being said, there are also some areas that are not top-notch. Examples are the canopy (replaced by an Airways vac-form item in my build), and the engine rocker covers (replaced by a Quickboost resin piece). The cockpit is also a bit bare. More details are described in the WIP.
  2. Thanks for all kind comments! When it comes to the weathering, this model has been a sort of canvas for testing out different weathering techniques. Weathering is not my strongest suit as a modeller. I think it is difficult, but I'm trying to learn! Ragnar
  3. I've finally found the mojo to get the Spitfire finished. I added some more dirt using oils, plus a bit more paint chipping using some aluminium paint and a fine brush. I then put on a flat coat using my usual mixture of Aqua Gloss and Tamiya Flat Base. Then it was time to mount all small pieces. I had some trouble fitting the main landing gear legs, and had to cut some plastic to get them to fit. I also struggled with the alignment of the legs and I'm not sure that I got it 100% right. I should have checked this before gluing together the wings, but forgot to do so... One of the last thi
  4. Finally done! Airfix 1/48 kit of the Supermarine Spitfire F Mk 24. Painted as an aircraft serving with 80 Squadron, Kai Tak, Hong Kong, 1950. WIP can be found here: Best regards, Ragnar
  5. Thank you @ColFord, and thanks for all help with invaluable info on the subject during the build!
  6. Thank you! I have to admit that I struggled a bit with the motivation at the home stretch, but I got there at the end.
  7. Finally done! More photos in the RFI section. Ragnar
  8. Hi, The model depicts a Mustang Mk I from No II (AC) squadron flown by the Norwegian pilot Anton Chr. Hagerup on his first operational sortie with the squadron. The sortie took place over the Netherlands in January 1943. The WIP can be found here: Regards, Ragnar
  9. Many photos of II (A/C) Mustang I's show little contrast between the green and the grey, which I suspect could mean the grey indeed was Mixed Grey. I would expect greater contrast between Dark Green and Ocean Grey. Too late to do anything about that now... May be next time . Ragnar
  10. Decals are on. The roundels, fin flash and "X" are from various Xtradecal sheets. Judging from photos, the squadron code + individual letter were larger than the standard 24" - I estimate roughly 27". My guess is that they kept the "X" as is when the squadron code "XV" was removed. My "X" is trimmed down from a 30" decal. The serial number AM112 is sourced from a Spitfire decal sheet, with each letter/number being applied individually. The font is not 100% correct, but as close as I could get without making my own decals. An interesting "feature" with the fin flash is t
  11. When using Milliput, I usually use a metal spatula dipped in water to smooth out the putty and remove any excess. That way I can keep the sanding to a minimum. The good thing with two compenent epoxy putties like Milliput is that they can be applied to large areas without shrinking.
  12. Congratulations with a great model! It has been a pleasure to follow the build. The way you have managed to turn a mediocre starting point into a splendid model is really impressive. Looking forward to your next project! Regards, Ragnar
  13. Interesting subject! I have two in the stash that both will be finished in civilian schemes some day. The Norseman saw extensive use here in Norway from the late forties into the sixties, and there is a rich selection of paint schemes to choose from. Lima November Decals produces a decal sheet some years ago covering some of the options. As you may have noticed, the Matchbox fuselage contains far too few "stringers", but this is a fault that is difficult to correct. Looking forward to follow your build! Regards, Ragnar
  14. Painting of camo is now done, apart from some touch-up that will be needed here and there. I have used Tamiya paints for the Medium Sea Grey, Ocean Grey and Dark Green. I first applied the colours straight from the tin, and then did some post shading with lightened colours to achieve a worn look. Demarcation between colours was done with paper masks on the wings and tack-it sausages on the fuselage. I think I have read somewhere that the Ocean Grey from Tamiya is a bit off colourwise. I am no colour expert, so I don't really known whats wrong with it.
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