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  1. AeroNautique

    Kinetic 1/48 CF18 2017 Demo Jet

    Awesome....one of my all-time favourite fast-jet schemes, it looks spectacular! The extra labour involving the decals certainly paid off, well done. Incidentally, I have the Kinetic Bue Angels boxing, but wondering if I can acquire the 2017 Demo decals so I can build this kit.
  2. AeroNautique

    Kitty Hawk Su-17M4R 1/48 .

    That cockpit finish is quite something, very impressive detailing...the overall finish is amazing too.
  3. Like you, I drooled over a Hasegawa Tomcat when I was younger...the boxing was K38 and had the lower-viz VF-84 Jolly Rogers box-art, couldn't get it where I lived at the time. It just occurred to me, this might be the same kit? K38 was also Atlantic Squadrons, I don't know what the other decal options were aside fromVF-84..... You've done a great job, I built a few of the other Hasegawa F-14 boxings in my youth and I remember they all took a lot of labour to get a good result...your's looks fantastic!
  4. That's certainly something different, and very interesting! Very nicely done, the cowling weathering is especially well finished.
  5. AeroNautique

    F-15D G.W.H 1/48

    Beautifully finished, the underside hot section looks very impressive.
  6. AeroNautique

    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IXc

    As long as you like it, that's all that really matters. Having said that, I like it very much and desert airframes tended to be heavily weathered anyway....great job!
  7. AeroNautique

    Desert Wulf

    Thanks for posting and well done on a superb finish! This is the first time I've seen a FW190 in a desert scheme, didn't even realize they were used in Northern Africa...that's a void in my aviation knowledge that needs filling,
  8. AeroNautique

    Su-27 Flanker "RED 23" Trumpeter 1:32

    Love the finish on those engine exhausts/afterburner cans!
  9. That's a stunning representation of the Big Mo...your weathering looks considered and very authentic, you've done an amazing job. Incidentally, I was on her only three weeks ago for the first time (waited 30+ years!), she is a 'must-see' for any naval enthusiast.
  10. AeroNautique

    F-14A Tomcat VF-301, Tamiya 1/48 no.2

    All of your cats are stunning, the weathering looks very authentic for a deployed Tomcat as well. The second to last pic with the trio nose-to-nose is my favourite.
  11. AeroNautique

    PRU Spitfire found in Norway.

    Have to admit, whilst I'm happy the wreckage has been found, I was extremely disappointed when I saw the photo...I initially imagined something similar to the P-40 found in the desert a few years ago, not a collection of pieces that need an outline to figure out the puzzle of which piece goes where. I guess at least this wreck won't meet the same fate as the aforementioned P-40, that clusterf*ck still makes my blood boil.
  12. AeroNautique

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    Those exhausts are incredible, amongst the best I've ever seen...well done!
  13. I'll be picking up at least two of these initially, probably a few more further down the line as well. I've been looking forward to this kit as my signature suggests...but have they hinted at a release date yet?