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  1. A beautiful Squawk in a striking scheme! On that note, it's a shame the colourful days of US Naval aviation are well behind us.
  2. That certainly is something different! Great job!
  3. Exactly what I thought...it's a bit of a struggle comprehending that it's only 1/72 scale, the finish is beautiful but the rigging is almost exquisite
  4. That's different! Looks striking in those colours, very nice
  5. Both very impressive and beautifully finished models...but that second Albatros is absolutely gorgeous
  6. I agree with those last few words. I'm a regular visitor to several forums across a range of subjects and disciplines, both hobbies and professional interests. I can confidently state that a thread as subjective as this, would have quickly resorted to a slogging match along with all the associated name-calling and personal attacks by the time we reached the end of page three...on every one of those forums. Not so here it seems, I'm very pleased to see people can disagree and still behave like gentlemen. Nobody could possibly disagree with that statement though, surel
  7. Which is why I'm surprised that to this day, there isn't a high-end kit (Tamigawa/Eduard etc) representing the Vc on the market...so many different interesting liveries and marking options for them. Amen!
  8. I was fortunate to speak with a few Spitfire Pilots when I was younger, including Johnny Johnson himself (still have the autograph!). That is exactly what he told me, also mentioning that he considered it to be the best looking Mk. as well. Several times I heard the XIV regarded very highly as a weapon, save for it's average range. The recurring grumble about the XIV seemed to be it's handling and engine-management....I recall Mr. Johnson himself saying something along the lines of the IX being a finely-tuned sportscar to fly, whereas the XIV was a heavy brute th
  9. The extra work in the cockpit certainly paid off! Beautifully finished, it's actually nice to see a clean bird sometimes.
  10. Awesome....one of my all-time favourite fast-jet schemes, it looks spectacular! The extra labour involving the decals certainly paid off, well done. Incidentally, I have the Kinetic Bue Angels boxing, but wondering if I can acquire the 2017 Demo decals so I can build this kit.
  11. That cockpit finish is quite something, very impressive detailing...the overall finish is amazing too.
  12. Like you, I drooled over a Hasegawa Tomcat when I was younger...the boxing was K38 and had the lower-viz VF-84 Jolly Rogers box-art, couldn't get it where I lived at the time. It just occurred to me, this might be the same kit? K38 was also Atlantic Squadrons, I don't know what the other decal options were aside fromVF-84..... You've done a great job, I built a few of the other Hasegawa F-14 boxings in my youth and I remember they all took a lot of labour to get a good result...your's looks fantastic!
  13. That's certainly something different, and very interesting! Very nicely done, the cowling weathering is especially well finished.
  14. Beautifully finished, the underside hot section looks very impressive.
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