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  1. Outstanding job John, well done. I have one of these in my stash which is slated to be an RNZAF machine (which means at least the landing gear won't be a problem), so I sincerely appreciate your valuable build notes and feedback.
  2. Well this was the last thing I expected to see on this fine Sunday morning...absolutely breath-taking. The exhausts and landing gear bays are exquisite! Congratulations on another jaw-dropping build Peter, your efforts deserve all the accolades and praise heading your way.
  3. Am planning on adding the new Mk. IXc to my stash, but will pick up 2 more if a XIV conversion is available....
  4. You've done a fantastic job with that weathering, well done!
  5. Another Sea Mosquito ignoramus here, very nice work and thanks for the enlightenment. Also - to my eye, the Mossie looks great with four blades!
  6. Great job and unusual livery, certainly different for a Mustang! How 'neutral' Switzerland handled allied airmen who landed in their territory makes for interesting and sometimes disturbing reading.
  7. You've done a fantastic job on that Tempest without a doubt...however I also thoroughly enjoyed the background story about your Uncle. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us.
  8. Thank you for the correction hadzi. I couldn't find a copy Duryasz's book in English...hopefully it's translated in future.
  9. Beautiful model, Spitfires look stunning in NMF. I recently read Tom Neil's book 'The Silver Spitfire' and can recommend it (plenty of copies on evilBay). Incidentally, when his story was initially published by one of the UK's better known Aviation magazines in the 1980s, it was met with scepticism and derided as fiction by many - until later, when a Polish researcher traced the aircraft's history including movements after Neil had disposed of it and confirmed the story.
  10. Incredible job...I broke into a sweat looking at that rigging.
  11. A beautiful Squawk in a striking scheme! On that note, it's a shame the colourful days of US Naval aviation are well behind us.
  12. That certainly is something different! Great job!
  13. Exactly what I thought...it's a bit of a struggle comprehending that it's only 1/72 scale, the finish is beautiful but the rigging is almost exquisite
  14. That's different! Looks striking in those colours, very nice
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