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  1. Morning Paul,


    Hope you are well and have avoided the dreaded Covid ! - Will you want space at our next Show on May 22nd 2022 ??


    Kind regards


    Jeff Brown, IPMS Gloucester

    1. little-cars


      Hi Jeff,   No it got me before it was popular, that wasn't a problem though, I thought the bright red feet looked quite good.  It's the  long covid and, depresion, plus the arrythmia that restarted at SMW2019, plus depression thathas been the problem a couple of months later.    I've had it about 18 months and have only glued a few bit of plastic togeter in that time. Think I'm finally fighting it off. Caught up with the vat returns yesterday and looking forwards to building some kit and putting the 3d printer through it's paces.......

      Anyway,  the simple answer is space yes please.  Not sure at the moment what I'll be selling. Am looking at dropping about 40% of the products wecurrently carry. There is a lot of duplicate in the stock And a some slow selling lines,  so am looking at that & will sell off some stock and have some new lines that I like the look of that I would like to carry.  Simple answer is yes please pu me down for your 2022 show.  Thanks for asking us along.

    2. Gundylunch


      Hi Paul,


      Thanks for the response and being willing to attend again !


      Hope you are feeling better soon,





  2. On behalf of Gloucester and Cotswold groups our thanks to Sammy Da Fish & Co. for a good day out !!
  3. We have provisionally set a date for our next show - Sunday the 22nd May 2022
  4. This is our next port of call, IPMS Gloucester and Cotswold Scale Plastic Modellers will be attending.
  5. Loaded up and ready to go, looking forward to seeing Black Mike amongst others !!
  6. I'm hoping to attend this one under the Cotswold Scale Plastic Modellers Group along with IPMS Gloucester.
  7. Thanks Alan, just after posting saw Julian's review !!
  8. Is this kit from Hasegawa's moulds does anyone know ??
  9. Shall we have a whip round and bring it to the UK ??
  10. Hi Ian,


    Can I have this one please:- 


    Hasegawa F-4G Phantom  PT9.             Lizard and Gray schemes


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    2. Gundylunch


      Thanks Ian !! - Will do,



    3. Gundylunch


      F-4G arrived safely today in pristine condition !! - Many thanks for selling !!



    4. iainpeden


      I look forward to photos of the finished article!

      Many thanks


  11. Excellent set of creative pictures ! - Thanks for posting !
  12. Hello Houston, Thanks for the nice comment, these were right over my house on the outskirts of Cirencester.
  13. 60-0005 " Warbirds " 61-0034 " Checkmate "
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