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  1. Just to say on behalf of IPMS Gloucester a very big THANK YOU to all the traders and clubs who made todays Show highly enjoyable !! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks Houston and Whofan, Not totally sure but think no injury occurred apart from possibly a bruised ego ! - Will find out more asap. Picture now added to post.
  3. IMPORTANT UPDATE When we pitched up for our club meeting on Tues 8th we were taken aback by the sight of one wall of the building that had been struck by an elderly gentlemans brand new car badly damaging it in the process, this means that we cannot use this room for the show, however the venue has erected a large marquee at the back to replace the lost space , so sighs of relief all round !!
  4. Updated Club and Traders listings
  5. Morning Simon,


    Bit embarrasing, can I ask if you would kindly go back to 2 tables ?? - let me know if you are OK with this asap !





  6. What colour would the canvas engine nozzle covers be on an Israeli airforce F-4E Kurnass if they used them
  7. Trader and clubs attending list added
  8. Suggest cleaning and repairing it go start with, then maybe offer to the British Phantom Aviation Group to auction it of for funds !
  9. Have seen a comment or two that the re release won't happen as the moulds have been badly damaged, anyone know if that's true ??
  10. Try Gloucester Event Hire, we use them every year for the IPMS Gloucester Show, speak to Russell
  11. Happy New Year Ken, Best thing to to would be to try 2 or 3 priced at what your think is fair and see what transpires - then you could dig out some proper models and sell for more !! ( LOL ) - couldn't resist !! The Brabazon would make a nice exhibit in the Concorde Museum at Filton.
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