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  1. 1974/75 all Lightning F.2A'aware fitted with two Aden cannon & two Firestreak. The lower gun ports were fairer over and the blanking plates were painted a dark metallic red. XVTonker
  2. I was the Sergeant line controller on 14 Sqn that morning. Our shift finished at 12:00 and didn't come in again until 12:00 the next day. Imagine the shock when we heard that AL's form 700 had been impounded following the shootdown. At a beer call one Friday after the event a Belgian military air traffic controller told us that his response was 'who needs the Russians when the RAF are shooting down each other!!!' XVTonker
  3. I suspect that it was probably painted in RAF interior green. XVTonker
  4. With regards to your description of the airfield attacks, four aircraft with 8x1000lb bombs each suppressed the AAA batteries located either side of the main runway followed by four JP233 Tornado's taking out the hardstandings as the runways were deemed as being too easy to repair. XVTonker
  5. BL755's were never deployed for use on the Tornados during the fist Gulf war. In addition, towards the end of the conflict our aircraft positioned at Muharraq were loaded with CBU-87's but were never used in anger. XVTonker
  6. I was on 31 Sqn 75-76 and also remember that the SUU-23A used to be heavily stained in the area of the underside forward auxiliary engine doors. They were probably painted FS34079 but didn't stay that colour for very long,.... XVTonker
  7. Yep, I agree with you. The ballast rounds we carried on the FGR.2's on 31 Sqn were as described above. I don't remember ours having any stencilling on them though. XVTonker
  8. I worked at RAF Gutersloh 74-76 as part of the 431MU Lightning rewire programme. The Lightnings never operated from HAS's, only from the flightline and Battle Flight operated out of the sheds as shown in Selwyn's picture XVTonker
  9. Brilliant, many thanks for your help. XVTonker
  10. I know, they provided a great review of their products in the latest IPMS magazine but haven't included any links for ordering... XVTonker
  11. Can anyone point me in the right direction to Big Sky Scale Models? I want to purchase their range of 1/72 V-bomber tow arms but can't find any links to their website or email address. Thanks XVTonker
  12. One small change to the HAS layout. The aircraft weren't chocked on the mainwheels, they had two wooden chicks fore & aft of the nose wheels with the ropes deployed out over the white 'No-Go' line. Also, all associated ground equipment and the No-Go line were on the left hand side of the aircraft and the GE positioned beyond the lh wingtip. XVTonker
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