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  1. Congrats mate, I'm glad you're happy with the crew ladders, they certainly finish it off nicely John
  2. Yes I am, but I'm not receiving the reset link to my email address
  3. I've been trying to access Britmodeller on my other devices and have followed the correct process for requesting a password reset however, even though I correctly select the tiles and provide my email address I'm not receiving the password reset link. Can you please advise? Thanks XVTonker
  4. You might be interested in this picture taken by me of XV422 when on 31 Sqn at RAF Br├╝ggen in 1975 XVTonker
  5. As soon as I have sorted out the printing I will post on the online bidding shop I also intend to post the details of the British Phantom Appreciation Group as they very kindly got me free access to the ladders on their FGR.2 front fuselage display at the Newark Air Museum. Ladders are shipped in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. I've only had one ladder damaged in the post and that was when it looked like Royal Mail had dropped kicked and then stood on the box... XVTonker
  6. Latest update. final 1/48 3D models for the Phantom crew ladders are complete. Next is to do trial prints and check their fit against F-4 models and then rescale to 1/72 & 1/32. Two sets will be available. Set 1 will comprise of ladders for the Phantom FGR.2, and typically used in RAFG in the 1970's. The second set will be for USAF F-4's which had the tubular front cockpit ladder. This was also used on UK based FGR.2's and FG.1's but there are also some pictures of them being used on 2 Sqn (AC) FGR'2's. Here are some renditions of the ladders: Cheers for now XVTonker
  7. Further to my original post regarding the destruction of the LCD screen on my Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, I then went and attempted to do exactly the same thing on my brand new Elegoo Mars 2!! So I sat down to work out how to prevent any further attempts to destroy the LCD screens. The simple solution was: XVTonker
  8. Hi Peter, we tended to ensure the HDU and surrounding areas were kept clean and in fact, they very rarely got dirty. John aka XVTonker
  9. Hi, I have one of Aircraft in Miniatures Blue Danube given to me by Neil Gaunt. The model is a single piece resin moulding which is more accurate than the Airfix injection moulded part and is a gem of a part XVTonker
  10. The HDU and internal fuselage areas, including the bomb bay tanks were painted gloss white. I spent many hours climbing over, and working on the HDU during my six years working on Victor K.2's on 55 & 57 Sqn's.I XVTonker
  11. A couple of new additions to the ladder portfolio. 1. TSR.2 in 1/72 and 1/48 scale 2. Supermarine Swift in 1/72 Examples of the crew ladder in use For all of you RAF Phantom followers, I'll be starting on crew ladder sets in 1/32, 1/48 & 1/72 very shortly. XVTonker
  12. Anything would be a starter John. I'll PM you XVTonker
  13. Some jacks were generic and for use on multiple types. If I remember rightly the ones for the RAF & RN Phantoms were American and specific to the Phantom. XVTonker
  14. I'm looking for the jacks that were used on the likes of the Canberra, Jaguar, JP, etc. I've got several Topic 1 AP's for various types but the information is pretty vague, and my memory of manhandling the flaming things under various aircraft, especially the Victor, makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about it XVTonker
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