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  1. It did and thank you. Purchased one direct from China and it only took a week to arrive. ChiTu also said that the replacement screens should be available over here by the end of the month. Thanks again XVTonker
  2. All back up and running again. Purchased a new LCD screen from ChiTu and, after viewing a number of You Tube videos it took me about 20 minutes to change. One word of warning though. The LCD screen is mounted onto a glass sub-screen. Initially I removed both the LCD and glass screen as a single unit. Fortunately they are only held in position with double sided tape. The actual LCD screen is only about 3 mm thick and they advise you to use a hair dryer as a heat source to soften the adhesive. Something I wish I had done. I've now gone and got me a mono LCD Ma
  3. I'm looking for dimensions of a couple of aircraft crew ladders, particularly the Hawker Hunter & DH Sea Vixen. Any information will be gratefully received. XVTonker
  4. I've got three pictures of a Nimrod at Muharraq with Phimat pods and FLIR pod on the wings. From what I can see there were no underwing serials and I suspect it had the low viz roundels applied. XVTonker
  5. As the title suggests, does anyone know the process to taper cylinders in MeshMixer? I've hunted around on the Internet but haven't found anything that fits my requirements. Any thoughts would be well received Thanks XVTonker
  6. Just made a humungous cock-up and tried to start printing more aircraft ladders, but forgot I had the printing plate set for draining another set of ladders. End result? A cracked LCD screen DOH!!! I'm now trying to source a replacement LCD screen and sod's law dictates that everywhere is out of stock...... XVTonker
  7. All sorted thanks. I'll post some pictures of the finished article in due course. XVTonker
  8. Can anybody help me by providing me with a measurement from a built 1/48 Airfix Tornado GR.1? I've designed a lightweight crew ladder using Blender & MeshMixer but I need the measurement from the ground to the front cockpit sill to get the ladder part the correct length. Thanks XVTonker
  9. After being unable to upload a new topic to the 3D Makerspace I thought I would share my experiences with MeshMixer as a 3D modelling package. After being encouraged to purchase an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro UV printer I wanted to be able to build my own stuff so, after much deliberation I downloaded MeshMixer, a free software package, and have got to grips with its capabilities. I always felt that the 1/48 white metal & brass etch aircraft crew ladders available were lacking an element of accuracy & realism, so I decided to design and built various types using MeshMixer and printed
  10. Flexing wasn't seen as a problem as the bombs were carried side by side and the Tornado GR.1 weapons system was designed to release the bombs in a sequence to maintain an even release of the weapons. Also they were not toss bombing but just straight runs along the sides of the runways to take out the AAA batteries.t XVTonker
  11. Yep, tried the links & got the dreaded 404!! I did find another link to a gent over there and have emailed him to see if he can help. I really appreciate your help and will post any news received. XVTonker
  12. Thanks, but he only covers the WWII era XVTonker
  13. I checked the links to the posted images and the first one is mine but the other two aren't however, here are three shots of ZA475, two with the CBU's visible and the third showing the LH side of the nose. These pictures were all taken at the same time. If you'd like larger versions drop me a PM and I'll send you copies. XVTonker
  14. Thanks for that but I'm after the overall grey scheme carried by the C-47TP at one time during its career. I've seen numerous different suggestions but can't find any reference to a specific colour, FS595 or BS381C XVTonker
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