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  1. Flexing wasn't seen as a problem as the bombs were carried side by side and the Tornado GR.1 weapons system was designed to release the bombs in a sequence to maintain an even release of the weapons. Also they were not toss bombing but just straight runs along the sides of the runways to take out the AAA batteries.t XVTonker
  2. Yep, tried the links & got the dreaded 404!! I did find another link to a gent over there and have emailed him to see if he can help. I really appreciate your help and will post any news received. XVTonker
  3. Thanks, but he only covers the WWII era XVTonker
  4. I checked the links to the posted images and the first one is mine but the other two aren't however, here are three shots of ZA475, two with the CBU's visible and the third showing the LH side of the nose. These pictures were all taken at the same time. If you'd like larger versions drop me a PM and I'll send you copies. XVTonker
  5. Thanks for that but I'm after the overall grey scheme carried by the C-47TP at one time during its career. I've seen numerous different suggestions but can't find any reference to a specific colour, FS595 or BS381C XVTonker
  6. For those that are interested here is a picture of Tornado GR1 ZA475 'P' Triffid Airways carrying four CBU-87's. I took this picture shortly after the cease fire had been announced XVTonker
  7. Hi, I'm building a 1/100 scale C-47TP Turbo-Dak and am struggling to identify what the correct shade of grey was used for the overall grey scheme. Can anyone help please? Thanks XVTonker
  8. The main task of the aircraft at Tabuk was radar suppression using ALARM missiles. As part of a team from XV Sqn we did a crash course on the ALARM missile, but when we heard that we would be based in Tabuk and not in Muharraq with the rest of XV Sqn we agreed to train the guys of 20 Sqn and they deployed to Tabuk with the ALARM missiles. XVTonker
  9. The Tornado's based at Muharraq were loaded with four CBU-87's, one each on the forward & rear HDERU's on the shoulder pylons XVTonker
  10. All the Tornado's operating out of Muharraq carried 8 x 1000 lb bombs on twin store carriers for the duration of the conflict until the aircraft switched to medium level bombing with 1000lb LGB's, initially carrying three LGB's then reducing down to two. XVTonker
  11. I was in the Gulf with XV Sqn at Muharraq International airport from November 1990 to April 1991. We had 12 Tornado GR.1's, four on each of three sites and the normal bomb load carried was 8 x 1000lb GP bombs with 960 fuzes carried on four twin store carriers fitted on the front & rear stations on the shoulder pylons. The sorties were initially to suppress airfield AAA batteries prior to the JP233 Tornado's attacking, but were still used after the JP233 sorties ended. We continued using the 960 fuzed 1000 pounders until low stocks caused us to revert to
  12. Hi Mike, There are a number of online converters available. For max to stl conversion I use this one. https://anyconv.com/max-to-stl-converter/ It also converts other formats into stl, obj, etc. I also use MeshMixer which allows you to resize & tweak your models then export them as stl files. XVTonker
  13. On 31Sqn, RAF Bruggen in the 1970's the wings were folded on an after flight and prior to them being pushed back into the hangar. The aircraft would be towed out onto the flight dispersal and the wings unfolded during the before flight servicing. Note that RAFG FGR.2 wings were manually locked/unlocked and folded. XVTonker
  14. I was one of a group of six people who were sent from XV Sqn and station at RAF Laarbruch to BAC Stevenage in 1990 to do a crash course on programming the ALARM missile prior to it being deployed to the Gulf. We then travelled to Warton to be trained on the loading of the missiles onto the GR.1 Tornado on centreline & shoulder pylons plus the three in-board wing pylon stations. Upon our return to Laarbruch we then trained the personnel on 20 Sqn who then deployed their aircraft and ALARM's to Tabuk. XVTonker
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