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  1. I was one of a group of six people who were sent from XV Sqn and station at RAF Laarbruch to BAC Stevenage in 1990 to do a crash course on programming the ALARM missile prior to it being deployed to the Gulf. We then travelled to Warton to be trained on the loading of the missiles onto the GR.1 Tornado on centreline & shoulder pylons plus the three in-board wing pylon stations. Upon our return to Laarbruch we then trained the personnel on 20 Sqn who then deployed their aircraft and ALARM's to Tabuk. XVTonker
  2. I don't want to be seen being picky, but RN pilots would have, and still do, wear immersion suits over their flying suits. As do all aircrew of all services when operating over water. XVTonker
  3. The Tornado CSAS bite dance was another to behold
  4. From what I can remember, after talking to aircrew at Muharraq during the first Gulf war they flew across the Iraqi airfields at 150ft and 250 knots. Prior to their run in Tornado's carrying 8 x 1000lb bombs flew across the airfield taking out the AAA batteries. XVTonker
  5. You're absolutely right, I've just looked at some piccies of my tour on 31&14 Sqn's at RAF Bruggen 1980-83 and the Jags on the Muharraq site 1990-91 and the flaps & slats are in the positions you detailed. I remember having to make sure the flaps were fully up before opening the engine doors.
  6. From memory of my two tours on Jags the flaps & slats were retracted on shutdown with air brakes and U/C doors open. Also, one little correction, it wasn't an APU, it was known as the microturbo. XVTonker
  7. Nice build Mike, I'm hanging on until the new Elegoo Mars 2 Pro that's due for release next month. It's got a monochrome LED screen for longer life and faster printing. XVTonker
  8. Rick, I was fortunate to be part of a round the world detachment with a VC-10 K.2 supporting our Victor K.2 of 232 OCU. We flew all the legs on the VC-10 an absolutely amazing experience. I was also lucky enough to be on the flight deck during take-off from RAF Akrotiri, something I will also treasure. XVTonker
  9. already downloaded thanks.. Thanks again XVTonker
  10. Fantastic, many thanks again for taking the time to take the pictures... XVTonker
  11. You are an absolute star!!!!!! Many thanks XVTonker
  12. Thanks, I've already got the picture, it's close up shots of the power plinths that are located on the grass areas between each aircraft. XVTonker
  13. A bit of a long shot, but can anyone point me in the direction of any information, drawings or pictures of the ground support plinths that were located on V-bomber QRA runway dispersals? I remember them being on the disused QRA dispersals at RAF Marham and of a famous picture of a Canberra crashing into them...... Thanks for looking XVTonker
  14. The era you're looking the aircraft U/C bays were painted silver. White U/C bays started appearing in the 1970's when the aircraft went through major servicing. XVTonker
  15. A 'what if' AEW VC-10. Marconi avionics eventually managed to get the pulse-Doppler radar system working, but it was realised that the HS Nimrod was not a suitable platform. The Vickers Super VC-10 however, lent itself very nicely and, with the addition of RB-211 engines instead of Conways, formed the UK's airborne defence network operating out of RAF Waddington as part of the AEW Wing. Based on the Roden VC-10 K-3 tanker with a couple of Eastern Express Tristar RB-211 engines & an S&M Models OR381 VC-10 MR1 pod converted to represent the APU pod. The nose & tail radome
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