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  2. Seconded! The detail really pops with that technique... must give it a go
  3. Spitfire LF Vb

    Monty Python, Dave N and Lawzer, Thanks for the positive feedback folks. The Vb kit comes with the parts for clipped wings but it's not noted as an option in the instructions. The grey/green scheme was available in the Sky Decals sheet. Cheers Greg😉
  4. Chevrolet C15TA

    I used to paint the car vallejo 70.921 and for canvas mixed Hataka c085 and c105. Additionally canvas shading oil paints Talens
  5. 1/72 Airfix Skytrain assembly difficulties

    I don't have this kit yet (it's on my wish-list), but did you assemble the innards with reference to alignment with the fuselage half? In a case like this (for example Revell DC-4) I don't glue any bulkheads, etc when not "jigged" in place in the fuselage. I'm just afraid that it'll come time to place all the guts into the tube and I'll find myself in the same situation that you're in. Once you're in the right frame of mind to resume communication with the kit, I'd suggest dry-fitting the interior to each fuselage half, and (assuming you pass those tests) getting both halves around it at the same time. Don't think in terms of "it darn well better close up this time!", but rather in an investigative mood- "OK, let's figure out where the problem lies..." Sometimes it just takes a bit of persuasion in one "tight spot" and suddenly it all falls together. ("Keep Calm and Test Fit"?) As others have said, the tolerances of these new kits can be quite tight, so paint on surfaces, a ragged sprue-nub, or a very slight misalignment can make all the difference. Don't give up hope, and please report back when you've got it sussed! bob
  6. Canberra TT18 question

    I believe that you still get the two sets of wheels in the B.6 kit as well. The most obvious things to deal with are the fin fillet radius and the tailplane junction issue. What will you do for the TT.18 parts? Alleycat do a set (https://www.aviationmegastore.com/rushton-winch-targetsleeve-target-containersect-7205-magna-models-m7205-aircraft-modelling-accessories/product/?action=prodinfo&art=18229), if you don't want to seperate the Classic Airframes kit. Akira, the Canberra photo opportunity sounds like it was fantastic, will these photos make their way to your site? Did you ever get to St Mawgan in the 1980s/90s? I have just realised that I have used your site in the past, for a Skywarrior build, you were lucky to catch them like you did!
  7. They all look great, but I'd agree with you that the blue-green is the best. That one would give you more scope with shading/highlighting too, at least compared to the red. Having said that, I do like the one on the right as well. Andy
  8. Old Airfix B-17 Bit o Lace

    Thanks, I shall do my best. Thanks, I have a feeling one of the props was broken in the last one I built also. I think the props get tangled up with other sprues while still in the bag. Thanks, the original Roy Cross artwork inspired many a boys imagination back in the 60's and 70's, it certainly inspired my own. Bit o Lace was one of those big Christmas present kits I always dreamed of.
  9. Thanks Keith I have a LOAD of the Tamiya 6mm tape, but thanks for the pointer. 0.35mm might not seem like a lot but, unless you widen the gap a bit, you end up with an overall set of stripes that's 1.75mm too narrow which messes up the placement of the decals, especially on the fuselage. I know your eye is pretty good and you CAN, if you start with the white, position the masking so it looks OK. Thanks Tony The gubbins (no, not gibbons as auto-correct seems to think) is part of the Sphere Products 'Small Model Aircraft Painting Stand', £15 well spent. It's great for holding models like this as long as you don't want the prop to spin - you need to drill a hole to get it in, but then it grips really well. There's even a pin vice with it. Bet you come away from that site with more than the stand though - they do some tempting stuff! More stripes. The hard ones as they need to bend around the fuselage. Someone on BM suggested a great technique - position a strip of 'overlong' tape for one side leaving the top and bottom loose: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr ... then do the same on the other side and bring the top and bottoms together and pinch them to the surface. The bottom is still tricky but I tend to put up with crinkles and touch up later* There's also an extra bit of tape across the front stripe. Not too bad, just tricky. I decided to spray these and looked for my Model Air Off White. Couldn't find it. Then I found two bottles of 'Aged White' and remembered I prefer that (not so bright) so I used that and ran over the wings while I had it in the airbrush: I also brush painted some MSG on the racks as they'll be under the mask later: That lot needs to dry before I can mask it and get on with the main colours. * Note that I'm reducing my double-entendres as some members have commented. Any that you may see in the ext are in your own heads!
  10. British 6-Pound Anti-Tank Gun

    Rounded layout by far. I use surgical gauze for cam net just set it in place with thinned pva, let it dry and paint it whatever colour. ATB Sean
  11. Excellent! Hope you'll keep us informed of the progress!
  12. Modern Fleet Air Arm Grey

    Chaps, Would anyone happen to know what grey the current Merlin HMA.2s are painted in FAA service? I am after a good acrylic spray-able paint in perhaps the Gunze/Mr Color or Tamiya ranges but want to make sure it's the right one. Cheers for any help. Andy
  13. Looking good Simon; the poster paint really brings out the detail. A lot of detail too; KP have done a nice job of this kit. The black does sound quite a challenge; good luck Best regards TonyT
  14. Here I have stripped and repainted a 1/76 scale Oxford diecast Thompson Vc fuel carrier in mid war colours..... ATB Sean
  15. Spitfire LF Vb

    Cracking job!
  16. Revell MiG-31 1/72

    Can't decide if I like decalling, it's very therapeutic, until one gets destroyed. Thought I got the blue star on pretty well within the red line. It's a decal on top of a decal, a few were lost in training yesterday.
  17. Hi gang, been away a while but not been inactive.... Here I have done a strip and repaint on a 1/76 scale Oxford diecast Austin Tilly into Bomb Disposal colours..... ATB Sean
  18. Rushton Target Towing Winch

    They are still operating Steve, contact them to see if they have the kits available. Linden Hill, are showing sets 9HAAC 72006) here, http://www.lindenhillimports.com/heritageaviation.htm as are these, https://www.aviationmegastore.com/rushton-winches-for-canberra-haac72006-heritage-aviation-haac72006-aircraft-scale-modelling-detailsets/product/?action=prodinfo&art=61094 C Scale did a white metal Rushton winch set, not sure how obtainable it is now. Magna winches here, https://www.aviationmegastore.com/rushton-winch-targetsleeve-target-containersect-7205-magna-models-m7205-aircraft-modelling-accessories/product/?action=prodinfo&art=18229 I think I have one close-ish shot of the Rushton Winch pack, will try and dig it out. There was a Rushton propeller on EBay the other day, but just missed out on it!
  19. Help! I'm now extending Asian Air Arms coverage to include the former Soviet Asian republics (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and Transcaucasia (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, plus the extra-legal a/c operators such as Chechnya, Abkhazia and South Ossetia). This will then complete all the air arms used throughout Asia. I need help to complete this new phase! If you have any knowledge of air arms in this region please get in touch. I also would like to see photos of both a/c and particularly models that you might have. Thanks, Brian Griffin Leader - Asian Air Arms SIG http://www.asianairarms.com
  20. Airfix 1:72 wildcat

    Thanks, I find revell aqua to be lovely to brush with, as long as it's thinned. I use tamiya thinner and I find the paint really covers well with few brush marks. The only issue can be debris on the paint job but I can live with that. Regards
  21. So I caved and got myself the boxed set. With the new rules it seemed like a decent time to hop aboard. God knows where I'll find the time, but the plan is to get enough minis together to actually play a game at some point. Before launching into batch painting, I've painted up these three marines to help decide on chapter colours. These are actually the three from the 'easy build' boxed set. I'd welcome opinions but am currently leaning toward the blue-green scheme on the left, as it carries fewer connotations with existing GW colour schemes. PS. Colour balancing is a nightmare with red. I've had to de-saturate to get anything that looks like the real item, however it means that the green one on the right is now a bit duller than IRL. cheers, Jason
  22. Xtrakit Swift 1/72

    Sorry to hear about your mishaps with this one but glads you're making progress. Projects which suffer setbacks like this can languish for a while. Are you ok for the decals or do you need any more? Regards, Mark
  23. Flying boats and float planes GB

    Hey! How did you get a picture of my flat?
  24. Chevrolet C15TA

    Superbly done! What color did you use? How did you paint the canvas cover?
  25. TRUMPETER 1/32 MIG 3

    Thanks Peter. I reckoned it would be almost as quick to use a broad flat brush on the green as to airbrush it, and also brush painted Xtracolour dries faster ( something to do with using white spirit for thinning apparently ). If I had read the profile caption in my Mig3 book fully I would have seen that the white finish was immaculate as this was a presentation aircraft so I could have just airbrushed white over the acrylic primer. I finished the white coat yesterday and I used about half a pot of Tamiya flat white, dark green takes some covering, when I checked this morning I realised that I had forgotten the propeller blades and spinner, but I have a can of Tamiya fine white primer which I can use for them. Hoping to get some pictures posted this evening. Cheers Johm
  26. 1/72 Hasgeawa JASDF F-15J Tac Meet 2013

    Weekend update: fuselage mostly built. The fuselage goes together like a charm. The fit between the nose and the fuselage, however, has issues. It's hard to get it perfectly straight and almost inevitably leaves a noticeable "step" just below the canopy piece. Unfortunately there's no way to add some tabs with plasticard because of the avionics bay :/ This is the kit's only serious flaw.
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