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  2. Great job! I like the result a lot.
  3. Photobucket Have Seen The Error of Their Ways

    No, you need a third party host. Storage space on the site’s host and the risk of a virus meant can’t be done. Trevor
  4. F-86E, Academy, 1/72

    I used this one http://www.dpcasper.cz/obtisky72014.html cheers Jes
  5. Four the umpteen time

    The swanky black tie
  6. DH Mosquito video

    The Zero was the cameraship for John Dibbs in that formation, you can spot him in the videos. I forget the magazine but a group shot from that flight is now a cover and it's spectacular. HAFU, the organisation behind the video in the OP's link, have a fantastic DVD/Blu-ray collection of KA114's NZ displays. Well worth the money for a Mossie fan and they even have the option to turn off narration entirely. Steve may remember this, but I'll never forget that first pass at Ardmore. Everyone went pin-drop silent, she went by, then everyone broke into applause. I feel privileged to have been there. And you'll all be glad to hear that PZ474/NZ2384 is steadily progressing on the road back to airworthiness here in NZ also. Super excited to see a former RNZAF machine fly, the only one to fly here on the civil register before KA114.
  7. Moson Show 2018

    Anyone else here planning to go to the Moson Show 2018? One of the biggest shows in Europe, it’s held at the UFM Arena in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary (just a stone’s throw from Braitslava and Vienna!) on April 21-22 this year. I’ll be going for my first time. If anyone else is going, look me up!
  8. Arma Hobby 1/72 PZL P.7a

    Thanks. I don't use acrylics or Humbrol where I can avoid it but hopefully that information will be useful to anyone who does and is looking for guidance. I used a 1:1 mix of Colourcoats ACF03 Terre D'Ombre Naturel and AFC06 Ombre Calcinée: As usual my camera hasn't done a terrific job in discerning the difference between the two colours. Once I had mixed it to my satisfaction I sprayed the main parts and once that was dry I painted the propellers in a darker brown mix and picked out the engine cylinders and exhausts in Vallejo Metal Colour Exhaust Manifold: Next I'll paint the tyres, reassemble the engine, attach the tail struts and start applying the transfers... Cheers, Stew
  9. 1/48 HobbyBoss MiG-31B/BM Foxhound

    Outstanding! We look forward to the next build!
  10. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I made a simple video how I paint the faces here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ncqtCfkBw&t=1238s Venelin
  11. She's coming together nicely mate Cheers, Stew
  12. A GOTHA

    My mind is boggled they sent it wihout a manual , software or drivers! Ahhh! The Asian business mind....
  13. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Hasegawa 1/32 J2M Raiden. Oops! Itchy trigger finger on ebay. Cheers, Stew
  14. Thanks Antonio, I agree with you. My fluo lights will not be fixed on the canopy post. All our docs seem to confirm that it was fixed inside the left front panel (except the left one on doc. 87). And now a new slow progress: 1- the outside part of the Eduard PE: the small holes had been hollowed a bit more before cementing. The natural metal appears but this gold color is imho not correct, I will apply an alu mat on it 2- I first thought I would use a rubber small joint to represent the rounded shape, but finally, I just scraped the polystyrene with my triangular blade and it is now acceptable. On this joint and on the 2 small reliefs, I applied the 994 Dark Grey Vallejo to enhance these elements on the black (950) part. 3- We have 2 versions of the area where the IG is replaced by black. I have chosen this one, unlike the Tamiya instructions sheet.
  15. Must see Mosquito documentary

    You may be happy to know then that the organization in which I sit on the board is restoring a former Spartan B.35 CF-HMS (RAF serial RS700) to taxi condition and that it will sport its Spartan Air Services paint scheme. See more here: http://www.calgarymosquitosociety.com/home.htm Our quarterly report closing out 2017 has just been posted there. Andy
  16. I just checked from Scalemates database that my Bilek- bagging contains an Airfix FW 189 kit that dates from 1967. Happy that this should be eligible. V-P
  17. Very rare bird

    More than likely erecting transmission pylons. There's a better vid floating around currently, showing the precision flying and placement of the towers, but this one isn't bad either.
  18. DH Mosquito video

    That would be the Flying Heritage Collection at Everett, Washington. The aircraft are owned by Paul Allen. I had the pleasure of attending that show, debuting his new Mosquito, the third now flying.
  19. Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B 1:32

    Good morning Vlad! Looking forward to see the "Hind". You will build a great replica of a great helicopter. Kind Regards, Antti
  20. Low level Puma

    That is a truly stunning piece of work - the eventual owner should be over the moon!
  21. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Its looking good,even though you had some fitting problems,I built sometime back the Academy Merkava MK.IV,found that a nice kit.Cheers.
  22. Today
  23. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    One of the saddest pieces of news I have heard.. rest in peace my friend..
  24. Completely agree about how difficult it is to get dihedral right. On my return to scratchbuilding I specifically chose an aircraft with essentially no anhedral or dihedral (the Mig15) to avoid these difficulties. It looks like you have been a bit more daring than me but have still done OK in this case Fozzy Nice job👍
  25. Photobucket Have Seen The Error of Their Ways

    excuse my ignorance, but can you post photos directly to the forum?
  26. Four the umpteen time

    the wheelchair bus crashed
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