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  2. A real stunner Chris, you've really shown the kits attributes off well, lovely paintwork cheers neil
  3. Does anyone know or has anyone noticed recently (within the last few days) why when watching between devices, we are being logged out. So for example, I use BM on my phone, PC, tablet, Linux PC, and laptop (depending on where I am, and what I am doing). In the last few says, I have noticed that when logging into my phone, I will be logged out of all other instances of BM. So has anyone else noticed, or anyone any idea what s going on? thanks john
  4. Dan, that is looking the business!
  5. I'm with my learned colleague Enzo on this one, would be great to see an Abu Dhabi Mirage 5!
  6. No, it's definitely John Simm.
  7. A fabulous looking thing. With a great paint finish.
  8. Good effort Stuart and I'm picking up some useful tips here, at this rate you'll be ready for decals by the weekend - I'm envious! Keep up the good work!
  9. Okay I best be getting on now I’ve just got back from my holiday. Made a start, and as is my usual way of doing things back to front, I started on the tail. I sanded back the ribs a little as they are quite pronounced (not as bad as the wing ribs which as Trevor remarked above, are bonkers over-scale). Then I re-scribed the elevators as they lacked definition. I also separated the rudder and fin, cut out the hinges and added control horns (the one on the rudder is too low so will need to be moved), added the aerial post, and drilled out holes for the rigging. The aerial post is made from Slater's rod, kindly donated by Bill (Perdu). It is quite hard and more robust than normal plastic rod, and you can even drill through it with a 0.2mm drill. His will make attaching the aerial cable easier (I think and hope…) Next up I started on the fuselage. I have some scale plans in the Mushroom Model’s Fury & Nimrod book. I must admit the kit aint far out when compared to the plans, and the panel markings aint far out either, which is testimony to what a fine kit this is given its age. However, they could do with a lift in places, and for the most part consist of raised lines. Which to be fair is to be expected of a kit this age. So I’ve started re-scribing the fuselage. Here is the inspection panel at the rear starboard side: I sanded this out and reinstated it along with the other panels (mostly inspection panels given its fabric covering). Here is one side done compared to the other side: Although technically the raised rivet details are over-scale, I do want to preserve them, so I’m having to carefully and slowly scrape and sand the panel lines back to retain as much of the rivets as possible. The front section is natural polished aluminium, which will look nice contrasted with the yellow and silver painted fabric. Hence I think the rivets will make it look like metal…uh well I think you know what I mean. Not keen on the exhausts though and will have to do something about them. Not sure what yet, but will think on that one. I also need to add some work to the interior. Not much can be seen, but as you can see I need to improve the kit offering – the plastic blob I’m assuming is the old Matchbox lettering and date which Revell appear to have “redacted”. Also is the underside of the tail showing the elevator control cable guides I’ve added. Didn’t quite intend to start doing all these additions, but it’s a lovely aircraft, there is a nice feel to the kit so I intend to do it proud. Back in a bit.
  10. That is sooooooo coooool!
  11. Excellent work. I love it. Any more coming?
  12. Cheers Will but i definitely need more weathering practice and as he stands im thinking about making a dry arid landscape, so i poured some thick plaster that i will let dry and then smash, before putting back together with the cracks showing.
  13. Came across these photos on FB. Posted today
  14. sorry i meant 77th tfs not tfw thanks martin, I see they were redesignated the 77th fs in 1991 from the 77th tfs All the swotting up i did for this too,missed that thanks conehead Very much appreciated thanks Cheers ian and paul ,glad you like it Glynn
  15. It was closed to pedestrians. There was also a heavy police and military presence on land, water, and air. I agree. I didn`t fully appreciate just how much the flight deck and towers exceed and overhang the width of the hull. Nothing really prepared for that until she was free of the dock. Here`s a nice vid of her sailing under the Forth Rail Bridge from seaward side (go straight to 5 minutes into vid).
  16. Caught a glimpse of a black Karmann Ghia on a transporter on the A1 this afternoon.
  17. Very nicely done! And a great little pen story to boot! Really good rigging on such a small kit as well. Good job. Geoff
  18. Or should that be plane sailing? Great to see you back on here, Fozzy. And I'm glad it's you and not me doing all this magic stuff.
  19. Hello John Hope you are well. Yeap, I am still around and following this. Cheers Andy
  20. Try Vallejo varnish. Works a treat!
  21. Possibly Brize. We see them around here now and again; another possibility if they were tracking the M40/A40 is Benson, but those are just guesses.
  22. Thanks again! They are tough to get hold of in the UK nowadays! Airfix need to do a re-run of the mid-2000 kits such as this and the Valiant.
  23. I thought that the box art looked familiar. Around 12 gig of my old photo archive has finally uploaded; this is one of two similar ones of the CW 22: I've checked the photo for information on who took it, but nothing there. Happy to remove it straight away if required. It certainly looks like the inspiration for the box art, very evocative picture . Best regards TonyT
  24. When the three airframes were transfered to BOAC, Flight magazine described them as painted 'slate blue and olive drab'- which sounds like US equivalents of the Temperate Sea Scheme, if not even an attempt at a proper match to me. https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1941/1941 - 1412.html Will (and off we go- twenty pages of arguments about what this Boeing-Seattle-factory-mid-1941- ANA-equivalent "slate blue" actually is.... )
  25. Thanks Dave, I may have to give it a retry one day. Mind you I do apply my Klear coats with hairy stick.
  26. Yeah they are noisy. Surprisingly so when compared to the Hercs. Anyway the reason I dropped by. DC-10, yesterday morning about half nine. Dark blue tail blending into fuselage so possibly one of the FedEx fleet.
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