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  2. FOUR whom the toll bells

    on top of spaghetti
  3. A short one! Tamiya 1/48 DH Mosquito B.Mk IX

    Er, I think you've posted a picture of the wrong model Jamie? ... but it would be mine. Fine work Jamie Feeling sad I'm not free to pop up for the Nationals to see you, Stew and the Mossie...
  4. Spot of the Day Part 2

    And you didn't nick it for me?
  5. FOUR whom the toll bells

    and a custard sauce
  6. A nice and unusual build. Well done.
  7. You are making fast progress there Dave, even with a damaged canopy. It does sound as though you have a work-around for that, so I'll be interested to see the outcome. OT: Some of the fin flashes on those decals look a bit different, they've stirred my curiosity ...
  8. eBay - any answers?

    I buy and sell on e-bay and this is the correct procedure and if they threaten you in this way as Thud4444 describes they are probably scamming you. But as all has been dealth with and you accepted your item but you still can inform e-bay about this and if they get more information about this sort of selling from this seller they can take actions in the future! @Skodadriver i had last year a buyer who never payed after a week, i contacted him and he never gave a response! In the meantime i opened a case against him in wich he has to response again which he never did! Also in this period he was bidding at other items, i never heard of him again got my case closed and i was able to offer my item to another happy customer. Cheers, Jan
  9. Smer Tempest V

    How have I missed this one? (Oh, hiding in a GB, right...) Nice progress Simon, looking very Tempestuous
  10. Sunderland Mk.I DA-G

    Very nice indeed. I like the dark green/earth camo. Don't think I've seen one in that scheme. It's one I'd like to build but space is getting to be an issue with all of the multi-engine types I have waiting under the bench already.
  11. Airfix Jet Provost T.3/T.3a

    And the real colours
  12. That's another nice one. I agree, its a very nice kit to build but the pitot didn't last long on mine.
  13. Astronaut Birthdays for April

    April 24th Valeri Voloshin (1942) USSR Selected 1965 Involved with the Soviet lunar landing programme Retired for medical reasons April 1969; no flights Yvonne Cagle (1959) USA Selected 1996 (NASA Group 16) Retired June 2008; no flights At the 2017 Academy Awards she brought 98-year-old Katherine Johnson (featured in the film Hidden Figures) on stage Information from Spacefacts website and Wikipedia
  14. Lovely stuff Hendie, those buckles look very nice to me, but then I also think the little chopper is looking good too... Ian don't encourage me, I'm trying to be a reformed character (but he DID mention shafts earlier in a very suggestive way... snurf snurf... and I said nothing )
  15. That's nice, Tony. I'm currently fighting with the Academy version on my bench at the moment. I notice that yours has a completely different undercarriage arrangement to mine, with a tailwheel rather than a nosewheel.
  16. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Yes. As far as I know no research has been done on any Canadian paint manufacturer, as to whether there were small differences between their product and the official standards, but then there hasn''t been any such research on UK companies either. I've never seen any suggestion that Canadian-painted aircraft could be distinguished from their UK counterparts by their colours.
  17. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    Excellent umbilical pylon and I can see this is going to be an education about the THOR installation and I love the trailer. I am so looking forward to seeing more Ian
  18. Spitphoon 1/72 Airfix.

    Wow, that's some taping action there Simon, you must eat through the stuff! I tend to use Kamoi paper (same factory Tamiya use) mt Washi tape now (it's cheaper like this) just for 'the edges' and fill in with cheap tape from the local DIY store. You might have to stick it to your (old modelling) trousers first to take away some of the stick but saves the pennies
  19. FOUR whom the toll bells

    and soggy wieners, yukky
  20. Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    Well i looked at the cheapest account Smugmug has it will cost you 3,99 in dollars a month when you pay a year upfront!! As i saw it it has all the things you need to post every way you want, maybe you are going to pay the same amount later on ..... We will see what happens, as for the moment i certainly don like to migrate again to another site...... Cheers, Jan
  21. Gieme: I'm quite certain you'd do perfect and movable fan blades with youghurt cups, elbow grease and grit, but you did the right thing going for Quickboost here. Besides, I'm quite sure there are a few things that you'll add anyway so the cups won't stay unharmed for long!
  22. Punny Brands

    Old favourites; An estate agent in Kidderminster goes by the name of ...... Doolittle & Dalley. We also have a chip shop called Captain Cod. Not too far away in Worcester there was, and maybe still is, a chip shop called Pete's Plaice, and on my travels around the Merry Hill shopping centre I've seen a carpet shop called Walter Wall Carpets!
  23. Scottish Nationals 2018

    Start thinking. Your front room should already be stacked floor to ceiling by now. You boys
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