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  1. Latinbear

    Queen's Birthday Flypast over East Anglia

    Ta for sharing these. I'd forgotten that this was on today!
  2. Wow! That is just beautiful. A superb job!
  3. Latinbear

    Red Flag 83-2: Jaguars

    I remember seeing that video years ago. Fantastic flying by the crew. Made me also wonder about the stress suffered by the airframe and as we know one aircraft's wing failed with fatal consequences during Red Flag.
  4. Latinbear

    Op Wyvern Tor 2018

    Absolutely cracking shots! Cheers for posting these.
  5. Latinbear

    Chasing a 'Vark

    Great shots! Love the F111. Thanks for posting these.
  6. Latinbear

    Duxford Air Festival May 2018 Saturday & Sunday

    Those all look like pretty good images to me! I think my favourite is the head on shot of the Rafale.
  7. Latinbear

    Russian Victory Day parade

    Great video - thanks for posting.
  8. Latinbear

    Shuttleworth Season Premiere

    Superb shots as always! Number 2 is an absolute peach. I don't think I've ever seen the Blenheim and the Hurricane together. What great weather for what looks like a really top notch show. Thanks for sharing these.
  9. Latinbear

    RAF Lossiemouth - Exercise Joint Warrior

    He did have a proper haircut though!
  10. Latinbear

    RAF Lossiemouth - Exercise Joint Warrior

    All gushing welcome! Thank you very much for the generous comments and pleased you enjoyed them.
  11. Latinbear

    RAF Lossiemouth - Exercise Joint Warrior

    Thanks Mike - glad you enjoyed them. Other than being behind the P8 at the end of runway 23 as shown above I managed to miss both of them when they took off and landed. For some reason I seemed to be focused elsewhere. There is a lot of building work going on at the base in preparation for the arrival of the RAF's aircraft.
  12. Latinbear

    RAF Lossiemouth - Exercise Joint Warrior

    I'm guessing that was the case. He and a couple of RAF pilots were posing for official photos in front of a Typhoon on day one and courtesy of the zoom lens I could read the USMC officer's name and rank. He clearly enjoyed playing to the crowd because when on day two he took charge of the two seater both his take-offs were almost vertical climbs in reheat followed by rolling off the top. As you can imagine we all appreciated this and it made a nice change from the usual take-off pattern.
  13. Latinbear

    RAF Lossiemouth - Exercise Joint Warrior

    Thank you gents, very nice of you to say so. Glad you enjoyed them.
  14. Latinbear

    RAF Lossiemouth - Exercise Joint Warrior

    Interesting and thanks for the information. I was told that this was the first event of its kind and having seen other RAF stations do this then Lossiemouth decided to give it a go. Shortage of manpower was quoted as one of the reasons for getting an outside agency involved. I understand that the bulk of the proceeds will be going to good causes related to station.
  15. For some time I have been tempted to make the trek to Lossiemouth when Exercise Joint Warrior is on. When a good friend of mine pointed out that Timeline Events https://www.timelineevents.org/ were organising two consecutive days on base during this April/May's exercise then the opportunity was too good to pass up. We were hosted by No. 2 Squadron in the mornings enabling us to see the their Typhoons being pulled out of the hardened shelters, followed by pre-flight checks and then taxying out for take-off and return. Owing to poor weather on day one the hot refuelling plan was abandoned but took place on day two. In the afternoon it was over to the apron where the MPAs were located. There were two P8 Poseidons, a CP140 Aurora, a French Atlantique and a Norwegian Orion in residence. I arrived the morning before our time on base and spent the day at the end of the runway 23 at the north end of the base. Suffice to say the viewing opportunities are superb which I hope some of the images convey. No stepladders are needed. Talking to a local, he told me that this was the quietest Joint Warrior he had seen in years and I think that was reflected in the small number of foreign participants. I have read that there is no JW this October but the staff on base told me that is not necessarily the case. Apparently this was the first event of this kind Lossiemouth has done with the planning having taken nearly a year. It seemed to go sufficiently well that there were hints of holding another one this October perhaps with a night shoot element. Despite 50 of us on each day everybody was courteous and there was none of the aggressive jockeying for position or selfishness that is sometimes encountered at this type of event. A huge thank you to the personnel of 2 Squadron and RAF Lossiemouth for a very enjoyable two days. 1. The squadron crest on their building. 2. 3. Aircraft are pooled hence the markings don't necessarily reflect the operator. 4. 5. BAe commuter. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I haven't shown it in any photos here but No. 1 Squadron's apron is left of this shot and the aircraft taxy round in front of you. 11. It's a little like St Maarten in the Caribbean when the pilot revs up the engines. 12. 13. 14. See the parent and the children bottom right. 15. 16. A golf course lies right beneath the flight path. 17. 18. 19. This pilot is a USMC major. 20. 21. 22. 23. I've included this shot to illustrate what great access we had. Ear defenders and high viz jackets were mandatory. 24. Two fire engines were deployed for the three aircraft involved in the hot refuelling. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Don't be fooled by the blue sky. Most of the time it was wet or cold and windy. 36. 37. 38. 39. The CP140 had declared an emergency hence three fire engines and an ambulance chasing it down the runway as it landed. We didn't find out what the issue was. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. That's it, thanks for looking.