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  1. That makes at least two of us! Sad thing is they appear to have virtually no monetary value (not that I have any desire to sell them although my wife has a different view of course).
  2. A curious choice in the biplanes! Has the A400 now been certified to drop paratroops? Good set of shots though and thanks for posting them.
  3. Wonderful! What a terrific opportunity. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Fabulous set of shots! It must be rather nice to have that airfield in your area.
  5. Looks like a very good event. Love the Sea King shots!
  6. Some lovely angles there. I can't help but notice how low some of the pilots are in the fighters' cockpits. Not the easiest view when on the ground!
  7. A very nice set of images indeed! Looks like it was a very good event. Love the shots with the pilots in the foreground and the aircraft overhead.
  8. Cracking piece of work! I have several FM JASDF F4s in the stash so interested to see how they might turn out.
  9. That is a truly super job! Beautifully put together and well done on the patience required to add all the stencils: as others have commented they really add to the model and the gorgeous colour scheme really makes it stand out.
  10. Great sets of shots! Thanks for sharing them.
  11. Lovely shots! Every time I see images of OW I am humming "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" in my head!
  12. That is lovely. First two photos work really well too.
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