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  1. Another breathtakingly great model! Truly superb work.
  2. Your mention of airlines requesting for no booze to be sold in terminals before 10am reminds me of the 1990's when I used to regularly fly from Heathrow to Edinburgh on a 7am flight . I was always astounded to see blokes drinking pints of lager in the departure lounge at 6am! I think my astonishment was it was possible to get booze at that time of the day and that anybody bar the most hardened alcoholic would want booze at that time of the day. My presumption was that they were on the Aberdeen flight before going out to the oil rigs.
  3. An article in the Daily Telegraph prompted me to look at this website. I was aware that a secret resistance army existed with a web of bunkers equipped with supplies but have never really read much about them. An effort is underway to document the secret army and what it got up to. Churchill's Wartime Auxiliary Units, Special Duties, SOE and SAS | British Resistance Archive (staybehinds.com)
  4. Fantastic modelling as ever! The ground support equipment really compliments the aircraft.
  5. A very nice and creative set of shots! It must have been lovely to have the museum pretty much to yourself.
  6. Both Phantoms are absolutely stunning! The JASDF blue camouflaged versions are pretty much my favourites and yours is a true beauty!
  7. A lovely set! I can feel the warmth just by looking at the sky.
  8. Many thanks for the prompt replies - very much appreciated! I feared that might be the case but always worth enquiring on BM. 31 years and counting? What a great run of service!
  9. My son is due to commission into the RE next year and I would like to get him a kit for Christmas of an example of their modern hardware such as a bridgelayer, a Trojan or similar. A look through the various online shops hasn't yielded any results. Could anybody point me in the direction of any kits that might be representative to today's Royal Engineers' equipment please? Many thanks in advance Ian
  10. Is the dome a satellite communications system perhaps?
  11. What a terrific video! Thanks very much for flagging this. Enjoyed every minute. As someone who is neither a pilot or an engineer (and therefore has no axe to grind) the humorous comments in the posts above remind me of a quote in Robert Prest's " F4 Phantom, A Pilot's Story". He had just been posted to Wildenrath and in his room in the mess was a poster that read "The job of the air force is flying and fighting and the job of those who don't is to support those who do". I'll get me coat........!
  12. A super set of shots and what an epic experience! Would love to have been there.
  13. A superb piece of work! Applying all those decals must have taken you ages.
  14. Excellent news! I'm glad the trip was worth it and particularly the early start!
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