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  1. I went to a couple of these and thought they were great events. As you say very friendly and the Americans were really keen to engage with the visitors. Shame they seem to have fallen by the wayside.
  2. Great set of shots and a real privilege to get on the base as well as being shown inside the aircraft. Would love to do this visit. Ta for sharing these.
  3. Lovely set of images and a very different place to go. Ta v much for sharing these. Shame about the memory card; how frustrating!
  4. Mega! What a great set. So many Phantoms! I would love to go and visit this base. Thanks for sharing these.
  5. I was introduced to him at the Tiger Meet in Cambrai in 2011 and as it was a brief meeting I didn't talk with him that much but he showed me some of his shots of the participants on his camera. Many of them were superb but I was very heartened to see that he, as a professional, also missed noses, tails, wings etc and I thought then that if he could screw up his shots then there was hope for me too! If memory serves me right he was a colonel in the air force reserves.
  6. Great shots of subjects not often seen! Thanks for sharing these and would love to see some more. Was the local aviation writer Ofer Zidon perchance?
  7. Absolutely beautiful! The backdrop really adds to it as well. My initial thought is that I was looking at a picture of the real aircraft.
  8. If I recall correctly there was a bit of a stink in the press a good few years ago when one of the privatised train companies wanted to charge - I think it was Hornby - for the privilege of allowing Hornby to make a model of one of their trains in whatever livery was in use at the time. Persoanlly, I would haVe thought they would have been grateful for the free advertising. And let's not forget the RAF's attempt to trademark the roundel which again attracted negative publicity.
  9. That is an incredible piece of work! I'm of the vintage when these Beemer's were regularly seen on the road and you have got the metalflake paintwork and the discoloured exhausts down to a tee not to mention the cylinders as well. Nicely photographed too. If the ultimate accolade is that this model looks just like the real thing then yours deserves it.
  10. Superb shots as ever! Thanks for sharing. Out of interest, how many airframes are usually deployed for the event?
  11. That is a beautiful piece of work Andy! A really nice job of an unusual subject.
  12. Great video! Thanks for posting, really enjoyed it.
  13. I am aware of somebody whose wife bought him some 1/72nd starter kits to help him through the lockdown but as they were too small he splashed out on the latest 1/24th Airfix creation.
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