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  1. That is a superbly comprehensive reply Gary, thank you very much indeed for all the information. The weather looks good for tomorrow so I'll think that's the day for me.
  2. All very nice shots indeed and thank you for sharing them/ The BUFF was a bonus! I'm planning to head to Waddington this week and not having been outside the base before wondered where the ground shots were taken? Do you cross to the westerly side of the A15 up against the fence or wander around the airfield to find a suitable point? Presumably the sorties last around an hour or so before the wave returns? Any information very gratefully received. Cheers.
  3. Thanks for posting these. The weapons effects film is fascinating and given the age and limited capabilities of the camera equipment they were using, really high quality in capturing the various weapons being released and striking their targets. I love the noise of the F104 and F105's cannons being fired. How much more interesting would airshows be if we had some of this action?
  4. A fantastic build beautifully complimented by superb photography!
  5. I think it is very impressive that by creating your own Haveglass grey which changes tone depending on the light you've replicated the real aircraft. I haven't photographed that many F35s and certainly not in sunny conditions but I have noticed that, unlike the paint on a Typhoon for example, the grey does change (or at least to my eyes anyway) depending on the light. The F35 is growing on me but I'm not a fan of it's paint scheme and the variability of its appearance. Now, if they start painting them 1970's style grey and green then we're talking!
  6. A fantastic piece of work. I love the weathering which looks just right given the strength of the sun, the heat and humidity.
  7. Great to see these shots and pleased to hear you had a good day out. Thanks also for the additional information as I'm contemplating a trip to Waddington.
  8. The colours stand out beautifully against the blue sky. Makes a nice change from grey aeroplanes against a grey sky! The chap in the paramotor must have had a wonderful time. Ta for sharing these.
  9. Order should be with you. Many thanks for the information and looking forward to reading it.
  10. Love the MiG and the T33. Ironic that the weather should have made for perfect photography but in fact it looks like it was just too bright which must have been frustrating.
  11. I think the colour schemes are terrific! May I enquire what the book is because it sounds like something I might be interested in. Many thanks Ian
  12. I don't know about Flightradar but it's not like they are super secret, stealthy aircraft. After all, we know how many were bought, where they are based, they don't fire weapons and they get photographed by enthusiasts all the time. All very odd!
  13. Did anybody else notice that the serial numbers on the Hawk's were pixelated Agree 100%. I was surprised that there was no mention of the time spent in the simulator for Bally, the F35 pilot and his colleagues. The suggestion was that after four month's ground school he (and the others) would have simply got in and taken it for a spin (to extend the motoring analogy). Did anybody else notice the pixelated serials on the 4 Squadron Hawks? Does anybody have any thoughts as to why that might have been done?
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