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  1. Fantastic! Can't wait to show my wife your pictures.
  2. All of those sunset shots are off the scale! I particularly like the C130 in the distance with the sun partially obscured behind the clouds. Thanks very much indeed for your comments on settings and technique. I hope to be able to give it a go at some point and would be mucho pleased to get anything close to what you have achieved.
  3. Superb shots! It looks like you really lucked out with both the activity and the light at Lakenheath and most the best of the opportunity. The two Typhoon images, especially the first one are something else! I would be thrilled to get an image like that. What settings did you use for both please?
  4. Ah, happy days! Thanks very much for posting these. Lovely set!
  5. Absolutely cracking set of shots as always! For the LN shots at ground level I presume you were shooting through the fence?
  6. Latinbear

    Marham 3-9-20

    Great shots! I find getting really decent shots of the F35 frustrating which I attribute to its paint because shots of other aircraft generally come out just fine. Thanks for posting these.
  7. Latinbear

    Marham 3-9-20

    I saw that too. If I were a farmer with land adjoining good spotting point I'd be tempted to set up a viewing area with parking and charge for the privilege. I appreciate that insurance would be required but surely not insurmountable and probably a nice little earner.
  8. I visited Lossiemouth in May 2018 on an organised tour for Exercise Joint Warrior. I spent the afternoon before the two day tour outside the northern end of the base and the spotting was superb! As you can see in the photos Typhoons flying right over your head and obviously great for three quarter views and down the runway too. I drove around the perimeter roads and saw a few spots all of which will be covered in "Thunder and Lightnings" as Richard mentioned above. Shortage of time meant I didn't bother with them though. Google Maps satellite view is also your friend. It was two and a half yea
  9. Thank you F32, much appreciated. Although the camera and lens combo is quite heavy a combination of the wind and a slow shutter speed meant that quite a lot of shots have ended up on the cutting room floor so to speak.
  10. Thank you John for the kind comments re the shots, much appreciated. There was a bit of a hiatus on the Friday afternoon which I think was probably a combination of the weather and the gaps caused by the cancellation of the BBMF and the Duxford contingent. The last performance was of the single and two seat Spitfires and they landed at 4pm which I believe was when the show was due to close. There may have been a flying programme with timings kicking around somewhere but I didn't it.
  11. Thank you Colin, nice of you to say so. The Harvard was flown by a furloughed BA pilot who is a training captain on the A380. By the time the two Spitfires put on the closing display the conditions for photography were awful. Even the shots that I haven't binned had to be substantially lightened.
  12. I recognise those grey skies! Shame it was so cold and the favourable forecast of earlier in the week didn't materialise but it looks like you got more action than I did. A very nice set.
  13. For my first and most likely last aviation event of the year I attended the Friday of the three day sell out Battle of Britain show at Headcorn in Kent. It was my first visit to the airfield and I was thrilled to discover how close to the display line the fence line was. That said, much of the fence was taken up with a premium priced enclosure of socially distanced tables and chairs leaving a few small gaps available for cheapskates like me. However, the closeness of the display line meant that decent shots of the aircraft were possible. Strangely, spectators were barred by staff from the fe
  14. Loved the video and the finished article! Thank you.
  15. Beautifully built and an unusual subject too. I also didn't know about the antenna.
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