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  1. What an absolute beauty! Not only is it a Phantom but the sea camo versions are gorgeous. I have several of these in 1/72nd and 1/48th in the stash. Would love to see some more pictures if you have them.
  2. I really feel for anybody who is trying to, or hoping to, organise any event of size this year. Even with the vaccination programme rolling out there is no visibility on what the next few months brings and trying to contract for printing tickets, programmes, hire staff and volunteers, performers of any kind (aircraft, tanks, bands, etc), book catering providers, marquees, St John ambulance cover, police support, etc etc has to be a nightmare of huge proportions. As for insurance against the event being cancelled? I don't think so. For some events such as Old Warden or the Headcorn
  3. I aspire to Blabber Mouth status!
  4. Good to know I'm not the only one who has them all from number 1. Mind you, it does distress me when I see them on sale for much less than I paid. I then have to try to forget what the whole series and cost me and what it now might be worth
  5. A pair of sunglasses required! Always a joy to see your completed models. This is an absolute beauty and the panel work is truly marvellous.
  6. They probably got the A400 top speed from the Daily Mail. The paper is renowned for its accuracy and knowledge of such matters
  7. Absolutely lovely! My favourite UK F4 colour scheme. A nice contrast with the grey and the F3 too.
  8. If the airport has some of public affairs or media relations department perhaps it is worth giving them a call and see if they can offer some advice?
  9. Something a bit different and a very nice piece of work.
  10. Another breathtakingly great model! Truly superb work.
  11. Your mention of airlines requesting for no booze to be sold in terminals before 10am reminds me of the 1990's when I used to regularly fly from Heathrow to Edinburgh on a 7am flight . I was always astounded to see blokes drinking pints of lager in the departure lounge at 6am! I think my astonishment was it was possible to get booze at that time of the day and that anybody bar the most hardened alcoholic would want booze at that time of the day. My presumption was that they were on the Aberdeen flight before going out to the oil rigs.
  12. An article in the Daily Telegraph prompted me to look at this website. I was aware that a secret resistance army existed with a web of bunkers equipped with supplies but have never really read much about them. An effort is underway to document the secret army and what it got up to. Churchill's Wartime Auxiliary Units, Special Duties, SOE and SAS | British Resistance Archive (staybehinds.com)
  13. Fantastic modelling as ever! The ground support equipment really compliments the aircraft.
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