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  1. Absolutely superb shots. The atmospheric ones do a really good job of suggesting it's a real WW2 airfield. The B&W Blenheim and Lysander images are beauties!
  2. Good old Fred Mulley! Following his inspection of the back of his eyelids there was a protest by wives of servicemen who were expecting redundancy following defence cuts some of whom wore tee shirts with the slogan "Fred Mulley slept here".
  3. Excellent run down and pictures as ever, thanks for posting these. Interesting to note the barriers around the aircraft for the Silver Jubilee. I wonder whether QE11 took umbrage at being prevented from getting right up close to one of her Vulcans?
  4. Super set of shots there! I particularly like the flames and the sunset images. A treat to be involved in moving the plane too! A perfect selfie opportunity perhaps?
  5. The website is excellent! Thanks for posting the link as it's not one I have come across.
  6. I don't buy either SAMI or MAM and therefore don't pay any attention to which issue is on the shelves of my local newsagent but given the topic of this thread I decided to have a look this morning and for what it's worth both are the May issues.
  7. Nothing like a nice bracing day by the seaside! Pretty inconsiderate of those birds to get in the way of your shots. Have you got the salt off the camera and lens yet?
  8. Nice set of shots. The clouds in the first two shots in particular provide some nice atmospherics.
  9. That is very nice indeed! So nice to see and F16 that is not grey!
  10. My copy of SAM arrived this morning and I have just finished reading your article on this build. Superb model and a very enjoyable article which will prove very useful for when I get around to building the one in my stash.
  11. It has been announced today that the Avalon Airshow due to take place at the beginning of December has been cancelled. The biennial show was originally scheduled for last February but was postponed owing to Covid and owing to the resurgence in infections it has been decided to cancel the show. For anybody outside Australia (and probably the state of Victoria) this of course is academic as the borders are currently closed and from comments made by government ministers likely to remain so until some time next year. Nevertheless it is a huge shame that what would have been a wonderful celebration of the RAAF's centenary the show now won't go ahead. The 2023 show is scheduled to take place between February 28th and March 5th.
  12. If a picture speaks a thousand words then your first three shots of the Wessex sums up any written description of the weather! A shame the weather spoiled what looked like a rather good day but it looks like you made the best of it from the shots. Cheers for posting them.
  13. A lovely selection there. Nice to see some different helicopters too. Thanks for posting.
  14. I was bemused by the Twin Otter until I saw your comment that it wasn't part of the show. The banking Hurricane and rear three quarter shots of the Spitfire in colour are peaches!
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