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  1. Super cool, and something we just about never see, Nice job!
  2. I don't know if TB Decals is the same as Top Tier Hobby but the latter has a 1/144 China Southern A380 decal set too. I've bought from Kits Hobby in Hong Kong before, he's good, and despite his website being in Chinese he writes in English very well. http://www.kitshobby.com/toptierhobby/th_product/TH384401/TH384401c.html
  3. hi all, I saw the thread suggesting a few years back that Monino might be closing but so far as I can tell it's still open. My Dad is visiting Moscow next month and I'd like to get him a tour out there. Does anyone have any recent experience or recommendations? He's in his 70s, fit enough for a day at the museum, doesn't speak Russian. He visited me in china many times so he's ok, but I would want to send him on a tour with a private car pick up and not have him muck around with local bus connections. Grateful for any recent practical tips! thanks!
  4. No worries! That site is actually China's main e-commerce platform so it sells everything. Kind of like ebay, amazon etc. So you'll need to search for the Chinese term for decals - let me know if you want any help. I think they often will ship abroad.
  5. I started and almost finished this as part of the 737 STGB last year. Later on I finished it and before we packed up and moved from China I took a few quick photos. It's in storage now along with all my other stuff. Two notes about it. First up, I know it's not quite finished - there's a few spots (like the tyres and leading edges and the front of the engine mounts) that could use some touch up paint. Second up, the yellow backdrop might look weird but believe me, it's not too far from a sandstormy April Beijing sky! The decals were an unbranded set I found on www.taobao.com. Hope you like it. And here is the real thing, a creative-commons licensed image from wikipedia which is fine to post.
  6. I saw Apollo 11 today at the NASM in DC. It was made slightly difficult by the fact I had my 4 year old daughter with me. While she was pretty good, i mostly had at least one eye her way to keep her happy (ie quiet). That said, I really enjoyed the movie and thoroughly recommend you see it on an IMAX screen if you can. The way it's done is great, and while I have seen almost every space documentary there is, I thought this was fresh. The launch in particular is done in a new (or at least, new-ish) way, and the whole thing manages to avoid the standard tropes and standard quotes and offer a new take on the story. For much of it you really feel like you're in the room, and more than many such docos it gives you a tremendous sense of the scale of Apollo including the vast number of people involved. There's a fantastic tracking shot through mission control that does this, for example. All those men in identical clothes! The approach to the landing and the landing itself is quite exciting too, even if you've seen that footage before. It's nothing like "For All Mankind" and that's good. The two films are different approaches to the same thing, and they are both very good. So all in all I wish I could go back and see it again with full concentration but I'm very glad I saw it. recommend you all see it and on the big screen if you can.
  7. I'm going to see Apollo 11 at the IMAX at the Smithsonian on Saturday. Can't wait!
  8. Great build of a cool kit. I've always wanted to get that kit too.
  9. A little post-script to this. Yesterday was my birthday so despite having no time as we race to pack everything I decided to take one last run to a hobby shop. Beijing has some really awesome shops though they are incredibly hard to find unless you can read a bit of Chinese on taobao and work out where they are. They are always in some grotty alley in a residential area with no signs, never in malls or traditional shops (with maybe one pricey exception). I'd been a few times but still had to ride around in circles on my bike for about 15 minutes before I found the specific little alley! anyway while there I bought what I was actually after which was the Trumpeter 1/72 "Chinese Spaceship #10" better known as the Shenzhou 10 and Tiangong 1 combo. Then I saw the new Hasegawa 1/200 A321neo and even better the A321ceo. So I snapped up the ceo and also another A320 so I can cut that one back to an A319. My airliner building plot is that I want one of each type I've flown on, in the livery of the airline I flew, and ideally with no two aircraft in the same livery. Of course you can't get the bigger Airbus planes in 1/200, so far as I know, but at least now I have all the smaller ones (I've never been on an A318 so that's ok). If anyone's interested - and it's pretty esoteric - here is where I am at with that plot. A319 - Atlantic Airways, China Eagle Airlines, Beijing Capital airlines - got to convert the A320 and somehow find decals A320 - China Eastern - already built, just waiting for the decals which I already have A321 - many airlines but I will try to do China Southern I think. Better get on taobao today and find some. 732 - there's Hasegawa and Revell, I've built a few but not for this project. I'd like to do Malaysian. 733 - no kit, Hasegawa has a -400 I could shorten. I think I flew an old Norwegian airlines one once. 734 - see above, maybe Qantas 735 - Lufthansa, already built and I have the decals 736 - never flown, thanks for nothing SAS who put a 738 on the route I booked last summer just to knock off the 736! 737 - Air Do Japan, got the kit and its decals 738 - lots, but I am doing the Air China Olympics one, half finished, and have finished my China Eastern Purple Peacock one as well. 739 - Korean. I guess I need two of the 738 kits and can get a -900 and -600 out of them Then I've got the ANA 789 almost done, I went on that a year or two back. 788, there's a Hasegawa kit but I'll need some Hainan airlines decals. 744 I have half built and I have the KLM decals. Never went on a 743 but I could do either Qantas or United as the 742. 767 could be Mongolian, Hainan or Qantas but given the rule about no two similar liveries I guess I need to rustle up some Mongolian. 772 I have the Lauda boxing half built, 773 can be almost anyone as I've been on lots of those. Maybe Cathay or Emirates. Then there are no 1/200 kits for 757, A330, A340 or A380 (or A350 but I haven't been on that, thanks for nothing Air China who put a 789 on the route I booked only because it was an A350...well I had to fly the route but I chose that particular time for the 350). And there's not yet a 747-8i in 1/200 but if there is, I've been on Air China twice with that. Well if you're still reading I admire your interest. It's an esoteric eccentric hobby, this one!
  10. Thanks Skodadriver! Yes Ray I am indeed going to Australia for a little while. I am between assignments. My visa expiry here is kind of like a hard Brexit. Nothing lined up yet so it'll be me, the wife, and three year old knocking on the door. "Hi Mum, I'm unemployed and homeless...and in 6 weeks a shipping container full of half-built model kits is going to arrive". Hopefully it will all fall together in the next few months.
  11. Thanks! The reason I want to convert is because I build in 1:200 and so far as I know there is only the Hasegawa A320, plus the A320neo and A321neo. Thanks for the kind offer about scanning but it's ok, it will be a while before I ever find time to do this and the kits are all going into storage as we are moving countries. thanks for the responses!
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