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  1. Great job, it looks awesome! Thank you for joining us in this GB!
  2. This is amazing work! I am learning so much from this - not only about construction techniques but also about Skylab. I had no idea it had literally a little front balcony!
  3. I'm going to try to build my Hobby Boss F-86 as a ROCAF version with some cool sharkmouth decals I got from Bestfong and a pair of Aim-9B. I got that stuff five years ago and vaguely remember choosing the right HB kit for the ROCAF. We'll see I guess!
  4. Welcome - that's a great kit. Welcome Mark!
  5. We finish in a week, gang. Unfortunately I have been dumped with a big work project next week that can't wait and will take nights, too. So I don't think I can finish my ISS before then. I do think I can get it done by Christmas though. Is anyone else in with a shot of finishing their builds if we had another few weeks?
  6. These are all undoubtedly excellent ideas. I'll let you know what my wife thinks about them. 5,4,3,2,1.. Um, that was somewhere between a "hard no" and a "hell no". 🤣
  7. Thanks all. Yeah it's pretty big. I have no idea where I am going to put it when done. Most probably I'll have to dismantle it and store it. If I put it up in the garage it'll gather so much dust, and something this big will not be welcome in our house for long!
  8. Yes of course it is. It's the Ur-707, the famous prototype of the legendary barrel roll and the sign next to it at Udvar Hazy in Washington says "Boeing 707". I would love to see a model of that. Welcome aboard!
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