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  1. You're very welcome! Dispatching a shuttle craft to bring you up to orbit!
  2. Out of interest I dug out my Hasegawa Jaguar kit for comparison:
  3. Today I sprayed the body of the car. You probably can't see because the plastic was that same colour but hopefully once dry it will look better than bare grey plastic!
  4. thanks Martin! Here are the final pics just taken outside.
  5. Here also is my recently completed Kawasaki T-4 jet trainer. This is a neat and easy to build 1/72 kit from Hasegawa. It also comes in a boxing with markings for the Blue Impulse aerobatics team. This cool plane has been the JASDF's jet trainer since the 80s - first flew in 85 and first entered service in 88. Over 200 were built. The unit is the 302nd squadron based at Misawa air base, located at the northern end of Japan's main island. It has the awesome red and blue eagle on the tail, which was why I chose it. Apart from the T-4, this unit flies the F-35 and is one of the squadrons tasked with the air defence of Tokyo. Before the F-35s came into service three years ago, the 302nd's fighter jet was the F-4EJkai. I went a bit hard with the Mr Mark Softer on that red marking on the nose there... If I were to build it again, I'd use paint instead of decals on the orange wingtips and tailplane tips. Thanks for looking! Build thread:
  6. I made a start on this thing over the last few days. The instrument panel decals are actually pretty decent to look at. The front panel is clear and I later painted it behind there in grey, so it's not as see-through as that looks. I see that big circle on the side wall...can't be bother dealing with it as it will be hard to see by the time my pilot and his seat are in place. This is an older Hasegawa kit - still has raised detail - but wow it really fits together neatly. Such a good looking plane, too. I have to confess, I was never that fussed about this one and I only really bought it because I thought, hey, it's like 1,000 yen why not? I'm glad I did, and as I have been looking at the completed airframe, I've come to be quite taken by its general appearance. I think part of the problem is most of the pics I'd seen of it were taken on the ground, in front, really emphasizing the kind of humpy nature of it. But when you see it from other angles you see how sleek and purposeful it looks. Of course it looks a lot like a Jaguar. Reminds me I must progress my Jaguar which is presently at roughly the same stage this thing is at. It'd be fun to park them next to each other on my air base downstairs.
  7. He didn't have to put kids through college I guess? And he got into BitCoin early ...
  8. Excellent work and a nice pairing - ROC F-5 and a PRC Nanchang I have to say, his Nanchang is better assembled than all the real ones I've seen.... Welcome to the hobby, friend! Looking forward to your next builds.
  9. Awesome work. ...on the bulgogi! Model kit is looking good too! JASDF has some truly awesome wild paint schemes!
  10. Thank you! Yes I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun and easy kit it was. Since last pics I noticed I forgot to paint the middle canopy frame. I've done it now and hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and I can put some pics in the gallery. I had my eye on the aerobatics boxing - Blue Impulse I think it is - but it's let down by the decal sheet which provides some but not all of the blue areas. It's kind of all or nothing for me with that I reckon. But I'd happily build this again in some other markings if there are any.
  11. Time to fight Godzilla! This one will be next on the list after I finish my T-2.
  12. Here's my Hasegawa 1/72 M5 High Speed Tractor. Build thread:
  13. Fantastic build! While we're all telling Tu-154 stories ..I've never been on one but I saw an Air Vladivostok one at Harbin airport in China in 2007, January it would have been so super cold. That beautiful looking plane also looked like it had seen its best days probably decades prior. I was simultaneously wishing I could go on it and very glad I was sitting in a nice new China Eastern 737! I could only imagine what an Air Vladivostok flight from Harbin to Vladivostok must have been like inside the cabin in a North Chinese - Eastern Russian winter! Congrats on a top class model!
  14. I just read the thread - what a great build! I have had this kit in my stash since the late 90s and after reading this I'm pretty sure I'm never building it! But you did an amazing job. Well done!
  15. Yeah it actually came out, I was pretty amazed. My jeans are still a bit stained but thanks to a bootcamp I've joined recently - and likely also not washing them in the right stuff - either they're a bit smaller or my quads are a bit bigger so they're not gonna be A List anymore anyway!
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