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  1. @RidgeRunner brilliant, thank you. The collective BM hive mind knows everything. So the base photo of the aircraft I'm modelling has: tip tanks - which may or may not be in 2 colours - very dark at that point the under fuselage missile pylons and rails and probably wing pylons with nothing on - again very dark at this point So I will stick with that and, depending on timing of this and other builds, may add AIM-9. Among those multiple phots I can see on camo'd jets the rails are white and some white and other grey pylons - again my photo is too dark - so I get to chose. Chris
  2. Martin, thank you tempting, but I do want to finish this one before the GB ends and those multiple racks aren't in any kit I have; and it has the feel of a display loadout rather than a real load. That image suggest the kit pylons are correct for the Sidewinders. So after a long holiday abroad (drove past Otis ANGB on Wednesday, and there was more temptation, a F-101 or F-106 from there) back home and front end mainly done. For pit colouring following the detail photos in the Verlinden Lock-Out #1, which looks correct for the RNoAF CF-104. (Could not see how I could get this hobby on a trans-Atlantic flight but SWMBO got her quilt stiff on holiday ) The dash looks nice with the decals settled nicely on the moulded detail but the phone camera just can't see it. Chris
  3. @Retired Bob nice; very pretty unit markings. Chris
  4. @billn53 absolutely stunning (as normal) and educational WIP. I’ve not got the patience to do all that tiny PE and tiny lights. If and when I do my huns they’ll not look half as good. Chris
  5. Phabulous. Any chance of more pictures? Underside? Zoom of cockpit? Chris
  6. Lovely clean rhino in wraparound camo. Chris
  7. A bit of an exaggeration there they only quoted me $9.999m postage to the UK. Guess they don’t want us to try it. Chris
  8. Phabulous. Very very nice weathering. Chris
  9. Rhino still going by small stages, so CF-104 exhaust assemble and into rear fuselage. Realised the Hu150 I am using as my main upper surface colour is very similar to the acrylic green inside the exhaust. For cockpit I am trying decals settling down onto the raised detail. Chris
  10. Underside done; not perfect. So on to cockpit; ejection seats, coaming and gunsight (?), which has to go flatter than real life because of the thickness of the plastic windshield. Painting and maybe rearranging of wires behind pilot before next bits on. Chris
  11. Very nice zipper, modelled on one of the more extreme weathered examples. (Hope you can refix the left wheel.) Chris
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