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  1. Have 4 to choose from in the stash; gone for the one I think I will complete in time with minimal stores. Only AB is Eduard etch (kit pit is very bare); coloured etch which is new to me; help and recommendations on what glue to use to fix folded parts appreciated. Searching for photos of the 2 kit decal options I found the next assignment for 82-1041 was service in the Oregon ANG and a photo showing it weather beaten; which is doable with a mix of kit and SuperScale decals. Bench should be clear for next Saturday. Chris
  2. Phabulous; can’t tell the decals are thick. Chris
  3. Matt, looks absolutely fantastic in the sun; you wouldn't know the decals were home brewed unless you followed your fascinating thread. Chris
  4. Craig, phabulous. Ill be happy if my EJ (and the short nosed ones we’ve not got yet) turn out half as nicely. How did you find the decals? Some say thick? Chris
  5. Nearly there; revisited stabs after 3 months, nose paint drying. Chris
  6. Bang seats in; Quickboost resin; very nice; but seemed too low so I shimmed them up. 30-40 minutes to get grab handles on. Will need red paint before reveal of them. Still got 7 pieces to add and pitot will need paint and varnish on. So not much but takes time. Carpet monster ate the tiny pitot under the nose; made another one ~2mm T shape; that vanished as well, but looking for it I found the original. Matt varnish for walkways (I poached someone else's good idea) hasn't come out as an obvious differentiation from the overall satin varnish. So various delays but still enjoying th
  7. Phabulous, love the worn weathered look. Can we see the underside? Chris
  8. @kapam there is a whole range, see link. Chris
  9. Phabulous. Interesting comment about the decal film, from this build it doesn’t seem a problem. Hope I can turn this kit out half as well. Chris
  10. Thanks @Jabba This is touch-ups done on underside now, realised the pylons will need varnish. Amazing how the camera phone distorts perspective in reals life the wheels are (roughly) parallel. Chris
  11. Wheels are far from perfect but on now; a lot of fiddly stuff to attach to the underside which has taken many hours to fit, but all on now. Won't be finished today, sorry; needs touch-ups on underside then weathering then transparencies, seats, pitot, stabs, and aerials glued on top. painting radome painting seat pull handles, which are getting glued on after seats fixed in pits. I will keep posting here if allowed. Chris
  12. Getting there with the weathering; a few passes of Florys black wash on underside to both highlight flaps and to dirty up. Most will be hidden by droptanks and other stores. Chris
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