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  1. Pit done now and buttoned up. I drilled the bit between front and rear and glued some lead wire that I will connect to the rear I/P. The next stage on a FineMolds F-4 is intakes and vari-ramps, and I forgot to paint the vari-ramps, which on this plane is 3 colours, white, light gray and the special scheme light blue. So while starting to paint the vari-ramps I painted the underside doors and the stabs with the navy blue, Hu15, and they have dried all rough. Its a brand new tin, thoroughly stirred so I am at a bit of a loss as a lot of the airframe will be this navy blue and I can't find another enamel paint that looks right; do Humbrol gloss enamels need some special technique when brush painted? Chris
  2. Nice rhino, lovely weathering, particularly on the underside, and an interesting loadout. Chris
  3. I have looked and looked at the excellent walk around photos here (and other images online) but I can't work out what colour the undercarriage bays are. White, grey or unpainted? (I'm assuming its common worldwide, but I am intending on a Texas ANG example because I have found an image of it fully loaded on weapons trials.) Plenty of images if the one I'm going to build so I've got lots of pointers to the colours of the undercarriage itself. Chris
  4. Paul, I like that banner for this GB - is it ok to use it on my sig? Chris
  5. Some painting but mainly a slow day of tiny 3D decals, 5 on one IP, 6 on the other and 4 on the consoles, and there are a few tinier ones I am not bothering with. Chris
  6. CF-116 done, intake trunking done and 3D decals on pit sides. More work elsewhere. Chris
  7. A late finish from the F-5 STGB, CF-116 of 434 squadron in wraparound grey/green camo fr0m 1983. Italeri reboxing of Esci kit - lovely kit Italeri lau-5002 rocket pods Master pitot Xtradecal decals - because I don't like the custard / yolk yellow of the kit slime lights Humbrol enamels Flory washes W&N varnish (stain except wheels matt) WIP at link Comments and suggestions welcome. Chris
  8. I had nearly finished this when I knocked one of the undernose aerials off, so back to the cycle of glue, paint, varnish, weather and varnish. Then wait for some daylight to take photos. Pleased with the colours and the tip tank landing lights, disappointed with the density of the Xtradecal safety makings and I have overdone the weathering for a Canadian machine. Posting RFI next. Chris
  9. Setting the bar for 1/72 Phantoms. Superb and educational. Chris
  10. Chrisj2003

    Asia GB

    Yes please. Any excuse for a JASDF F4 or F104. Chris
  11. Leaning towards Fuijimi FG1. It’s got 43 Sqdn decals for a grey machine but I’m not convinced about larger underwing serials so I’ll probably go aftermarket. Thanks Chris
  12. Dates work so I'm hoping to go with this for my first GB of 2023; armed recce, and probably the shiney ANG one on the box art. Chris
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