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  1. @Adam Poultney really like that as an idea; and those dates are around my core interest so count me in. May not get the votes, IIRC the NATO v WP in 90s didn't fly; and that was a lot broader. I actually like the GBs that cross subject matter, so Vietnam or the current ground attack, where SPGs and ships are joining in. (What I do is look at the list of GBs then match the stash to GBs; make the eligibility broad enough and enough of us can see do that and will vote it in; make it narrow and we cant.) Chris
  2. Stores today; prep, glue and some paint on: centre tank 4 pylons 2 MERs 1 TER 1 ECM pod 2 Sparrows 9 slicks 3 daisy cutters and because its the same paint, on the underside of the stabs. The mouldings in the accessory packs are really nice. I could be on to decals and varnish (of the stores) in week one. Unlike the Eduard mask for the F-4EJ their mask for this doesn't include the stabs; suppose this is easier without the reinforcement plates. Chris
  3. Last few Group Build's I made the mistake of finishing off my ongoing build and putting off the start in the new GB. This time I have put the F-4EJ Kai aside and started. Still not got the Quinta set from Russia, seems they are not available anywhere else, and want to colour match the cockpit with the decals, therefore I am leaving the cockpit aside. So I have started by painting all the acrylic white for the intakes and wheels and borrowing a technique from @Bertie Psmith floated black round the wheel rims. Couldn't resist trying the new camo colours where they are needed behind the splitter plates and on the intake ramps, which probably is too quick. Also lower wing assembled and some paint there. On with assembling MERs, TER etc; then will get paint on stores. If the cockpit set doesn't come soon it will give me time to get all the stores done and scratch the camera. FineMolds give the same position for the camo colour on the inside of the intakes in all boxes; happy to accept their advice for JASDF but for this Nam F-4E are we looking at 18" or 24" in? And photo below, recently arrived from Plaza, the new reboxing for the special scheme GB later. Excited about that too; Falcon missile pylons and the box photo shows lots of wear on the underlying scheme. Chris
  4. Phabulous , rare scheme nice,y executed with great eye for detail. Chris
  5. After the Christmas socialising I returned to this on 30-Dec; fiddled with the weathering and applied a cost of satin Clear. And a second coat and still very glossy and I was out of matt. So I ordered matt Clear which came on 05-Jan. A few coats of that made hardly any dint on the glossiness. So following multiple recommendations on BM I ordered some Winsor & Newton Galeria last week and then mocked up the same paint + Clear on a mule and tried the W&N; that worked, So I have varnished the model and just started on the small bits underneath as shown. These will need some painting before the undercarriage. Then Bombers Strike etc GB starts on Saturday so this will take second place. It will finish because I am doing another FineMolds F-4 in that, so I will learn from this. Chris
  6. I'd say normal fuel tanks; before the J most Hercs seem to have then as a constant fit. 100% certain of that on the Dutch example; with its interesting outboard ECM pods Chris
  7. I really like the new FineMolds F-4 and have several to build now. This post in the forum got my interest; Spunky VI heavily weathered with an asymmetric load out, so that's what I am aiming to build. I have the kit and both bomb and missile sets from FineMolds, will use kit decals. A Master pitot and Eduard mask. Going for the Quinta cockpit after everyone raving about them in previous builds; that's not here yet, and I need to scratch the strike camera, which others have contributed a lot of helpful info for. @Col. it won't be magazine standard. Chris
  8. What not first! Spunky VI early F-4E in Nam with an asymmetric load out as discussed in forum. FineMolds release from 2021. will add pictures tomorrow Chris
  9. ..when this thread is moved into 'Current Group Builds' and moves up a step in hierarchy; normally the weekend before so just 5 or 6 days time. Chris
  10. I’m up for this, drone, PR9, various F-4 in pretty schemes. Chris
  11. Should be good to go with "Spunky VI" Checked the FM bomb and missile sets - there are enough there - and the ECM pod and pylons @Vultures1 has shown me what the strike camera should look like - scratch building may start in advance - there are 9 stations and compared to a MER with 5 slicks that is tiny so in terms of size would represent a fraction of the model Plenty of time to get SEA camo paints in Chris
  12. Phabulous. Love the subtle tonal variation. Chris
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