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  1. I think it looks fantastic. Lovely rhino in a not that common scheme. Chris
  2. Dennis, Euro 1 every time.... but I keep getting diverted and have only done a Warthog years ago in that scheme. Both are nice; does the Rhino look bad in any scheme? Chris
  3. The aircraft I am trying to model has really distinctive lighter panels at the rear and behind the pit. No photos of wings so I made that bit up. This should do once varnished and dirtied. The radome is a darker gray; just doesn't show in this photo. Chris
  4. @Johnson good price for the kit itself. The Fine Molds missile set due out this month may be a cheaper option to arm mine; but I'll probably do the Fine Molds E before this one; in beast mode with 3 tanks, sparrows and bombs on TERs. Chris
  5. This is still on the backburner while I progress my Viper for the close to end STGB, but I have done more gluing; the 4-piece bang seats (got to add the plastic straps now and will paint the grab handles first) and the high-G central tank, which for JASDF light grey Rhino's is dark (gunship) grey. Also painting up the inlet trunking; which I am excited about as it curves away to engine faces mid-fuselage. There are a lot of bits needing white, but why I forgot the front u/c bay I don't know. From my samples of Fine Molds F-4s this is one of the common sprues; 'A'. with wheels, heat shields, inlets and basic parts for tubs; exhaust nozzles, instrument panels and wheel hubs are on specialists sprues. Chris
  6. Struggling with the 4 grays on this one. My poor masking leading to touch-ups and strange marbling of the FS16251 on the radome which I'm blaming on the paint. To do: 1. Complete basic painting. - radome for 3rd time - metallics on u/c struts - dirty u/c bays - formation lights - redo lower surfaces overall 2. Paint faded upper panels shown on the one image of this aircraft I can find when serving in the Oregon ANG. 3. Decals 4. Add little bits. 5. Touch-up 6. Seal. Little chance of achieving all of that in one week; sorry. Chris
  7. Pete, nice and busy load out. And you have got yours done in a fraction of the time I’ve taken. Chris
  8. Photos are hiding any problems. Looks fantastic and the colour scheme looks more Russian or Ukrainian. Chris
  9. Was intending to have no AM for this, apart from the decals, but I decided to try the FM plastic seatbelts. I prefer painting and washing raised seatbelt details to trying to getting etch superglued correctly, as per two of my last three models. This bits may be too fiddly.... And while waiting for the dry brush of cockpit panels to progress I jumped to step 10; assemble lower wing, and step 28 assemble centre tank, of the 35 steps. Chris
  10. Patrice, yes please, I have all of the Air Force models in the stash apart from the very ugly Starfire. But maybe not for 2022; I think we should put our votes behind Century Series GB; and I am hoping for a 75th anniversary GB in September 2022. Chris
  11. Lovely NMF; must get round to building mine. Chris
  12. Was painting white on the Viper so thought I would get a start on the inlets and trunking; and then some friends turned up direct from Japan. Chris
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