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  1. @Col. decals are very nice; need very little water to start moving, they don't fold, none have shattered, and they seem to stick nicely without slivering; my difficulties are how closely together they are printed and time required to place between adjacent very small decals to stop them moving. There are some very nice parts to this kit. Chris
  2. Decals started; a lot of tiny ones to do, will take some time; and the decal sheet is of the see-how-much-I-can-cram-onto-a-small-sheet variety. The two tigers heads is what attracted me to the scheme. Chris
  3. Progress; rear is fine; realised after first coat of Humbrol 27002 there are blobs on the rear not called off on instructions, but obvious on the sprue (2 x part 37) and on all photos of Korean F-5E, so there are 1 1/2 coats of NMF on rear. Polishing and weathering to follow once nozzles on, post-varnishing. I did try dry-brushing the nice interior detail on inside of nozzles but too dark and small a space. Front: cannons on/in, I'm painting the blobs freehand and that's going to need another go and a touch-up of the dark gray. Chris
  4. @Col. yes, nose needs a second coat of black, and maybe the NMF rear too, and I can add cannon at same time. Then another ~24 hours before painting the blobs next to the radome - are they RWR? So with a fair wind (ie no touch-ups) stickers on Sunday; varnishing Monday night, weathering will tie the two grays together the following evenings and dangly bits after (wheels, u/c, drop tank and 'winders are painted). Getting finished on 7 March would rely on the current masking being good and weather allowing varnishing twice next week (may still happen). The week extension compensates f
  5. With a bit of touching up got the desired soft edges. Just done first coat at front and rear. Happy that paper masks worked. Extent of gray underside is a guess; very few photos and they show different demarcation between paint and NMF, kit instructions don't match any photos I can find. Chris
  6. Second coat Dark Compass Gray drying... Chris
  7. Scanned and enlarged the decal / painting guide to full model size, and cut out as masks, and loosely held with Tamiya tape; left and right: ..then Dark Compass Gray dry brushed around edges, and some infill. Another coat needed, and touch-up. Hoping for soft edges. Chris
  8. Second coat of light compass gray just on topside now; dark compass gray then radome etc; could be on decals next weekend. With weathering and dangly bits be hard pushed to make 07-Mar; so @Col. any chance of an extension? (In artificial light with phone second coat looks the same as first, so no photo.) At least this build looks to be unique to this GB; as 4th Scorpion turns up. Chris
  9. @Lifeline I’ve seen your builds; I’ll be learning from you Mario. This will pick up speed once F-5 in Interceptors done. Chris
  10. A lot of masking on the stabs and a coat of AK true Metal Dark Aluminium. Lighter than I thought; does anyone know if I have to polish it? Looks like a second coat needed. On the plane I'm doing the central areas aren't visibly darker; wondering if I could polish the main areas and leave the spine unpolished and a bit darker? Looks nicer than metallic enamel paints; so may solve one problem: I don't like painting white, yellow, red, black and metallics. That's why I like the Euro1 scheme, or this. Chris
  11. Ahh well, cockpit not as neat as it was after I filled the gap next to the HUD. But clear bits masked and on and first coat of Light Compass Gray. Cycle with enamel paints means finishing on time will be challenging. Chris
  12. @Pappy You have turned what seems a dull grey plane into a thing of beauty; and those pitots are scarily small. Fantastic job. And if I ever get round to building my Hasegawa F-111 I will be using this as a reference for u/c bays, cockpit, etc, etc. (but I couldn't manage those tiny pitots) Chris
  13. The main wheels are the wrong way round. Hub facing out. Legs on inside. its your model.... Chris
  14. After this 3rd coat of Xtracolor Gunship Gray dries I think I can get on to metallic paint. (The light spots are reflections.) I know there are plenty of aerials to add; but is there anything to remove? And after years of accumulating Phantoms I have actually taken one out of the stash to build, so when I saw another one at a decent price on ebay I've got it to top up the stash. Chris
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