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  1. Sanded down; really glad of my sanding sticks, so much better than the old days of paper, and reapplied and that coats good enough. Now leaving time for next coat. Nothing to see. Chris
  2. At 1:1 air air shows the buff is not as big as I thought it would be. Dwarfs fighters but small compared to passenger jets we are all used to walking up to. Chris
  3. Week spent getting coats of paint on; bit too quick and made a mess on one wing, not at all nice, will need to leave and sand down and get more coats on. Nose shaped, just about see flat, filled with liquid steel, and glued on. Seems to balance ok. Chris
  4. Col, yes thanks, tho my progress on the RB-57E is glacially slow. Going oob for this GB. Chris
  5. Going with the Academy F-89J in the kit Iowa ANG markings. Chris
  6. Back from holiday to find the filling and filing hadn't sorted themselves. Has taken some time to get the fuselage seams sorted; the airbrakes smoothed out; the AM resin tail smoothed in (the Italeri cross section is clearly different from this Airfix kit); the jet pipes sorted; and the nose profile sorted. Wings and tailplanes just added; seems little filling needed on them. Then 3 coats of thinned enamel. And again hobbyphotohost.com has flipped the photos upside down when I've uploaded them and pasted them. anyone know a solution? Hmmm, seems if I rotate them on h
  7. Put me down; I’ve a Kfir in the stash and I’d like to do a Sufi. But how about delaying this to 2023 and 75th anniversary? Chris
  8. Me too, when I looked for this I realised I had 5 Scorpions, all different, in the stash, and none built. Chris
  9. Wez, thanks I’ve got those decals in the stash too. Never noticed that note. Understand the Falcon was a complex missle so deleting them makes sense. Fancied doing the ADC gray. Chris
  10. Looking to build my Academy 1/72 Scorpion in late 60s ANG trim, OOB. Photos either show the wingtip tanks blocking the view or nothing on pylons. Was the Genie used by the Guard? Or did they mainly fly unarmed? Chris
  11. Pete, not yet.... but you’ll have noticed from the glacial pace of my builds that it doesn’t get much use. Chris
  12. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/pick--place-tool---largebrptw1133-11500-p.asp Chris
  13. Phil, canny idea. interesting you’ve gone for a year or two back. Checking today’s reduced Covid era schedule showed flights from seven different airlines (all single aisle twin jet I’d assume without checking in detail). I’ll tag along because its local. Chris
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