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  1. More progress Rear fuselage together. Main wheel bay in progress. Short-shot door fixed. Wheels in progress. Chris
  2. I started and then realised that although I made two orders for AM for this I hadn't checked basics, my tyre black and aluminium colour were nearly empty, and a nearly empty jar of Tamiya black doesn't paint well, so another order to the big H, which has arrived very quickly. All 4 photos I've found of the chosen airframe over a number of yeas show exactly the same configuration, tip tanks, fuselage missile rails, nothing under the wings; so tip tanks assembled. Exhaust painted. Intakes shock cone and outer edges painted. One of the main undercarriage doors is short shot, so I will have to fix that. Every MB ejection seat for the F-104 appears to be a different colour, but I don't like the green I've done so that will get redone. Need to remove detail in cockpit for 3D decals. Chris
  3. The decals do look good. 😁 Chris
  4. Hasegawa F-104S ASA-M. Wolfpak decals AMI 9th Stormo 2004 Hasegawa AIM-9, weapon set V Master pitot Humbrol and some Xtracolor enamels brush panted Humbrol wash W&N matt varnish Finished in KUTA 2023 as link. Shown with: This month's other completion, Phantom FG.1, 1986 Another, Norwegian, F-104, mid-70s Closest in date, near contemporary, JASDF F-4EJ, 2007 Thanks for looking. Chris
  5. 1/72 Hasegawa F-104S ASA-M with Wolkpak decals, armed and ready for QRA in 2004, and with my other KUTA 2023 completion, a grey Phantom FG1 from 1986. A few hours to go. Chris
  6. Paint formula. They repainted Starfighters with a stable glossy green that looked the same shade later, the Huns were gone by then. Chris
  7. "going into town" sounds southern; "in toon" sounds right. Chris ..siting at my desk looking at St James as I type.
  8. ...if only I found it so easy, last one started on 10-Jun-23, finished just now. 😀 Chris
  9. Last bit added. Will check in daylight at weekend and either touch up or take photos. So that will be last year's starts all finished; just in time for another Starfighter in Baby Boomers. Been very interesting seeing the wide variety of subjects in KUTA 2023. Chris
  10. Postman delivered the final bit of AM today, the new Quinta 3D decals for cockpit and seat; I've enjoyed using them on my F-4 builds previously. Takes some time with 10 decals for the seat alone. Chris
  11. Nearly all the bits added to the underside, I don't understand why the very tiny air data probe, next to the front wheel well, is moulded with the sprue to the outside rather than the leg that gets glued in, means you've got to paint once on. To do painting probe and touch up around wheel well covers add missiles add canopy Chris
  12. Only got: Academy Scorpion from fighters GB Hasegawa model of 1962 built CF-104 RoNAF from Century Series GB
  13. So: Hasegawa F-104G, still bagged Paulus Victor decals Master pitot tube New Ware mask Humbrol 116 Some images from the net Should give me a model of RDAF F-104G R-699, US serial 63-12699 first flight June 5 1964, to Denmark November 1964 (NMF?) painted green October 1 1969 and a bit (a lot?) worn at RAF Gutersloh in September 1975, which fits the theme? Just waiting for Quinta 3D cockpit decals but we've got 11 days still? Chris
  14. Thanks Gerard, I think you've got form with nicely turned out Phantoms. 😀 The Fujimi kit doesn't have the left intake problem of Hasegawa kits, so I think it's easier to build, even though it took me nearly a year. It is not as nice a kit as the FM. Chris
  15. Fujimi FG.1 finished OOB. Kitsworld 3D decals for seats Humbrol and some Xtracolor enamels brush painted Flory washes W&N matt varnish 51 week build; finished in KUTA 2023 GB as link. Group photo of my 4 most recent Rhinos: USAF 1969 F-4E(early) - FineMolds JASDF 2007 F-4EJ - FineMolds USAF 1991 F-4E(late) - Hasegawa RAF 1983 F-4K - Fujimi Thanks for looking, Chris
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