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  1. Thanks for the replies, it's pretty much what I thought. I stick to using the Academy wings and probably just use the wing fold mechanism. I wonder if Airfix actually knew there were different built states and chose this specific one.
  2. Quick question. Im looking into kit bashing the Airfix 1/72 folding wings onto the Academy F-4J. When looking at the panel lines though the Airfix kit looks totally different. I intitally assumed this was a UK variant thing but after further research I can find no Phantom from any variant that looks like the Airfix kit Does anyone know whey they've done it like this? Cheers
  3. This would make more sense, especially now there's a Academy/Airfix arrangement with the tanks. Would love the F-14 to be Academy as well. They need a new category though as they're not really new tools, just new to Airfix.
  4. I don't think there's any Airfix /Revell collaboration going on. I believe the Top Gun Airfix kit is just the old Airfix kit with new decals.
  5. Exactly the same number as their existing F-18a kit from the 80s. Suspect it's just that one with new decals.
  6. Thanks for the positive comments. I remember about the pilot having a ciggy after parachuting down. I was tempted to do a before shot with the plane and an after shot with just the pilot figure on a grass base I was in the static park at the time photographing a Tornado F3 so I only had a wide angle lens on my camera. I did get a couple of shots but the plane was just a tiny speck. I also remember that many people assumed the show would be over after that and started to leave, which the organizers weren't ready for. This coupled with some of the exits being
  7. Hard to believe but its been 25 years to the day since the Mig-29 crash at IAT Fairford. I still have vivid memories of that day as it was my first visit to Fairford. I've been wanting to make a model of one of the Migs for years but never quite got around to it. I figured the 25th anniversary would motivate me to build it. The kit is the Zvezda 1/72 Mig-29S with decals from the Hasegawa special. The yellow, blue and black were all masked and sprayed as the Hasegawa markings didn't fit the Zvezda kit. The build went together really easily and my only complaint about th
  8. What's the provenance of the Vampire FB3 as their old Heller moulds are for an FB5?
  9. Quick chat with the designer earlier confirms they are designing with a view to several releases. Mock up on stand had both types of tail planes, RAF specific load out and rounded tail fin. Expect all variants of spey phantom at some point.
  10. A few years ago I would have picked up all this 1/72 releases just out of interest. Now I'll probably get no more than one or two. The reason is cost. Hornby (unsurprisingly) have steadily and significantly increased prices on new releases. Look at the cost of the two Beaufighter kits as an example. Airfix no longer stacks up favourably against many European manufacturers in the value for money stakes. A few years ago I'd have cheered if Airfix had announced an RAF Phantom as I'd no longer be stuck with importing the Fujimi one. Now I just think what's the point as if they did do one it woul
  11. Thing is it's not though, the saturation may be a bit high but the white balance is spot on. One advantage of using a mirrrorless camera is I can adjust the white balance until the screen matches exactly what I see in front of me. Check out images of the real plane, it's really very blue! I used H25 and H323, I think there actually called out on the Academy boxing if this kit and are the closest you can get until someone colour matches them.
  12. Hurricane metal wings and beaufighter conversions! This could get expensive. I've a hankering to do at least one of every beaufighter mark and may have no excuse now.
  13. Great build, the red oxide treatment looks spot on from the pics I've seen of this aircraft.
  14. Despite being my favorite modern jet and both being born in 1977 this is only the 2nd flanker kit I've made in 26 years. I have plans to build may more but was drawn to do this two tone bright blue scheme first. Coming off the back of building hurricanes and wildcats you forget how big the damned thing is. This is a fighter that is nearly as long as a Lancaster! This was the first Zvezda kit I have built though it wont be the last, a beautiful kit to build with only a few breakdown compromises to allow other variants to be tooled. Painted using Mr.Color acrylics with a bit of oil p
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