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  1. I guess it’s worth it to Airfix as they will still sell a bucketload, and as the previous version’s tool is knackered, there was no change of reissuing. For us modellers, it is very much worth it I think, a lovely (hopefully) new kit with lots of detail and readily available! The problem with the old kit is that the cost of one second hand pretty much rivalled that of the new one, plus it’s numerous issues! Plus ‘younger’ modellers like me didn’t have a chance to bay several kits for the stash Ash
  2. Sadly this is typical of modern Revell kits, Iffy fit and poor moulding. It seems more fashionable to bash Airfix these days, whereas Revell seem to get away with it!
  3. Yes please! very helpful thanks John Ash
  4. Hi all, I am in the early stages of a diorama featuring a 1/144 Anigrand Victor with its centreline refuelling station extended. I need to scratch build some detail in this area, but cannot find any good photos of this area on the aircraft. Can anybody help please? Ash
  5. Great job on this one Graham! I am building the same kit at the moment so shall definitely keep an eye out for the undercarriage bay alignment. I was going to build the air race harrier gr1 but chickened out as I would need to scratch some extended wingtips! Ash
  6. Very nice! A kit not without its challenges (I struggled with the radiators and the struts) but a very nice result. Love the figures! Ash
  7. Thanks both. Laminated plasticard might be worth a go!! Probably simpler than doing a 3d model and getting it printed. cheers ash
  8. Good afternoon everyone For my next project I am looking to build Harrier XV741, using the lovely new(ish) Kinetic offering. However, I have discovered that this aircraft flew with extended (ferry) wingtips (As well as the refuelling probe). As a complete novice when it comes to scratch building, what would be an easy way round extending these wingtips? Profile here: I am thinking 3D Printing may be the way forward, but was unsure whether there are any kits in this scale that i could pilfer the wingtips from. Thanks in advance. Ash
  9. You’ve really done it justice Pete! Well done. Ash
  10. Looks amazing Pete! Such a beautiful aircraft. That AK paint is something else as well, I might have to try it, although I still haven’t tried the Alclad I bought a while ago. Ash
  11. Thanks @stever219, I have chucked them up on eBay accordingly Ash
  12. Hi everyone! I am a first time poster in this part of the forum, but no I am not lost! I have picked up a selection of mostly 70s Airfix 1/600 ships, mostly in very good to near perfect condition: I intend on selling these (unfortunately I am not one for model ships, aircraft are my thing), but don’t want to get seen off when it comes to price. Alas I have very little knowledge of pricing or rarity of these kits, with some commanding a very wide range of prices on eBay (QE2+Mauretania). Would anybody be able to give me an indication of what’s sought after in this lot or whether they are all fairly commonplace? thanks in advance Ash
  13. Did you ever continue with this at all @BKirwan I have just sourced a combat kits CN235 and was thinking of doing #250 and found your thread to provide some inspiration! Ash
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