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  1. Hi all, (Less talking more building I know I know!!!) I have decided to represent this aircraft as a what if. What if the RAF painted their 'aggressor' aircraft like their US Navy comrades. I am going to paint my Hawk in a mid stone and dark earth wrap around scheme. This will have the black dragon from the Dragon Hawks decal sheet above. Can't wait to build some steam up. All I have done so far is cut a few parts out. Onwards! Ash
  2. Great models! Love the display case! Where did you get it from? Ash
  3. I got one from luckymodel too! £15 customs charge later... Lovely build, can’t wait to start mine! Ash
  4. Hi everyone, The deadline for this is closer than I realised, so I am breaking one of my rules and having two builds on the go at the same time! The other is an Eduard Spitfire mk.1 in the WiP section if you’re interested... Onto the hawk then! Looks like a nice kit, did my standard washing up bowl rinse for the sprues: I hadn’t realised some nice rocket pods and sidewinders are included in the box. This has got me thinking that maybe a what if point defence fighter might be a nice idea... naturally still using the nice dragon decals that I forke
  5. Hi all, I will be contributing to this GB with Y Ddraig Goch (A Welsh Dragon). This will be a black aircraft with a dragon on each side of the fuselage courtesy of the Eurodecals sheet. I intend to have this flying on a stand so should be a relatively quick build. I was tempted by some PJ productions pilots but have located some volunteers from an Airfix Jet provost which should look the part. In terms of the finish I might be tempted to break my duck with Alclad gloss black! We will see. Any idea if I can spray this over acrylic primer or will it be too ‘hot’.
  6. Hi everyone, Finally more progress! I have spent a little while assembling the last bits of the airframe and ensuring all the seams are dealt with. Everything fitted like a dream. My issue with the bit of plastic that broke off at the wing root was dealt with a piece of scrap plastic that was sanded to shape and blended in with CA. I havent used CA much for blending in before this kit but it is growing on me as quite a useful tool: So after sufficient sanding (only required due to my own incompetence) I got a light coat of Vallejo PU pimer sp
  7. Thanks @Troy Smith, much appreciated. Ash
  8. Hi @Troy Smith, having looked through various sources I cannot determine definitively what colour the flaps should be. I have seen either interior green or aluminium paint used. Using the same logic as the cockpit I would have though they would be aluminium. Could you shed any light on this please? TIA Ash
  9. Paint job looks glorious @Fatcawthorne. I’m building Bader’s version of this with the black and white undersides and hope I can produce something of a similar high standard with mine! Cheers, Ash
  10. This is simply incredible craftsmanship. Watching with interest. Ash
  11. Hi all, more progress to report. I have something that is starting to resemble a Spitfire! On dry fitting and reading other builds the kit had a perfect fit, which I was looking forward to doing. Or more accurately I was looking forward to less filling and sanding!! Due to the nature of the PE flap set and it’s placement, it restricts the fit of the Lower wing where it blends into the lower fuselage: A bit of CA and some careful forcing made it into a relatively good fit and join: I shall probably think twice before
  12. Hi all, another small update: Undercarriage bays assembled and sprayed black and white, respectively. I used Vallejo model color for these, which I thinned, but they seemed to dry on the tip of the airbrush very quickly which was infuriating. I got there in the end though. Inner surfaces of the winds was also filed down and thinned to accommodate the flaps. I can’t say I’m enjoying the process, but I will judge on the finished result which will hopefully be ok! Cheers, Ash
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