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  1. Thanks guys! Those are the ones I have happened to pick up @CT7567. I am glad to see they are the correct ones!! Ash
  2. Complete shot in the dark fella
  3. Thanks rich! Much appreciated. Paveway IIs! It is in 1/48th scale, so these: https://www.eduard.com/eduard/brassin/aircraft/1-48/paveway-ii-mk-13-18-1-48.html Should do the trick! Ash
  4. Hi all, a quick one for those more knowledgable than I. I am currently modelling this specific aircraft, Panavia Tornado GR.4 ‘Pinky’ ZG750. I am tempted to display it with Paveways on the fuselage rails. But what specific type are they? And are they available? Eduard do a few bit of various type and I’m unsure what to get. TIA Ash
  5. Hoping they honour their competition as I guessed correctly!!!
  6. Fortunately I already have the sheet! All I need now is the time I couldn’t agree more Duncan! Do it! You know you want to haha thanks ! This is something I need to learn how to do but haven’t taken the plunge with. How would you recommend I go about it? Ash
  7. I have one sitting in the stash, reckon it will have to be a other one of Bader’s aircraft! To go with the spit!
  8. Thanks @Ray_W I really appreciate it. Up next is a Revell Tonka! Doing it as a retirement gift for a colleague, which explains the stray from my usual comfort zone of single seat piston aircraft! Ash
  9. Probably need to do a Hurri now to sit next to it!
  10. Thanks! It certainly does help. Sounds like I need to invest in some clamps... As for wings. I think fully forward (or as fully forward as the kit allows) and maybe flaps down but I’m not sure yet. Cheers Ash P.S my builds are normally a bit messy in the middle but worth doing a WIP as you get some very useful tips!
  11. Looks really nice! I am about to start the GR4 version. Do you have a WIP or link to any tips please? Ash
  12. Thanks all for your kind comments! Yes I had already been told that flaps down on the ground would result in a boll*#$ing but they look good soooo. I think @Troy Smith mentioned these aircraft weren’t weathered to pieces so I kept it a bit restrained and I am glad I have done so. Ash
  13. I couldn’t resist John! I am doing a 1/48 Tornado for my colleague as a surprise retirement gift. Doing it as The ‘pinky’ tornado gulf war commemorative scheme. Not something I had plans to do but should be a fun divergence from my normal area of interest! Ash
  14. Good afternoon, My first completion of 2021 is here! Talk about being a slow builder.. First of all a special mention to @Ray_W who sorted me out with replacement roundels after I buggered the originals up + all those who popped in to my WIP to help. Cheers gents! WIP here I started this late last year and thought it would be a fun idea to display with the flaps down. Duly I bought the Eduard PE flaps set and thought ‘how hard can this be eh?’. At least a month of misery ensued trying to fit the blasted things. I may use them again as they definitely a
  15. Thanks all for your help and support. Couldn’t have done anywhere near a good enough job without you guys. I have powered through the last few weeks to get her finished. Decals bedded down nicely under the varnish so that’s a relief. Did the aerial with uschi thread, first time using it and it was a dream to use. Weathered with revell weathering powder and Mig ‘rubber’ with white drybrushed for the exhaust staining. I will be posting an RFI soon so I hope you enjoy the finished article. On to the next project
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