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  1. To follow on from @PeterB’s lovely FD2 and considering his generous praise of my rendition of the Frog Fairey Delta 2 , I thought I would post my build here, resplendent in its pink/purple/mauve Farnborough colours:
  2. Got them for a bargain price too! Couldn’t resist
  3. My haul from Telford, all bargains I must say! Didnt realise I was such an Airfix fanboy…
  4. Managed to get a camel on back order at hannants. How exciting! When I try to add more it now states ‘product not found’ anyone else getting this issue?
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I have this same kit in stash, how did she build? Ash
  6. Thanks everyone for their kind comments - unfortunately gents I cannot take credit for the base! It’s from Basic Bases.
  7. Hi everyone, Much like the bus analogy, I haven’t posted In ages and then two come at once! This Is the build I completed for my model club Falklands war 40th anniversary group build competition. It is the Great Wall hobby Vulcan and the Anigrand Victor (my first resin kit!). Vulcan went together no issue, decals were a bit rubbish however. The Victor was a little more work… having never handled a resin kit before it was a bit of a shock to the system to say the least, but very proud that I completed it! The Vulcan is the infamous XM607 and the Victor is XL189, the aircraft involved in the last refuelling bracket prior to the attack on port Stanley airfield. I used the excellent XM607 book by Rowland White, highly recommended! I hope you enjoy It was something a bit different for me and I definitely enjoyed making it! Cheers, Ash! N.B - I am fully aware that the GWH Vulcan depicts a Olympus 200 series engined aircraft, rather than a 300 series aircraft, so the model looks ‘wrong’ for XM607. But it doesn’t bother me
  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! yes this but is a bit of an annoyance. I was recommended to thin the mating surfaces of the wings to get a better join but I didn’t and definitely regretted it! Fortunately that joint isn’t very visible
  9. Thanks @Paulaero They were a right pain to be honest! If it wasn’t for the expense I was tempted by some replacement resin ones. It was clean once, I have photos to prove it
  10. Hi @DrumBum, I can’t imagine it would be coated in the smoke colour, it would make more sense if it were moulded out of the smoke coloured plastic. To test it maybe sand and polish a part of the sprue for the tinted canopy? Ash
  11. Thanks mate, the MRP paints go down so smoothly they really have made my finishes so much better.
  12. Hi all, its been a while since I’ve posted any build related things, so thought it would be good to show you all my latest build of the somewhat lovely Kinetic Harrier GR.1. Standard box pic with some added goodies: I utilised the build notes and resources from the Harrier Sig, kindly sent over to me by @Ozzy . Thanks Mate! The kit itself was a strange juxtaposition of nice detail with some poor fit and soft detail. Some of the fuselage panel lines for example were very soft and didn’t line up. Somewhat reminiscent of some more recent Revell kits. However for the most part this kit was a very enjoyable build. One annoyance was the SNEB pods which are modelled with the rockets protruding, the instructions advise you to sand these off but it looks very naff, so had to fill and sand and make masks for the rocket covers on the nose of the launcher. PITA! Unfortunately I had to make life hard for myself by attempting to fit an Aries cockpit, which caused me endless hours of fun/pain . Eventually got it to sort of fit by removing as much plastic as I dared but in doing so it caused the from fuselage to bow out a bit which caused problems later down the line with the windscreen. Ended up screwing up the first part and had to order a replacement from Kinetic which turned up as reasonably quickly as one can expect from Hong Kong ( in standard British fashion it took as long to make it the 50 miles from Heathrow to central Bedfordshire as it did from Hong Kong to the UK). Other aftermarket was a dream to use, namely the Reskit wheels which were fantastic, especially as the hub and tyre are moulded seperately, very thoughtful when it comes to painting! Enough waffle from me anyway, kit is an early GR.1 of 1(F) Sqn in the early gloss scheme of Dark Green / Dark Sea Grey over Light Aircraft Grey, all paints were MRP, except the varnish which is Alclad Klear Kote 50/50 with MLT (somehow this is still a tiny bit tacky a week after spraying ). Decals provided are by Cartograph and were perhaps the nicest I’ve ever used. Anyway, some photos! Cheers! Ash
  13. Very true, question for you Terry and anyone else: for a newcomer, is there anything I should be aware of. Anything not to miss out on etc? Ash
  14. Going to be attending for the first time, squeezed in a bit of overtime recently so I can healthily line my pockets for what no doubt will be an expensive weekend!
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