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  1. Hi Patrice, I would like to join please. I have a tasty looking 1/48 Special Hobby Seafire Mk.II that is sitting in the stash. Cheers Ash
  2. Your WIP is a work of art! Fantastic build. How long did it take? I have a Type 10 in the stash which I anticipated as a quick build also... the heads up will make me reconsider Cheers Ash
  3. Hi all! And I’m done! What a quick and enjoyable build. Thanks to all those who assisted with references and @RidgeRunner for the cuffless prop and rocket stubs. I shall take better photos and put in the gallery at some point this week! Cheers Ash
  4. Nearly ready for decals! I hope to have this finished before long (barring any slip ups) Cheers Ash
  5. Hi all, masked up and sprayed Vallejo chrome onto the bare metal areas. Sprayed very well indeed. I’m liking the subtle variation between the silver and the chrome. Next I will be spraying a slightly darker metal colour around the exhausts and the black anti glare panel. Then onto decals and weathering! Cor this build is going quick P.S i rectified the absence of pylons @RidgeRunner Cheers Ash
  6. I’m glad it’s not just me with the brain farts
  7. @RidgeRunner Oh no Guess I’ll have to add these later.
  8. Hi all, happy valentines This afternoon I sprayed the silver for the wings and elevators. Going to wait 12 hours at least as per recommendation for the paint to cure completely. Then a fiddly masking jobby before I can do the bare metal for the rest of the aircraft. Now... off to have some wine and food with the missus!! Cheers Ash
  9. Hi @Andwil Personally I didn’t have any issues. Might thin it a tad next time I use it though. No clogging or drying on the tip. I’ve had issues with this with Xtracrylix but not this. Hoping their metal colours work alright. Cheers Ash
  10. Hi all. Busy prepping this one for primer. Got some sprayed on today using the Vallejo polyurethane grey primer. Worked a treat. Going to wait for this to set properly before spraying some silver on the wings tomorrow. Cheers Ash
  11. Thanks @LDSModeller! Very helpful indeed Last night I discovered there were two sets of flaps with this kit... brain fart moment! So with a little surgery removed the ones I had installed ‘up’. I’ll paint the other set seperately to avoid the masking dilemma. I chose to do this as most aircraft seem to have their flaps down on the ground. Something to do with the hydraulics, or so I’ve read. Cheers Ash
  12. Completed some more assembly on the Kiwi Pony. This kit is going together like a dream. Sanded all the seams on the fuselage, cemented the wings the air intakes. Also got the rocket stubs on. Was going to have the flaps down but reconsidered after I saw what a pain it would be to mask. Quick question for you mustang buffs. The posable vent on the bottom of the rear fuselage, would this usually be positioned opened or closed while on the ground. (P.S like all of us who have or are building this kit, the control column did break when cutting it off the sprue ) Ash
  13. Hi all, Got the fuselage halves together along with the wings. Gave the cockpit an oil wash and some tape seatbelts beforehand. All the parts were very tight fitting. Only annoying thing was that one of the wing tips is bent slightly Only noticed when I glued it. Ash
  14. Thanks @Andwil What a good finish you achieved with those! I’ll have to shoot some of the Vallejo onto my paint mule first to get a feel for it. Cheers Ash
  15. Excellent work! Love the result you have got for the bare metal finish! Ash
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