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  1. It has grown on me! @alt-92 I thought the same about the paint, reminds me of poster paint at primary school... takes me back in a nice way
  2. Yes that’s the one @alt-92. Looks a bit better after another inspection. It was just a bit lighter than I anticipated.
  3. Well, plastic has been cut and paint sprayed. The parts are designed very well and fit together excellently. Some of the PE is a bit fiddly but does just the job. After getting a few parts together I sprayed some Vallejo polyurethane primer and then after that I sprayed Mig Ammo Interior green and Vallejo aluminium. Can’t wait to get a wash on and really bring out all that lovely detail. On a side note the interior green looks a bit pale to me (I’m used to Humbrol 78) can anybody vouch for the authenticity of the shade? Ash
  4. Thankyou all for you help, those photos are a great guide for my painting! @Troy Smith Specifically I am glad you can see the undercarriage doors are the underside colours. I hadn’t realised how much of a these aircraft were before now! Hoping to get the cockpit sprayed this weekend so will post some pics then. Ash
  5. Hello everyone. It’s about time I kicked off my first build in the WIP section. All of my previous’ builds have been in the Group Builds section but I wanted to do something different. (Mainly because the aircraft I am building falls out of the Battle of Britain GB remit) I will be building this: Eduard’s brand new 1/48 Spitfire. I will not post any sprue shots as many of those have been put up recently. To put simply, the kit looks lovely in the box and after a dry fit of the fuselage halves it appears to fit exquisitely too. I will be utilising the Eduard PE flap set: Something which I have never dabbled in.. so that may be a horror story in the making. (I am aware these wouldn’t usually be deployed on the ground) The aircraft I hope to depict is an aircraft Douglas Bader flew when with 222 squadron in May 1940. Any info as to the fidelity of this colour scheme would be appreciated. Specially would the silver area be natural metal or silver lacquer? As usual, feel free to dip in where you like, all comments will be well received although I am no rivet counter!!! Cheers Ash
  6. Lovely work. How did you get on with the peelable decal carrier film!? Ash
  7. Count me in! I have some Monagram 1/48th contenders for this
  8. Thanks all, looks like the ICM one looks like it fits the bill despite being plastic. Ash
  9. Hi all, first post in this area of the forum! I wonder if anybody can help me. I am looking for a standing figure of an RAF pilot with a dog to stand next to a Spitfire I i will be building. Preferably resin. Thank in advance Ash
  10. Lovely work! May I ask what your method for exhaust staining is please? Ash
  11. Ooh thanks both @alt-92 and @Helidriver! Might have to give it a go! Ash
  12. And they say you can’t polish a turd! Lovely finish. Ash
  13. Hi all, Was wondering if anybody knew of any manufacturer who produces decals for this particular aircraft please? Saw her at RIAT last year and fancy a crack at a modern jet for once. Ash
  14. All done! Photos are in the gallery! I wonder @rob85 if it would be possible to upload some better gallery pics tomorrow? Ash
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