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  1. Thanks Steve, although it pains me to admit I hadn’t realised that 486 was a Kiwi squadron until you mentioned it 😬 Thanks both! High praise indeed. Ash
  2. Thanks all forgot to add I used some pre-cut vinyl masks for the camo pattern which saved an awful lot of time!
  3. Hi all, finally got round to taking some photos of the latest model off my bench - the second Tempest Mk.V from the Eduard Royal Class boxing. The first I did as a post war aircraft - RFI here: . For this build I needed something to enter into the D-Day competition being held at my local model club (unfortunately my entry tanked ), so I opted for JN754 of 486 Squadron RAF. This one caught my eye as there is a really good period photograph of this aircraft showing off its sloppily applied invasion stripes: I liked the challenge of brush painting these so they had suitable 'scale roughness' whilst also ensuring they didn't look as though I had just done a really bad job, Anyway, enough talking, here is the completed model: The build went fairly well, coming with masks, PE and resin wheels/exhausts in the box. I found the seams around the flaps and where the wing meets the rear fuselage quite challenging to completely erase. Model was painted using AK real color lacquers over a black base pre shade. As the decals were Cartograf they went down superbly, even over the raised rivets on the rear fuse. Invasion stripes were handpainted using Vallejo acrylics (a stressful experience). Model was then finished with an oil wash and streaking, as well as Tamiya smoke lacquer airbrushed on to do the exhaust stains. Chipping was achieved with Mr Color silver and a sponge. Cheers! Ash P.S thanks again to @Ben Hartmann for giving me a crash course in photography this afternoon to help take such wonderful photos!
  4. Will pull up a chair for this build, I have never tackled a vacform but have a strange urge to build one just to say I have done one. Loving your work so far. Ash
  5. Excellent always - the Hartmann diorama recipe never fails to disappoint. Ash
  6. Thanks @JOCKNEY! No sign of the little one yet, hopefully she will decide to make an appearance soon Yes this is our first! Christ that must have been an interesting experience, luckily just the one for us this time, but twins run in the Mrs family so maybe the next one might turn out to be two 🙈 Once again, thanks for hosting the GB, I look forward to the next one Ash
  7. Thanks Adrian, at least I can follow threads like yours with great interest! As for my building prospects, the end is nigh! 🤣 Ash
  8. Beautiful build! I built the same kit as an Armee de L’air aircraft and wished it turned out half as good as this! Ash
  9. Sorry Pat I could have sworn I had replied to this. Unfortunately this one will have to wait for a Frog Squad III GB. I am expecting the arrival of a little one next month and as such I have had to prioritise other things and a couple of other builds ( a retirement gift and another for my local Model club’s D-Day comp). apologies again, I was really looking forward to this one. Ash
  10. Thanks! I completely agree, I would usually opt for camo, but glad I did something a little different - my next one will be back to normal though 🤣 Ash
  11. Thanks all! Too kind as always Appreciate it pal - I think you’re my no.1 fan 😉 Good news is my colleague absolutely loved it! Ash
  12. The latest kit off of the bench - made as a retirement gift for one of my colleagues. Our firm was originally a Napier factory, so he wanted something with a big Napier engine in it! The aircraft depicted is SN330 flown by Sqn Ldr Macfie of 3 Sqn RAF, Germany 1947. This aircraft was refurbished by Hawker post war and sprayed High Speed Silver before redelivery to the RAF. The only photo of the aircraft has it fitted with rocket rails, so the model is too! Kit was built from the Royal Class boxing, using the included Resin Exhausts and etch set. Painted with Mr Color 159 ‘Super Silver’ which I think is perfect for the RAF high speed silver. Finished with an oil wash, exhaust staining with Tamiya smoke and finished with Mr Color satin varnish. I omitted the framing around the radiator air filter as the Photo etch was a nightmare - if I had more time I may have attempted to scratch build something with Plasticard. Cockpit made up into a stunning replica, having built the special hobby 1/32 Tempest cockpit, this one was a dream to put together in comparison. Surface detail on the kit is lovely, but trying to maintain it when sanding some of the more tricky seams is difficult - particularly the join between fuselage and flaps: The design of the trailing edge is truly terrible, hence the filler! I believe they have amended this on their Mk.ii tempest. Other than that a lovely kit, next up is the Series 1 aircraft from the same boxing 🙂 Thanks for looking! Ash P.S - Props to @Ben Hartmannfor lending me ‘RAF Stotfold’ for the afternoon to shoot some good outdoor snaps 😉 P.P.S - Apologies if you’ve seen this model on any social media already!
  13. My bad!!! Tired eyes. Post reported - mods can you move to the WW2 section please? Ash
  14. Hi all, I am currently building 2 Eduard 1/48 Tempest Mk.Vs and have a query regarding the various air filters used… I am building a ‘series 1’ aircraft, either JN751 or JN754 and a ‘series 2’ post war aircraft: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/8/7/1218587-76-instructions.pdf What would be the correct combo of parts? To complicate matters I have bought the Eduard aftermarket intake ring for both kits - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-648499-tempest-mkv-intake-ring--1233970 If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. kind regards Ash
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first foray into the Group Build area for a good while - I particularly enjoyed the OG Frog GB. I will not be able to be as prolific in this GB, but I am keen to say that I have sourced this beauty for the princely sum of £5! My dad even dug out a sky base for me! Albeit broken, the plastic has embrittled over the years, but easily fixed! My dad recalls that they never used to be particularly poseable, having nicked some oil to ensure smooth movement of the ball and socket joint! Box contents are pristine: Even more pleasantly surprising is that the 50 year old decals look very much usable: Can’t wait to get started! But will have to wait until my model club D-Day build has been complete. cheers Ash
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