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  1. Those flying heads do give me a good chuckle! Looking forward to the build ash
  2. This was the main issue I was worried about Ray! Thanks for the advice Interesting to see the provenance of this kit! Thanks @TonyW As far as I understand, a lot of the kits in the frog range are labelled as ‘1/72’ but in fact are either smaller or larger! Bit of an oversight by the designers! Either that or some dodgy maths
  3. Hi Dave, as you can see from the image below, the windows on the aircraft are much further forwards than as depicated on the kit! The side windows consist of one larger and one smaller, although at this scale i might struggle to get the smaller ones right... Cheers, Ash
  4. Update 1: making progress with this one. Competed the cockpit which I painted in a generic Brick Red dope which also handily doubles up as a wood colour: Fit on this isn’t great, plenty of shaving of plastic from different areas has been required so far. Also, there are no locations pins for the fuselage which is a bit of a pain but not too much of a challenge. Cheers Ash
  5. Update 2: Filled in the incorrectly positioned windows and cut some new ones in by chain drilling and filing. Furthermore, is there an award for most detailed cockpit in this GB? If so I think I may have nailed it with this one: Cheers, ash
  6. Quick update: deflashed all the parts and had a little test fit: Fit isn’t horrendous, considering this kit first came out 60 years ago! I have decided to keep the nose fixed and display it wheels up. Cheers, Ash
  7. Hi Pete. This seems to be a pretty exhaustive resource: https://www.thegrowler.org.uk/avroshackleton/interior.htm Cheers, Ash
  8. How do you find the Humbrol filler? I have a spare tube lurking about and I am a bit hesitant to use it.
  9. Enjoy the build Dennis, I look forward to seeing the end result.
  10. They do look very Nice! I have an old airfix lanc in the stash and I’m yet to cut my teeth on it! Seeing this has encouraged me to start it!
  11. @replicant nice work! It doesn’t show that the kit is 25 years old...
  12. That is incredible!! To see such a classic kit brought to life is wonderful
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