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  1. Hi all, these little p-40s are practically building themselves. I didn’t get any images of the cockpits by themselves but here is one as best as I can get it: I have practically assembled the rest of the airframe, filled and sanded a little bit with CA and Mr Dissolved putty, fit is pretty good everywhere, not quite Tamiya but I’m happy with them. Won’t be long before I splash some paint on! (The Best Bit) Cheers Ash
  2. With a bit of cajoling and perseverance this makes into a lovely kit. I made the gulf war commemorative aircraft. I had to test fit more than any limited run I’ve made though! I shall be following with interest. Ash
  3. Hi there everyone! A long time since my last post. I have suffered from modelling block since April, due to a fast paced build I did as a retirement gift for a colleague, that all my other colleagues funded. Due to the time pressure and also the wish to get it ‘perfect’ it really stressed me out. Naturally this isn’t something you want from a hobby so apart from adding to the ever expanding stash, I have not cut plastic in nearly 3 months. For those of you who are interested here is the build I did for my colleague, a 1/48 Revell Tornado with all the trimmings! It was extremely satisfying to finish! Anyhow, enough with these modern (ish) jets. Let’s get back to my bread and butter. So as an easy (is there such a thing in this hobby) way to get back into the swing of things I have opted to do two of these starter boxing’s of the airfix p-40b. One I received as a gift and the other was bought for a fiver at Aldi. I love the 112 squadron markings so one will be in those, whereas the other will be in 26 squadron markings from RAF Gatwick in 1941 (decals kindly donated by @PhantomBigStu, thanks mate). I believe this should be in DuPont RAF equivalent colours, so I bought the Vallejo versions. I am unsure if I will use them as I am not sure how accurate they are. So I cleaned the parts and started some painting. With this I couldn’t see the benefit of airbrushing the interior so started with a nice Zinc Chromate Green from the Modelmaster acrylics range. Although the shade might not be spot on for the aircraft, I love the colour. I also put together a few other bits, finding the fit (so far) to be excellent. Cheers! Ash
  4. This one looks like a real filler queen! Can’t say I’d have the patience like your dad! KBO Ash
  5. Thanks guys! Those are the ones I have happened to pick up @CT7567. I am glad to see they are the correct ones!! Ash
  6. Complete shot in the dark fella
  7. Thanks rich! Much appreciated. Paveway IIs! It is in 1/48th scale, so these: https://www.eduard.com/eduard/brassin/aircraft/1-48/paveway-ii-mk-13-18-1-48.html Should do the trick! Ash
  8. Hi all, a quick one for those more knowledgable than I. I am currently modelling this specific aircraft, Panavia Tornado GR.4 ‘Pinky’ ZG750. I am tempted to display it with Paveways on the fuselage rails. But what specific type are they? And are they available? Eduard do a few bit of various type and I’m unsure what to get. TIA Ash
  9. Hoping they honour their competition as I guessed correctly!!!
  10. Fortunately I already have the sheet! All I need now is the time I couldn’t agree more Duncan! Do it! You know you want to haha thanks ! This is something I need to learn how to do but haven’t taken the plunge with. How would you recommend I go about it? Ash
  11. I have one sitting in the stash, reckon it will have to be a other one of Bader’s aircraft! To go with the spit!
  12. Thanks @Ray_W I really appreciate it. Up next is a Revell Tonka! Doing it as a retirement gift for a colleague, which explains the stray from my usual comfort zone of single seat piston aircraft! Ash
  13. Probably need to do a Hurri now to sit next to it!
  14. Thanks! It certainly does help. Sounds like I need to invest in some clamps... As for wings. I think fully forward (or as fully forward as the kit allows) and maybe flaps down but I’m not sure yet. Cheers Ash P.S my builds are normally a bit messy in the middle but worth doing a WIP as you get some very useful tips!
  15. Looks really nice! I am about to start the GR4 version. Do you have a WIP or link to any tips please? Ash
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