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  1. I get this discussion about price is subjective - but Hasegawa isn’t that expensive everywhere - F-111G was $35 aud last year? - to get a Buccaneer from Airfix would cost $50 aud - buying from Japan, Hasegawa (and Tamiya) is well priced. Price is very subjective and everyone has their own pain point, but when it comes to 1/72 F-111’s there really isn’t much choice. And $35 here gets me a KP Piper P-25 - compare that kit to a Has F-111!!!!!
  2. Can I say - every now and then, being on the bottom of the earth has its benefits (as does being a bloody big island). 3 bought Friday and on their way - very happy chappy.
  3. What a great overhead shot. That wing is sure patchy - is the engine at the top bare metal?
  4. Confirmed in Special Hobby Newsletter - https://specialhobby.ecomailapp.cz/public/show/14861/722/d6769d83de6c1c535ada4c7ff70f9968 ‘As you, modellers and customers keep asking whether we really are working on the release of the 1/32 scale Tiger Moth kit, we feel the need to confirm it as a fact now and we also do believe that this new release will make many of you really happy’ Woo Hoo
  5. So this kit has 70ish parts the beginner is listed as 26 parts - those sprues don’t aren’t set up to easily finish the beginner set (the props are on a different sprue to the spinners< ect). Fuselage and wings and things all together. While you can cut sprues up there would be lots of wastage and little sprues floating around. So maybe they beginners kit might have a seperate sprue for the bits and pieces to complete the build (prop, undercarriage ect). So they could have made the interior a bit more refined (maybe).
  6. Just checked the price - not logged into Eduard - no bunny club - in Australia - $88 usd reduced from $110 (20% off). That’s the price without shipping. Hence Calum’s original comments - it’s very expensive to get kits off Eduard if you life in the bottom of the earth. FWIW $130 Aussie pesos. Yep the ‘Eduard’ tax is real. But it appears you can only see it outside Europe (and maybe US, Great Britain, the EU, etc). It is cheaper for me to buy weekend editions (and sometimes profipacks) from various sources than overtrees from Eduard direct. This ‘tax’ doesn’t happen with other Czech compa
  7. Different pricing for different countries - in the land down under, buying that kit from Eduard shop, that kit is about 1014 czk - the overtrees are 423 czk. Sadly no free shipping option either. It’s normally cheaper for me to buy the weekend Editions from other sources than overtrees from Eduard - sometimes even the profipacks are only a couple of dollars difference. Thankfully other Czech manufacturers seem to have a single price for the world and only factor in the VAT. Also good to understand about the postage rates and why they changed. I’ll just have to wait until they show up
  8. I’m pumped - my LHS are selling Airfix Spitfie VA for $30 - I’ll be able to get this one for less than that. Airfix is no longer the cheaper alternative in my neck of the woods. I like Tamiya over Airfix - easier to build, much finer detail (all generally speaking). Which would you buy - Airfix 109G or the Tamiya 109G for the same price?
  9. So I’ve set up a bank account $20 a pay and by this time next year I’ll have enough to get one. This is my holy grail and I can’t believe these guys are doing it. now to knock over some Tamiya Lancs to try to increase ones abilities to be able to do this kit justice.
  10. I wanna a 1/24 Tomcat (prefer a 1:1 but that’s just a pipe dream)
  11. Given the above - 1/72 747 - it’s big or, more realistically a 1/72 de Havilland D.H. 106 Comet Mk. 4C - 70th anniversary next year? Still biggish. And British about time a civvy jet gets a modern tool
  12. Weren't they doing a Mosquito in 72? Not on the list either.
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