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  1. Cammer625

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    The 10% doesn't bother me - neither here nor there. I'm more concerned about whether our government expects others to collect it. That just might be enough for some business (quite rightly) to not sell to us. I simply don't have a local (within 3.5hrs or further) hobby store to buy just about anything. Which means I buy online and to be frank it's just plain cheaper o/s most of the time. And I'm not saying I save a dollar or two it can be half the price or better and postage can be cheaper than from within Australia. It just cost me $27 to send a 1kg package within Australia- I can just about get that sent from most places to me for that price or less. And online gives me a choice not available except at a few stores in Australia (and some of them are online only as well) and those stores aren't in my state let alone near me. We are unique cause we really are a heck of a long way from everyone else In spite of all the above I still buy local whenever the price is ballpark with o/s and some sellers are very good with postage prices ect and I understand it costs more here for lots of reasons - this new tax regime is just another obstacle to increasing ones stash.
  2. Cammer625

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    All I'm gunna say is thank god the stash is big enough to last the next 50 years cause people who don't care about what I like seem to do their best to make it hard to keep adding to said stash I won't make a political statement but I'm flabbergasted that a o/s company has to do that. i can see a huge number of business outside Australia just not selling to us making it even harder to get stuff that we can't get locally (or at a reasonable cost) just saying.
  3. Cammer625

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    6 years ago I bought a Spitfire MKI for $5.99 AUD - at the same shop the last time I saw one it was $12.99 more than double the price. I still bought it but I'm not sure why they have doubled in price. The problem is I can now get the Eduard Spits (albeit a different mark) for a similar price - add discounted shipping and Airfix seems expensive. My go to now, unfortunately, is o/s online stores. My LHS has all but got rid of their kits - Airfix was always cheaper there than anywhere I travelled to in NSW. It's like Airfix have taken lessons on pricing from the oil companies
  4. Cammer625

    Special Hobby future releases

    Weren't they doing a Mosquito in 72? Not on the list either.
  5. Cammer625

    Airfix 2018

    I've may have the income to spend on a Shack or Wimpy or Victor, but that doesn't mean I will get one. They're not pocket money kits. The 1/72 Spitfire mki has more doubled in price at my LHS since 2011. I can now get an Eduard one for a similar price online. As said elsewhere, they are no longer at the bottom of the pile for quality, engineering etc and you pay more for that, but the price increases has put some of their less detailed offerings up against some very awesome kits. What I don't get is the level of detail that, I'm assuming, can't be seen inside those big dark interiors of those big planes. Don't get me wrong it looks great, but that has to come at a cost (research, tooling, production). Are they too detailed for the market? No kit is perfect but Airfix was hitting the mark for reasonable detail, engineering, 'buildability' at a reasonable price - that MKI got me back into the game. Subjects I like I will buy. But, sadly, the days of spare change impulse buys have stopped (above mentioned Victor is a $100 buy down under). And I wanna become a CEO. Of anything. Then I can buy anything!
  6. Cammer625

    Airfix price increase

    I have a different issue - my local shop can't get the kits in to sell. I'm still waiting to see the 1/48 P-40 - not sure if it's Airfix or the Aussie distributor. Until they get the kits in I don't know their prices! Airfix kits brought me back to modelling - well priced, avaialable and good comprise on detail to complexity. I look at at some of the later releases online and wonder about all that internal detail that I'm assuming can't be seen. That must add to the cost. However, the last Spitfire I bought was an Eduard VIII weekend - same price as the base model Airfix mkI in my local. That kit has doubled in price since 2011. Where I am they aren't cheap nor available. It won't stop me buying them (waiting for the Sea Fury and Walrus) but won't be buying as many.
  7. Cammer625

    Airfix 2018

    1/72 Spitfire VC - nothing around at the moment so no competition. Money earner.
  8. I want, I want, I really really want one, or two, or three!!!! gotta be easier than the alternatives. Graet to see!!!!!
  9. Hi Arent we talking about different variants here - the new P-40 described at the top are Allison engined planes - the P-40F/L at the bottom are Packard-Merlin engined variants. The Special Hobby announcement was for the Allison powered variants which I don't think they have done before. cheers At least I think that's what it is
  10. Cammer625

    B-25 STGB Chat

    Hi I'll join in with something - probably a RAAF version in 1/72. Haven't got one yet but plenty of shopping time til we start! Cheers
  11. Cammer625

    **ANZAC’s in Service GB - 30!

    I'll join in too. Not sure what with but I have plenty of options as most of my stash follows this theme!
  12. Cammer625

    De Havilland Mosquito Gb ?

    Please add me in. I have several Tamiya and Hasegawa ones. And I picked up a very cheap Aries full detail set to play with. Cheers
  13. Cammer625

    General Dynamics F-111 STGB Chat

    I'd like to join up too! I have an Academy c, Hobbyboss c and several Hase c & g to choose from. I'll make me mind up closer to the start. Cheers
  14. Looks like I jumped the gun! I got a email yesterday advising at the printers! Woo hoo!