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  1. Thanks very much again for all your kind comments. Cheers, Motty.
  2. Thanks very much for all your kind comments everyone. Glad you like them. Cheers, Motty.
  3. G'day All, Here are my latest completions. A pair of 1/48 Tamiya Mosquitoes. They are both based on the B.IV kit, with varying mods. They've been sitting on my "shelf of doom" for about 15 years or so until I was inspired to get them done for our local club's theme build for this year of "Twins". The PR.XVI was awarded third place in the member's choice comp too. The PR.XVI has resin engines and a vac-form canopy from Paragon (they've been on the go for so long that the engines were designed to fit the Airfix kit, because Paragon hadn't made any for the Tamiya kit when I started them! ) and the B.IV Series II has a bulged bomb-bay, also by Paragon. But it was originally just a solid piece of resin, depicting the doors closed, meant to be fitted to the underside of the fuselage. It has been hollowed out and built up to show them open. The main markings on the PR.XVI are all masked and sprayed, which is the first time I've tried this, and I'm pretty happy with the results. The markings on the B.IV are a combination of kit decals and Fantasy Printshop codes and serials. The normal Tamiya canopy has lines on the inside to allow you to represent the internal framing by painting them. But the vac-form version for the PR-XVI didn't, so I decided to do it by actually builting the framework under the canopy (I don't think I'll do that again 🤪 ) They're not perfect, but at least they *are* finished! 😁 Thanks for looking. Cheers, Motty.
  4. Thanks again for the kind comments. Cheers, Motty.
  5. Thanks very much everyone for your very kind comments. I'm glad you have enjoyed it. Thank you very much. Here are some dodgy phone pics of the cockpit during the build. Thank you again. Overall I say it's a pretty nice build. Lovely detail and good fit. There are some very fine parts involved in the undercarriage too. The trickiest part I found was working out the best way to approach the intakes assembly process. You need to install the intake trunking and engine face before you can assemble the forward and aft fuselage parts, then leave the intake assembly loose so that you can also get them to best fit into the wings when you put them on. (This description might make more sense when you look at the instructions). Also, when adding nose weight during the build, be aware that, if you are also going to fit the outboard tanks, they will also adversely affect the balance. Luckily, there's enough space in the back of the ejection seat to add a bit extra to fix that near the end. Thanks again everyone. Cheers, Motty.
  6. G'day All, Here's my recently finished 1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter done up in Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) colours. It's mostly out of the box with scratch-built Singapore-specific antennas and inboard pylons added. Paints are Gunze lacquers (camo), SMS (metallics) and Gia varnishes. The Singapore-specific decals are a combination of laser-printed examples from SozoPlamo, in Singapore and an Aeromaster sheet. The airframe depicted was the last Hunter delivered to Singapore and was on display at a local museum here in Australia for a few years in these colours. More recently it was moved to another museum a couple of hours away and has been repainted in RAF colours with its original RAF serial (XF460). I hope to be able to donate this kit to the museum where the airframe now is, to represent its Singaporean service. Happy to pass on other info and pics if anyone is interested. Cheers, Motty.
  7. Oooh, nice. It would be awesome if they did the same markings as the latest Italeri release, but I guess that's unlikely. Cheers, Motty.
  8. Actually, I've just noticed on the markings guide, that the green on the upper surface of the elevons should extend further outboard too (to roughly in line with the outer edge of the roundels), and the blue and white calibration circle should be lower down, almost touching the green (or you could leave it off as it was only applied for a relatively brief time). Cheers, Motty.
  9. No worries. Yes, the kit is fine. I already have a couple, although I haven't built one yet. I could easily be tempted again though. Especially if they can fix the artwork. It's a lovely image, just the wrong version. Cheers, Motty.
  10. Yes, there should be two pitot probes in front of the windscreen. (I'll try a link instead of a pic?) And, no, that "nib" on the tail in the colour scheme plans is not meant to be there. Cheers, Motty.
  11. G'day. WRT the artwork. The forward fuselage looks like a IIIC (the fuselage is shorter, so the intakes extend under the cockpit, whereas the IIIO/E had a longer nose, so the intakes finish at the back of the cockpit). And the tail cone is too long. More like a IIIC I think. The IIIO/E is much shorter in this area. I don't seem to be able to insert images from my web site into the post to be able to show this? As for the Nose. A3-2 used a few different types but, basically, the one it is shown with in that artwork was a metal, "dummy" version (no radar) which had a few vents and panel differences to a normal radome. It also used other versions of the same style with openings for cameras for recording various tests. Cheers, Motty.
  12. Cool, one of my favourite RAAF Mirage schemes. Although I hope they fix the box art before release. It would be great if they included the unique nose cones used on that jet, but unlikely I guess. Also, for info for anyone interested, the original colours were BSC colours, not FS. That's not to say those FS numbers given aren't a good match (they do seem very close to my eye), just puting the info out there. Cheers, Motty.
  13. Fotios Rouch's build on Cybermodeller has some useful info: Tamiya 61055 1/48 Douglas F4D-1 Skyray Build Review (cybermodeler.com) According to that, the Tamiya kit has the late rear-end but an early Douglas seat. Fotios' article also links to Tommy H. Thomason's site which has a good description in one of his blogs, here: Tailhook Topics: Bat out of Hell (tailspintopics.blogspot.com) Res-im do a replacement rear end if needed: F4D-1 Skyray Early Aft, RES-IM 4805 (2013) (scalemates.com) I've got one of these so I can do the Utility scheme on mine. I hope this helps. Cheers, Motty.
  14. Thank you very much for that link. It has led to a treasure trove of images of Invaders in the Utility scheme. Amazing and very interesting stuff. Cheers, Motty.
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