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  1. Vingtor

    Revell 1/72 Sea King Mk.50 - RAN

    I am planning to do a Norwegian Sea King, hopefully before long. I will follow your steps closely... Nils
  2. Vingtor

    1/72 P-8 Poseidon

    The Royal Norwegian Air Force has 5 Poseidons on order, which will be delivered in 2021-22 - about the same time that RAF will receive theirs I recon. I acquired the Welsh Models kit with the intention that if I start building it now, the model will be ready for paint and decals about the time when the first aircraft is ready for delivery. The kit has vacuformed fuselage, with the wings, fin, engines and other parts in resin. The Welsh kit appears very nice, however upon measuring the fuselage, it appears to be 9mm short. The missing length is forward of the wing. Could I live with this? Of course not. I made a cut just forward of the wing so that parts of the extension will be covered by the resin wing fairing. I am currently rejoining the forward and rear fuselage parts. Nils
  3. Vingtor

    Need Interior colors Lockheed Super Electra Model 14H

    Sorry, I cannot answer your question about the colours. However, I have written about these two aircraft in BOAC service, and their escape flight to Britain, in my book The Stockholm Run. Nils
  4. Vingtor

    F-16A 75-0746

    Most welcome! Very interesting. Please bring on photos of more F-16 FSD aircraft. I hope to do a decal sheet one day. Nils
  5. Vingtor

    F-16XL Images

    Having studied the photos a bit more in detail, there is something brownish between the forward missiles and the fuselage....
  6. Vingtor

    F-16XL Images

    Great photos! Thanks. It seems that the lower side wing roundel could be the same colour as the palest Ferris colour- i.e. 36375. Nils
  7. Vingtor

    F-16XL Images

    The tail number seems to be a lighter colour. Nearly, but not quite, white. At least on some photos. Do you know if it had "fake" (or extra) national insignia on the lower fuselage? It seems there might be so on the belly shot in your original post, just behind the turbine stripe. Very vague, as the colour is nearly the same as the background Ferris colour. You say nothing about this in the Quarterly article many years ago. The extra insignia are shown on the Skunkworks fictitious Ferris XL-1 drawings, though. Nils
  8. Vingtor

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    It appears to be Bodø, according to tree replies on the other (Norwegian) forum. (Hell is the nearby village/town to Værnes airport/airbase, aka Trondheim airport.) Nils
  9. Vingtor

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    Judging from the background, this id from the northern part of Norway. I could ask on another forum. Nils
  10. Vingtor

    F-16XL Images

    Sven, do you by chance happen to know the colour for the stencils and national insignia on XL-2 in in the Ferris scheme? Or have a guess. Is it one colour on all, or several? It seems that the walkway line is in two greys here, as well as some of the forward fuselage stencils. Nils
  11. Vingtor

    F-20N PAK-FA 1/48

    Very interesting colour scheme! Nils
  12. My plan was to build the Airfix P-51D more or less out of the box, but with an unusual paint scheme. I discovered that Draw Decals has a range of decals for racer aircraft, and especially the "Voodoo" attracted me. The kit was acquired at the Telford show, and the decals were ordered from the manufacturer. Construction started during last Christmas. I soon became aware about the clipped wings, but that was easy to fix. Also, as a racer, most of the panel lines had to be filled (this applies for the wings of a service Mustang as well). During construction, I also realized that other modifications were required: Civilized cockpit with a padded seat Wing root fillet extension Modified fin fillet Modified radiator shape and flap Possibly there should be other modifications as well. The Voodoo Mustang has been modified several times, including a two seat cockpit at some time and later a racer cockpit hood. The colour scheme also seem to have more or less annual variations. I chose to paint the yellow and green fuselage stripes rather than using decals. Well, here is the finished model. Nils
  13. Vingtor

    Hello from Sheffield

    Welcome to the forum, James. Being a Norwegian, I have been visiting Sheffield regularly the last four years as my son has gone to university there (he is now in Germany). Nearby Peak District is a gem for a hill walker like me. You should build more aircraft models, though Nils
  14. Vingtor

    Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 27 on June 18th

    Lots of Lockheeds that I will build in the not too distant future: Lodestar - Hudson - Super Electra - Starfighter - Hercules. I could easily synchronise one of these with a Lockheed GB. Nils
  15. Vingtor

    263 Sqn gladiator and Typhoon dacals

    I would recommend Alex Crawford's book on 263 Squadron Gladiators. At least for the photos and drawings. http://mmpbooks.biz/ksiazki/283 Nils