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  1. You should possibly do a Danish Thunderflash, though. But they were not flown in camouflage, I believe. Marry Christmas to all you down under. We're hoping for a white celebration here up north. Although we do have snow, it's not guaranteed that it will last over the next couple of weekends. Maybe there will be some open rivers...? Nils
  2. For some reason, BM doesn't allow me to reply to PMs. I thus have to reply through the forum channel. Please transfer NOK 170 (125 plus estimated postage 45) by PayPal to vingtor@vingtor.net. PayPal will do the currency transfer towards AUD. The decals are already lying in the envelope, ready for shipment. Nils
  3. Dave, I just tried to reply your PM, but the BM engine didn't allow me to write a reply. However, having checked the "show basket", there is actually an unsold sheet of 48-123. Please check the web site vingtor.net for postage rates to the southern hemisphere. Note that the carriage film is fragile, so I would advise that you practice with items that you don't intent to use, on a scrap model. Please show us photos of the finished model, some time in the future. Nils
  4. I must say that these publications are very good source for photos. They are however a bit "light" on accuracy, as they seem to be a collection of available information on the net and elsewhere, with little editorial criticism. I got your PM, Rabbit Leader. Unfortunately all Vingtor sheets are sold out, and without a magician's capabilities, I am not able to conjure up any. Nils
  5. An F-32 would have been a quite different looking bird than the X-32, had it been selected for production. I am planning to model the X-32 one day though, as I have a softness for prototypes. Nils
  6. My main reason for still buying SAM is the Colour Conundrum series of articles. Usually these are well researched, although the subject varies to catch my interest or not. Similar articles, and series of such, have been published by various magazines through the years. Worth mentioning is The Ian Huntley Column in SAM back in Alan Hall's days. Being an academic type of articles, it is of high importance for the reader to know who the author is, as some authors are known to be thorough in their research while others have reputation of making their own conclusions. I am thus a bit annoyed that in both the November and December issues of SAM, there is no mention of the author of the Colour Conundrum article. I would guess both are written by Paul Lucas, but I cannot be sure as other authors also have contributed to the Colour Conundrum column, at least some years ago. Anyhow, I think the author should be named in all articles in any magazine. Living abroad I have to subscribe to SAM - and other British magazines - as they are not available at local newsagents. Travelling to the nearest retailer will cost me the amount of two issues, which is rather expensive, especially for issues that I would decide not to buy. Nils
  7. Thanks for replies. My local model shop has a large railway department. I will probably find some N scale figures there.
  8. Firstly, does such a thing exist? I am looking for a pilot for a model that will be in the background of a box diorama. Anything will be of interest as long as the upper torso and head/helmet is ok. Either second hand or references to new products. Nils
  9. The Hataka laquer paint is just wonderful for airbrushing, and I think they have a complete set for FAA colours. Regarding Vallejo - I have tried it and I hate it ..... Others may have different experiences though. Nils
  10. Vingtor

    Telford 2019

    I never remember from year to year, so I just google. Nils
  11. To be released December 1st, according to the BPK web site: http://bigplaneskits.com/shop/uncategorized/737-800-1-72/ I definitely want one. Nils
  12. Vingtor

    Telford 2019

    Great place! Good food and good service. The Norwegian contingent has met there for curry on Friday night, the last five years I think. It seems to be a popular place, so you might wish to book a table in advance. Nils
  13. Some of the earlier Vingtor sheets might have Spitfires that have been flown by Berg or Heglund. I cannot recall specificly at the moment of writing. On sheet 108 there is MJ462/RAB (Berg's first Spitfire with his initials), but this is in 1/48 and 1/32 scale only. Most 331/332 Sqn Spitfires have general markings which can be made by using generic letters and numbers. Doung decals for aircraft with any special markings is interesting though. Do you have anything in mind? Nils
  14. I am using a technique that I call "intershading": Apply first camouflage colour. Do the shading along the chosen panel lines, or whatever. Apply a thin coat of the same colour. The thickess of the coat is dependent on paint's saturation. Mask the colour (either hard or soft edges), and repeat the process for each colour. Nils
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