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  1. Were not the AV-8As and TAV-8As delivered in British colours, the same as for the RAF aircraft? Nils
  2. Nice model! Apart from a few governmental officials, the type is still referred to as AW101 in Norway, though. Nils
  3. Some years ago - possibly 10 or more - I borrowed an audio book at my local library, that I am trying to find back to..A novel about an orphan young woman and her younger brother, who were thrown out from their foster home in the early 1940s. The women married an apparently rich nobleman, named Tetherington or something similar, who turned out to be a nazi. The woman got out of the marriage - possibly killing her husband - and eventually got a job at Bletchley Park.I have googled the little information that I have, without success. I am thus hoping that the little information that I have might
  4. Vingtor

    NASA F-15 decals?

    Any photo of the aircraft you want to model? Could be an interesting decal sheet.... Nils
  5. Thanks, Bill. I try to put some effort into research.
  6. The kit is an F-86F, not a CL-13. There are some differences in panel lines (although I do not have the details at hand), and the CL-13 does not have the "plate" on top of the fuselage in front of the fin. Otherwise it is a very nice kit. Nils
  7. Note that this museum aircraft is painted in wrong colours. It should be USN blue-gray and gray. Nils
  8. Don't go bananas starting on other models and forget about the Harrier. I am sure there are subassemblies on the T.4 that you can do while the paint dries. Nils
  9. I specify Oxford Blue as the colour on the Vingtor instruction sheet. Don't remember where I got the information from though. I did find a spare decal sheet with the QinetiQ markings. Please see www.vingtor.net for ordering information, if you wish to buy it. The sheet (72-118) is not listed though, but the same price apply to all 1/72 scale sheets. Nils
  10. Will it come as a Mk.IV or as a Mk.VI? Matchbox tried to do both in the same kit, which was doomed to fail. A 1/48 scale kit would be most welcome......
  11. The long test probe from Master for the F-16XL could possibly be used? http://www.master-model.pl/product/am-72-131.html
  12. Very nice model, Bryn My only criticism is not to you, but to the manufacturer. The white outer ring on the wing roundels seems to be a bit too wide. The white ring should be 50mm, independent of the roundel diameter. Many decal manufacturers have not got this right.... When the Norwegian Thunderflashes were camouflaged, they were initially painted NATO PRU Blue on the undersides. This was eventually painted over with Aluminuim. Nils PS. Look out for an article on Norwegian RF-84F operations in the next (April?) issue of The Aviation Hostorian.
  13. The QinetiQ logo is included on the Vingtor sheet 72-118. Although sold out, I might find a sheet or two in the workshop. Nils
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