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  1. Slovakia, not Slovenia. Good product though.
  2. Please send me a PM and I will catch it up when I get home. I am currently travelling and might not remember all forum conversations...
  3. Whirlybird had several conversion sets, and even full kits. in 1/72 scale. I have a couple of these at home. If you can get one of those you could scale up the plans to 1/48.
  4. SAS phased out the 737 some time ago. The only 737 that got the new livery seems to be an -700, SE-RJX. Nice scheme though...
  5. 1972 was when the RNoAF switched from RAF style squadron codes to USAF style tail numbers. Grey paint on the F-5s came somewhat later. Nils
  6. Thanks for the kind words. The typeface is not very different from my original set of drawings, and should be acceptable for most modellers. If you do a second print of the decals, you might consider adding a new set of UN titles in English/French. Furthermore, If you are doing a Mk.VI / UC-64, please don't hesitate contacting me regarding Norwegian colours & markings. Nils
  7. The Norwegian and UN decals seem to be based on drawings in my Norseman book. More recent information shows that the UN titles also should be on the upper wing surfaces and that the fypeface is slightly different. It seems to be a very nice kit though.
  8. Actually not. This aircraft was delivered directly to the RNAF in 1948 and has been in Norway ever since. The museum did have a Swedish T.11 though, that was repainted in RNAF markings. This aircraft has been removed from the collection. Nils
  9. Very nice colour scheme. The wing roundels are much too small though, and positioned too far out on the wing. Nils
  10. Dag Roger explains this perfectly... 😊
  11. I did the F-104G some years ago. There are still lots of these sheets around. As one shop sold them out cheaply, there are some local modellers who have "piles" of them, and might be willing to sell. Anyway, I see no big market for a reprint, unfortunately. Nils
  12. Well, if the Kinetic decals had been "good", I would not consider doing a Vingtor Decals set... 😉 The new sheet will not be available until May though. Nils
  13. If you get any information on the kit, please distribute. It might be of interest to other modellers. I am not willing to spend £40 on a conversion without seeing the content .
  14. Very interesting to see! I did the same conversion some years ago, including the interior. I made my own decals though.
  15. I didn't know there were different "standard" seats.
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