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  1. I am more concerned about the colour than the paint. However, I must say that I like the new lacquer paints from tamiya and Hataka very much. Vallejo is amomg the paints I like least.
  2. I an referring to the MAP Deep Sky colour chip included in the RAF Museum's little blue book. Nils
  3. Reker, loff, smør, majones, dill - og en god tørr hvitvin.....
  4. For once, the Norwegian roundels seem to be correctly proportioned. The stencils should be in Norwegian language, which looks as they also have got correct, at least for the larger (readable) ones.
  5. Vingtor

    Spitfire PR. Mk XI

    My thoughts as well. They have already done most of the work. But I guess it won't happen before I finish my conversion.
  6. Great model. I hope you found the decals satisfactory. I also like your F-15 and F-18 models. Nils
  7. Ruben at Lima November works on an oil rig in the North Sea, and stays away several weeks at the time. He should be able to answer emails though. I would suggest another friendly email.
  8. Or in nearby town Nyon. I am going there this weekend. Nils
  9. They would have been much better if they were printed in the same blue as the RAF/RCAF roundels. Preferably even slightly darker.
  10. There are lots of photos to be found on the net. And the shape should not be difficult to recreate (even I have managed that...).
  11. Not completely wrong. The first four aircraft delivered had incorrectly English stencils applied. This was quickly corrected. The blue colour in the roundels are far too light though.
  12. Well, the F-86F at Gardermoen that Airfix scanned at the same time they did the Vampire, was indeed fitted with a slatted wing. As they already have the Martin Baker ejection seat, and the extra canopy rails, for Norwegian Sabres, on the sprues, they will definitely come with a slatted wing Sabre. The open question is though, will it be with open or closed slats?
  13. Did that some years ago. It is sold out now. Luckily I have put aside some sheets for my own models.
  14. Will be interesting to see if the decals have the stencils in Norwegian text (as the operational aircraft had), or in English (like on the repainted Vampire at Gardermoen). That is, for those who care....
  15. It was still RNAF when the Vampires were operated ...
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