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  1. I have switched from Squadron Green Stuff to Tamiya (grey) Putty several decades ago. It dries quickly and sands easily. But it does sink a bit if used in thick layers. Thus, if volume is required, I stick to Milliput two component putty.
  2. Still, those are the phrases they use, according to a TV program about US aircraft carriers.
  3. An aircraft taxing rearwards on a carrier deck. Turning starboard means that you are turning to the port of the ship (and vice versa). US Navy aviation thus refers to left/right for aircraft movements onboard carriers.
  4. Quite understandable.... I would not use a profile drawing in the Warpaint booklet as only "evidence", though. These drawings are packed with errors. The earlier titles, with David Howley as house artist, were much more reliable.
  5. 330 (Norwegian) Squadron operated a number of the Catalina Mk.IIIAs while based in Iceland during WWII. Photos show that these were painted in the standard USN camouflage. Nils
  6. Why not do as US naval aviation (and possibly British), to void confusion when aircraft are maneuvered on a carrier deck. The aircraft have left and right side, while the ships (aircraft carriers) have port and starboard side. Nils
  7. Being an aircraft modeller, I stepped outside my comfort zone building this model. Using the HobbyBoss kit, I had to do some conversion work, mainly with the rear wheel suspension and shortening the frame. As I was about to finish the model, news came along about a new kit from ICM, which would have saved me from some conversion work. Nils
  8. Very nice model! And interesting diorama. The Brewster B-239 was not called Buffalo in Finland, though. It was just referred to as Brewster.
  9. Looks very good! The rudder trim tab seems to be of the Mk.VI type, though. But that should be easy to fix.
  10. Not the P.1127. But the Kestrel eventually flew with NASA markings.
  11. Nice model. Great to see WW2 BOAC aircraft! I made the Whitley myself a few years ago, from the short run Fly (?) kit, and with Vingtor decals. Airfix is a much better kit though. Nils
  12. Although the profile drawings are nice and well done technically, there are lots (!) of errors. It seems that the artist has not done good enough research for each single profile. This is mainly a problem with the later issues, not so with the earlier ones. Nils
  13. Seems to be partly a Mk.IV and partly a Mk.VI (UC-64). Same mistake as Matchbox did. Needs corrections to do either variant.
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