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  1. I really would like to do a 1/72 model of the 737-800. By question is, which kit is best - Welsh Models or Big Planes Kits. I know that the latter in not out yet, but I should think the quality and accuracy would be similar to their 737-200. I am planning to open the forward cabin door, and I am prepared to scratch build what is seen through the door opening. My question thus refers to what is actually is included in the kits. Any experience with both kits is thus of great interest. Nils
  2. Very nice model, Willy! I like these French jets. I really hope that Amodel would do a kit of the Dassault Falcon 20 as well. Nils
  3. Looks like a Ventura to me. The engines are too big for a Hudson. It also seems it has the longer tail cone. And it lacks the "passenger style" fuselage windows. Nils
  4. The Lodestar wing is basically a Hudson (or Lockheed 14) wing, with an expanded inner section chord. The Hudson has a straight trailing edge while the Lodestar has a kinked one. The Ventura has the Lodestar wing, with new (larger) engine fairing and wheel housing. Here are some photos of my Lodestar build, some 10 years old. Note also that the MPM / Special Model wheel wells are too shallow. The depth should go all the way into the engine fairing, not just level with the lower wing surface. I fixed this on my Lodestar model, scratchbuilding new wheel well interiors. But I didn't bother with my current Hudson model. Nils
  5. The Revell, Italeri and MPM Hudsons are all basically the same kit, manufactured by MPM / Special Hobby. Also the Lodestar is more or less the same kit, with a new fuselage, though. Special Hobby did a shortcut with the Lodestar wings, just supplying an etched metal bit for the increases inner wing extension. This will give an incorrect wing cross section. I had to fill up with milliput when I built my Lodestar some years ago. For my next Lodestar model I think I will use the wings from a Minicraft Ventura kit (as the wings are the same), but with engine and undercarriage fairings from the Lodestar kit. Nils
  6. Great aircraft! I am currently building the Special Hobby Hudson. To be finished as a wartime BOAC aircraft - camouflaged and with civil markings. Not the easiest kits to put together... Nils
  7. I spoke to Jon Müller today, son of surviving escapee Jens Müller. Jon wants to build a model of the aircraft his father was shot down in off the Belgian coast 19 June 1942. He asked me if I could help with decals, but as the scale is 1/24, I could not. Had he only selected a smaller scale... Nils
  8. Sometimes it pays off being a late starter. I have not started my planned XL-2 conversion yet. And now, I have of course ordered the new 2-seater kit... Nils
  9. The Norwegian Air Force operated both the Mk.III and the Mk.52 (export version of the Mk.6). One Mk.III was retrofitted with short wing tips. This did not improve performance, thus the rest kept their long wing tips. Nils
  10. Not answering your question, but after the Norwegian CF-104s were retired, the two RNoAF Dassault 20 Jet Falcons had the forward RWR antennas installed. Thus it seems that the forward and rear RWRs operated independent. Nils
  11. Should call it Nordic GB then. Nils
  12. There are other interpretations than Kjetil Åkra's, of the colour schemes on RAF He 115s. Especially for the Malta aircraft. There is a book with photos and illustrations by the late David Howley, that show a He 115 in a scheme different from the typical British disruptive camouflage. I have this book at home ... somewhere. Nils
  13. Very nice model, Paul. Normally I do not like very heavily weathered models, as it is easy to overdo it. But on this model it seems absolutely right. As the aircraft were painted in the EDSG/Sky scheme in the field, we do not know if all stenciling etc. was reapplied. It might have been. Job well done! Nils
  14. Good work! I have the conversion kit myself, as well as a couple of the Italeri C-130J kits. Your experiences will come handy when I start working on my own model. Nils
  15. Apart from the last couple of photos (?!?), this appears to be a very vice model. However, with the closeup photos of the nose guns, you might possibly consider drilling out the gun openings....? Nils
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