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  1. The extra resin lumps and bumps are indeed included in the kit as plastic parts. The resin parts seem to be copies of the plastic ones. Except from attachment plates for the wing pylons, for which I think the plastic parts are better. See my photos earlier in the thread.
  2. Always enjoying a good discussion, Roger, especially about colours and markings. I am not concerned about being right or wrong. I am happy about whatever we can conclude about. I was obviously wrong about the 120" wide stripes. Thanks for correcting me. I took the measures from a profile drawing (which I had made myself...). The truth is out there - somewhere...
  3. Just playing the "devil's advocate" role here, and I don't mind if I am wrong... What about the thin stripe of EDSG between the overpainted DSG on the top and the Sky beneath. What happened here when the "invation stripes" were painted over, and EDSG was not available? Still, a very interesting and well built model... Nils
  4. I am aware of the company owner's history. Which makes me somewhat reluctant to trade with them. Seems to me that the history repeats itself...
  5. As I understand, the plastic in the F-16A and F-16C kits are exactly the same. The only differences are the decals and instructions, and the price. If you are using aftermarket decals for building an A, it would be cheaper to buy the C kit. The decals for the Danish and Norwegian aircraft are "useless", so aftermarket decals would be required anyway.
  6. One thought about the "invasion stripes". If these were painted "correctly", they would have been 120" wide in total, and thus extended further forward than the discoloured upper fuselage. As the stripes would have been removed quite early on the upper surfaces, and retained longer on the lower surfaces, would there not have been some colour effect of overpainted lower surfaces? Both fuselage and wings. Or, might there have been other causes for the fuselage spine discolouring? If so, there would not have been any reason for similar overpainting on the wings.
  7. I have a 1/48 scale sheet available. It had the blue background for the American star-and-bar printed too dark, but correction decals in light blue are included. The price is NOK 150 plus postage (to UK) NOK 48, total NOK 198. Send me a PM if you are interested. Nils
  8. I think I still have a decal sheet for the tri-partite squadron, if you are interested. Cannot promise, but I will check.
  9. An interesting theory. However, it does not explain the darker area ahead of the roundel, partly behind the code letter E. Also, the top of the engine nacelle and fuselage above the tailplanes seem to have the same dark shade. Nils
  10. I built this model a few years ago. I sacrificed a Hasegawa F-16A kit for the cockpit, undercarriage and wheel wells, and I used several upgrade kits designed for the F-16A, e.g. seat, jet intake and jet nozzle. Sorry about the poor photo.
  11. I picked up my kit, and opened the lid when I got home. I was rather disappointed really. The kit came in its original BPK box, not the box that it is advertised with. No problem with that. More important is what is in the box. The first that comes into sight is the decal sheet for RAF Poseidons, and a small 8 page instructions booklet containing markings guide for the decals plus a few photos. Searching through the box for the "update parts" became a bit of a challenge. At the bottom I found three tiny plastic bags with some resin bits. These contained several lumps and bumps that were among the plastic parts already plus a set of slightly weighted wheels (that looks like they are copies of the plastic parts). A set of attachment plates for the wing pylons are more detailed than the plastic ones, but if you are putting on the pylons this will not be visible. I was charged £ 160 for my preordered kit, while it sells for about £ 100 directly from BPK. It is definitely not worth it. In practice you pay £ 60 for a decal sheet (a rather good one though). Air Graphics now announces a crew ladder set on their web site. This is among the parts I would expect to be included in an "update set" of this type. But it is sold separately for £ 22. I did not know what to expect in this kit. But I really feel being cheated.
  12. Vingtor

    Club shirts

    Having been wandering about in the halls in Telford last weekend, I have noticed the many club shirts the branch and SIG members was wearing. Can anybody recommend a good supplier of shirts with embodied or printed club logo and individual names for my own club? Good prices are of course an issue, but quality is more important and pays off in the long run. Long sleeved polo shirts would be preferred, but other shirts would be considered. A link to web site/shop would be nice. Nils
  13. I am afraid that the main obstacle for overseas traders to come to Telford is due to Brexit. Having to declare customs for importing all the stuff is a lot of work, and also increases travelling time by hours. The same repeats on the way back to the mainland. I have talked to many European traders who say they rather will concentrate on model shows on the Continent.
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