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  1. Thanks everyone. It looks like I will need to find a different subject for NMF... Trumpeters P-38 looks promising! Eventually...
  2. Quick question... Were there any? Plenty of references to aluminium paint, but I can't find examples of NMF. I'm asking because I have a supply of Vallejo metallics that seem pretty realistic, and am hoping to deploy them on a SH Tempest II. Mike
  3. Somewhere betwixt Woking and Basingstoke; must.. learn... self control after Delicious Beer...
  4. I've got one: any good ideas/refs for an RAF version, ideally with a shark mouth? I've had 4 pints, and an in-depth interweb search just feels, I dunno, too daunting!
  5. *What* were they all thinking?!
  6. Specific masks for the airframe? Such laziness must be punished. Start with A4 cartridge paper, and Gloy...
  7. You won't be disappointed! A little care is required, but I think that really goes with the biplane territory. I quite fancy an ICM Gladiator when I run out of Hawkers...
  8. I think I'll call this finished. A very pretty little aeroplane. The WIP is here. This is the second Lukgraph kit I have built (the first is their Dragon Rapide) and they are poster boys for modern mixed media (resin, 3D print, PE) kits. This one has no vices, it went together beautifully. It is rigged with EZ line in the main, but the control cables around the elevator and rudder are thin wire. I had a go at putting paint onto the EZ line to make it steel rather than black, but it wasn't taking and I didn't want to get into a world of overspray, mask, touch up, re-touch up, etc. Basic silver is Tamiya Titanium Silver, the metal panels are Vallejo metallics, which do a very good job of looking like anodised aluminium, particularly after a light PVA varnish clear coat. The yellow is Humbrol trainer yellow, other paints are mainly Tamiya acrylics. On with the show. A general overview: Everything yellow, and the national insignia, is sprayed on. The only decals are the serial number and squadron crest on the tail, and the '561' on the yellow band. Probably what you wouldn't want to see if you were an enemy of the nation, looking over your shoulder (mind you, the engine appears to be stopped... ): Port profile, capturing the elegant lines. Note the windscreen... It's a total pig! Plan view, looking down into the cockpit where a significant amount of detail provided by Lukgraph remains invisible: Told you... The oddly sized exhausts are because I made frequent breaks of the port one, and during reassembly bits got misplaced. Why did it get broken? Because I thought I'd try to be clever and use wire to reinforce it (it comes in 2 pieces). As I drilled, bits got fractured and I didn't get them all. I had learnt my lesson on the starboard side... just glue a butt joint. Also spot where I need to touch up one of the pilot's overhead grab-handles, but probably won't. Don't look up... Don't tell me the radiator core should be darker... I'm not going to repaint it now and I have carefully placed it for display so that no-one can ever know. Coming back the other way. I'm turning a blind eye to the slightly lumpy joins between the centre section and outer upper panels on the grounds that once again, careful display positioning (inside a filing cabinet inside a windowless room with the lights off) keep my sins hidden... Just another general view with different lighting... Finally, on the topic of display, I am gradually building up a collection of large scale Hawker single seaters. Next off the blocks is either a Special Hobby Tempest II to sit next to the V, or... (gulp) a Fisher Model Pattern Sea Fury, imported at ludicrous expense from New Zealand... Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!
  9. Ye Gods the windshield is difficult. And that's all I'm saying on the subject!
  10. Another week has passed... what will tonight's exciting instalment cover? Mainly, tiny things and paint work... There is a doofer (technical term) that attaches to one of the interplane struts. I think it is likely a pitot tube for airspeed. Anyway, here it is on the PE sheet, part 19... I don't like the 2D nature of PE for parts like this. I spent half an hour or so trying to carve a small bit of polystyrene that I could then drill to place brass tubing into, but that wasn't really working. Then I remembered I bought one of my offspring a 3D printer for his last birthday. So... time to learn Tinkercad? Everything that isn't red is a support structure because it was too tiny to print just by itself. And the result? I will clip the various wires to being a lot shorter before installation - having looked at a picture of the real thing this is a lot better than the PE version. Whilst I was thinking tiny (and I realise that next to @Putty Animal's activity, I have the appearance of Gulliver in Lilliput), I looked at the PE gun sight and again decided I could do better: Note cunning recycling of the bit I could never have made myself. These parts look a bit rough at this magnification but they have subsequently had the solder smoothed down a bit. There are 2 hooks that go on the upper wing, that are supplied as resin. Here they are in copper, instead: This is the point at which insanity started to reveal itself. There are a couple of tiny PE 'T'-shapes that go onto the trailing edge directly above the cockpit. Well, 'somehow' I managed to displace one after installing it. So I thought I should make a replacement. Cue muttering as I organised 2 bits of copper wire in an improvised jig that enabled me to make a largish (1 cm wide?) T shape that I subsequently trimmed down: Again, the slightly lumpy soldering was subsequently filed and polished. Meanwhile, eager followers might remember that I had masked off the yellow diamonds on the upper wing. I decided that today would be the day that I removed the tape, and would spray on some appropriately sized roundels. Here is the result, I feel pretty good about how these have turned out - there is a tiny amount of touch up, but this is definitely more right than it is wrong. Until someone pops up to burst my bubble. Note the 2 tiny T-shapes, one in 2D PE, one in 3D copper, and the little hook like objects in the second picture: That little bullet shaped fairing did, of course, require me to spend a few minutes on my knees in the construction shed once it had pinged itself off its 3D printing block. Next week is going to be all about getting a nice finish on the metal panels that cover the front of the beastie.
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