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  1. I'm certainly not going to argue with you, because you appear to know the territory better, but the website certainly doesn't seem to make that obvious. As an open question, how can you tell its only in the pre-order state?
  2. I ordered one on Thursday, so it appears to now be available, at $300. I'll let you all know when it arrives. Mike
  3. My son is wishing to acquire a 3D printer; I am dazzled by the choice (along with apparent absence of actual stock!), is this a good choice for a beginner who wishes to print out Warhammer-esque figurines? Mike
  4. Hello gang, As a proud owner of the Special Hobby 1/32 Whirlwind, I was wondering if anyone has modelled the Peregrine (which I believe is a very close cousin of the Kestrel)? Mike
  5. The 262 just looks *years* ahead of anything the Allies were fielding at the time. The Meteor would be the closest, I suppose, but it looks like a previous generation!
  6. Wasn't the Hurricane initially called the 'Fury Monoplane'?
  7. And I can confirm they are still open for business... I received my masks today.
  8. Thanks Julien. I was also wondering if anyone knows what the turnaround time is, typically. No rush, it's just there hasn't been an acknowledgement of the order. Mike
  9. This *is* a modelling related topic, but I couldn't see where else to put it. Anyway, simple question. Does anyone know if Maketar Masks is still a going concern? I ordered some custom stencils from them last week via their Facebook store but haven't received any kind of acknowledgement. Cheers... Mike Or even alive...
  10. It's just one of our 'things'!
  11. This I know. I am only really interested in working with plastic or wood... Turning metal isn't something I foresee.
  12. Thanks for the response. I see Draper do a unit for about Ā£250. I am unlikely to ever be doing heavy duty woodworking, though. https://www.drapertools.com/product/60988/Variable-Speed-Mini-Wood-Lathe-(250W) Mike
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