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  1. You need to read this forum more often, then! This has been a popular subject for years!
  2. Brilliant work and a spectacularly small hole with which to observe it!
  3. Anyone know if they are planning a high tech version, and/or engine bay?
  4. It's crowded in that corner of the sky!
  5. Thanks, everyone. Come on SH, you *know* you want to release it...
  6. Well, what *DO* you do with it once complete? First, you get engaged to an extremely sympathetic partner. Then, you build it into a coffee table... https://photos.app.goo.gl/cfoLmdWKqCyQjiYs9
  7. Well, that would be the Gospel, then!
  8. Off topic: Did you ever go to Brian Sheriff's in John Street? Now long gone but a staple location for me on Saturday afternoons in the mid 70s.. (Jumpers for goalposts, etc)
  9. You don't *look* like a scratchbuilding newbie...!
  10. Well, it certainly looks more like a Vulcan than your No. 2 build!
  11. According to the SH July newsletter... "Later in the year, you may be looking forward to the release of a couple of brand new model kits as for example the Ki-54 or Mirage III in 1/72 or the Whirlwind in 1/32 as well" I don't know about later in the year, I'm *already* looking forward to the release! The question is whether they are actually going to release it...
  12. Thank you John, it looks like I might be in the 'building midget turnbuckles' business later this year! Mike
  13. Looking good. I am considering retrofitting my finished version with a couple of Eduard Brassin Merlins... They make a pair for the Tamiya Mosquito and look a lot better than the kit's rather weedy efforts. My go...
  14. Hello gang, my next project is Lukgraph's lovely Dragon Rapide. I've never built resin before, but it looks reasonably straightforward (famous last words!). I have a question regarding its rigging. Photoetch is supplied, roughly of the form of an attachment tab for each end of a wire, plus (obvs!) the wire itself. The instructions are silent on how the wires connect to the wings. I could surface mount them, but I don't know how good that would look. Does anyone with a history of Lukgraph biplanes have any experience or insight they could share? Thanks in advance, Mike
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