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  1. Thanks. I just uncovered your thread about the colours of the identification lights on the rear fuselage, so red, green and amber clear colours will be coming at the weekend.
  2. I scratched an H2S scanner, using the pictures posted earlier. It's not brilliant, but it is definitely better than an empty radome... I think this plane has the 80:20 rule going on. I don't want to put on things like wings, bomb doors, undercarriage doors etc until I have detailed a couple of engine bays, and that is waiting on my getting good references from lots of angles. Does anyone know if the Cosford York still has one of its engine bays uncowled? Mike
  3. Coming along. For comedic effect, that's a 1/72 Wurger nearby...
  4. Unusual (for me) combination of pre-shading and Top-Notch masks... This Christmas break has definitely moved things on a bit. Sadly, back to work on Monday, so my more normal glacial pace will recommence!
  5. For a period, Brian Eno was married to my aunt's sister.
  6. A few more. I've been a fan of Miracle Masks since first contact, many moons ago.
  7. Post Christmas progress... awaiting putting on the codes, and the bomb tally, etc. The opaque side: The transparent side: And the cockpit (simply because its been masked away for the last 6 months and I'd forgotten what it looks like! It will all be over by Easter... Maybe
  8. Thanks Jason, I knew about those, I was hoping for technical drawings and /or dimensions. Still, I know the size of the blister it has to occupy!
  9. Hello all. I'm a year into my HKM Lancaster, and approaching a major milestone, which is a complete fuselage, one side transparent and one side opaque. I was looking at the H2S blister, and thinking it looks a bit empty. So, after a bit of gentle googling I have concluded there are very few pictures of the scanner/receiver unit out there. Does anyone have any information on what it looks like? Or better still, a 3D printed ready to fit model? All responses appreciated! Mike
  10. Cette moteur... Es fantastique! No, French is clearly not my first language! Beautiful work...
  11. Nice review of a nice looking kit. I'll bet you meant to say it had *no* obvious flaws, though...
  12. Looking at that picture. I'd love to take credit for what might appear to be modulation and weathering on the plains of black, but in reality it is only highly thinned Lifecolor (Ultimate Products thinners; it's good stuff!) plus Windsor and Newton flow improver. That's how it turned out, and I'm unlikely to do anything on purpose!
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