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  1. Hello all, Having recently found myself trying to turn pieces of polstyrene and resin using a dremel as the source of rotation, it occurred to me that a small lathe was the way to go.I am only ever likely to be turning plastic or *maybe* brass, but if I do turn brass it will be starting from a round section anyway. Likely to be playing down to the 0.75mm diameter, up to small numbers of centimeters... I'm predominantly a 1/32nd scale aeromodeller. A swift bit of Googling didn't really help me find out what is available in the sub £200 range, that would be appropriate for this use
  2. I did something very similar. The net result was slightly underwhelming, in that you don't really ever see what is going on unless you pick it up.. Which I don't! The undercarriage is plenty strong enough. Mike
  3. Do you hear that? Listen... It's the sound of me *not* holding my breath!
  4. Unfortunately, the back/shoulder straps are the wrong way round...
  5. I built the SH Tempest with a heavy resin engine up front and the standard polystyrene landing gear, and it hasn't collapsed yet, 2 years on...
  6. Walls, that's the answer! I have the Mossie hung on the wall, with a mirror underneath to show off the bomb bay and cannons. But as I get older, the slowly growing collection is a cause for concern!
  7. I built-up mine into a coffee table, allowing it to be sited in the middle of the living room but without complaints from my partner. It took 18 months, no breaks, just a few hours each week.
  8. Well, if you ever want to waste time trying to fathom the unfathomable, look into model railway scales.. And for that matter, real life railway gauges!
  9. My 1/32 Nimrod arrived today, it's a rather fine thing. It's going to represent one end of an 'evolution of the Hawker single seat fighter' themed collection that will provide entertainment for the next couple of years!
  10. Intriguing, particularly the camouflaged one. Does the red outside of the star-and-bar signify something special?
  11. H&S Evolution, with a range of needles and tips.
  12. Looking good. Watch out for the stabilisers... They were moulded incorrectly on my version, with one side made of 2 upper sections, and the other made of 2 lower sections. If you are fussed, I explain the fix in my build log posted earlier. Mike
  13. Hi Peter, when I was painting the nose rings on an unfeasible number of bombs on my enormous Lancaster, I trapped the weapons in my Dremel and used a fine brush to lay down the paint as the bombs spun. Might be worth a try next time? Mike
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