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  1. well when i started making kits badly spending my pocket money many moons ago they were called transfers fast forward about 40 odd years there called decals but my modelling hasn't changed much ,only the wife calls them stickers every time just to annoy me "what another sheet of stickers "
  2. a really nice bomber collection , the manchester make a pleasant change from the norm all nicely finished and weathered
  3. a really amazing way to display them i can,t wait to see some more great work
  4. i must agree with all of the above ,is it me but with that sharkmouth it looks a bit like a piranha !
  5. Hi thanks to you and all the other volunteers, had a great time and bagger a few goodies to add to the stash, looking forward to the next one if possible thanks again Ian
  6. Good news it's only across town for me so see you there
  7. nicely finished scout car and a really nice figure, nice to see the 11th armoured division
  8. Very nice it makes me want to build one
  9. very nicely finished mg as everyone has said rubber bumpers aargh , a favorite saying of one of the lads i work with " take of the bumpers and everything looks like a race car" he hasnt tried it with any of the bosses cars yet !
  10. Thanks John If it wasn't for your idiots guide to posting pictures I couldn't have done it, I just noticed I have forgot to fit the antennas doh Ian
  11. A Shelf of shame finished at last one of my first 1/48 armour kits , out of the box apart from some stowage and painted using a good old fashioned brush, next i need to try and make a base for it , hopefully there should be some photos but it took longer to load them than it took to make the kit
  12. perfectly painted and weathered little mouse an unusual kit well finished ian
  13. very nice classic kit great figures ,even if i worked 48 hours non stop i couldn't get it finished that quick ian
  14. looking good so far , can i take a seat and follow this i am starting to get some 1/48 armour its just the right size i think ,all we need now are some leopards , challengers , ww2 soft skins a/cars etc
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