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  1. an excellent build great finish and weathering , your stowage and weathering is just right ,and great base and figures another great build that makes me thing i must try to improve my skills ian
  2. a stunning build on all levels , everything looks just right , i love the crews sense of humour with the name ian
  3. hello and welcome its a great place to learn new skills , any sign of eccles
  4. Hi Mike I think I have found some more decals which I need to order from the big H in lowestoft, oh no not too much pressure I'm sorry to say my modelling skills are not as good as quite a few builds on here, as I get older my fat fingers and weary eyes don't help, having searched my stash I've found a few more mustangs and decals that I wanted to do and maybe a p38 as well Ian
  5. Hi Mike thanks again for all the information that has been a great help I really want to make some of the 20th fg aircraft as I am quite local to the old airfield, I really wished I had met the brave men who flew from there during the war it must have been a privilege to meet them, having flown in a p51 for about an hour I couldn't imagine what it was like all the way to Germany and back. Thanks again Ian
  6. Thanks everyone for the info /links, I will see if I can find another source of decals
  7. great idea they look like they should be in a airshow diorama maybe ,iv'e had the first jab no mental problems but as the wife says its too late i'm there already
  8. Hi i;m confused [more than normal] all the photos of the mustang show yellow lettering of happy jacks go buggy on the nose i have the kits world 1/72 decal sheet which shows it in green so who is right i wonder any help would be appreciated thanks ian
  9. 2x ospreys heading back to Mildenhall
  10. Hi I have a hobbyboss German leopard kit, can this be made into a Dutch Leo, I'm new to armour I remember the smoke dischargers are different and the turret mg and I will need to find Dutch decals not sure about anything else, thanks in advance. Ian
  11. Hi please count me in it please, might have to be a mosquito or a wellington ,i have just inherited them from my late fathers stash, thanks ian
  12. you can't beat a nice frightning ,nice nmf i just can't seem to get that right but i can't use alclas because of the fumes
  13. the f101b looks realy good in sea camo ,nice collection of other aircraft as well , it make me want to start my vietnam era kits
  14. very nicely finished ,great job on a classic trainer i bet there's quite a few different schemes to do
  15. very nice build great paint & weathering, you can't beat a bit of what-if every now & then
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