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  1. An usaf osprey going back to Mildenhall unusual for a Sunday
  2. had a great day.thanks to the organisers , and thanks to chris and vince for persuading me to empty my wallet
  3. Great news better start makings some room and preparing the credit card for the shock
  4. For a first time NMF what an excellent finish, nice weathering not too much, I can't wait to see what's next a p38 maybe
  5. What can you add to all the comments already , when i got to the photo of it in your hand a almost fell off my chair , 1/144 scratch built both words to scare a mere mortal , gold medal all the way
  6. i like that a lot as everyone said great paint and weathering , it makes me want to build some ww2 us navy
  7. There used to be quite a few in Northampton does anyone remember Roy Douglas models in castilion street or am I showing my age, but only the one in Wellingborough Road now, models for sale is still trading i spoke to them about two weeks ago
  8. Hi pat Luckily the model shop in Northampton seems quite well stocked at the moment so I like to try and support it as they become less and less, I used to look after a few air cooled bugs in the past a friend had a quite quick 1303 that was modified, I loved my bay window camper but the price of them now is scary Ian
  9. Hi pat my local model shop is in Northampton and there is also a hobbycraft quite near to me but unfortunately they no longer stock airfix, well I couldn't wait and have started building it last night. Ian
  10. a nice collection of buggies there, i called into my lhs for some paint and found a big stack of airfix beach buggies now they have one less, 1970's airfix now that brings back memories can't wait to get started
  11. what a nice pair of forts you can't beat a bit of 8th air force in northamptonshire, one of my old neighbours remembers b17,s going over kettering when he was a kid
  12. Just had a customer bring in a calbra turbo 4x4 not something you see every day
  13. From one extreme to another, an old 1303 beetle then a Ford gran torino guess what colour scheme, que TV theme tune
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