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  1. nice diorama great figure work how did you make the glasses on the older german figure. imho the only thing i would do is dirty there boots a bit unless theres an rsm lurking around the corner
  2. very nice i like the figures and the ground work also
  3. great finish and weathering and the black and white shots look so real , so a sherman next i can't wait for this one i think a certain mr bullbasket will be happy about that one ian
  4. looking good nice camo , i especially like the finish on the exhaust i can't wait to see the next stage ian
  5. nicely done weathering and groundwork could easily be 1/35 especially the figure, i'm half way through building one which i now need to finish
  6. Hi could you please put my name down ,i have just got a hobbyboss 2a4 which i would like to turn into a dutch machine by the sound of things there are a few differences , i'm a bit new to this tank thing ian
  7. Only been away for a few days and look at the progress excellent airbrushing, I made the 1/48 achillies a while back, I think this one will look good when it's finished I still don't know how you build them so quick Ian
  8. very nice build and finish , i have a hobbyboss sherman in the stash which i should get round to building even thought some people think there not very good , ian
  9. i think i will pull up a chair and watch this one , don't worry about the speed of the build i bet you could finish half a dozen more by the time i have built one , looking good so far can't go wrong with tamiya ian
  10. looks quite nice so far, i don't normally build 1/35 but being northants yeomanry as well i could be very tempted , the close support version looks nice as well
  11. Very nice as everyone has said great paint and weathering , i wish my first armour kit looked that good can't wait to see the next one regards ian
  12. Yet more b52, s this morning we seem to be a magnet for them at the moment
  13. very nice it looks just right ,great groundwork as well
  14. Nice review i can just remember them first time around , i had to get one but red white and grey not for me i'm tempted by a bit of what- if paint work
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