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  1. Cheers steve, Spent the day filling ,sanding,priming and scribing...but i think its ready for the exhausts (which ill add later) with a demo piece in place: Looks a lil scruffy ...just like the real thing lol
  2. hey mate, it might just have been a bad run! so...short story that attemt diddnt work out so well .....but being stubborn, started again with an older version of the kit in stash! Id built the cockput when my order of Evergreen had arrived - I was happy with the ribbing, but i think the '100' strips will be a game-changer fo scratchbuilding cockipts! (making this effort look very clunky!) ohwell, cockpits tiny and wont be seen much It came to me how to do the exhausts in a MUCH simpler manner! first fill in the gap for t
  3. Hey mate! Is coming along nicely indeed! After a horrid day with the SH kit im glad to see AML cast the cowl as a single piece!! The interior looks great, it is a tiny cockpit when closed up! Looking forward to the next installment!
  4. Well the special hobby kit was...schite! Wing was messy, the cowl sides wouldent align with a 2 mm gap at the bottom!!..soft misaligned detail...really hope the spit 22 in the stash is better! (So much for it solving all my problems!) So went with plan b: sawed off the nose on the hasegawa kit, cut out the new exhaust panels?, backed with plasticard and begun adding the new exhausts from evergreen! Also had to add a spacer to the main fuselsuge to offset the shortening of the length due to cutting! So much for an ams build lol! I got a little ca
  5. So started looking at the kit today and ran into an issue - this is an earlier special hobby kit, therefore a bit more...."special" but this wing warping will be a test!! My plan b if reshaping with hot water doesn't work out; will be to graft the type iii nose onto the 2 body and use other parts where appropriate .... hoping it doesn't come to that though!
  6. Hiya John! great choice! hehe its a cool mix of old Japanese unit markings and hastily painted/faded out French roundels im still waiting for my kit to come across the pond from Aussie I look forward to following your build! while waiting for my kit the thoughts been on my mind! been reading a couple of books about British immediate post-war policing in SEA - it is really interesting! ( really want to get a copy of Dunns "The First Vietnam War")
  7. @Rolls-Royce When learning to code in SAS i asked what 'cards' referred to.. a stack appeared on my desk one day to which i replied "so you used to be blind?"
  8. Hiya! Ive been reading about post war xivs doing leaflet drops before strafing- were these just thrown out of the plane or dispensed in some other fashion? Cheers!
  9. What Shorty84 said! Understandible though - Visited Omaka recently saw one of the yak-3m's with the reaction: "WTF is that unholy spawn?!" - Then read the placard
  10. = Bonus tom cruise figurine included - will it be 'movie height' or 'actual height?'
  11. Ahh perfect! ill go with a light blue code and white serial no. So confusing eh! As i understand; black serial and fuselage band are indicative of green/grey camo(Which fujimi portray in their "red lion" boxing) For the Saigon spitfires above they seem to show evidence of being repainted - some more tidely than others! Which i take to mean were probably in grey/green scheme changed to SEAC (Haven't heard of repaints the other way!) Then again Xtradecal show NH927 in green/grey (which looks very attractive in modified SEAC roundels!) And white ser
  12. Cheers for the info! to my eye they look repainted to the SEAC scheme (as much as id prefer the day fighter scheme!)) Im wondering if the squadron codes would be a light blue or sky... certainly darker than the fresh serial number on some machines! Great photo canberra_kid! That scheme is one of my favorites! Nice on a low back too!
  13. Appologies in ressurecting, but ive been struggling with this question lately for an entry into the vietnam gb...i do, however, come with pics!! Do these provide any more insight? share image online
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