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  1. Modelraynz

    Weapons for a 1/72 MiG-23?

    Zvezda is your best bet..though for r-60s any of the newer zvezda kits (mig-21 or new 29s) have better representations than the ones in the 23 kit...or even trumpeter (really like the su-15 r-60s)
  2. Modelraynz

    1/72 Eduard L-39C

    Hi! thought id start 2019 with a Eduard l-39 - subject still being decided! .... possibly be Abkhazian, Afghan, armenian...... I thought this kit would be a tamigawa shake-n-bake, but has proven quite a sanding fest! - especially with the upper and lower wing, and wing fuselage I'm not sure if others have had this experience with the kit? Anyway onto the photos! I have a couple of the 'third world' profipacks, but decided to go with the decal cockpit, as im getting back into modelling. next time I wouldn't worry about the compressor face as is hidden in the end! installation was quite fiddly - next time i think I would attach the tub to the rear bulkhead. onto the wings.....oh boy, i found i had the options of: - have the fuselage and wing halves together with the upper wingtips 'overbite' the lower half, or - have the wing pods and fuselage align, but gaps appear in rear upper/lower wing half's so I went with the second option, in hindsight the first may have been better! - I also had to do quite a bit of clean up on the rest of the wings. i decided to do both at the same time, the one I will use is the bottom one ive polished up: - I noticed the wing 'seat' is wider than the fuselauge, not sure what ill do here, or ill just leave it as is, and worry about it in future builds:
  3. Gawd, that feels wierd to say, dossnt it! I was thinking this might torpedo a future eduard offering?, (why tool a kit when u can go to town on the aftermarket for better return!) Aleast from the renders its already going to be better than their 'new' mig-15!!
  4. Something vietnam springs to mind...f-4e?
  5. Sweet, i need/want 4-5 at least ☺ as othwrs have said, real out of the blue announcement!! Hope they make a good facsimile - series 3 in nz can be expensive!!
  6. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    no problem, i had a book around somewhere, but off the top of my head: since the torpedo pics are scarce, some of the lgb mounting, which is in a similar position:
  7. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    This is my prob (trust me, i really like to be proven wrong!!) But digging through baidu, I never came up with anything. Ill buy a couple, but trumpeter really mucked up what is 80% close to being a great kit!! Aside from some things like the miniature cockpit:, drop tank shape, those rocket pods....... etc Q-5c - no proper drop tank pylons, just lazily made a tank attach to the weapon pylon. No forward fuselage pylons. Q-5yi - went to the effort to update sprue with proper drop tank pylon for a standard q-5, but the configuration is not correct for q-5yi! The torpedo pylons sit just inboard of the wing fence, and a smaller droptank is outboard of the wing fence (a la q-5f with lgb) Q-5 probable fictitious nkpaf markings, no forward fuselauge pylons If they update their q-5c kit wih the newer wing sprue, that would be my pic of the bunch, but then again i say put both tails in the box and add more weapons for my dream edition!
  8. Modelraynz

    Zvezda 2019 catalogue

    Cheers modelldoc - my russian is limited to yandex's search suggestions!
  9. Modelraynz

    Zvezda 2019 catalogue

    hurray the MiG-21PFM is back in the catalog! - any idea what the purple text says?
  10. Modelraynz

    Heller 2019

    You sure as' heller on the money with that! Was excited to get a few of the new ac re-releases....but all the ones i got had major warpage across dimensions and a horrid soft plastic Plus they never responded to request for replacement parts, id avoid!
  11. Nose graft onto an eduard kit maybe?
  12. Im wondering if for their previous releases, like the s-199, if they were tooled by another company for kp? was really excitrd about this release, but guess i was hoping for 4 something like the south front l-39!
  13. Modelraynz

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    Man, where to start!....
  14. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Fingers crossed THIS is the one to get it right! Re. Correct wing tanks mounts from the q-5 and some belly mounts etc!