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  1. I should probably clarify (without goong too OT!) i found the mig-19 main parts and small external details very nice, the cockpit and internal intake pieces by comparision feel very "home made" and lacking any detail - almost from a different kit! whereas the s-199 seems far more uniform in detail and quality throughout! Im hoping the tempest will be more s-199 than mig-19 in that regard
  2. "...sell them to ModelrayNZ" (jks) may want to hold on to them till we see the sprue shots - i really like the s-199(though eduward will be amazballs) the mig-19 however...was very 'hand crafted'
  3. Hahah cheers! it was in that spirit i picked one up!!(being a 72nd guy) - yea its the wingnut shakedown gangs at the gates you have to watch out for!! I believe the kits were at RRP: the ninak was 98 pounds, which at a glance seemed to be in the ballpark as ebay? They did have a pretty complete list of kits available - was hoping for a se.5a (an earlier kit) but was out of luck, seems only their lattter range of kits was available From the brief conversation it dossnt sound like WnWs is down for the count, though i know a number of the former staff have moved on
  4. Got mine I diddnt get a pic of the of kits on offer but there's a decent selection
  5. hey folks! sorry for lack of updates - been out in about looking for some 1:1 scale aircraft (remains of NZ3031) back to the model: when the armour plate was removed a cross brace type structure was made to bolt the seat to, my guesswork is something like the following:
  6. Hey folks! With the the recent ventura decals release; i decided I'd have a go at the former RNZAF NZ2417/NZ2409 that flew in this attractive civilian livery, sponsored by Mobil oil that could be seen in the skies over NZ in the late 60s: For reasons ill cover later - ill start with a tamiya F-51D kit and said ventura decals: while this aircraft can be made in the origional configuration with rear fueltank and armor plate - I decided to depect the aircraft after these items had been removed: so began work on cutting away the
  7. On the plus side, at least its not chile: For any package over 30USD - you pay 6% on the total value of item (plus shipping and insurance ) - then you pay 19% on total value of the item (thats value of item PLUS the 6% above!!!)
  8. nice! got their kittyhawk III today with a cracked wing box was pristine so looks like a bad sprue:
  9. good point added some primer ( and see some more issues, but will deal with later when puttying the model!)
  10. wing: DONE. After finding some good reference pics from a temptest II ive arrived at a wing shape im happy with, it is completly smooth, but looks a bit jaggard being msotly sprue and polished CA!! heres a close up: on the left the angle of the intake is a bit sharp, but ill live with it, on the right i managed to sand the slight difference in curve between the radiator and the rest of the inner wing heres a shot on my shelf ( which is a go-to for checking head-on profiles!) lastly a picture with the fuselauge slotted in p
  11. Hey folks! still not happy, i reworking the wing AGAIN......anyone who wants to attempts this conversion i reccomend: buying the 1/72 conversion or waiting for the future kits, this ended up being a real drainer!
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