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  1. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Another nice built specimin from the chinese interwebz
  2. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    yea i'm really hoping a decal maker will have a sheet out soon - roundels and bort numbers are easy to supplement, but warning markings etc are a bit tricker been looking over the kit and i noticed some good/bad news: the bad: the pylons for the wing tanks are not correct at all, these are included as a 'swept' forward pylon for ordinance: when in reality are a vertical pylon with bracing a la mig-19: infact when i "actually" look; the fuel tank is pretty off also! probably benefit from a mig-19 tank......though at 11pm here, it looks like an etendard tank may also fit the bill !?!?! the good news: its a simple enough shape that most modellers will probably have a suitable pylon....... plus now you have an extra stores pylon for mounting weapons outboard of the fueltank (no locator in to drill out though grrrr) Id be slightly miffed with trumpeter, if i wassnt so happy to have a fantan after all these years!
  3. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    yea..... well, about that..... ;-) ...Still kinda looking too!
  4. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Yup!! Now we need some folks to make decals!! If i said id finished one already ......
  5. Modelraynz

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Arrived today
  6. well, when i say 'build' i mean: Buy Unpack Inspect occasionally Lie dormant in stash Discard online at a later date :-D
  7. Well at least I can build "the navy" gnat from hotshots!!!
  8. Quoted for truth there mate..... 72nd gets a
  9. Tis the year for 48......72 feels...mediocre.....
  10. Camel, Spitfire, Hunter, Harrier, Eurofighter
  11. That great they have brand saturation in the home market :-) but from the numbers a couple of pages back IIRC the domestic UK market makes up around 44% of sales, it'l be interesting to see their strategy with the new releases; should be RAF-heavy with the centennary, which id be hopping will give a boost to domestic revenue percentage this financial As pointed out it should be all done in dusted from their end ages ago, all thats left is the reveal ;-)
  12. I hope they are correct in those numbers for their sake - modelers can exist without Airfix, but Airfix cant exist without modellers...and children and their parents a'rnt exactly queing up to throw money at the hobby (this will only get worse: im in my 30s and modelling was niche when I was a kid!) For me the perfect "synergy kit" was the F-51D - recognisable and buildable for the novice, ticked all the boxes for a "serious" modeller with flaps, detail, accuracy, armament....I dont know how many I bought, but I keep finding em in the stash! With that concept in mind a spit ix with lots of options in the box (wing armament etc) would be good for the novice, and give a reason for expirenced modelers to buy dozens for all the fun of kitbashing etc.... Unfortunately on that note eduard bet them to the field with their spit and the "raw sprue" kits (forget the name) mean im pretty set for life, Dont get me wrong though; I hope they can pull out a winner!!!
  13. So the uk market makes up a minority 44% based on those numbers - if so; i really hope they continue to expand the scope a bit beyond british ww2 aircraft, (or atleast aircraft that had multiple operators) - as I know from the retail side in NZ that the RAF ww2 subject niche saturates REAL quick! People get the initial released because of the "wow! new kit!" factor and then it DIES.(I've yet to see a second wind on swordfish or lancs nomatter how many marks are put out) And unfortunately your left with wholesalers trying to dump their stock on you! Still fingers crossed for 8th!!