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  1. Because it knows I want it to stick onto the model, not spring into the carpet, hide for a month then stab me in the foot
  2. looks very detailed! hope they do some other export boxings pretty much endless subject to choose from wife: "what's this payment to Ukraine?" me: "you know...um...charity and stuff....support the business and the people..." wife: "uhuh, real humanitarian.....its more model kits isn't it"
  3. You have no idea how glad I am someone else resembles this
  4. "its not hoarding, these starfix kits are useful one day!"
  5. For me its not solely the price, but the price vs risk of molding issues. (picked up a hawk 81 with a munted carburetor intake just yesterday for example - luckily had spares (from another previously dead specimin, series 1 kits are a real (un) lucky dip!) Its hugely frustrating, as I want their success, got a couple of the tempests thay seem a-ok...its fully possible they have resolved the molding problems - I it would go a long way if they addressed it to rebuild brand confidence, else a "wait and see" seems prudent - though it looks VERY nice
  6. I hate to think how many NZD this will end up at (RRP series 1 kits are about £13.2 now here!) ... My main concern is Airfix's short shot fever(a couple of their spitfire Vc's had missing parts of the tail!) ...its a PITA to return to retailer, often the wholesaler has no more, order in etc...
  7. Congrats for those wanting a new p-39!! The search for a yak-9P continues....
  8. ..Tried the amodel one once, ended up in the "for better modellers than me" category, aka bin almost a joke on its own as we start to see yak-1s, -9s coming out ...just not 'that' yak-9
  9. try not to fall into temptation with these, but: Yak-9P - I mean someone has to do one eventually that's not amonster
  10. Fantastic news about the included weapons, given the earlier indications the kit would not include them!! Wishing clearprop all the best
  11. wierd, given the exposure level and frequency in hobbist use must be a fraction of that in a commercial environment
  12. havent kept up with this thread - does anybody know if they plan to rerelease their L-39C?
  13. Fugelauge beakdown is....interesting. Especially the wing gloves. Can be a pita to get everything aligned right...then again single-piece warping is a worse problem to fix!
  14. The mig-27s "versian c" is from a mig-27m rather than a 27 sans suffix
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