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  1. so now ive got the cockpit pretty much done! Using Tamiya rubber black as a base coat, i dry-brushed Humbrol Matt 32... allowed to cure for a few days, then used XF-19 for the controls, and artists acrylic red - for tiny things such as buttons I cant speak highly enough for artists paint, its thicker so u can 'dot' on with a tooth pic without it running out of control! I then did a wash with thinned Tamiya smoke - a tip for retarding drying time is to spray the surface with isopropyl alcohol ( i use an old lens cleaner bottle) before putting the wash down. Then just some decals to round it off. blacks a real pain to photograph , but you get the general idea from the pics
  2. looks fantastic! - (and im usually all about esoteric air forces!), but the grey and USAF markings just really suits this AC!
  3. welcome news gents for those waiting for their kits to arrive! any rumors on the next boxing of this kit? given it has the WP and Egyptian rocket pylons?
  4. how wierd!?! an uneducated guesstimate- while pumping them out; mold dossn't cool enough between cycles, C7 gets stuck in mold somewhere along the line, and subsequent injections miss that part as there's nothing to inject into maybe?
  5. Eek that's odd!! would be interesting to know what happened there: have the parts been removed post injectiob, or was not formed on the sprue to begin with? Ive had a couple of new airfix kits with errors (me-262 with tip of tail missing) and was hoping was just a quality control anomoly, but if they're missing parts....jeez.... (Having ordered an embarrassing amount of these kits and the thought of replacing exhaust faces!!)
  6. Been loving following this build! Hope to do a cavalier one day! there a bit too bulbous- but maybe revell 1/72 p-47 tanks could be sanded to shape?
  7. Got the seat ready to be added at a later date... didn't have any appropriate harness so used one from spares.... also Started with the cockpit colour and dry brushing.
  8. I've found the Airfix very nice...though one of them i have the fuselage is quite warped and needing clamping?!? Done!... it might become build no.2
  9. Cheers guys! from digging through pics, i decided to modify the kit more inline as a post-war mustang - so put the work so far on the Airfix kit away, and got out a Tamiya kit to modify to post 1950 standard first up - the instrument panel issnt the best fit, so need some careful filing to fit the instrument panel combing: annoyingly there's a ejector mark just before the radiator that needs filling and sanding: Created some Seat belts from thin foil:
  10. Hi Folks, after a 'bleh' year for building - i thought id try and end the year with a Costa Rican F-51D - these were ex Texas ANG aircraft shipped at haste to costa rica) for the interesting backstory and a ton of LIFE photos I recommend the following link: https://jetpilotoverseas.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/ex-texas-ang-f-51-mustangs-sent-to-costa-rican-civil-war-19th-january-1955/ Im using the Airfix kit and Blue Rider decals. so far ive go the basics of the cockpit base color down (a dark green) dry brushed with Testors interior green ( the colors dont show up well on my cell cam) : from the photos i was unsure if the ANG planes should of have all black cockpit, or the interior green - I went with interior green just for a bit more visual variety
  11. Really wish airfix would reissue their "22! Surprised it dropped off the production list I got the az kit for the Syrian markings...
  12. Well...this post diddnt age well! Fujimi it is! Lol
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