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  1. Looks great! The intake-to-fuselauge step is really nasty in that kit, but youd never know from your model If you feel like another flogger, hasegawa mig-27s can be picked up commonly - its what academy copied, but has better shape and fit
  2. Follow on from their a-4b and do a 1/72 a-4e - that would literally print money! ...and stop the mig-17 getting lonely
  3. Meanwhile, on the other side of the airfield ...i do agree, verry nice and emotove artwork on the second boxing!
  4. hey guys! Finally got some progress to show! still gotta type out the next chapter of history ( combining 3 Russian accounts through google translate!) but in the meantime some photos! First up the cockpit: the Pavla cockpit is a must for the dragon/italeri/zvezda kit - to make it accurate for the MR version i removed the lower CRT screen and added some PE consoles in its place: With base-coat of dark GG on: I decided to have a go at scribing - first time; and I think i became the Matchbox trencher! the blobs of Putty and CA are testament to the mistakes! by the end i started to get the knack for delicate scribing, but as it would look out of place, i made it consistently heavy all over - oh well, primer will be my friend on this one to hide the join between the resin cockpit and the side wall, i added some plastic canopy framing so you cant see down the sides: began work on the burner cans with a black basecoat and gunmetal drybrush - will follow with a testors jet exhaust and some washes: When I first got this kit it was a su-24 sans suffix - I had the parts for a MR in the spares from long ago: Cheers!
  5. Hey folks! thanks for the kind words - this one is very slowly progressing - currently looking for some PE to fashion for the rear seat MFDs - should have some pics soon for decals Ill be using some of the Zimbabwe markings from the Berna decals sheets Cheers!
  6. They tried to lift Shigeo Koike; but hasegawa keeps moving him around safe houses
  7. Hiya! Id like to enter a su-24mr from the Azerbaijan air force Ill be using the dragon kitset, pavla cockpit set, begemot stencils and linden hill markings: I’ve done quite a bit of research on the subject and thought id share in a couple of installments! The formation of the Air Force of Azerbaijan came out the collapse of the soviet union. In April 1992 Vaqif Qurbanov hijacked a su-25 from Sital-chay airbase to a nearby local airfield, and after being quietly hidden away from soviet patrols; became the first aircraft of the Azerbaijani Air Force. Four months earlier the soviet union had ceased to exist; and despite being a newly independent nation, Azerbaijan found itself host to considerable numbers of soviet personal, bases and military equipment. The latter two being of utmost interest to the new republic. A low intensity inter-ethnic conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh had kept regional tensions high since the late 1980s (which at one point had resulted in a soviet military intervention to disastrous effect). Azerbaijan and her neighbor's were acutely aware that in order to gurantee their recent statehood: they required military equipment, in particular heavy weapons. The newly-founded Russian military and political establishments began negotiations regarding troop withdrawals and military equipment in 1992. However, due to the size and dispersion of military forces across the former Soviet Union, the logistics required would take time to organise and implement– this was compounded by the fact that soldiers and their families were often stationed far from their countries of origin. As a result; most personnel remained confined to their bases and residential complexes in a state of limbo - technically soldiers without a flag. Some of the more ‘enterprising’ personnel, however, found that a ticket home could be purchased from the sale of the “stateless” stockpiled weapons they had been tasked with protecting – if the depots were not outright raided by the local populous or militia's. All was not complete chaos however. The su-25 aviation regiment based at sital-chay outside the capital, Baku achieved a textbook withdrawal: flying out via heavy transport all equipment, personnel and their families, as well as damaging some of the airbase infrastructure after their departure. (Aparently the commander himself straffed the base in his Su-25! However the 882nd independant reconnaissance regiment with its MiG-25RB and Su-24MR's would face quite a different expirence ....
  8. Neat!! always liked the look of this ac, going with the boxtop scheme?
  9. for those interested, the following I've found useful:
  10. hiya, Funny you should ask - Was just about to post an update! a friend donated a spare cockpit and IP's, so set about finalizing the pit: added some throttles and sidewall coaming as the insulation on the sidewall should be more recessed: on reflection the only parts I really needed to modify were; - the aids to help the midsection and rear bulkheads be properly aligned and the tabs to help with fuselage fit (worth it). the side console 'shelf's' in the end diddnt really work out, and ended up cutting them down anyway to fit everything in! the bulkheads were a bit excessively weathered with a panel wash - i make mine from tamiya smoke/acrylic thinner, though really searching for a good general purpose cockpit wash that ads depth but dossn't look too dirty!! just have the burner can to go, add some weights then close up the fuselage!
  11. very pithy update today, but been a busy work week, just filling out the front-rear bulkhead so there's no gaps! Since Im hoping to do a K-8 in a similar scheme; ive decided to do an uzbek example for a bit more variety!
  12. hey folks! My second Entry will be a Zimbabwean K-8 Karakorum (probably going to change the camo scheme of my L-39 as a result!) the usual starting pic:
  13. Not really, but it is possible to slightly misalign everything; adding up to a wonkey interior and making the closing of the fuselauge in a tidy manner difficult! On my first attempt the problems i noticed were: - rear bulkead width is a tad short and fiddley to align across all axis. The newguide strips on each side ensures the piece is glued straight on at correct angles, not slabtibg off to a side. - the slant of the rear tub does not match to the rear bulkhead; is a gap (so cant buld the tub assembly as one piece a la airfix hawk and merge together). Ensuring the tubs sit on the guide pins but beneath the side insulation diddnt go well the first time and one side of the tubs was slightly higher!!! - similar for the front tub, rear bulkhead; its slightly under-width so can catch on the side insulation if not set at a correct angle and throw everything off! Hopefully that makes sence! Im probably overcorrecting it - ill try and take photos tonight to demonstrate!
  14. hiya! Small update: I found the cockpit a bit fiddly to get aligned properly the first time, so I cut out the small locating tabs and put some more robust ones in their place. I also need to add them for the front-seat rear bulkhead: for the rear bulkhead i added two lots to help align properly: I also raided the plastic instrument panels for my first aborted attempt: so i fashioned some new ones from the included PE, stripped and placed on plastic card ( i am quite useless with PE!, it always seems to stick up at the edges! so i bulk up and sand the edges to avoid the 'metal on plastic' look! )
  15. Hey folks! I recently had a go at building an Eduard L-39. Thought it would be a tamigawa shake-n-bake, but was not so! .... SO.... having to start over; I thought id sign up here - hopefully incorporating all the lessons i learnt first time round! My subject will be an afghan air force L-39 from the early/mid 2000's: Ill be using the second kit from the 'third world combo' plus decals from Linden Hills excellent decal sheet, have also done a quick and dirty paint match from the previous attempt using an old damaged decal:
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