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  1. I will probably build the A104 of 2/11 Vosges with the Berna decals sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BER72074?result-token=xja7q That I ordered a few days ago ... I will try to work on this build during the week end .. Best Regards Patrice
  2. Good morning SoftScience Yes I'm going to ask Enzo to take care of the vote .. Best Regards Patrice
  3. Good morning Col I don't know yet , I would like to build at least one of them as I already have a decals sheet for a french aircraft ... Best Regards Patrice
  4. Good afternoon Col Please add my name to the list I have Airfix and Italeri kits in mys stash .. Best Regards Patrice
  5. Good morning Steve Unfortunately this kind of thing still happens too often .. Patrice
  6. Good afternoon John You might be interested by this decal sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BER72074?result-token=ZUDjE or this one https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BER72075?result-token=ZUDjE Best Regards Patrice
  7. Good evening This morning I received a resin seat produced by a small french company https://sparkit-models.com/fr/cockpit/17-siege-mk4-jrm-pour-jaguar-a-et-e.html That I painted immadiately painted Patrice
  8. Good morning all Well this Gb is finished and I think it was another very big success with very varied subjects and many and very beautiful builds . I would like to Thank Ozzy for his help in co hosting this Gb .. I remind you that those who could not finish their build to put the photos in the gallery can finish it in the thread .. Congratulations to all participants and see you soon for the next MTO GB .. Best Regards Patrice
  9. Good evening I started my build today I painted the interior of the cockpit I placed the Eduar instrument panel on its support I painted the wheels I also prepared the reactor nozzles Patrice
  10. Good morning Tommy Very nice job but it seems to me that you forgot to fit the exhaust pipes I think that you still have enough time before the end of this Gb .. Best Regards Patrice
  11. Good afternoon Enzo I agree with you I think that the competition between AZ/KP and SH is a not a good thing if in the end the customer buy a kit with issues , I think that they should take the time to produce good kits and complete for instance one company do the Tempest Mk II/VI and the other the Mk V but unfortunately that will never happen and we end up with several companies that produce a Spit Mk V and none a Spit Mk XIV ... Patrice
  12. Good morning Dave Personnaly I won't rush to buy the Kp Tempest because I have some Academy and Heller Mk V and Matchbox Mk II/VI in my stash and because of my past experience with Kp kits ... Best regards Patrice
  13. Good morning Redboost Please let us know which is this thrird brand my past experiences with Kp kits is not great especially with their H75 and Mustangs ... Best Regards Patrice
  14. Good news But the Alpha Jet in 1/72 is still missing from the Catalogue ... Patrice
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