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  1. Good evening For my 4th build I will try to build in parrallel with the Ouragan Heller Kit the Valom kit The box art The sprues and the resin seat The decals sheet , the PE parts and the clear parts My reference I started today by washing the parts Patrice
  2. Good evening For my 3rd build in this Gb I will build the Heller MD 450 Ouragan The box art The sprues The decals sheet My reference I started today by washing the plastic parts .. Patrice
  3. Good day everyone Just to remind us that this Gb Ends in nearly 2 months so we have plenty of time to finish the builds in process and start one more ... I am planning to add 2 MD 450 Ouragan by building an Heller and a Valom kits I already washed the parts and will open the build threads soon .. Best regards Patrice
  4. Good morning Pat Don't worry you still have plenty of time to build the Bloch 210 Welcome aboard and have fun Best regards Patrice
  5. Good morning Dennis That is a very interesting idea please add my name to the list ... I have the Platz T33 and Sword F80 in my stash .. Best regards Patrice
  6. Good evening my friend Welcome aboard I added your name to the list Best Regards Patrice
  7. Azur Fromm Mystere IV A EC 3/2 Alsace Ramat David AB Israel 1956 Humbrol Metalcoate Brushpainted Build Thread is here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235122490-azur-frrom-mystere-iva-ec-32-alsace-ramat-david-ab-israel-october-1956/ Patrice
  8. Good afetrnoon Dave Thank you very much for your comment Best regards Patrice
  9. Good morning Gerard Thank you very much for your comment Best Regards Patrice
  10. Good evening Today I scratched built a pitot tube and an antenna that I glued I also placed the seat and canopy I think that I am going to end this build here .. Patrice
  11. Good morning bianfuxia Very intersting subject please add my name I have a few kits in my stash that will fit perfectly .. Best regards Patrice
  12. Good morning Mario Very good painting job .. Have fun when you will place the decals Best regards Patrice
  13. Good monring Enzo Very good painting job .. Best regards Patrice
  14. Good evening Enzo Very good painting job .. Have fun for wehen you will place the decals ... Patrice
  15. Good morning I am also very pleased with what I see , I also hope that a RF version will follow .. I am glad that I only bought 2 Sword boxes a few days ago .. Best regards Patrice
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