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  1. Good morning Petr Could you give us information on the progress of this project please ? Patrice
  2. Good morning all This Gb is now finished I’m sorry for those who couldn’t finish in time to put their build in the gallery but you can still finish it .. It was a great Gb with a lot of great builds I hope you enjoy this Gb as much as I did .. Patrice
  3. Good afternoon Kevin Thank you very much for your comment .. Usually I try to find as much infos as I can before I start building a kit and I only found 2 or 3 photos of this aircraft I am not sure that I managed to be 100% accurate despite my efforts but I appreciate that you are pleased with the results anyway .. All the best Patrice
  4. Good morning Just to remind you that this Gb ends tonight .. Don't forget to place you finished builds in the gallery .. Patrice
  5. Good morning all Thank you for your comments Patrice
  6. Good afternoon here is my build for this Gb 1/72 Hobby Boss P 61 A Black Widow "Borrowed Time" 422 NFS England June 1944 Eduard PE set EagleCals decals Humbrol brushpaint Build thread here Patrice
  7. Good evening I would like to remind you that this Gb ends next Sunday so Don't forget to finish your build and place it the Gallery . All the best Patrice
  8. Good evening Today I placed the propeller , wheels , gear doors and various antennaes Patrice
  9. Good morning Slow Hand Welcome aboard and enjoy your build .. All the best Patrice
  10. Good morning Please ad me to the list I have the Hasegawa SU33 1/72 kit in my stash for years and this Gb would be the perfect excuse to build it .. Patrice
  11. Good morning Rich Please count me in I recently discovered in my stash a Mig 31 kit God only knows how this box got there .. Patrice
  12. Good morning A few years ago I had made researches on the subject and with the help of some french Spit fans made a list of F Mk XIV c : - RB140 : DW.K (610 Sq. – photo Classic Publications – 2nd TAF) - RB141 : VL.L (322 Sq.) - RB147 : VL.G (322 Sq. - déco Mk.XIVc "V1 Killer" Fujimi) - RB150 : DW.A (610 Sq. - photo Osprey & Squadron Signal) - RB154 : MN.K (350 Sq. - info Profile - déco. Tally Ho!) - RB155 : MN.C (350 Sq.) - RB156 : DW.B (610 Sq.) - RB159 : DW.D (610 Sq. - photo Osprey & Squadron Signal - déco Mk.XIVc "V1 Killer" Fujimi, sans liseré jaune) - RB160 : VL.A (322 Sq.) - RB161 : DL.I (610 Sq.) - RB167 : DW.E (610 Sq. - photo Osprey & Squadron Signal - déco Carpena) - RB169 : MN.F (350 Sq. - photo Osprey - déco Mk.XIVe (?) Fujimi) - RB170 : DW.G (610 Sq. - photo Osprey & Squadron Signal) - RB174 : DL.T (91 Sq. - info Profile) - RB180 : DL.E (91 Sq.) - RB184 : VL.B (322 Sq.) - RB185 : MN.L (350 Sq.) - RB188 : DL.K (91 Sq.) - RB189 : MN.G (350 Sq.) I may be wrong but I think that the Mk XIV Serial Number from RB140 to RB 189 were equipped with C wings and the others were equipped with E wings Patrice
  13. Good evening Today I made a light weathering Patrice
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