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  1. Good afternoon alt-92 I hesitate between 2 aircraft in NMF finish the French one of the EC 1/2 Cigognes and the Israeli of the 117 Tayeset (First Jet) Sqn , I will have to make up my mind quickly because I think that I won't have time to build both of them despite what Enzo usually Says in such a situation .. Best Regards Patrice
  2. Good morning Wez Thank you for your support .. This one is my first Modelsvit kit ... Best Regards Patrice
  3. Eduard F6F 5 Hellcat Groupe de Chasse 1/6 Corse Indochina 1951 Berna Decals Humbrol brushpainted Build threat here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235095511-eduard-172-f6f-5-hellcat-gc-16-corse-french-air-force-in-indochina-1951/#comments Patrice
  4. Good evening When I finish the KP Tempest I’m gonna start the Modelsvit Mirage III C The box art The building notice The decals sheet The sprues Patrice
  5. Good evening Today I painted a coat of grey Hu 106 on the urppersurfaces Patrice
  6. Good evening my friends Thank yopu very much for your comments .. Best regards Patrice
  7. Bonsoir Jean Thank you for your comment .. I don't use gloss varnish and so far I only had a few problems with decals from Academy it may be due to the weather in Normandy ?.. Best Regards Patrice
  8. Good evening Today I painted the undersurfaces in Grey HU64 Patrice ..
  9. Good evening Yesterday I placed the horizontal stabilisers and used "some" putty on the fuselage / wings joint Patrice
  10. Good evening all I am currently building the KP Tempest Mk V https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235096288-kp-hawker-tempest-le-grand-charles-flt-pierre-closterman/&tab=comments#comment-4145532 https://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=117608 I don' t know when KP will release the Mk II / VI but I confirm that there are no extra parts in the Mk V boxes to build a Mk VI ... I would be very happy if SH/Eduard will release their kits in the autumn but I hope that they will take their time to do a good job.. I am also looking forward to see the Airfix kit .. Time will tell .. Best regards Best
  11. Good afternoon Colin I would like to know where did you read his info about the Airfix Tempest being delayed until 2023... Best Regards Patrice
  12. Good morning I’ve read this book several times and it’s always a pleasure to read it again ... I think that I will build his last aircraft the one wit the Cross of Lorraine on the nose .. Best Regards Patrice
  13. Good morning Charlie You're welcome and thank you for your support .. Yes the parts look good but when it come to the fitting ...well KP is not Tamiya but that is the fun of modelling after all .. I agree with you Kp should have provided some basic stencils .. Best regards Patrice
  14. Good evening Johnson Here is an open box I made on a French forum https://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=117608 And the pics concerning the 486 Sqn box A few days aog I started to build the Clostermann aircraft Patrice
  15. Good morning Steve Yes It might be a solution but it is too late for my build .. Best Regards Patrice
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