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  1. Tamiya P 47 D Thunderbolt Groupe de Chasse 1/5 Champagne French Air Force April 1945 Pavla résin seat Yahuu models Instrument panel Quickboost Conversion set Humbrol Metalcote brush painted Build Thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235109737-tamiya-172-republic-p47-d-thunderbolt-french-air-force-gc-15-champagne-1945/#comment-4412461 Patrice
  2. Good afternoon Today I placed 2 bombs under the wings and one fuel tank under the belly , I also placed the canopy and the radio antenna mast I think that I will end this build there .. Thank you for your interest and support.. Best Regards Patrice
  3. Good evening Today I made a light weathering and placed the undercarriage (the propeller is not already glued ) Best Regards Patrice
  4. Good morning Col Thank you very much for your comment .. Best Regards Patrice
  5. Good afternoon Today I painted the antiglare panel on top of the fuselage Patrice
  6. Good evening During the week end I placed the engine and cowling and I also started the painting Best Regards Patrice
  7. Good mroning VP Please add my name to the list I have a large choice in my stash Best Regards Patrice
  8. Good evening Today I glued the Quickboost dorsal fillet , the wings and the horizontal stabilizers Patrice
  9. Good afternoon During the week end I placed the "bathtube" in the right haf fuselage and then I glued the 2 fuselage halves together I also glued the wings and placed the Quickboost parts Patrice
  10. Good morning I totally agree that is a great news I was not sure that I will be able to finish my french Jug before the 15th but with a 2 weeks extension I am more confident ... Thank you very much Enzo Best Regards Patrice
  11. Good evening Today I glued the instrument panel , the stick , the side walls and the seat on the floor Best regards Patrice
  12. Good evening Here are the first photos of this build The Pavla resin seat on its support And the Yahuumodels instrument panel Best Regards Patrice
  13. Good evening Today I started a Tamiya P 47 Thunderbolt that I will represent in the markings of an aicraft of the Groupe de Chasse 1/5 Champagne of the French Air Force in 1945 ..I will do my best to finish it in time .. The box art The sprues Some books I am going to use a Pavla resin seat and a Yahuu models instrument panel Best Regards Patrice
  14. God evening Martin Thank you for your comment .. Best Regards Patrice
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