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  1. Good morning Jabba Thank you for your comment but I must admit that placing the decals there was not very easy and I had to repaint it ... Cheers Patrice
  2. Good evening Today I placed the windshield ,the refuelling probe and the Quickboost guns and I placed the decals Patrice
  3. Good evening Yessterday I painted the lower surfaces in white And today I started to paint the upper surfaces in Grey Patrice
  4. Good afternoon Wellzy This Gb has been merged with The Century Fighters GB and your name is on the list https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235078754-2022-the-century-fighters-gb/ Cheers Patrice
  5. Good evening everyone We passed the threshold a few days ago and now we are in the Bunfight so don't forget to vote... Cheers Patrice
  6. Good evening Craig Welcome aboard I add your name to the list and make sure that this Gb is moved into the Bunfight Area ... Cheers Patrice
  7. Good evening Col Please add my name to the list I have the Tamiya Bell X 1 in my stash for years and I would like to build it in memory of its pilot the late Chuck Yeager ... Cheers Patrice
  8. Good evening Craig Thank you for your comment but the truth is that I had to use some filler when I glued the front and aft fuselage together as you can see on the photo above ... Cheers Patrice
  9. Good evening Yesterday I glued the front and aft part of the fuselage together and today I placed the wings I decided to paint the lower stabilizers before glueing them on the fuselage latter I prepared 4 Snakeyes bombs that I will place on 2 Ter pylons under the wings Patrice
  10. Hi Rich Thank you for your comment but 2021 is still another year where there are too many interesting GBs in which I would like to participate but unfortunately where I do not have enough time to spend on building kits nevertheless i would do my best to join this one ... Cheers Patrice
  11. Hi Rich I have the same problem when I enter my local Hobby shop to buy some paints it is very hard to go out without a plastic model ... I will do my best to take part in this Gb but my build programm is already very busy for this year ... Cheers Patrice
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