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  1. Good evening Today I did a light weathering then I placed the canopy I also glued the landing gear legs and doors ( on the real aircraft most of the time these doors are closed so I had to trim the kit parts , I am very surprised that SH only proposes the option to represent them in the opened position ..) .. Patrice
  2. Good evening Wez Very good news , thank you very much to Enzo ... Patrice
  3. Good evening Today I glued the front windshield , I did some more paintings And I worked on the fiuel tanks Patrice
  4. Good evening Yesterday I painted the anti glare panel on the nose , the wing tips etc .. Patrice
  5. Good afternoon Martin Thank you for pointing out this point I will be very careful when I am at this stage of my build .... Best Regards Patrice
  6. Good morning TimJ Yes it is a nice kit with no building issues ... Best Regards Patrice
  7. Good eveining During the week end I glued the ''tail'' ; the wings and horizontal stabilisators on the fuselage Patrice
  8. Good afternoon I would prefer Eduard to downscale their Mustang in 1/72 .... Best regards Patrice
  9. Good evening I really hope that Eduard will downscale their 1/48 P 51D Mustang to 1/72 soon .... Best Regards Patrice
  10. Good evening Wez I think that you should wait for the next French Fancy III GB .. Best regards Patrice
  11. Good morning Yesterday I placed some weights in the nose and closed the 2 fuselage halves Patrice
  12. They are both VP's Twin Engine Favorite Aircraft used by the Luftwaffe During WWII ... No it doesn’t work either it looks much more like a quizz .. Best Regards Patrice
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