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  1. A new aircraft from Sukhoi will be revealed at MAKS 2021. There are pictures showing a single engine twin tailed aircraft covered with a tarp being wheeled around https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/uac-checkmate.37538/page-3 Regards Robert
  2. 'Features fixed depiction of variable sweep wing supported by a single-piece part' Now that sounds interesting, a one piece moulding for the wing ? If anyone can design a part like that Tamiya can. Regards Robert
  3. I have just received a package from Plaza Japan and not paid any extra. I did ask them last year what they were going to do about the VAT situation and they said they would comply. Great company to deal with and you get an extra gift. Regards Robert
  4. Let's go back to the past http://web.archive.org/web/20070827013812/http://www.avrovulcan.org.uk/index.html Have not checked it all out to see if it all there. Regards Robert
  5. Hi an update on what has been happening. For the F-16A FSD I will be using this photo as my guide to what needs to be removed from the kit to backdate it. Firstly easy things to do, the underwing pylon holes were filled in for the F-16A and the outer wing pylon holes were filled in for the F-16B. On the fin the changes for the F-16A were removing the pitot tube from the leading edge and removing the small fairing just below the rudder. On the intake the reinforcing plates and lights were removed for both version and only the F-16B will be fitted with the lights only. Onto the cockpit. The F-16A FSD was fitted with a Stencil SIII seat and as I had one I used that. On te cockpit tub that Hasegawa provide they have the seat sides moulded with the tub and not part of the seat, so these were removed and cleaned up. The Eduard set was used for the side consoles and seat belts for the seat. Final details will be completed once the fuselage is together. For the F-16B it was just fitting the etch to the cockpit tub And here are the instrument panels awaiting fitting. I ordered from Hannants a couple of items from ResKit, some nice looking wheels and two PW F100 jet exhausts. The detail on those parts are fantastic. Photos to come later. That is it for now hope to get the fuselage, wings and tailplanes together next. Regards Robert
  6. Does anyone know where the design and tooling for the kit is being done ? Regards Robert
  7. Hi Serkan, looks like you nailed the blue scheme. Regards Robert
  8. Hi Serkan, once again you amaze me with your technique and details. As you pointed out the intakes are wrong but thought, could you not 3D print a set to see how much a difference it would make. Also I wonder if the parts would fit the Italeri/Revell kit? Regards Robert
  9. Hi, after the last group build where l did the ESCI F-16A and B, this time will be Hasegawa kits. I will have to back date the current kits to earlier block versions which mean smaller rear stabs and different wheels. I will be using the Caracal Decals for the first FSD for the F-16A 75-0745 and Caracal Decals once again for the `Lizard' F-16B from Hill AFB. Pictures showing the parts, canopy not shown. Regards Robert
  10. Some really fantastic photo you have taken again Shaun. I have been at Fairford and was hoping something would have passed through. Regards Robert
  11. Alan, that is one amazing model. You have captured the look and poise of the aircraft very effectively. Hopefully we will be able to see this for real. Regards Robert
  12. Kittyhawk kits have been pulled from Hannants web site. Regards Robert
  13. Best information out there regarding the ATA https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/us-navy-ata-advanced-tactical-aircraft-program-a-12-avenger-ii-its-rivals.1169/ . Regards Robert
  14. Fingers crossed there are no major mistakes, looks good though. Regards Robert
  15. You will not be disappointed with the book, the drone controllers in bright orange/red looks amazing. Regards Robert
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