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  1. On the Tamiya website it says that the price has not been set so the UK price is speculative as @plasticguy has indicated. Let's see what the Japanese price is first. Regards Robert
  2. Sounds like it is Facebook 'trying it on' for people to sign up to them as it works fine now without signing up. Regards Robert
  3. Hi, l was able to view your Facebook page but now it (Facebook) is asking me to create an account to view your page. Has your settings changed ? I am using Chrome on Amazon Android Fire tablet. Regards Robert
  4. It still needs lots of work to make it usable. Having worked in website revamps, we would have been told in no uncertain terms to pull it and wait till the new one is fit for purpose. The 'Workbench' section is harder to find and it's not even in date order. Regards Robert
  5. History that is close to you is a great feeling when you have realised it in the form of a tribute. Regards Robert
  6. But which version, B, C, D, E, EJ, EJ Kai, F, G, J, K, M, N, S
  7. I suppose that when we get back to air travel, that kits we bring back will have to be declared and anything else we buy ? Regards Robert
  8. I read a report recently that modelling has taken a greater upturn in Japan because of the pandemic and therefore l foresee something Japanese. Regards Robert
  9. Have you looked at https://www.kingkit.co.uk/ Regards Robert
  10. A set of all types of walkways for the F-4 Phantom USAF and USN in 1/72. Regards Robert
  11. Nice job with the aluminium. I do like the Vallejo Metal colours. Regards Robert
  12. Thanks for the advice l will try that. Regards Robert
  13. Thanks guys, but no luck as they do not have what l want. Have to put a request in 'Wanted'. Regards Robert
  14. Remember when you was able to go to modelling shows there was a person selling decals from lots of manufacturers, l think his name was Paul Davis. Does anyone know if he is contactable and whether there is an email address please. Regards Robert
  15. Hopefully these companies collecting the taxes on behalf of HMRC will be paying it back to the government and not finding ways not to. Regards Robert
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