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  1. Just completed Tamiya's F-16CJ in 1/48. Their own decals were used along with Mr Hobby and Xtracrylix for the camo and Vallejo Metal Color for the jet pipe. The kit was a pleasure to make. The only changed I made was to replace one of the HARMs with a JDAM.
  2. Robert

    F-14A Flanker

    Very nice. Robert
  3. Robert

    West Malling 1985

    Thanks for the photos. I now live on the old West Malling airfield, as it is now called Kings Hill. The control tower still remains as it is offices and a coffee house. Robert
  4. Did Song not show the detailed Buccaneer resin prototype a good few years ago that was supposed to be coming from Trumpeter ?
  5. Paint it black VX-9. Would be interesting to see how you do it on a small scale. Robert
  6. Robert

    Airfix 2019

    A brand new SR-71 would not go amiss. Robert
  7. Robert

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Great looking box art from Adam Tooby who does the ones for Airfix. Robert
  8. I wonder why there are 2 sets of transparencies shown, 2 kits in the box ? Robert
  9. Robert

    Too many 1/72 Hobbyboss F-14 Tomcats

    Another great looking Tomcat. Keep them coming. Robert
  10. Robert

    430th Tactical Fighter Squadron Rhinos

    A great selection of photos. Thank you for recording these aircraft. Robert
  11. Robert

    1\48 F4D-1 Skyray

    Very nice start on this. One question, which resin company is the ejector seat from ? Robert
  12. Robert

    Airfix 2019

    I just wished Airfix would provide the details that can be seen on the outside (vents on the intakes and exhaust areas of their 1/72 Phantom). Personally I would like to see some fast cold war jets in 1/72 for next year that has been researched correctly but l doubt it. Robert
  13. Robert

    Grumman Gb 20 Oct 2018 to 10 Feb 2019.

    I would like to participate in this please. Not sure what yet but it will be a post war jet. I have a few Tomcats and the F9F-8 Cougar and F9F -2 Panther in 1/48 so will go with one of those. Enzo if you are going to do a F9F-6 Cougar check out the Detail and Scale ebook as there is a conversion article in there for 1/72. I started one but is on the back burner. Robert
  14. Robert

    What to do with Roundel Decals not Centred?

    If you do not want to send it back try the following providing you have the gear. Before you use the decal use a hole punch to remove the red centre. Then use a circle cutter to cut a solid white circle and centre it on the green outer circle. Place both on the model green first then the white circle. Then place and centre the red dot. A bit of work l know but it is up to you. Robert
  15. Robert

    Ridiculous Fitting Tamiya 1:48 F-14A Tomcat !

    I am also doing a F-16CJ, block 50 and having no problems with it. Whenever you need a break from filling and sanding, filling and sanding etc. Tamiya kits are a great break from all that. Robert