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  1. Here are the instructions https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10796198 Regards Robert
  2. So when is Airfix coming to scan it ? Regards Robert
  3. Hi Shaun, even with 'dodgy phone pics' l am sure they will be useful. Regards Robert
  4. Shaun, your models are very impressive. Any thoughts on doing a WiP for your next one so we can see how you get such great results ? Great MiG-25BM btw. Regards Robert
  5. I have chosen number 3 as it looks to me nearest to the first prototype. Grainy photos tend to dull down the the original colour so that is why l have gone for number 3. Regards Robert
  6. Your design skills are amazing. Regards Robert
  7. Hi, you have a lovely smooth paint finish which l am having trouble at the moment with mine. Which thinners do you use please and is it really thinned paint ? Regards Robert
  8. Excellent show yesterday, busy yes but well managed. Great to be able to go to shows again. Regards Robert
  9. This is fantastic news from ICM. Hope they can cover all the variants including the 2 seaters. Regards Robert
  10. Excellent Tomcat and collection of Iranian jets. Would you do another Tomcat in the blue scheme ? Regards Robert
  11. Well here we are again with some better news. The F-16A I will not finish in time but l have completed the F-16B. I did not take pictures of doing the camouflage but l used paper masks copied from the Caracal instruction sheet. The only thing different l did was to paint the red stripe on the fin. The paints used was Mr Hobby Aqueous range for the camouflage and Vallejo Metal Color for the Res-Kit exhaust and I am very pleased how it turned out. Regards Robert
  12. From the Tamiya Blog https://tamiyablog.com/2021/09/some-more-upcoming-tamiya-static-kits/
  13. When l apply for my Covid passport it also lasts a couple of days but the one my wife has has no expiry date, weird. Regards Robert
  14. @Gene K Thankfully l have a few of the old Scalemaster sheets with the CVN names. Regards Robert
  15. Can you tell me which seats you used please. Regards Robert
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