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  1. For me another enjoyable show and came away with lots of 3D printed stuff from @TeeELL and a cockpit for the Tornado F3 from the Tornado SIG, both to 1/72. Most interesting thing l was was the water spray booth that some Hong Kong modellers bought over. Perhaps with the introduction of 3D modelling some of those companies or importers could be invited with a reduce rate ? Regards Robert
  2. Can you add me to the list please. I have an the Hasegawa 1/72 Grumman Cougar, Panther and Tiger that l should build. Regards Robert
  3. Just a heads up, have you done the undercarriage yet ? I would suggest you do and then tack them on the model to check it sits on all 3 wheels. Regards Robert
  4. Just received my magazine and it says set up time on Friday is from 16.00. I thought it was from 15.00, bit confusing. Regards Robert
  5. Going on by the last remark, something from the Ulster Aviation Society museum which was scanned ? Regards Robert
  6. You have got that spot on. Really lovely details and the finish excellent. Regards Robert
  7. It seems to me to be missing an 'iframe' end, such as '/iframe>' . https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.ASP Regards Robert
  8. Robert

    Airfix 2023

    Seeing as David Tennant is coming back as Dr Who, Airfix might do a reissue. Regards Robert
  9. From JL Gunpla UK some decal sheets which l could only get from abroad, a good seller and some interesting stuff on his website. Regards Robert
  10. A week after Telford is the Tamiya Fair at Shizuoka Japan https://tamiyablog.com/2022/10/upcoming-tamiya-fair-2022-the-hobby-festival-will-be-held-for-the-first-time-in-three-years/ I wonder if the second kit is to be announced then. Regards Robert
  11. Great model Steve. Looking forward to see the final pictures. Did you use the kit seats ? Regards Robert
  12. Amazing video shows why Tamiya is still number one. Regards Robert
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