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  1. Hi, can you post the traders list ? Regards Robert
  2. I ended up buying this book https://www.aviationmegastore.com/mirage-iiic-suivi-des-avions-em37editions-m3c-aviation-books/product/?action=prodinfo&art=184463 and l have the requisite Modeldecal sheet so ready to go. Thanks @Wez and @RidgeRunner Regards Robert
  3. Thanks Rich. I liked the kit so much l bought another one. Regards Robert
  4. Great looking quartet. Regards Robert
  5. True it has not flown yet, but it is still an interesting aircraft to buy/build. There have been a lot of kits issued based on mock ups and unflown aircraft. Regards Robert
  6. Thanks for the recommendations, l see a trip to the Aviation Bookshop at Tunbridge Wells is needed. Regards Robert
  7. My completed 1/72 Platz T-1B. Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235109631-platz-172-t-1b-jet-trainer/
  8. Onto the final part the decalling. There is a problem which l will mention later. I made a start on one side of the fuselage and upper wing. In the background you can see the drop tanks painted and decalled. The decals are printed by Cartograph and worked really well. The decal designer created large decals to make your life easier. I then did the other side a day later just to make sure the decals i have done already were secure. The Hinomarus are separate from the large decal pieces although l wish they were all one part as one. Careful study of the decal placement diagram helped in getting everything looking right. There were a few places where the decal did not meet up quite correctly but to overcome this sapre decal stripes are inclued. On to the undersides. Once againg large decal pieces to lay down. No maor problem just time and patience needed. The centre line stripe is made up from a number of pieces ut just follow the guidence and it will be fine. Once all the major markings were put on, then came all the stencils. And finished. I sprayed a satin coat overalland a matt varnished the anti-glare panel in front of the cockpit... Its a great kit but let down by on thing the decals. Although I have praised them they have got the blue colour incorrect, it should be a darker blue as seen on my first post of the box cover and instruction sheet. Never the less it is a great little kit of the JASDF jet trainer. Regards Robert
  9. I was watching the Comic Con event at San Diego last weekend and to me the majority were wearing masks. I suppose it is down to the organisers of the event and which rules they decide upon. Regards Robert
  10. On the Interesting Modelling Company You Tube channel on the last Sunday show a built up example was shown at 1 hour and 31 minutes https://youtu.be/BGnDE7uDrBM Regards Robert
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