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  1. The pencils are from The Works here in the UK. They have Crawford and Black written on the side but l have got rid of the packaging. Robert
  2. When Hawker Aircraft was looking at a two seat Hunter the tandem configuration was considered but rejected in favour of the side-by-side arrangement. Freightdog Models released this conversion kit for the recently released Revell 1/72 Hunter. I have not done a WiP recently so here goes. First the resin pieces, As you can see the forward fuselage has been hollowed cast and the cockpit is well detailed and you get 2 vacform canopies. I made a quick start, joined the Revell fuselage together and then cut off the forward fuselage as described in the instructions. Making a start on the resins pieces I sprayed them first with Revell Antracite then painted in the details with acrylic pencils. You have to use the front instrument panel and control stick from the kit. I will add the firing handles for the seats later. With the canopy I used my scriber to go around the edges to release it from the rest if the plastic sheet using blue tack to provide support and Tamiya tape as a scribing guide. I did a bit of fettling withe resin fuselage parts and found it also gave me a bit of wiggle room when I offered it up to the fuselage. Then everything was joined together with superglue and Mr Surfacer 500 used along the seams More soon Robert
  3. Hi, sorry for the lack of updates as I have had a family bereavement. These were the last I was able to do but am now back and hope to finish it in time. I boxed the tailwheel assembly and added some detail to it This is the cockpit just need to add the canopy The intakes and speedbrakes needed filler A coat of primer was applied to check for any additional repair work Hopefully it is near the end now, wings, tail planes, undercarriage and the paint scheme to sort out. Robert
  4. Thank you for that. I have not gone yet but hoping to go later in the year. Robert
  5. Its a pity Airfix did not provide an amended decal sheet with the correct blue instead of red for the fuel tank marking for the VA-15 version. Robert
  6. Hi Stephen, how did you get there ?
  7. Title says it all any recommendations ?
  8. Here is the first picture of the Hummel 1/35 German Heavy Self-Propelled Howitzer Hummel (Late Production) The next subject for the famed 1/35 Military Miniature Series is this assembly kit of the German Hummel. ★The model authentically captures the Hummel’s form with thin fighting compartment armor and late production integrated driving compartment. ★Features coordinated sight and 15cm howitzer elevation. ★Assembly type late production tracks feature one-piece straight sections. ★Includes three figures and two marking options. ★Length: 190mm.
  9. Hi, The previous photo above showed the cockpit. I replaced the seat with one from a Skyhawk which looked similar. I did a few changes to the head box which is about it. I added some etch side consoles added the kit instrument panel and control stick. The putty is to clean up the shroud. The area behind the front cockpit has the second cockpit panel over it but there is a gap behind it which was filled in with plasticard and cleaned up later. The speed brakes were attached and the gaps are to be filled in. From the photo above you can see the tailwheel housing which I removed and replaced it with some depth to it. I also changed the wheel/tyre to show the 2 wheels instead of the roller type Airfix made. Fuselage is to cleaned up in the next posting and intakes. Robert
  10. This is from Tamiya Blog https://tamiyablog.com/2019/04/some-upcoming-tamiya-static-kits/ 24350 1/24 Leon Cvstos AMG 24352 1/24 Mazda 787B 35367 1/35 German Hummel Late Type 12688 1/35 German Hummel Metal Gun Barrel (Detail Up Parts) 25190 1/350 IJN Destroyer Yukikaze Detail Up Set Robert
  11. Looking through the pictures without reading the text my first thought was where did you get the white letters from. Excellent work with the decals. Robert
  12. Latest update. I am undecided which markings I should do from the Caracal sheet. On the pics below it is one of those 3, Option 5,6 or 7. They are all similar apart from the heat shroud on the 2 GSB versions but I can decide later on once all the major assemblies are together. I have spent most of my time cleaning up the parts. There is a panel line that needs to be removed as the inlet boundary plate goes over the fuselage. Also the intake parts have their callout numbers on them so needs removing and also the injection pin marks. The speed brakes also need attention as they need a sliver of plasticard to fill in gaps. I also spent some time on the main undercarriage unit. I added parts from plasticard and sprayed it aluminum. I have made a start on the cockpit. The kit does not provide any side consoles and the seat is not much. There is a instrument panel including the radar scope. I have also rescribed the wings but because the plastic is grey it does not show up on a photo. Next will be the cockpiit and putting the fuselage together. Robert
  13. I agree with the Aardvarks as well. Did you know that there was a black tailed Aardvark ? Robert
  14. Hello everyone, I made a start on this yesterday but I forgot to mention that I have the U-2C sprue as well with the bigger intakes and canoe fairing on top. So I made a start on the wings and found this on the inside Anyway I glued the wings together leaving out the wing pods so put the replacement parts on and out with the filler and rubbed it down. I was not too bothered with the panel lines as I might rescribe them. I will be doing the cockpit parts next. I have yet to decide what version to do from the Caracal sheet, it is either a black and grey one or one in dark sea blue. Robert
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