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  1. Yes excellent work on laying down that Dragon decal. Regards Robert
  2. Still undecided whether to buy this one as l have the Airfix and Academy one in the stash. @JeffreyK thanks for the observations. Regards Robert
  3. I wonder if a 1/72 one is due from Airfix as they have not re-released their 1/48 one after announcing they would do a couple of years ago. If you are desperate for a Sea Vixen buy any of the available ones now or wait to see what happens in the coming years. Regards Robert
  4. It's a miss for me, but happy for those who see something to buy. I am a bit surprised by the absence of a Black Buck Vulcan but also the E.E. Lightning F.2A being released again with decals for the only 2 squadrons that flew it, the F.6 would has been a better choice imho as there is more variations. Regards Robert
  5. It's a pity there is no Black Buck version this year, seems strange to miss it. In fact they seemed to have downplayed the anniversary, no Harrier GR.3 either. Regards Robert
  6. Or will it be an Eduard kit reboxed ? Regards Robert
  7. I am surprised model companies are not knocking on your door offering you a job. Regards Robert
  8. Thanks Björn B, able to carry on using Fusion 360 now. Thanks Robert
  9. What a great film a parody of everything wrong in the world we live on. Regards Robert
  10. Just loaded up Fusion 360 and the trial has expired but there is no renew function. Have l missed something ? Regards Robert
  11. That is lovely, great achievement Happy New Year Robert
  12. Hi Serkan, you have done a great job considering what you started out with. Happy New Year Robert
  13. Last one of the year. The kit itself is amazing and l am happy with the details it provides. Because if the decals being in large pieces with carrier film, the surface of the model need to be really smooth, which in some places l could have done better. So no fault in the kit itself. Undersurface done in Tamiya X-2 White and the Light Gull Grey is from Xtracrylix. I can see myself building another one soon as the latest one has arrived from Japan. I do not like making promises or hopeful wishes but I would like to build more Japanese jets this year, so many schemes. Thanks for looking. Happy New Year Robert
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