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  1. Potato Pete

    2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    Chris, I think he might be referring to Comet Miniatures which was in Lavender Hill. If so, I think it closed about five years ago. Not sure if it relocated. Cheers Pete
  2. Potato Pete

    Interesting poll for the "People's Spitfire Pilot".

    I'm with Seahawk on this one. The whole thing seems a little odd. The candidates demonstrate, if anything, the sheer diversity of people who flew Spitfires and to single any individual seems bit invidious. Also, looking at the voting, there is clearly a campaign to get one candidate to win which is to my mind at least, against the spirit of what this should be about.
  3. Potato Pete

    Pet hates.

    People who choose to test their sound system at full volume at 6.57 in the morning. I really don't care if you're using at some health fair later in the day, have a bit of common....(which I see has already been discussed on the thread).
  4. Potato Pete

    Old Airfix B-17G Bit o Lace paint question

    Troy's post pretty much covers it. Not sure she ever had an all yellow tail. When she was assigned to the 44th, it would have been prior to the yellow tail markings iirc, so nmf/doped aluminium/silver all over. If you look at the pic showing the damage to the tail (4th April 1945) in Troy's last link, the rudder is still doped silver/aluminium. Whether the silver rudder is a replacement I don't know - I suspect it was left unaltered, but that's just a guess. The elevators appear to be yellow prior to the damage. There is another site with more pics showing the same incident but I can't seem to find it at the moment. Pete
  5. Potato Pete


    Both the Telegraph and the Guardian give it five stars I dunno, looks like a sign to me....
  6. Potato Pete

    New! Airfix Wellington 1c!

    Early days but the rendering of the geodetic framework looks more muted than the Trumpeter offering Pete
  7. Coming on very nicely. I have one in the stash but have always been a bit intimidated by it. You seem to be wrestling yours into submission very successfully. Inspiration indeed. Pete
  8. Potato Pete

    Mosquito elevators

    Gents, Thanks everyone for the info, the photo captures them really well. I had it in my head that they were introduced to cope with more powerful engines and heavier bomb loads, but it would appear not. Cheers Pete
  9. Potato Pete

    Mosquito elevators

    Folks, I recall reading somewhere that two-stage Merlin Mosquito bombers had larger or modified elevators than earlier versions, but cannot find the reference . Can anyone give me the low down? Cheers Pete
  10. Potato Pete

    Interesting (to me) Wellington Pic

    Lovely pic there. Possibly R1333 of 99 Squadron, crashed on take off 18th December 1940? Pete
  11. Potato Pete

    Airfix Blenheim Mk IVF

    That's turned out very nicely despite your troubles and some welcome inspiration for me. I'm halfway through a Mk1 and and may end up taking your route. I have just fitted the front section and am looking at it now and going hmmmmm.... BTW I like the colours, what paints did you use? Pete
  12. Yes, the Dunkirk trailer doesn't look too bad......
  13. Potato Pete

    Spitfire Mk.I - Black port wing, IFF

    John Some answers - RAF fighters had black port wings until June 1940, when the undersides were to be sky. This was then amended to the black port sky starboard pattern in Nov 1940 and remained in place until April 1941. Repainting was carried out on existing airframes at unit (or station level?) so your Spit should have had a sky port wing (or at least an approximation of sky, given the shortage of sky at the time). Pete
  14. I think it's Boeing that own the trademark, and Airfix probably have to pay them for the privilege Pete
  15. Potato Pete

    What are you reading?

    Another vote for Kershaw's "To Hell and back". About two thirds of the way through. He covers a huge amount of territory but always manages to draw out key themes without ever being bland or superficial, yet at the same time point out contrasts where appropriate, and draws the whole thing together coherently. Highly recommended Pete