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  1. The Windsock datafiles might be the sort of thing you're after. https://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk Don't own any myself but I've always had the impression they are the go-to references for WW1 aircraft Pete
  2. Just started Snow by Orhan Pamuk. Not really sure where it's leading but found myself 50 pages in without really noticing so fingers crossed
  3. Hi John Hannants stock Aerobunus figures https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=&product_type_id=1880&code=&scale_id=955&keyword_search=rfc&setPerPage=25&sort=0&search_direction=asc&save_search_name=&save_search= There is also Model Cellar https://modelcellar.com/product-category/1-48-scale/ Mainly pilots, not much in the way of ground crew Pete
  4. A large sack of peanuts to keep the birds happy
  5. I could be persuaded - count me in Pete
  6. Yup that seems to be the case. Think I'll go with grey wheel wells. As for the white rings on the hinomaru I found this from "Japanese Army Aircraft Colours & Markings in the Pacific War "by .K. Baker "Around the time (mid-'43) of JNAF adoption of yellow wing leading edge ID strips and standardised white outlining of Hinomaru, a similar move was made the the JAAF. There was general adaption of the yellow wing ID strips, but seemingly no general adoption of the standard 75mm white outline for all Hinomaru contrary to what has sometimes been claimed. Where white outlines were added, they were typically added only to fuselage Hinomaru. Factory application of the white-outlined Hinomaru certainly seems to have been patchy and, once again, can really only be looked at type-by-type. Very probably the continued factory finishing of so many JAAF types with light grey-green or bare metal external surfaces, which hardly required white outlines to highlight their red disc insignia was a reason." Cheers Pete
  7. Gents Can anyone tell me the rules governing the white rings around hinomaru - when were they introduced and should the be on both fuselage and wing markings - it seems to be fairly random...? Also, should the wheel bays of a 1943 Zero be bare aotake or, as I'm sure I've read recently, be painted the undersurface colour? Cheers Pete
  8. Very nice What are the antennas like to fit - I assume you solder them together and then superglue them to the frame? Cheers Pete
  9. Accidentally snaffled a 1/72 Revell 88C-6 this afternoon. Gotta keep my options open.............
  10. 'oley moley- that Dauntless looks gorgeous Pete
  11. This is a tricky one. I have a perfectly good Dragon 1/35 Sdkfz 7 and an Italeri 1/72 M8 Greyhound in the stash. But I fancy an Sdkfz 251 or a Sdkfz 234. Or even one of these..... Pete
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