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  1. Now with wings and tailplane attached. As Brad has said, just a bit of tidying up around the front of the wheel wells. I'll have to think about getting some paint for the beasty
  2. Looking good - the kit goes together a treat doesn't it? (he said, tempting fate...) Pete
  3. Cockpit now assembled, with some photo etch seat belts attached. And sealed up, no issues here. Happy with things so far. There's a slight seam between the cockpit rear decking and bulkhead but I intend to cover that with a blob of paint and hope for the best. Pete
  4. A little progress today. Painted up the cockpit parts with Humbrol light olive, which is probably a bit dark to be honest. Here are the sidewalls. Nice fine detail, but not sure how accurate it actually is. However it responds well to a wash and dry brushing. The instrument panels also have very fine raised detail which dry brushes up with a bit of care. Pleased with the results given my usual hamfisted approach to painting. Hopefully stick it all together tomorrow and add some seatbelts. Pete
  5. Hmmmm, seems to be working at this end - if a bit slow uploading. I'm using Imgbox tp host - if it proves sticky I'll move to something else. In the meantime, these are the decals I'll be using https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/LFMC72249?result-token=90utd Pete
  6. Another Portuguese T-6 -this time the Academy kit which looks quite nice. The decals will be from LF Models - I'll be doing the one with the fluorescent orange tail below. Given my complete failure to achieve anything in the Panzer III GB, I will be building this pretty much out the box, probably just adding some seat belts. Cheers Pete
  7. Count me in. My Monogram F-105G springs to mind (but there are several other candidates )
  8. Sign me up - there's a couple of Supermodel kits lurking in the stash Pete
  9. Going through a bit of an Eastern Front phase Fiction-wise, just finished Southern of the Main Offensive by Grigory Baklanov, an account of a Soviet artillery troop in the Konrad III offensive in Hungary. Baklanov was there and the writing is is sparse but brilliantly evocative (but I don't think it's just a fictionalised account of his experiences). Moving on to re-reading Frontline Stalingrad by Victor Nekrasov, which I first read donkey's years ago. Again, just beautifully written, don't think I fully appreciated it first time round. Factual-wise, just started David
  10. I'm staring at it and it is staring back at me..... Need to fire up the modelling mojo and and extract a digit Pete
  11. DMC What handsome pair They're definitely telling you something.... Pete
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