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  1. Thanks for the explanation Sabrejet- a U-2 then. You do get them here occasionally but I've never one so low before. It was impressive
  2. A U-2 (TR-1? what's the difference...?) low over Sherborne.this afternoon. Going to Brize Norton or Fairford I guess. Very cool.
  3. D'oh! How did I miss that? The panels have locating pins too so there's no excuse. Sadly too late to fix now as have things progressed rapidly and I've buttoned her up now. . Primed in Halfords finest Grey Primer. Other than my hamfistedness with the cockpit panels, it's all gone together very smoothly, just a tiny bit of seam filling on the fuselage. The upside is that the cockpit opening is really quite small so you can't really tell the panel is misaligned. The downside is that the cockpit opening is really quite small and you can't see much of the detailing anyway. I wouldn't have wanted to have to get out of one of these in a hurry..... The wings have separate wing tips so I glued the upper wings to the upper tips first to ensure good alignment, then fitted them to the main lower section, before finally adding the lower wing tips. It all went together nicely but I can see the wingtip join in the lower photo so will fill that. However, the wing tips cut through the ailerons so there was a bit of filler needed there, and there was also a bit of a gap at the back of the wing fuselage join but nothing major. This is the first 1/48 Hasegawa kit I've built and I'm very impressed with the fit. Just one observation - as the photos show, the panel lines are very fine and even under one coat of primer they may need some gentle re-engraving if I have the courage. So despite the cockpit error, I'm actually quite pleased Pete
  4. Just been watching an A-400 doing something like touch-and-goes out of Rissington - whatever the airfield allows these days. A normal approach then a steep climb out. Pretty impressive.
  5. And a bit more progress The cockpit side panels painted and glued in place The finish isn't quite as gloopy as it looks in the photos - really it's not!. Now to put it all together... Dov - if you have photos of the flaps or undercarriage bays they'd be most welcome Pete
  6. I've been hankering after a Ki-43 or -84 and saw this one the other day and just couldn't resist The kit looks nice in the box and the Ki-43 has had an extensive review here The main problem with this kit seems to be that Hasegawa has given it a swollen "fish belly" (dad bod?) under the wings, rather than the neater flatter belly of the real thing. Not being a Ki-43 aficionado I wouldn't have known, but if you're passionate about them it would probably drive you crazy. Either way, it's beyond my ability to fix, and I'm building OOB with just some Eduard IJA seatbelts added. Progress so far...... The cockpit is more than adequately detailed - the seat pan perhaps a bit heavy I used Humbrol 226 Interior Green as the base colour. I suspect it's a bit too olive and not yellow enough, especially after a couple of washes. The instrument panel was just dry brushed - the raised detail on it is beautiful. Dials got a dab of gloss varnish but it doesn't really show. The only thing I added beyond the seat belts is the emergency hydraulic pump lever on the right hand side of the seat. So far I'm happy - more to come Pete
  7. I don't see why it should be WWII only, AAA definitely in , but don't see recovery vehicles as part of it. Cheers Pete
  8. Piper Cub and Chipmunk combo this afternoon
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