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  1. Might I join with this.... I'll be adding Eduard's 3D decal cockpit detail set, and decals from the kit, when this example served with the Verbandsf├╝hrerschule General der Jagdflieger before moving on to JV44 Platzschutzschwarm. Pete
  2. Looking forward to this - I have managed to acquire the Revell boxing so will be looking for tips Pete
  3. And he's off....... A start on the cockpit - the detail is very nice but the rudder pedals were a bit on the fiddly side I'll paint this bit before adding the seats and rear bulkhead and radios And some easier bits Pete
  4. From one of our own - SaefetyDad posted this pic elsewhere on BM today - beautiful pic of a 188 Pete
  5. And a G-1 and G-6 whilst they're at it (or not, as the case maybe). Pete
  6. OK, decision made, I'll be building Revell's newish 1/72 88 C-6 Markings-wise, I'll be doing either the first or third on this AIMs sheet, I feel they're within my painting ability . I've ordered some Bregun etch aerials for option 2. We'll see how they look, they might be a bit two dimensional. The decal sheet is excellent, loads of options for C's and G's. The aim is to finish a model.......
  7. I'll be reunited with the stash tomorrow, and realise I have a shocking number of options. But being realistic, I'm thinking new mold Revell 1/72 A-4 or C-6. I do have the Revell (Dragon) 1/48 188 but feel it may be a stretch........ Pete
  8. Another photo showing the wing texture So the quilted texture looks fine, but the panel lines probably want filling, but better that way round And this - just nice https://www.classicfighters.co.nz/anson Pe
  9. That cockpit looks lovely, excellent work Pete
  10. Blimey, those RS kits look a bit scary. Still I suppose that's what filler and sanding sticks were made for....... Anyway, looking forward this, I have a soft spot for the P variant - radials but still the slim nose. Pete
  11. And the spurious cockpit detail now added based very vaguely on a pic I found Not exactly the finest work ever, but with a coat of paint and the fuselage closed up I think it will pass muster just about I've also put bulkhead in the nose and will add one behind the rear gunner's position AndI was right about the butt jointed control surfaces -knocked off one of the rudders already. . Safely recovered and reattached for the moment Pete
  12. That looks like an excellent box of goodies. And the desert scheme looks really striking. Pete
  13. Very nice start there. It really looks just like a scaled done version of their 1/48 offering Pete
  14. OK we're away... Couple of sprue shots to start Basically not too bad at all. Mainly fine raised panel lines and only a bit of flash I was going to start off adding some spurious detail to the cockpit but having recently moved house, I've lost all my plasticard bits and pieces so that's on hold for the moment. The cockpit is pretty basic so I think it will benefit from even a wee bit of detailing and tape seat belts. The kit also comes with a joystick type control column rather than a yoke(?) type so I'll alter that. So instead, on to the bigger bits Wings and tail assembled and the pilot's seat fitted to the cockpit floor. The tail is just clipped into the fuselage halves at the moment. Fit of the major components is good with only minimal clean up required. The control surfaces are just butt joined, a little bit more positive fitting would have been nice. Equally the fit of the roof of the undercarriage bay to the engine could be a bit better, there are locating logs but they're pretty soft. But nothing too traumatic. Italeri would have you drill a couple of holes in the undersurface of the port wing but I can't see what's meant to go there for the life of me, so I didn't. Might regret that later. Anyway, a pleasant start Pete
  15. After much umming and ahhing I'm going to do this chap. Not sure about the colour scheme right now but leaning towards this from the AIMs after market sheet as I like the high demarcation line I'll also probably replace the kit aerials with aftermarket. The kit would benefit from a bit more cockpit detail so I may scratch something "in the style of a Do 217"....... Pete
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