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  1. Nice one Shaun. I'll be a happy chappy if I can achieve a finish like that when I attempt mine. Steve.
  2. Sadly Pete, an old one. I hadn't realised there was a new one ( or I'd forgotten ) it has the decals for the Pakistan scheme I wanted to model too. (The 3 greys one), So I'd best get A into G & go find one. Steve
  3. Really nice Ratch, that is a stunning scheme, one of the better ones the Canberra's wore IMHO. Steve.
  4. More money than brains obviously. IMHO, that is insane in an exciting sort of way. It'll give Greta conniptions. Kind of a cross between a batmobile & darth vader helmet from the rear, which is the only brief glimpse anyone is likely to get of it. Steve
  5. A magic job on that Moa, almost literally so knowing what you were up against with the early Rareplanes. She was quite the girl, was Ms Cochrane, an exciting career. I've a Hasegawa Mustang set with a couple of her aircraft in it. I'm looking forward to having a crack at it. Steve.
  6. A pair of Fujimi GT40s from Hobby Search 1999.co.jp, ordered 3 weeks apart, both arrived today. Destined to be finished as the winning cars of the 1966 Le Mans 24 hrs. Decals for them ordered from Indycals. Steve.
  7. Escort Carrier, HMS Vindex at war by Kenneth Poolman. A recent purchase & a title I've been after for ages. Just begun. Steve.
  8. I'm enjoying this being a bit of a cartridge/ ballistics nut. I've long wondered why Britain didn't do more with this round. It is nearly as big as the 40mm Bofors so could well have been a more effective AA round than the shorter 2 lbr pompom (also 40mm) round & as you said, an HE round would have been incredibly useful in North Africa. Steve.
  9. Looking good Gary, these things have long attracted me though looking at you build, my 1/43 diecast is looking better all the time. There is time to change my mind on that though. Steve.
  10. Impressive work there Peter, it makes my KP one seem not so scary. Steve.
  11. I hate it when that happens. I too have had to resort to super glue the odd time like that. This is looking great Adrian. Had I seen this earlier, like, 6 months before you started this. I may not have bought an RSmodels one of these. On the bright side, it has a nice engine. which you really won't see once it is built. I doubt I'll have as much fun as you're having either. Steve
  12. Given that this won't happen before 2022 (?) & I have an Italeri Do 217 to do a Kg40 example in stock, I'll say yes to this. Who knows what strange things may have befallen us by then. I might have even found some building time. Steve.
  13. Really liking what I'm seeing here. I have an Italeri -4 kit & have left it parked for various reasons. I'm thinking that with a Reveal kit, some if those reasons might disappear. I love the thought of this kind of tinkering. Looking forward to seeing the remainder. Steve.
  14. A really nice looking build. The 312 was never a favourite of mine, I thought the flat 12 made it look too bulky but nonetheless, a hugely significant car & the mount of a legend. Well done to your Dad on a great build. Steve.
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