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  1. The last photo of Berwick posted by @michaele. Anyone know where that was taken, Iceland, Scapa Flow? I tried image search, google & IWM website & got exactly nowhere? Steve.
  2. Really nice Phil, I do like that a lot. For all its supposed inaccuracies, built like yours, the Italeri kit does look the part. Steve.
  3. Definitely one to watch, I do enjoy a good build with a thoroughly interesting back story, this one ticks a lot of boxes. Steve.
  4. A very interesting & informative thread (in parts ) this has been for anyone with an interest in British Canberras & T.4s in particular. Seeing as New Zealand operated some of these, they're something I'm keen to do someday. Its no wonder the Martian Martin B-57s went to their tandem seating arrangement after the early ones. Steve.
  5. Nicely done on the sand filter, the rest looks really good too, some bigger photos would have been good all the better to enjoy it. I do like the desert colour scheme, there're few aircraft that don't look better in a desert scheme to my eye. Steve.
  6. Just brilliant in every way that I can see. Steve.
  7. Looking good, pity about the mishap with the tail boom, you seem to be on top of it though. I did some flying in 500s while doing supply lifts with the local ski club aeons ago, I should track down the rego & do one as an aircraft I flew in, thanks for the inspiration. Steve.
  8. You've seen my solution for this? In the 1st post. Steve.
  9. I came back, it didn't take near as long as I thought, fairly rollicked along & some great Hurricane building lore imparted along the way. I thought to go back to the start & follow in Master Ced's tracks but there was a mass of footsteps like a horde had passed that way too, but from time to time I was able to spy the Masters trail & know I had travelled truly, so, here I am again. I will try & keep up. Steve.
  10. Pavla have done/did a conversion of this too. I think it is still available. Steve.
  11. This looks promising, a good looking aircraft in a out there scheme. I'll be looking in for sure. Take care mate. Steve.
  12. Looking good John, another TSS Corsair, even with ersatz colours, never goes astray. In fact another Corsair never goes astray. Steve.
  13. Please, allow me. I'm still stuffed if I can work out how I tripped over it though. Steve.
  14. Brilliant. That is a great bit of modelling & captures the busyness of a rally service area so well. Steve.
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