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  1. That already has a pretty big wow factor, the finished article is going to be a stunna I reckon. Following closely. Steve.
  2. That is a lovely build, the BOAC colours suited so many aircraft so well but none better than the VC-10. Steve.
  3. I really like what you've done with this Ed, as I think I mentioned in your WIP, I've this conversion in stock to do a machine from VF-84 with the flaming nose art carried over from the previous operators. (VF-61?) Steve.
  4. Wonderfully well done CC & a lot of fun, as we've come to expect/rely on. Your modelling is pretty sharp too. Steve.
  5. I think/ pretty sure that DK decals did a sheet with these, otherwise, not hard to do with generic decals from Hannants. Steve.
  6. I'm keen to see this done Bill, but I'm guessing being in flight there won't be any slat dropping going on, I've one of these I look at occasionally & think I've worked out how I can do the slats , then I rebox it & put it back to sleep. Steve.
  7. That gets a big fat AWESOME from me, wonderfully well done & great to look at. Fantastic. Steve.
  8. Yeah, I reckon I could have a go at this, its not that I'm short of subject matter & this far out I can feel confident of making the start line. Steve.
  9. Now that I REALLY like, if ever I needed a kick up the back side to get one of these, you've just given it too me, its been on my meant to list for too long. Steve.
  10. I believe MPM, the parent company of Special Hobby also do most of the Xtrakit range. Steve.
  11. I will really I will, all my good intentions didn't stop the last bit of my small wind fall escaping. but another couple of weeks should see me solventish again. Steve.
  12. Thanks for that Ray, it was at the Harewood 50th Anniversary Airshow I saw it, a bit blooming awesome. I note that Hawkeye do decals for 3 sqn machines, probably a better bet than trying to find one of these kits. Steve.
  13. Good progress these Bruno, I'm keen to do one of these too sometime, I saw a 3 sqn machine perform at an airshow here in New Zealand in 1987 & was hugely impressed at it, the one & only time I've ever seen a Hornet in the flesh, mine was A21-11, not too far different from yours. Steve.
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