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  1. That has come up very well Stuart, we haven't had many of these built& it is good to know it can go together so nicely, having the other boxing as I do. Steve.
  2. Nice to see this thread return & wow, loved your last post, so much good stuff in there. Fwiw, I reckon the front on your build & last Mustang is pretty much the best one ever. Imho of course. Steve.
  3. That is fantastically well done in every way, just amazing. Steve.
  4. For some reason, I've never been a Audi fan as far as rallying was concerned. Maybe something to do with their sudden dominance over many of my favourite rally cars, blooming Teutonic spoilsports. For that reason as as much as any other, I skipped your WiP, but then yielded to curiosity & WOW, what a revelation, that looks superb, for a boxy angular Teutomobile that is. I'm liking the look of their 86 Monte Carlo kit, just a bit. Steve.
  5. Those both look pretty assured efforts to me, it'd be nice to see some more of them. Steve.
  6. Better late than never Tim, that has come up beautifully. Steve.
  7. That has come up really nicely. It is a neat little aircraft, I can see the one on my HLJ wish list entering my private warehouse before long & joining the earlier version among my stock. I'm most impressed with this as a kit & your finishing on it. Steve.
  8. I think I see how you get those beautiful surfaces, mainly hard work I think. They look good. Steve
  9. Very nice indeed, they are a very handsome aircraft & yours shows their best side. A good tip about the elevators for the day I can do my RSmodels one. Steve.
  10. Some fantastic shots Wally, both here & on your photo stream. Fwiw, this was my favourite, a Strike Eagle pulling some Gs. Steve.
  11. That all came together wonderfully Ali, definitely one to Steve.
  12. I'm along for this one too, Mustang IIIs in this scheme are top of the heap to my eye. Steve.
  13. I should hope that all those tacked on looking fins here, there & everywhere else had a positive effect, they sure did nothing for their looks , although the job @follasha has done on these enhances them more than they deserve I reckon. Nicely pair there harry. Steve.
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