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  1. I'd like to hear the DL joke, I've long been a fan of hers after reading "The Grass is Singing" many years ago. She struck me as somebody with something worth saying. Steve.
  2. Not professing any degree of expertise in this area but having read a fair bit about the North African theatre of operations, my Dad served as an army doctor for a couple of years up to about the time of Alamein, my impression is that while the 25 pdr was not designed as an AT gun, against the earlier Mk II & Mk IV German tanks, it could do the job at a pinch. Normally it was a gun used to support infantry advances, lay down protective barrages etc & I'm not sure whether or not it had an AP round in its inventory, but I'm sure I've read of 25 pdrs shooting at & destroying Axis Armour over open sites. According to the Wikipedia article on the 25 pdr, it could fire a 20 LB AP projectile over a maximum charge to give high velocity, so yes, it would definitely have had a secondary role as an AT gun. Steve.
  3. Lovely job there Ian, as an example of this kit being made, that is right at the top of the tree. Steve.
  4. That looks like a very nicely made Tunnan kit, I like. Steve.
  5. Lovely looking job on that Steve, it has come up a treat. Steve.
  6. Great looking build. That gets a big from me. Steve.
  7. Nice job on that Miguel, hard to believe it is only 1/144 scale. You've achieved a good look with it indeed. Steve.
  8. HMS Sabre was the culprit in the Alderney oopsie according to this page. That bridge work is looking immaculate John. Steve
  9. Thanks V-P, that might be the way to go, I admit to not liking the look of the ICM Finnish roundels (?), all those right angled bits to add. Steve.
  10. I like the look of that David, nice job on her. Were the decals from the kit or aftermarket? Steve
  11. This is looking quite wonderful V-P, I've long hankered after a Do-17 kit, humming & harring between this & the Airfix one, I think you just sold me on the ICM one, maybe even a Finnish version if I can find one. Steve.
  12. Looks like a good recovery on that. Coming along well. Steve.
  13. This is looking ever so good Dave, you're really cranking it along. Decals on by tomorrow night? Steve.
  14. Nice one Tom, that has come out beautifully. I've got this kit in stock, intending to go the multicolour way with it, but after seeing yours looking so sleek, maybe I need another. Steve.
  15. Does this one have mutant penguins & shoggoths Bill? Even without I'll follow along, I'm keen to do one in Kiwi colours one of these days. Steve.
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