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  1. Some filling & rubbing back, mainly around the intakes & the boom joins has seen a coat of grey put on so I can see what might need further attention. Happily not too much. Steve.
  2. Not exactly an Aggressor Viper but an experimental scheme at the time of the Desert Storm fracas in 1990/91. Apparently it made the aircraft too hard for its own side to see hence why it was scrubbed off asap. They must have been scared of loosing it. From the first time I saw this, I was set on doing it, an itch scratched & very happily so. Thanks for the kind words.
  3. Today in a moment of "hell it's the last one in stock', I bought from our home brewed version of Amazon, Mighty Ape, an Italeri F-16 ADF/AM Special colours, one I've hummed & harred about for a while, it has a nice Belgian scheme in it, & then, cripes, last one & I'd bought it before you could say knife. I've got an "F-16s are the new Spitfire" feeling just now. Steve.
  4. I haven't pulled mine out of stock to look at it's wings, a bit scared to in truth. Do like the progress you've made though, nice going. Steve.
  5. A Revell 1/25 Chevelle SS kit, a muscle car I've always enjoyed the look of, about the same size as our Holden & Falcons when I was younger & really fancied something like that. Steve.
  6. Nice one Tony, it does look the part. I already have a couple of these, but now, that conversion looks a bit compelling, maybe I need another. At least it is still available. Steve.
  7. That looks excellent, congratulations on the award. Steve.
  8. Fantastic. I used to lust after these in their day, now I must console myself with one of these kits. Sadly, I doubt it will be finished to your superb standard , but I'll like it. Steve.
  9. That really is amazing, love the overlapping fuselage panels on this kit & the way you've brought them out. Steve.
  10. Yeah, wot Adrian said. You've given yourself an excellent canvas upon which to work some magic. Bring it on. No pressure mind. Steve.
  11. Really nice, there is a lot to like about that, super attention to the details make it a real stand out. Steve.
  12. I'm guessing as an air brusher you're using the Modelair range in Vallejo, so you might try 71.009, sold as Eau de Nil/Duck Egg Green but recommended as a match for Hu 90, Sky. One recommendation was to lighten slightly with white. Steve.
  13. What is the genesis of the Cosworth donk Chris. Is it a repurposed completion engine or just something I've been blissfully unaware of for ages? I can't see this using an older design but creating a special engine for it sounds mind numbingly expensive. Steve.
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