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  1. I agree, if I could resist over thinking it & just build it, it is not to bad. Certainly kits have moved on a bit but I've contended with worse than this. Steve.
  2. Damn, I didn't realize I bought the last one. This article has some info about the various sprues in the Roden kit which may be useful. http://www.internetmodeler.com/2000/september/first-looks/roden_dvi.htm Thinking about it, I think I bought mine off the local auction site so older than I thought. Steve
  3. Nice to watch this, I have a different boxing but same plastic I think. It will be a Belgian one too. Don't mind me looking over your shoulder. Steve.
  4. stevehnz

    Covid Jab

    I'm also now fully vaccinated, 1st one end of May, a delay with the second, I think they were running out of the stuff, Pfizer, but the 2nd one last Wednesday. So far nothing I can attribute to the jab by way of side effects.
  5. I am a bit in awe if what you're doing with this, looking forward to the next reveal. Steve.
  6. That has gone together very nicely. Steve
  7. I had a similar experience, though it was my fault I bust the windscreen. Building an ICM kit as a E-1, I was able to use the E-4 windscreen from it on the Airfix kit being built as an such. A perfect fit from memory. They are a nice build. Steve
  8. Very nice Patrice, the weathering especially looks very convincing. Well done. Steve.
  9. There is always one of these if you don't feel like scratching one. I bought one fairly recently. Steve.
  10. A bit more progress, the fuselage all buttoned up, I ended up extending the "radiator" to the top of the nose cavity & painting black. The engine cowl top was too wide so I sawed it down the middle, stuck it back together & glued it down. It seems to have worked quite well. Peeking through the gaping intake, there is a silver u-shape visible & nothing else much, Ok by me. The fuselage fit into the wings is exemplary, there'll be very little filler needed, the cockpit needs the turn over pylon installed & another couple of braces putting onto that from behind the seat then I can stick the canopy down & sand it to march the fuselage contour. There is a small crack at the rear of this but it will mostly be covered by paint. I can live with it, as long as it doesn't get worse. It really is quite an elegant shape, I like the prototype better than the production version, which had straighter wing leading edges & looks a bit more angular. Steve.
  11. I pulled into a local Repco branch today to pick up an oil filter & alongside the main entrance was a 1976 Datsun 180B, exceptionally tidy, alloy wheels with matching Orange centres, very 70s, I think it may belong to one of the young guys who works in there. Years since I've seen one. Steve.
  12. Best scheme an F-15 ever wore perhaps & shown to advantage with some magical modelling. Nicely done Tom. Steve.
  13. Don't be forgetting the PE now. Steve.
  14. Hard call giving a reaction to this last, 1st 1/2 rated a face, 2nd half rated a , I settled on a Nice going on the Spitfire , Steve.
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