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  1. This will use the Hi-Decal sheet 72-047 to do the fully camouflaged option on the sheet. I have got a modified Fletcher PR tank from Jean-Pierre at Mode Art Decal Systems & am pleased to be able to confirm it is a very close match to the Platz T-33 tank I'll be using on the other side so it is good to be able to lay @Diego's fears on this to rest. A quick shot of all the bits & pieces I\ll be using on this. I have already started assembling the cockpit, detail painting being done with Vallejo acrylics. What a joy it is to start a kit where everything just fits & the instructions show all I need to progress on this. Steve.
  2. This is taking me back a bit, probably 55+ years I reckon. If Airfix would reissue theirs as a Vintage Classic, I'd have one in a jiffy. Steve.
  3. A great looking Mossie Matt, I do like this scheme, one of the best they wore & you've caught it very well. 👍 Steve.
  4. Nice job on this, I like your interpretation of the colours, it'll do me for when I tackle my Classic Planes conversion. Steve.
  5. The Mosquito looks awesome Craig, you've made a really super job on that. I'll miss the Maisie updates, it was like getting to know her & then having to say good bye all over again. The last photo is a cracker, a beaut one of the both of you. Steve.
  6. Now let me guess. I'll be looking forward to your Blunty build. Steve.
  7. I think I'm getting it now, I recently had a to educate myself a little as to what features made a Tiger I early, middle & late production, so after refurbishing, your Tiger II is combining features of different production versions, is therefor Hybrid? Steve.
  8. That is a beauty Miguel, I was pleased to find it after looking for info on these, I've a Brigade conversion I may look at later in the year. I'd better check the markings in it. Steve.
  9. Finally got around to sharing this with my sons, 26 & 28, who are both keen gamers & yes, they not only knew it, they have it & have played it right through, the older one twice. Their reaction to your post was that you were obviously a man of good taste. They were happy to concur with all your conclusions Alan. Steve.
  10. Lots to see in this. I don't know enough of what I'm seeing to comment on its accuracy, or what makes it a Hybrid turret but I like the finish & your detail work, it looks great. Steve.
  11. This has turned out incredibly well & looks fantastic Chris. 👍 Steve.
  12. This is one I'll definitely follow. I've bemoaned the scarcity of the Doyusha kits & the cost of the EE kits often enough but given scant regard to these Welsh Models kits as an option to model some local jobs, both in NZNAC/Air NZ colours & the trio of ex NZNAC aircraft the RNZAF flew for some years back in the 1980s-90s. Bring it on. Steve.
  13. I'm probably guilty of not paying attention but until I saw those photos of the roll out I had no idea we'd contracted for the longer -30 variant, someone in high places had their thinking caps on that day. Steve.
  14. Looks pretty smart to my completely impartial eye. Steve.
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