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  1. I'm waiting for someone to scale a chord off a screen shot from that nice Finnish Gauntlet video. I know that with screen distortion etc etc, it will not give an absolute figure but maybe an indication? Steve.
  2. One of the bravest of the brave to my mind. RIP. Steve.
  3. Maybe some Tamiya X21 flat base, I've used it recently in Klear to give a flattish finish. About 20 % in Klear gives quite a flat finish, 10% is satinish. You'd maybe only want about 5 % in your W&N flat to make it flatter. Steve.
  4. Peter, in reading about these, there are some fit issues around the intake area. This build in the Modelling Man Cave on Tapatalk has some fixes that I thought were quite practical if slightly agricultural. Either way they seemed to work quite well. I'm sure a modeller of your skill could adapt them accordingly. I think you'll need a tapatalk login to use it, easy to do & useful over quite a few modelling sites. Steve.
  5. I'd need my skates on today, its a touch breezy just now. Steve.
  6. Just liked & commented on the Airfix Facebook page for a 1/48 Spitfire FR.XIV, must be in with a chance, only 2.5 k other comments so far. Steve.
  7. You're taking some keeping up with here Steve. The Tomcat & Viking are coming on nicely, & we're to be treated to a Mauretania? Woo Hoo on that. I've taken another look at your Skyraider on a decent sized screen too, a real beauty. Kit decals? They look wonderfully clean & sharp, it's a great scheme, "The Swordsmen" from memory But, whatever, one I'll be happy to replicate with mine sometime. Steve.
  8. Welcome Toddie, don't worry about being found out, we have a strong code of silence on here, it has been known to with stand most tortures though a severe tongue lashing might break down the barriers. Steve.
  9. I'll watch along with this Ratch. How could I not with a couple in stock. Steve.
  10. That looks good Peter, you've a nice line up of Meteors there. I've been in a Meteor buying mode myself recently, more to come, after seeing your builds I became somewhat inspired. Steve.
  11. Try as I did, I could find no reference to that on google t'other night. Any refs for it? Steve.
  12. That's a jolt back to reality. Quite the task master you are Ced. Probably a good idea though, my LOL reaction finger was getting weary & the fun police will put me on a quota if I'm not careful. Steve.
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