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  1. Not too much of a problem with subs is it Steve. Steve.
  2. Buxom wench isn't she. Thanks for putting that up Ced, a must see, poignant too in that both Joy Lofthouse & Tom Neil have departed for bluer skies, they'll be in good company. Steve.
  3. But wait, there's more. Finnish as well.......that's a NEED Steve.
  4. stevehnz

    NEW Modern British Vehicles from Meng and HobbyBoss

    Yup. I've long been a fan of British & Commonwealth SF vehicles, have LR Pink Panther kit in stock, it'd be nice to have more, that Meng Husky has NEED writ large upon it. Steve.
  5. Me 3, also firmly in the never heard or seed of it camp, but also impressed with the job you've done, quite exquisite is, I think, not too lavish for praise. Funny looking little thing though, I reckon there is a wee bit of Flash Gordon lurking in its design. Steve.
  6. Really really nice, a beaut job on that indeed. Steve.
  7. A brilliant trio there Steve. I like them all but unexpectedly, my favourite has to be the Hawk, if I ignore the wings, its got a great, late war Mk XIV bubble top look to it. Awesome any way you look at it. Steve.
  8. stevehnz

    RAAF Beaufighter MkIc A19-54

    Beautiful job on that Noel, I really like that, I'd love to get a finish like that too. Steve.
  9. stevehnz

    1/144 MicroMir McDonell-Douglas MD-11

    Ian, has there been any more mention of the DC-10 from these gentlemen? I've just read through your conversion thread & felt quite heartened, there could be an Air NZ one on my shelf in time yet, even if the DC-10 never eventuated. Steve.
  10. stevehnz

    Revell P47D/M

    Nice job on that Stu, good to see Lanowski's plane done, that mailed fist throttling the crap out of a Messer is an awesome badge. I've got a kit on the way, unfortunately a later one so I'll have to use the Techmod decals. Steve.
  11. stevehnz

    English Electric Lightning F.2A

    I'll be keeping an eye on this, I've several of these Airfix Lightnings in stock. Steve.
  12. Nice indeed. The Maclaren /Amon car. As a patriotic & nostalgic Kiwi, I've long promised myself a model of this car, you've just stirred that ambition again & stirred very nicely. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    Hobbyboss P47D Gabreski's mount.

    That is a great scheme Steve, I reckon you've got a stunna on the go here. Steve.
  14. Having started at the end,I went back to the beginning & read right through. Nice work going on here Davy, I've an interest in Camels just now, recently bought one to do a Kiwi subject, thankfully in 1/72 so I don't feel obliged to get into to much detailing. I'll be happy to refer to this build for inspiration & guidance though. Steve.
  15. In the end, they do look very like P-47s, even the intake duct, my pet peeve with them, is not too obvious. Its good advice to check decal fit, especially with the intercooler vents in the fuselage sides to fit decals around. Steve.