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  1. I got caned for writing something like that once. I was 17. Don't forget that XIIs have a bigger intake that Merlin Spits without tropical intakes. Steve.
  2. Look at this, thread less than 12 hours old & the place is bulging with them norven hemithingy riff raff again, I tell you, its southest predjuwotsit. Looking forward to seeing you do great things on this old girl Ced, there was a thread recently that mentioned replacing the canopy ( they're too low) with the spare from a Fujimi one, cut away the frames & it improved the heck out of them apparently & fits well too, though hanging from on high, it may not be an issue for you. Steve.
  3. stevehnz

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    That looks beaut Ced, it so deserves an RIP. As for decals, you may have seen it already but if not, treat yourself to a read through this, it just works, wonderfully well. Steve.
  4. Wow, I like that a lot, so very neat & tidy, it so doesn't show what you've been through to get it there, master modelling ++ . Steve.
  5. stevehnz

    79 squadron RAAF Spitfire VC.

    Looking good Simon, that RAAF Sky Blue is a smart looking shade, I need to add some of these RAAF shades to another order to Creativemodels in Aus.. I think this is looking very promising as a subject. Steve.
  6. stevehnz

    Listening to the Solstice

    I saw this during the week with my oldest two lads, we all enjoyed it & to its credit it didn't grate too awfully on me at any point. I'm eternally grateful that it was made & by the obituaries we've seen this last year, only just in time too. Steve.
  7. stevehnz

    Academy P38J Lightning

    I rather like that, nice to see a different scheme on one. I was chasing on of these the other day & they're well nigh unobtainium just now. I'll enjoy yours while I await a re-release. Steve.
  8. stevehnz

    Down among the sprouts

    Clever building a scale AA gun to shoot down the scale bomber. Nice job on your Dornier, when I first looked at your photo, the close up of the cockpit area, I thought initally there was no glass, as part of the crash effect then looking back I could see all the clear parts were there, now that is impressively clear. Some nice modelling on display. Steve.
  9. stevehnz

    F-86F-40 Sabre 1:32

    Thats a real WOW effort indeed. One of my favourite schemes & one I intend to replicate, albeit a couple of sizes smaller. I do like the way you've done this. Steve.
  10. Brilliant, I love these aggressor aircraft & you've sure nailed this one, that cockpit is a work of art. Steve.
  11. & which year was that mark. pleased you've done so eventually, it was worth the wait, that is a most impressive beasty. Steve.
  12. Very nice Russ, as a Kiwi, I completely approve of your choice of subject, I reckon you've done it proud. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    Colourset improvements

    Great idea Jaime, informative & also attractive, I reckon they'll sell themselves looking like that. Steve.
  14. stevehnz

    Weapon class destroyers - any kits?

    I hadn't realised the Tribals were so herring gutted but then again, I seem to remember Airfix mag doing conversions from, I think, their Tribal kit (Cossack) into the smaller types including the WEs about 4-5 decades ago, so Graham's scheme is quite feasible, though afaicr, the Weapons had twin turreted 4" main armament? Steve.
  15. stevehnz

    What have you purchased / been given

    Fujimi A-7A 1/72 from Aus via eBay, something to put my nice Vfa-86 Sidewinder decals on. Steve.