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  1. stevehnz

    Grumman Wildcat / Martlet (Old Tools)

    Don't get too keen on this, the wheel bay was open side to side when the wheels were lowered. I'll be keen to see these come together, remember the the Airfix kit loosely represents a Wildcat FM2 or Mk VI (?), well after Coral Sea. Steve.
  2. Right, if in doubt read right to the bottom. Steve.
  3. Very nice Moa, you've done a beaut job on that, I do think your base should have been lumpier though. Steve.
  4. Would be good news but I'm not seeing it in that link, plenty Bellancas & Proctors in 1/72, was it in 1/48. I wasn't paying attention. Steve.
  5. Those look superb Alain, that is a truly wonderful line up you have there. Steve.
  6. stevehnz

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Wow, thats a bit awesome Martian. Apart from the fact they remind me of the trusses in my ceiling, your frame work is a bit nice. Steve.
  7. stevehnz

    F-16XL Aerial Refueling

    Magic, those aren't the sort of photos you see every day, thanks Keith. A2A refueling, be it boom style or probe & drogue has long struck me as a severely challenging manoeuvre. The fact that guys & girls do it many times a day with very few mishaps is a credit to the training on both ends or the connection Steve.
  8. stevehnz

    IAF colours

    I have used Hu 110 natural Wood as a slightly lighter substitue for Hu 29 in the past, to my eyes, the tin I have appears to have similar characteristics to Hu29 but not quite as dark, maybe worth considering. Steve.
  9. stevehnz

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    My 1/144 Roden Super VC10 K2 arrived today, looks like a nice kit, time well tell no doubt. Steve.
  10. stevehnz

    DH.50 info

    @John Aero Echoing Anthony's sentiments here, superb work & even though mine may only be in small scale, 1/72, I'm happier to think one of these is nearer to reality. Steve.
  11. Oh how I wish but maybe we're talking at cross purposes here. Its long been a story that has entranced me, when I saw these markings on the sheet I tried to sell my first born to buy one but he just told me "bugger off", he wasn't available,& seeing as he is near as big as me that was that , I was forced to save up in the old fashioned way, SWMBO wonders why she didn't get much for Christmas this time. Steve.
  12. stevehnz

    Mission Impossible? - Aldi Gnat

    I like your yellow, I built this kit a couple of years ago but didn't use the small paints, rather Humbrol enamels which covered OK. I don;t recall any real hassles with fit but do remember it being a neat fit all around & I had to be careful not to get paint on mating surfaces. I'm looking forward to seeing your's done. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    Modern A-10 Load outs

    Nice vid, I do like the snake head on the nose, wonder who does decals for that? Steve.
  14. What Simon said, rather better than OK, splendid comes to mind as being more suitable. Steve.
  15. Well I only bought the expert set for the SAAF markings, so there. I like the boxing grass hopper. plus I've a thing about the East Africa campaign. Steve.