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  1. A nice job on that. I've a couple of these in stock & will be happy if I can make them as well as you've done, it looks good. Steve.
  2. That engine looks a lot like the one in their F4U kit, like you I added push rods & some details when I built one some years ago. Other than that, it made up into a reasonable liking model. I'll be keen to see how you get on with this. Steve.
  3. That looks really good. I tend to be a less is more proponent of weathering but have no issues with that, it is quite plausible I think which is all one can ask for. This one & the collection show some nice models with a deft touch. Let's see more! Steve.
  4. Jay's https://jaysmodelkits.com/ carry the range of individual squadron canopies. I'm guessing this will continue. Steve.
  5. I'm full of admiration for what you're undertaking here @CedB At one time I had two of these, one kept company with a turret from the old Airfix Defiant, you can see where I was headed with this? Then the Pavla /Octopus kit came out so I bought that & moved the unattached kit on, then the SH kits of the Skua & Roc came out so the other one of these & its accompanying turret immigrated to the North Island where I hope they are happy. The SH kits look far nicer & I do hope to build them some day as a tribute to the poor flipping naval fliers who had to endure them. Having said
  6. Ced, if you wondering what you started, try this site for all the bully, it has even got info for the wings as mentioned above by @Tweener. Steve.
  7. A seed us sown, hopefully. That does look like fun. Steve.
  8. Wow, that is a lot of resin. I hope you're doing this with safety shoes on, drop that lot on your foot & you'll hobble for a month . Steve.
  9. Hi Jerzy, maybe not. In this PDF of the Lerwick pilots notes I found on Seawings, the last part of section 1 on the cockpit has a photo of the rear bulkhead of the cockpit covered in switches & stuff, ergonomic it was not. I'm guessing the cockpit was accessed by ladder from the wardroom which lay below it according to the plan on this website. Thread on Seawings here might be useful too, if you haven't already seen it. They speculate on a hatch on the right side of the pilots seat. I wonder if a familiar face @dogsbody from that thread might have more info too. Steve.
  10. Back when I used to drive heaps of young Aussies around Un Zud & Urop, it was always assumed it was called XXXX 'cause Queeenslinders couldn't spell beer. Steve.
  11. Nicely done Pat, a lovely tribute to Donald indeed & I'm sure he'd have loved what you've done with it, it looks brilliant. Steve.
  12. I'm not sure if I'm seeing right, but the small intake (Carb air) on the port side should be repeated on the starboard side inboard of the bigger oil cooler radiator intake, they were pretty much the same as the Mk IIs in this respect. Scroll down to the bottom of this page & you'll see what I mean & if it is there, blame my eye site. Drawing Steve.
  13. I've not long since bought a repop of the Heller kit but after seeing that decal sheet, can see a need for one of these developing too. Steve.
  14. Looking better Ray, though it'll take some primer/paint before it can be seen properly. I admire your perseverance. Steve.
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