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  1. Seems like I missed the point of the 1st post so no, I don't see it as a goer. Steve.
  2. to the left of the left tower, I'm seeing a P-38 facing away from the tower in a tail down stance similar to @JWM's post above. Another P-38 between the two towers facing towards the camera too & a C-47 looking thing in front of the Hanger facing away from the camera. Sorry, no opinion on the mystery plane to the right of the 1st photo, there're plenty others better qualified in Japanese aircraft than me. Steve.
  3. What if the F-20 had gone into production & what if the RNZAF had replaced its Skyhawks with them. Would that be a goer. Steve.
  4. Lovely job on that, my favourite Lib scheme & one of these in my future I hope. Steve.
  5. In Shutes book, Ordinance Wren Janet Prentice, shoots down a Ju 88 as it overflew the Solent shortly before D-day. Shute wove his tail around an actual incident when a Ju 188 overflew the Solent on the 18th April 1944 & after being engaged by ground fire was shot down by 255 sqn Typhoons from the wartime airfield of Needs Oar Point on the Solent near Exbury. The Ju 188 was from Kg.66. A great little book The Exbury Junkers by John Stanley was written about the incident & explains Shute's involvement. More info about the 1944 incident in this Youtube clip & a Facebook page by Stanley about it. I've long thought Requiem for a Wren one of the most intensely moving works of fiction I've ever read. When I was in the UK nearly 5 years ago with my son, we visited the Solent, Exbury House, Needs Oar point & later while visiting Cosford from a rellies place near Birmingham, we detoured to Cannock Chase German war cemetery & honoured the crew of the Exbury Junkers. A Kg.66 Ju 188 build is a definite one of these days. Steve.
  6. Superb job on that Oliver, your finish is "just right" to my eye, very realistic or at least as I would imagine it, your last photo could just about be a period snap. Steve.
  7. Beautiful job on that one Alan, that scheme is a beaut. Steve.
  8. Nice outcome with this Heather, I really like the job you've done on this, great inspiration for a future Oxford build. Steve.
  9. Listen to this man, he knows stuff. Welcome from across the water in sunny Nelson. Steve.
  10. A beautiful job on that Roman & a great hint for the upper surface spots. I'm up for that. I've some Aims decals for one of these & a Italeri one for them to go on, if anyone knows the Nevil Shute book "Requiem for a Wren" you might guess what I'm looking to build. Steve.
  11. I would recommend a hearty bout of flagellation for your own inner calm, then we'll say no more about it. I do really like your Lightning, its a cracker. Steve.
  12. A feeling I know oh so well. Steve.
  13. You asked this nearly two years ago. The answer is I don't know, but since that time, I've bought and used Liquitex's matt varnish & really rate it. The big thing too was it was good value for money, I was able to buy it from a shop near me & it brushed really well with a broadish flat brush & self leveled well, so I'd be amazed if their gloss didn't perform likewise, & being something you buy in the artists supply section of a large stationary chain or maybe your local art supplies shop, it also appears to be UV protected. Steve.
  14. eifrsc eh? bringing out the big guns. I like the window solution, definitely one of those handy things to file away, I think I might have seen friend @Moa using this ploy as well. Steve.
  15. That looks just wonderful, the scale tools, vice. drill press etc is out of this world. Steve.
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