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  1. stevehnz

    Nice Beaver....

    Thanks Keith, I was on my phone at work last night when I saw these, the regos were a bit small to pick out clearly. Those shots look far better on the laptop screen. Steve.
  2. A day full of remembrances & not a few lumps in the throat, always a powerful, thought provoking day. Steve.
  3. stevehnz

    Nice Beaver....

    Nice Keith, I'm only just the teeniest bit envious of your opportunity, that looks like a blast. Your 1st two shots feature a turbine Otter, was that one of the "two Beavers" or did I miss one? Steve.
  4. stevehnz

    Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    I got the email yesterday so maybe a staged delivery. I'm of the impression I won't see too many changes, initially at least, later, who knows, I guessing its the way the world will be going, hell, I might have to start paying for antivirus protection. Oooohh! The horror. Steve.
  5. That is really very smart, as is your Corsair, super builds the both of them, thanks for the ANZAC tributes. Steve.
  6. stevehnz

    Hannants Lowestoft

    One day. Steve.
  7. Magic, I reckon fun is the operative word here too. I really like the look of these. Steve.
  8. stevehnz

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    That's just a bit excellent that is. Just great to see that collection of bits become a whole all of a sudden. Like magic. Steve.
  9. stevehnz

    Smer Tempest V

    Those look much more betterer Simon. Steve.
  10. stevehnz

    1/72 Airfix FW190D

    A nice tidy job on that, you've done well with those stencils, they surely add to the end result, as does your mottling. Brush or airbrush? Steve.
  11. stevehnz

    Mosquito Pathfinder

    I find small detail so much easier in 1/72. I just don't bother. Steve.
  12. stevehnz

    Do-26 Seeadler taxiing on water

    Brilliantly well done & wonderfully convincing. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    A rather attractive Ventura

    That is looking great Chris, a really striking scheme. Just don't let those brownie points hang around for too long, if they're at all like the local variety, they'll have a half life of about 3 nanoseconds & disappear in front of your eyes. Steve.
  14. stevehnz

    Smer Tempest V

    Simon. it was the skinny bit between the warhead & tail fins I used &it appeared about the right diameter scale wise, those might be a bit chubby perhaps. Steve.
  15. Agreed those do look greenish. I've never looked into it not having a Hastings kit but I've always thought they were dark blue. Steve.