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  1. Wow, a superb result in that small scale, you have done this wonderfully well, the rigging especially is amazingly well done. Steve.
  2. stevehnz

    Grumman Hellcat F6F-F Eduard.

    I'm liking, you've done a super job on it. Steve.
  3. Thanks all for putting me right. My IDs were purely speculative & I was sure some grown ups would happen along to set me straight, thanks. Steve.
  4. Nice Paul, that takes me back a bit, I put a lot of pax on these when I was driving tours around these fair Isles.At Mt Cook airport on a fine day these would be going hammer & tongs like a swarm of large noisy bees, props in fine pitch as they clawed for altitude as quick as possible, the mountains fairly reverberated to the sound of them. Your job catches that nicely. Steve.
  5. Very attractively done, your paint work looks very good to my eye. Steve.
  6. Lovely job on that. It's a real "l want one now" sort of build. Steve.
  7. You've got a super finish on that, I'm so liking it. Steve.
  8. Nice indeed Dick, I think the same markings as I did a 1/72 Rareplanes one in close to 50 years ago. Might I just say yours looks MUCH better. Steve
  9. stevehnz

    I'm in.......twice.

    Nothing wrong with your work at all. Its looks real good to me. I admit to being flummoxed as well, being a 1/72 modeller I didn't recognise the Tamiya kit & your thread heading gave no clues. I only found my way here when I saw this in the Gallery & was impressed but still didn't know what I was looking at. Hows about edit your Gallery entry to add this info. Its worth being proud of. Steve.
  10. Is that an Albacore tail resting against a Proctor in the fore ground? Steve.
  11. A lovely little dio of a sobering subject, I too had no idea there were such losses. Steve.
  12. Lovely job Jaime, I'm impressed like anything. It was well worth the wait. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    I was unsure how to react to that, but I do hope that reports of your demise being premature remain so for a long while yet. Steve.
  14. Looking ever so good at this point, I do like how this is coming together. Steve.
  15. That sure looks pretty good to me Jes. Steve.