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  1. A profitable few days, my Sunday run to pick up the boy saw a VW possibly the same as reported recently, similar colour anyway, this time with a rego which had it as a 1967 1300. Also spotted was a 1955 Chev 3100 truck, well modded by the stance & wheels but original looking otherwise. Shows as having a 5967cc donk, a ring in for sure I reckon. Today saw a 1991 Mercedes G-wagen, rare like rocking horse poo in these parts, & a thing called a 1992 Falcon JBA a modern vintage sort of thing, possibly a kit car, & last, this thing. A 2004 Toyota Will Cypha. I've seen the odd one about & always assumed it came from the same styling studio as the Fiat Multipla so it was a surprise to find it was of Japanese origin. Hideous in anyone's language. Steve.
  2. RedRoo sell exactly the same conversion so they might be worth a look. @Ed Russell will know how they handle VAT. Steve.
  3. Made a start on the decals tonight, put bluntly, they were bloody awful. I guess starting with the biggest most difficult one might seem counter intuitive but really, there was little choice, everything else followed from the dragons heads & they simply don't fit, there is going to be a lot of touching up if not painting it, hoping that I can match the red & green OK. The whole process wasn't helped when I discovered the instructions had the portions of the Dragons that loop over the radiator bulges were mis-numbered but now I've got that sussed it went OK. I've done first the outside & then the inside of the same boom so as I have the other boom for handling. Once they dry & I can give them a coat of clear, I'll let them dry overnight & do the other side tomorrow. Frustrating it may be but I think they'll come up OK, though during the first Dragons head, I had my doubts, the second one went on a lot better after I cut it into three pieces. Steve.
  4. That really is very smart. Like that a lot. Steve.
  5. Nicely done, smart job on the weathering & your choice of shades for the SEA finish looks very convincing. Steve.
  6. Interesting idea Ratch, pity indeed the obverse was true. I like the concept although being allergic to NM finishes, I'd have felt obliged to do it in an SEA scheme or similar. Steve.
  7. Not a very productive week, have been on antibugs for a chest infection, but feeling better, still got my cough though maybe not as bad as it was, & decided to be brave & have a go at decalling this thing, woooaah there boy, The dragon decals overlap the main gear doors, tried to hold them in place with white tak but the P-38 main gears bays are BIG. so have tried holding them in place with canopy glue while I do the decalling & then hopefully I can cut/prise them off & install them open when I do the undercarriage toward the end, a BIG on that one. Interestingly, one side fit nicely one had a great gap where they should meet. I'm pretty sure I had the right doors on the right side, but once they're cut away, it shouldn't be too obvious either way. I hope. The underwing marking was a morale booster. Steve.
  8. That looks very good, especially given the limitations of the conversion. Steve.
  9. Thanks Ray & @matford, I spent a fair bit wading through Mat's wiki link, it does rather seem that Ahmed Shah Massoud was the only unrotten apple in a barrel full of crook ones, a tragedy of huge proportions that everyone's favourite terrorist master mind persuaded a couple of gullible followers to blow him & themselves up. I'm tempted to get one of these & model this in his memory, Afghanistan might have stood a chance under him & the world might have been the better for it, probably. The book Ray has linked to has been on my list for some time, just need to find one I can afford. Steve.
  10. Sink marks, I've come across quite a few kits molded thus with quite bad sink marks just forward of the trailing edge. I can imagine a manufacturer might chose to avoid that. Steve.
  11. I like the look of what you're doing here, I quite like the look of the kit too. Previously I wouldn't have given it a second glance but now, I could be tempted after seeing this thread. Steve.
  12. Fwiw, I don't mind raised detail on a older classic kit but I do tend to give them a buffing to reduce the severity a little so you still have a look in keeping with the original but not so over done. Steve.
  13. That is a stunning model Patrick, made better with a cool DS scheme, gotta like those desert schemes. For all the hassles it gave you, it has turned out beautifully, maybe except for the rotors & I don't know enough to comment either way. Re the Airliners.net photos I think I'm right in saying it is ok to put in a link to them. Steve.
  14. I like avatar & recently re-viewed it so I'm up to speed when the new one comes out, loved it just as much as the first time. I still glance in the direction of Alpha Centauri on a clear evening & wonder what the blue folk have been up to. Gonna find out soon. I thought the shock cones were green fibreglass, or was that just later ones. Steve.
  15. I can feel a Morko Morane coming on I think? Steve.
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