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  1. That is looking well smart Tony, oity about the TV Yagi aerials, I rather like the though of one of these with the centimetric type, very seldom seen. Steve.
  2. An Olive & Blue Mil-4 would look good. Thanks Jackson, really interesting. Steve.
  3. Nice that. I built a Smer boxing of this, & found it challenging, though it came together Ok in the end, you're is much nicer. Steve.
  4. Of course "Bone" is just a nickname, as in B-one, isn't it? Steve.
  5. Nice looking build John, I like your choice of subject, a kit I've not purchased yet, I must rectify that. Definitely R-1830 being two rows & 14 cylinders, as these were. I'll try to keep up. Steve.
  6. OMG, that looks like one of those killer Hornets, or a close up. Yup, with you on that one. @rob85, those are looking jolly good. I hadn't been following closely but after a revision of this, I'm seeing a lot of stuff that is just as pertinent to my smaller scale. Maybe try using white glue or one of the proprietary glazing stuff thingies to fill the drill hole in the bottom wing after your rigging, it should skin over the hole quite nicely. Steve.
  7. Looking good, I'll be up for one for sure. Now about that Broussard....... Steve.
  8. I'm liking the look of this, reckon I'll hang around for a bit. That update set looks rather nice. Steve.
  9. I'm, going about this bass ackwards really, having already done the RFI thing, I'm interested to know did you use Meng's colour calls on this or your own info Matthew. I've a couple of 1/24 kits & decals to do this one & the winning car, they're a bit special to Kiwis of a certain age. & I'd be interested in what you used. This is one kit I don't have in stock. Re what @BESTBALSAKITS said about the red wings, I've long thought the scheme on this was just an early version of Gulf colours. Steve.
  10. A fabulous build Matthew, the end result is superb, love the grime, it is so right. Steve.
  11. Hi Mark, I don't know if you're intending to detail the interior to any degree but this google search, which I arrived at from doing a google picture search from the photo of the three young women at the top of this thread, has some interior shots in some of the threads you might find useful. Steve.
  12. A sweet job on that Keith, your improvements have sure moved the finish up a few notches, it looks brilliant. Steve.
  13. Looking good on this Pat, I'm keen to see this come together, I've got one tucked away too. Steve.
  14. Saw this on the TV news, thought it was quite exciting. Steve.
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