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  1. Gordon I'm a bit late to the show here but I've just ordered a Puffer now they are back in stock. I think 1/144 is an excellent scale for display models of small vessels of this type. I'm looking forward to your next model and hopefully the range will be a big success as there is simply no limit to the different models you could produce. Tug's, Ferry's, Fishing Boats, Pilot Boats etc. Also you may want to think about some coastal craft such as MTB's and MGB's. Although 1/72 seems to dominate a 1/144 Fairmile would be a nice size model and you could start a trend. Looking forward to the TID Terry
  2. Dear Mr Chewbacca Thanks for the reply. It's slightly worrying that I was convinced it was true. It makes me wonder what other things are hiding in the deep recesses of my brain. Terry
  3. Chaps I have in my head the memory of a Type 42 in the Gulf War using US Navy pain on her hull as the correct British paint was in short supply. I think she was one of the stretched ships but I can't be sure and much as I've searched I can't find any photos or references to this. I mentioned it on the Dockside Message Board for 1/1200 Collectors and now they want proof. I'm hoping one of you will be able to help especially as there seems to be several ex Type 42 crew on this board. Thanks in advance. Terry
  4. I think whatever they are they are not a fixture. I can't find them on any other pictures and I'd put my money on fenders. This picture is from a book I bought in Uruguay of two chaps in deckchairs exactly where they are in your photo.
  5. Jase Mike McCabe of Starling Models (who is a member of this site) is probably your best contact in the UK. Terry
  6. Jase A Polish Company AJM Models have produced an A Class in 1/700. I've got it in my head that they plan a 1/350 as well but not sure where I got that idea from. https://starling-models.co.uk/en/royal-navy-1919-1945/976-hms-ardent-hms-acasta.html Terry
  7. Spad I knew I'd seen one somewhere https://www.blueridgemodel.com/uss-wolverine Terry
  8. Bob I was recently in the Falkland Islands where many St Helenan's work. There was much discussion about the problems with the new airport and how much they were going to miss their ship. Apparently she will continue to sail from South Africa until the airport is safe to use. Theres life in the old gal yet Terry
  9. Will I was going to recommend the Shapeways set. I have the 1/500 version to use on my old Frog kit and ver nice it is to. Terry
  10. Hikawa Maru Whilst in Japan I was able to visit Hikawa Maru which is now a Museum Ship in Yokohama. She was also an NYK Line ship and looks very similar to this ship but with a single funnel. She was used as a hospital ship in WW II which is why she survived (her two sisters were both sunk) and in 60's and 70's she was used as a school ship. For those of us lacking Bob's skill's she is available as a kit in both 1/700 and 1/350 by Hasagawa. I have the 1/350 in my sister's loft awaiting my retirement. Terry
  11. Will From memory you're correct and there is very little external difference between the Whitby Class and the original Rothesay Class. The funnel is one thing to watch out for but some Whitby's also got the later raked funnel after a while. However the Whitby's never had the Helicopter conversion. Personally I prefer the original ships pre-conversion. They were very low with minimal superstructure to help them survive a nuclear attack. However the later ship may be easier to model as they have solid rather than lattice masts. Once again from memory one way of telling them apart is that the Rothesay Class had a diesel generator in the bow. The exhaust stain being the giveaway. One of my favourite classes of ship. Terry
  12. Bob I see from Wikipedia that she started out as an Escort Carrier. An interesting project for you perhaps. A before and after. Terry
  13. Bob Thanks for your reply. I'll take my plans to my local print shop. Still can't make up my mind which model to build yet, or to which scale....... more procrastinating..... Terry
  14. Bob Lovely model as usual. She is a well know ship and is on the front cover of two of my books and the back of another so I recognised her immediately. I've had the inkling of a plan for a while to scratch build some small coastal ships including Duchess of Hamilton, Queen Mary and Waverley. I have plans for each from one of the model boats magazines but they are all very large being for radio control models so I have the problem of reducing them. What plans did you use, did you find them in one of your collection of professional journals? I was one of the lucky 100 who got hold of your Miniature Shipbuilder Book as well as your CD's. A lot of good info in there. All I need to do is stop procrastinating and get building. There are a still a few of us out there interested in these ships. I'm assuming you've seen Ray S's model of the coaster SS Ophir.
  15. Shipbuilder Good to see you back in the saddle and nice to see that pen again. Impressed that you wrote for the the Telegraph. Was that the Daily Telegraph or some other publication. Terry
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