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  1. Hello Arnold, thanks for the prompt reply. I meant - if there are any photos showing sides of the original aircraft? Authentic photos from WWII. I saw all the images of your model - from all the sides and I have to say I even downloaded them for my future reference :)) Best Milos
  2. Hello @Arniec Amazing model of an incredible subject! I wonder if you have any photos showing the sides of this machine? I have few photos of the noses of Fw 190s with the "shark" teeth but none showing the aircraft in total TIA
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply regarding my questions Please note - I prefer your photos much more. Better exposed & with the neutral background makes one better observe the colors of the build... Just my 2 cents I will have to open my references regarding Soviet captured Doras & investigate things in more detail, that is for sure Best M
  4. Great work Berto!! Just a question regarding the blue color used to cover German insignias - is there a confirmation for the blue being used? And same goes for the patches on the ailerons... is this documented somewhere or "artistic freedom"?
  5. Looks like they didn't also bother with cleaning the airframe before exhibiting it. Considering it went into a belly landing - there was lots of dirt & dust there for sure
  6. Hello @One-Two The most amazing build of one of the most amazing aircraft in the world! I could suggest you to maybe do an instruction for building all the batches / series of the IAR 80/81 family! Wondering - how long it took you to finish this model? I love shake & bake builds but I have 3 IAR 80 Hobby Boss kits in my stash so I can build them one day. I know that there are lots of things to correct out there if one wants to build various series of the aircraft. I'd like to have at least 4-5 different schemes: My favorite machines out there are (from memory): #3 in WWII markings
  7. This is a very interesting discussion and I am sorry to bring it up again but I would like to ask if Gustav Roth's 7101.99 has anything to do with RLM 99 (which according to my knowledge didn't have any prescribed color to it... @Nick Millman, do you know which companies used Gustav Roth's 7101.99 primer and if it was used on military aircraft? Thank you in advance Milos
  8. Hello all! Very interesting discussion(s) here! Before I give my opinion - I would just like to ask if did any of you guys have ever try painting a large surface with the paint gun as those used in car paint shops for instance? And if you did - how easy was to paint a transluscent layer? I know we are used on a miniature world of our scale models but what about the 1:1 application... And how easy would that be for a low skill black man on the frontline airfields to do? Just a thought before we start discussing all the options... Best Milos
  9. Bok! That would be amazing! I am in for 2-3 sets if they are available... but one would for sure come handy if thats all there is Hvala unapred, MiloŇ°
  10. Zdravo Jure, I think that the best thing for the wings is what Aleksandar ҆ekularac did - creating masks & using few layers of Surfacer to create new ribs... a bit wider... They will still not be a perfect representation (even conversions by 2 companies for Type 5 are not having ideal "ribs" and fabric). I should persuade Trumpeter to make those early models maybe under Hobby Boss?!
  11. Bok Vedrane, I wrote to them (via email found on their webiste, which lists UK address if I am not mistaken) and they replied that only Type 29 conversion is available. If they had Type 5 still I would be buying few... If you know of a way to lay hands on some please let me know! Milos
  12. Will there be a continuation on this comparison @Basilisk? I just checked it and what was show so far looks as a great comparison!
  13. True. Fiction from Fiction... profile to profile... I know about it all. But at the same time - usually there is a story of what initializes the first profiles. When it comes to Luftwaffe (especially Fw 190s) I can use my small knowledge on the subjects to trace things backwards & then eventually realize who & why started a trend of a sort... but with VVS - I am not an expert, but I would still like to know who was the first to portray White 3 with red tail & why...
  14. Ciao Jure! I do have Hobbycraft Type 5/6 but it's back in Serbia and I did not inspect it for at least 6 years! I know when I did it didn't pull me in the box to build it but pushed me to return it on my stash shelf and keep it there. I am kind of modeler that like EASY builds that give good results even if I have to pay few $$$ more for the decent kit. Tiny, tiny mistakes do not bother me as long as majority of the obvious things do look good. I have ordered Type 10 from Eduard but heart beats for a decent Type 5. I still don't know why nobody makes those early types?!
  15. Sorry for bringing this discussion back to the top but I don't wanna start new one but recent discussion about Shestakov's White 3 made me wanna build some I-16 these days... So I just wanna check what are all the options in the 1/48 game: EDUARD Kits: - Type 10 - Type 17 - Type 18 - Type 24 - Type 28 - Type 29 HOBBYCRAFT & ACADEMY Kits: - Type 5/6 (H/C) - Type 10 (H/C + AC) - Type 17 (H/C) - Type 18 (H/C + AC) - Type 24 (H/C + AC) ICM Kits: - Type 24 - Type 28 ARK Models: - Type 10 (Super Moska) - Type 18 - Type 24 (Am I missing
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