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  1. 好! Really nice work @FlyingPigg I spoke with my buddy @fernandocouto about the modeling scene, here in China, and he pointed out your work!!! I am totally happy to see some great work! Best regards from Shanghai, Milos
  2. Hello Von Braun If you have a Photoshop or any other editing software - you can pick the middle area of 1 where the tone is the darkest - readout is 80% of Black. while cross gives - 77% of black readout. I believe that even in this shot they are the same tone (the lighter top & bottom playing the game with our eyes. this lighter part can be dust from the forced landing or reflection). But that is only the tone of the B&W photo. As Dave says there is an eyewitness who says 14 was red!
  3. I didn't have time to translate CJE's booklet that I have & I am still waiting for his last Camouflage book to arrive to Shanghai. If Jaune Sahara was really temporary, washable paint then it would be hard for 302 & 397 to be painted with it - since they looked too neatly painted and glossy. Majority of temporary paints I've seen have mat look to them - but this is my personal perception of things I have seen. Hello Phoenix. Based on info, the chart posted above Dennis' post is post-war one?
  4. Not at all! I love simple good looking kits. Tamiya... Hasegawa... and many others that build more easily without a whole interior resembling a model on its own
  5. Yes. It was reprinted as I've just realized And just ordered it from France with some magazines I wanted on another subject!
  6. For me, that single book can give enough inspiration for unlimited amount of late ware Luftwaffe aircraft if one is interested in those. I am in love with Japo publications - so I am a bit biased but this book is a must have (just like any of their books for that matter). The only book I am missing from their Czech Luftwaffe series is "Messerschmitt Me 262s of KG & KG(J) units" by Brown, Janda, Poruba.& Vladar
  7. https://www.japo.eu/preview.php?prod=21
  8. Hello Markus For some reason in my browser the photo doesn't show. But please note that there were different intakes on the sides. main differentiator was between them that ones were for high altitude boost & others for the use in dusty environments. Judging by the posts above I guess you are looking for a the first ones. Which scale do you wanna build? Does photo show which model was the aircraft in question?
  9. Hello all, I keep on trying to collect information about D.520s on many sides for last 2-3 months and keep on stumbling about the Rayak machines and info dealing with the camouflage of French Air Force... Last things I have found are: A post by someone gentlemen with the alias "Big92" on a French aviation forum saying: "Lors de la formation de l'Alsace à Rayack, Pouliquen raconte que la RAF, à part les avions qu'ils toucheront en Egypte, leur fournit tout, " des camions jusqu’au PQ" (ICARE FAFL Tome 3, page 13)" - I will have to dig for this issue of ICARE magazine but it supports the idea of "middle stone" or another RAF paint as a possible paint used on Nº302 & Nº397; and in another discussion here Britmodeler I found out about the existence of the color "Jaune Sahara (mat)" too. Could this be a color of French origin used on these two machines? What do you guys think? Best, Milos
  10. Hello Massimo Way back, 20 or so years ago on AWF, LEMB & few other forums this airframe was discussed & the conclusion was as you suggest All Alu
  11. I just saw on Hyperscale that Jerry Crandall of Eagle Editions has passed away from complications caused by Covid 19. We will all miss Jerry & his research, knowledge & willingness to help to fellow modelers. Rest in peace, Jerry! Neka ti je laka zemlja
  12. Man!!! this is incredible!!! You should publish a book, I am 1000% sure everyone who likes D.520 would buy it! If people are buying Kagero books (I still do) and know of all the small omissions & mistake they make - I am sure this would sell as crazy when people know how deep you have dived into the subject! Thank you for hard work on personal level & I guess in the name of all people interested in the most beautiful French fighter plane in WWII. Best, Milos
  13. Hello Jean! Thanks for your post & share of the images of Nº70 "Blue 5". Looks very nice. I will try to find your post here on Britmodeler & check it. It seems I have missed it, although I've thought I've checked whole Britmodeler for D.520 posts... No worries, Giampiero. Thank you very much. Somehow all the images have disappeared from that topic when I check it in my browser. Best, Milos
  14. Bok, I've stumbled upon the mention of the drawings done by Waroff but never been able to see any of them on the whole internet until your extract above. I've seen the ADdHG scans and documents but didn't still dig deep to check how to access all that info there. Hvala za info! Milos
  15. Wow! And imagine having access to that little booklet posted in the middle of your post Wouldn't that be incredible?
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