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  1. nice build ... just watching this build this morning.
  2. great effort ... have you considered removing the rivets all together and use a rivet wheel to recreate them ???
  3. yeah, there were some fit issues with them. They were also fragile
  4. G'Day All, Part of a group build with a group of friends, we all built the Tamiya 1/100 F-4EJ Phantom, but use the different marking options from the kit. Build straight from the box. This kit as some alignment issues with the wing on the bottom of the fuselage. There is a gap between the upper wings and fuselage that needed some filling. A bit of Mr Surfacer primer helped fill this in. Painting with Tamiya and Gunze acrylics and weathered with Tamiya Black Panel Line wash.
  5. G'Day All, okay, its technically not a RAAF aircraft, however, this aircraft served with the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) during WWI. The AFC become the RAAF in 1921. So, here is the Toko 1/72 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter marked up as A5967 from 2 Sqn AFC. According to the Australian War Memorial (https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/H12729%3A33), this aircraft flew in France, during WWI. The kit is built straight out of the box. I didn't rig the model, as I wanted an easy build, since this is one of several bi-planes I built at the same time. The model was painted with Gunze and Vallejo acrylics and Humbrol Enamels. Decals are a mixture of kit decals and number decal from a stenciling set.
  6. G'Day All, Well, took a break from the normal work load of aircraft and sci fi ... more aircraft lately then Sci Fi. Here is Dragon's little 1/24 scale Iron Man Mark 42. Built straight from the box, primed with Gunze Mr Surfacer 1000 and black based with Gunze H2 Black. I applied zenithal highlights using Gunze H1 White. The plan was to create some tonal variation with the paint job. Painted the Gold using a mixture Vallejo Gold and Silver (about a 2:1 mixture). The Red was first painted with Vallejo Mecha Colour Metalic Red and over painted with Tamiya Clear Red. The model was washed with Reikland Flesh Shade from Citadel. Tided up the base paint. Silver was painted on the joints. The base is black based and painted Beige Brown and a mixture Beige Brown and Metalic Red. Washed with Tamiya Black Panel Line wash and weathered with Silver paint and Humbrol Rust and Earth powders.
  7. G'Day All, Been working on kits in the back ground. Keeping to the RAAF Theme, here is the Airfix 1/72 BAC Canberra painted and marked as 1 SQN A84-227. The panel lines were rescribed and the raised panel lines sanded away. Few mistakes were made during the scribing process that needed some patching. Model was then primed with Gunze 1000 Surface Primer and black based with Gunze H2 Black acrylic. Gunze H1 White was then applied in a random pattern. The top of the fuselage was painted white and masked off. Vallejo Metal Color Aluminum was blasted through the airbrush - still have problems getting this brand to airbrush, thus the need to blast is through the airbrush. Attempted to do panel varation, however something went wrong with the main Vallejo Metal color, which lifted when masked... so plan jane silver scheme. I checked with a friend and these aircraft were painted silver, so no panel variation was present - kinda boring being a plan Silver colour. I airbrushed the fuel tanks a different colour to mix it up a bit. The Bombay, wheel wells, under carriage and doors were painted Gunze H8 Silver and weathered with Tamiya Panel line wash. Bombs painted a Olive Drab colour and glued in. Decals are NovaScale Decals. A84-227 isn't an option on the decal sheet, so had to carve up some of the existing decals to make up the number. Model had Tamiya Black Panel Line wash applied.
  8. watched this yesterday. nice build
  9. G'Day All, Rushed the finish on this one. While taking photo's, I realised there was a problem with the main landing gear - oh well, ya get that. I thought a Mosquito would be less weathered than other fighter aircraft. Being a wooden wonder, it would be hard to have alot of chipping present. So the weathering was kept to a minimum. Manly on the propellers and fuselage nose. Finished minor paint details and added it the the last group of built aircraft.
  10. G'Day All, Another Aussie bird completed. Looking back, I should have gone with a Natural Metal Finish. But I don't have much luck with NMF finishes. Next Aussie Jet bird will be a metallic finish ... just have decide which one ... Korean Jet or Cold War jet ... choices. Finished off minor detail parts and painting. I left the drop tanks painted with metallics. Weathered the leading edge and props.
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