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  1. Hi Stew, you certainly nailed the masking process and that blue looks great, I'm sure that us modellers are a lot neater than the ground crews who painted the markings on the real aircraft. Cheers Dennis
  2. That's looking really good, I must admit mottling is not my favourite pastime but it's great when you sit back and see the finished article. Cheers Dennis
  3. My dad always talked about Royal Tigers and spandow machine guns in France. Cheers Dennis
  4. That's looking good, just right, used but not abused Cheers Dennis
  5. For inspiration, I took these in 1999 at U Tapoa. Cheers Dennis
  6. Just watched the series in the UK and thoroughly enjoyed it, even the "boss" liked it. Cheers Dennis
  7. Missed that, will have to try Catch Up. Cheers Dennis
  8. Yes one of my favourite TV presenters, down to earth and always interesting, it was a shame that he never won a TT. Cheers Dennis
  9. That is modelling perfection, way above my pay grade but I hope mine turns out half as nice. Cheers Dennis
  10. Thanks Chris, I've not tried the rivet ones but from your comments I have not missed anything ! Thank you, I saw the Tempest decals on another build but they were OOP and not available anymore, however I persevered and got two sets from UMM in the US, of course then HGW fetched them out again. Cheers Dennis
  11. Looking good, I must make a note of that aluminium paint as I recently did a search of such paints for the George undersides. Cheers Dennis
  12. Time for the HGW wet transfers. This is what is in the packet. Instructions And the instructions, there is also a very helpful video on the internet from HGW. I have seen a few builds using them and there was a tutorial thread on here a while back. So on with the show all ready to go warm water, Mr Softener, tweezers, new #11 blade, cotton buds and a toothpick.. I have read that others have use a different decal solution but I was taking no chances and used the recommended one. And it was really easy, applying them was easier tha
  13. Great job, the G55 is one of my favourites, we just need more photos now that you have got the hang of it. Cheers Dennis
  14. That prop is certainly colourful, looks great Cheers Dennis
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