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  1. That looks great, I have one of those in the stash and I hope it turns out as nice as yours. Cheers Dennis
  2. As a rigging dodger this is a great introduction to this art, it might even edge me closer to building a biplane. Cheers Dennis
  3. An Italian CR42 would be a great, I just need to get over my fear of rigging first, maybe the Gladiator will do that. Cheers Dennis
  4. I always dip my clear parts in Klear and then leave them to dry in a lettuce saver for a few days and then apply masking before airbrushing. But make sure that you wick off as much Klear as possible otherwise it looks bad, I recently had a disaster doing this. Here's another thread on the subject, it seems that Quick Shine floor polish from Lakeland is a replacement Cheers Dennis
  5. I'm shocked but not surprised that it has taken this long for the progress that you have reported, hopefully progress will now speed up. I must admit the initial report about the water piping solder melting was something that I would never have thought of and the idea of a fire starting in a loft never crossed my mind. As a lifelong oil refinery worker I have seen some horrendous fires so we have fire and CO monitors everywhere and an extinguisher in the kitchen and workshop/garage but the loft is unprotected. This is something that I will have to change. Cheers Dennis
  6. All about Spitfire masts and aerials here http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitfire-masts-and-aerials.html Cheers Dennis
  7. Great news, I'll be there bright(ish) and early Cheers Dennis
  8. Nice one, looking good, it's a nice kit and the Barracuda stuff certainly helps it along, if I remember rightly I had a few problems with the ailerons as well. Cheers Dennis
  9. That looks really great, top job Cheers Dennis
  10. They look great, nice to see that the 1/32 scale Japanese theme was carried on. Cheers Dennis
  11. Those cockpit details are absolutely superb, nice one Cheers Dennis
  12. Crikey that's about 10 years output for me and no reduction in quality for numbers either, a nice years work. Cheers Dennis
  13. Good progress happening here and yes I'm another one that likes to see an aircraft fully closed up. Cheers Dennis
  14. Sovereign Colourcoats have the paint that you need for that, they have an Australian distributor as well if my info is up to date. https://creativemodels.com.au/shopmastery.php?cat1=SOVEREIGN+COLOUR+COATS&cat2=14ML&cat3=AIRCRAFT&cat4=USN%2FUSAAF%2FUSMC More info on the Sovereign paints https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/united-states-army-air-corps-united-states-air-force Cheers Dennis
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