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  1. It's the Badger 200-20 Detail Airbrush. https://www.everythingairbrush.com/badger-200-20-detail-single-action-airbrush.html Cheers Dennis
  2. I've got my Badger 200NH and a Badger Detail airbrush for finer bits. Cheers Dennis
  3. Great start, looks like you have it well in hand. Cheers Dennis
  4. I couldn't resist either !! Cheers Dennis
  5. Correct, I've been waiting a long time for a Whirlwind in 1/32 scale, I even dropped down to 1/48 scale to build a Classic Airframes kit of one years ago. Cheers Dennis
  6. You are very welcome, the kit has given me a rather nice looking Typhoon in my display case no matter what it's faults. Cheers Dennis
  7. It may be a challenging build but it does look good when it is finished, mine also had some wonky bits that the hot water trick did not fix (fuselage nose) I had to resort to clamps for that one, here is a link to the build, it's definitely not perfect but may contain some info for you. Cheers Dennis
  8. I know that it is only one aircraft and it is in a museum but this RTAF example looks unrestored. Cheers Dennis
  9. spitfire

    RAF Yellow?

    Here is a discussion on American prop tips. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/what-was-the-length-of-yellow-tips-on-usaaf-props-t504307.html Cheers Dennis
  10. Looks good to me Mike. Cheers Den
  11. Fabulous news can't wait to get my grubby mits on one Cheers Dennis
  12. My first single was by The Small Faces "Lazy Sunday" I bought it at dinner time at school and in the afternoon the music teacher played it to the class and went through it for us. My first LP was for some strange reason was Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits which I cannot explain at all being a Beatles, Searchers, Hollies, Procol Harem, Moody Blues type of music person, mind you my big brother was a Beatles superfan so the house was full of Beatles records already. Cheers Dennis
  13. Not bad kits for their age, I still have one in my display cabinet, as to accuracy I do not have a clue ! Cheers Dennis
  14. For the red stars on my Mig 3 I used Xtracolor X14 Red Arrows Red, however as mentioned above you would probably be better matching the red with the kit decals, have a look here for more info. http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/mig3.html Cheers Dennis
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