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  1. They look great, that camouflage looks great. They are from a much neglected WW2 period for model builders I too would love to see more early war kits out there but in1/32 which is all my sausage fingers and failing eyesight allows me to build, I do not stand much of a chance, though I do have a Silver Wings DXXI. Cheers Dennis
  2. Here's an old thread about this, Lakelands Quick Shine seems to be pretty good. Cheers Dennis
  3. A nice postman just handed me this from Hannants, I just had to support Ukraine. Cheers Dennis
  4. Impressive, thank you for posting it. Cheers Dennis
  5. Having built one Bronco kit and abandoning one 80% built, I think I might forget about the Bronco Comet in the stash and take a chance on this one. Cheers Dennis
  6. Looks great, the pilot figure is very impressive and certainly adds to the build but he will be in for it with his flaps down. Cheers Dennis
  7. Incredible, a trio of 109's, but looks and sounds like like you are having fun so carry on, the 21st Century stuff is also fun to build, I built their 109, Stuka and C205 many moons ago and even though they are a bit clunky they are fun builds and look great when finished. Cheers Dennis
  8. Great information, for the files in case I build anothern kit, thanks Cheers Dennis
  9. Fabulous, thank you for posting those drawings Cheers Dennis
  10. Sure would, it's a shame I could not find more about it. Cheers Dennis
  11. It's amazing what turns up when you start looking, also found these. From here http://memorial.flight.free.fr/index.html Cheers Dennis
  12. Same here Mike, no matter how bad they are I make a point of tryng my best to recover them, this one turned out to be one of my favourites. Cheers Den
  13. That looks really good, I have one in the stash so one day I may get around to building it, I will be happy if it will turns out anywhere near as good as yours. Cheers Dennis
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