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  1. Thank Stew, this is one of my favourites, I do like the VVS aircraft with the slogans. Cheers Dennis
  2. Thanks Adrian, this is an oldie that I updated with new photos after the Photobucket fiasco left it messed up. Cheers Dennis
  3. Well I finally got around to the big one, the mask for the fuselage slogan, but despite knowing exactly were it should have gone, marking the mask with pencil marks and using masking tape to keep the individual letters in one piece I still got it wrong, it ended up too low and did not overlap the fuselage red star. The plus point was that it came out great, but I am not going to attempt to sand it down, repair the camouflage, buy another set of Montex masks and do it again so it will stay as is. And in a frantic burst of speed I finally finished it off Cheers Dennis
  4. Time to bite the bullet and decide on either masks or decals,for the subject that I want to build I have to use a mask (Montex) for the slogan on the side of the fuselage, this overlaps the fuselage red star so unless I do some nifty cutting of a decal after applying the slogan, the mask would pull a decal off. Here is my subject, the profile is from here http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/mig3/fall.html As I am not that confident of pulling this off I will go the mask route and paint the stars on, however for this time period the stars might have been red with a very fine black border, as this would be difficult with masks I am going for all red stars, the black outlined stars would be better done by painting the star location black and applying the mask before painting the main paint scheme. So on with the masks, the slogan and masks are from a Montex mask set, mistakes are all mine. And on with the paint, for this I used Xtracolor X14 Red Arrows Red The rudder fell off but not before the paining was complete And that is all for now I will let the paint fully cure before masking off and painting the slogan. Cheers Dennis
  5. Well back to the MiG after being distracted by the Yaks and holidays, as usual I am using paper masks and Blu Tac sausages to mask off the green, this was very time consuming, more so because the camouflage pattern was a bit more complex that normal, I did not have a right side profile so I had to get inventive and tie it into the profile for the left hand side, below is a link to the page on "my MiG" over on Massimo's site. http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/mig3/zarodinu.html Here are the masks in place And here is the finished paint job, for the AMT-6 I used WEM Colourcoats ACS04 AMT Black and it came out really nice, once again my camera showed the green as a pretty vivid colour so I had to dampen it down a bit, the green is Model Master Interior Green 34151 (1715) Cheers Dennis
  6. This is another web page to look at, https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/colors.html I built a Trumpeter 1/32 scale MiG 3 a few years back, there is a fair amount of information on the paints I used in it and why. Dennis
  7. Great looking Hurricane, looks great with the Defiant and Spitfire. Cheers Dennis
  8. Great build and finish, that one is surely a keeper Cheers Dennis
  9. I've got a strange attraction to the Maryland don't know why, so will be interested to see this one progress. Thought I had one in the stash but it is a CA Baltimore, never mind. Cheers Dennis
  10. Yes I always use either Colourcoats or Xtracolor thinners, pretty much no smell at all, and to clean my airbrush I use Badgers airbrush cleaner, I used to get it in the neck from my better half when I was using white spirits and turps, plus they did not clean my airbrush very well, I was always getting a sticky air valve. Cheers Dennis
  11. spitfire

    Yellow leading edges

    This should answer your question found it in my files. Cheers Dennis
  12. I'm with Jamie, I use a battery powered Badger stirrer, it's a must. Cheers Dennis
  13. I love these old kits, built 2 of them in the 90's, refreshed them in the noughties with new paint and markings. I liked the way they turned out, not Tamiya but they turn out well. Cheers Dennis
  14. They look really good, you just have to love Spitfires, the only odd item has already been discussed. Cheers Dennis
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