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  1. This is the stage when I am impatient to see some results, so it was off with the masks, just one small paint job to do. In the beginning I painted the fuselage sides white and applied the white bordered Hinomaru mask in it's entirety, so now I need to remove the red section of mask and airbrush the red, for this I take no chances and thoroughly mask everything off, for the red I used Sovereign Colourcoats ACJ20. And then I ripped off all the tape and masks to reveal this, not a decal in sight, which is good as I am useless putting decals on but I will have to use them for the stencils, mind you I have bought some HGW Wet Transfers for my next build. I am very pleased with the result, I've just got a couple of places to touch up and I can start adding all the bits and bobs, and the dreaded stencils Cheers Dennis
  2. Years ago someone on this website posted how he painted exhaust and it's a technique that I still use today, paint the exhaust with Humbrol 113 Matt Rust, allow it to dry and then rub in ground pencil lead, you can then give it a matt or silk coat but I do not bother. Cheers Dennis
  3. Not much in the way of modelling has been happening as I've been busy on outside jobs which need to be done while the weather is good, but I have been plodding away. First up was to get some paint on the undersides which was NMF on the real thing, I can't imagine that it was polished so I went for an aluminium colour, in the end after airbrushing some samples I settled for Xtracolor High Speed Silver (X038) and was pleased with the finish. It does not show up very well in the photos though. Next up was some careful masking and making a handle on the undersides so I could hold and move the model while I was airbrushing it. For the upperside colour I got in touch with Nick Millman who suggested DI Black Green would be the one to go for so I settled on Sovereign Colourcots ACJ01 Black Green which Nick reckoned was a good match for D1 when he reviewed the Colourcoats Japanese paints. The result was a very dark green, but then again it is called Black Green, can't wait to strip off the masking to see what it looks like. I did remember to paint the frames on the canopy but forgot to paint the cowling, never mind it won't take more than a couple of minutes Cheer Dennis
  4. spitfire

    Custom masks

    I'll second that, I used the Top Notch custom service and the results were great, Sean was very helpful. Cheers Dennis
  5. spitfire

    Gloria is saved

    Great news, I read about this collection a while ago and found it fascinating, hopefully there are more stashes like this around the world. Cheers Dennis
  6. The reviews and builds that I have seen all agree it is a great kit to build and yours proves the point, nice one Cheers Dennis
  7. Dune was one of the first Sci Fi books that I read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, set me off on a path that I still follow today. Dune Messiah though was hard work and took some time to get through but the other books were fine for me. Hope the film is good. Cheers Dennis
  8. Looks good, the PCM kits an be a bit challenging but that turned out well, nice camouflage, well executed. Cheers Dennis
  9. I model mainly aircraft, all in 1/32 scale, once I built my first 1/32 scale kit I was hooked, I think my first real build in this scale was a Matchbox Dauntless, it was so detailed and was nicely big. I also used to build AFV's but only in 1/35 scale though I have not built any for years. Cheers Dennis
  10. Looks great, I have fond memories of building the old Airfix kit when I was younger. Cheers Dennis
  11. That is a real shame, she looks great to me and well worth saving,if you are really stressed by it put it somewhere safe and leave it for a while, otherwise a great looking model could end up in the bin. The sea looks great as well Cheers Dennis
  12. Great build and finish, I built one of those years ago as it is one of my favourite aircraft, like sinnerboy I am waiting patiently for the 1/32 version from Special Hobby. Cheers Dennis
  13. Nice one, but then again it is a Spitfire. Cheers Dennis
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