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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Whirlwind but my scale is 1/32 however as no kits were available in 1/32 I dropped down a scale and built the CA kit and it is certainly buildable, if a mite challenging, As you may imagine I have an SH kit on order at Hannants Trumpeter kits however are great, what they lack in correct detail they make up for in being well engineered and fun to build. If accuracy is your main aim go for the CA kit If you want a fun, well engineered build go for the Trumpeter kit Cheers Dennis
  2. This is good, the rigging part of biplanes means that I have zero biplanes in my display cabinets as I am ham fisted enough when it comes to aerial wires but you are making me think that it is doable. Cheers Dennis
  3. May also be an idea to contact Bob at MDC as their Typhoon kit has a vac formed canopy and they may have spares. https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/ Found one https://www.aviationmegastore.com/canopy-hawker-typhoon-bubble-canopy-9411-squadron-9411-aircraft-modelling-canopies/product/?action=prodinfo&art=51006 Cheers Dennis
  4. Squadron make (used to) a vac canopy in 1/32 scale for the Hawker Typhoon, I used one on my MDC Typhoon and it looks great, the canopies on the Typhoon and Tempest look very much the same. Cheers Dennis
  5. Hi Troy all information is gladly received, feel free to post anything that you have regarding the build, I missed the early curved lower edge windscreen, and 2 prong pitot so thank you for that. I really don't think that I could do the faded fabric look so I will leave that to the more expert modellers. I did find the Tom Cleaver build as well so will attempt to follow his advice, I had similar fun and games with the resin wheel well insert on the PCM Tempest that I am building so will be thinning that one down quite a bit. Thank you for the detailed reply Ch
  6. And so on with the paint, but first I need a handle, as I like to airbrush standing up in front of the window so that I can see the paint hitting the model, very strange I know but this is my preferred method. Don't know what I'll do when I run out of old wire coat hangers. Ready for the off I think that this will be a long one so as my compressor has a habit of overheating I do this, and it works. This took a lot longer and more paint than I had thought, I usually use mix of 1.0 ml of paint and 1.0 ml of thinner but this took twice that. And th
  7. Plodding away while the Tempest waits patiently on the shelf for it's camouflage masks and Dark Green. More silver bits, undercarriage doors, Radiator scoop Even found time to do the yellow tips in the prop blades Then onto the tail planes, these are a butt fit so I decided to make them fit a tad better. I carefully positioned them on the tail and drilled through the fuselage and into the tail plane then inserted some plastic rod and topped it off with CA. This seemed to work well and hopefully I won't knock them off with all the sanding th
  8. Very nice work, looks great to me, must build one someday, I have the 1/32 scale Paragon conversion somewhere and the decals (Ventura ?) Cheers Dennis
  9. I am that impressed with this build that I have just about decided to buy a Sea Gladiator myself to go with the one in the stash, I have been dying to buy a kit but there is only the SH Whirlwind on the way that takes my fancy (until now). It is a great idea building the two at once, I haven't done that for ages but it makes a lot of sense, I may even start another Hurricane as well as the one that I am currently building. Here's a pic from our 2010 holiday Cheers Dennis
  10. Looks big enough to outnumber some countries air forces, thank for posting them. Cheers Dennis
  11. Getting to the same stage was what made me carry on instead of flying it into the bin. Cheers Dennis
  12. Looking good, the black stripe is definately a surprise. Cheers Dennis
  13. Nice to hear that you are both recovering well, that is the main thing and you have definately got my attention with mention of a 1/32 scale aircraft kit. Take care Cheers Dennis
  14. It will be interesting to see if the helicopter can fly in whatever atmosphere there is on Mars. Cheers Dennis
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