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  1. spitfire

    Pete's Revell 1\32 P-47D Thunderbolt

    Good choice those Yahu IP's are so impressive. Cheers Dennis
  2. Hi there, I confess it was me, I bought that kit for my build but it was too small for the Revell back plate, It could have been adapted with some work but i wasn't going there, Here is the build https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/66520-last-build-for-2016-a-bit-late/&page=1 To save time wading through it this is what I wrote at the time. The MDC resin parts arrived and very nice they looked too, however the spinner was too small for the kit backplate, I had ordered the complete Mk.I correction set as it said it was for the Revell kit, but I have a feeling that it is meant for the Revell reboxing of the Hasegawa Mk.I/II kit which utilised their old Mk.Vb fuselage with new wings ( Revell kit 04715). The resin correction kit will not go to waste as I have one of those kits in the stash. The replacement prop and spinner that I wanted was from Eagle Parts but there was and still is a lack of stock of them. http://www.eagle-editions.com/eagleparts-fine-cast-resin-parts-to-update-or-modify-model-kits/spitfire-mk-i-and-mk-ii-1-32nd-resins By now there may be other resin props available. Cheers Dennis
  3. spitfire

    Photo’s of the 1st Infantry Division Museum Armor

    Great photos, thank you for posting them. Cheers Dennis
  4. Looking good, it's certainly a great kit and value for money even with the Barracuda bits and pieces added on, I really enjoyed building mine, looking forward to seeing more. Cheers Dennis
  5. spitfire

    RAAF B-24M restoration

    Great to see yet another restoration of such high quality, thanks for posting. Cheers Dennis
  6. spitfire

    Pete's Revell 1\32 P-47D Thunderbolt

    I built one of those while I was going through a SEAC phase but did not try too hard to correct the major faults despite which I did enjoy the build, these old kits can be fun. Cheers Dennis
  7. spitfire

    Nakajima B5N2 Kate Fuselage color under Canopy

    As a complete novice as far as Japanese aircraft is concerned Nick's blog and friendly advice is a godsend. Cheers Dennis
  8. spitfire

    What primer for under Enamel paints?

    I never use a primer, I just make sure that the surface is nice and clean and smooth, my normal paints are Humbrol, Xtracolor and Sovereign Colourcoats. The only exception is when I build a resin kit then I may use Mr Surfacer. Cheers Dennis
  9. spitfire

    Screen returning to top of list

    Wow that works even better and leaves the thread on the list as well so you can go back to it, edumecation is a wonderful thing. Thanks Dennis
  10. spitfire

    Hurricane IIc Trop

    This is looking great, but must resist, 2018 is the year of Japanese subjects so the Fly Hurricanes will remain in the stash. Nice job Cheers Dennis
  11. spitfire

    Screen returning to top of list

    Tried that and it does work, though the annoying thing is that this is only a recent development, it worked fine before. I also cleared my cache restarted Firefox and it still did the same. Thanks for the input Cheers Dennis
  12. spitfire

    Screen returning to top of list

    Will give that a go, thanks Cheers Dennis
  13. OK, what am I doing wrong, when I go to Britmodeller Forums/Activity/ unread content I get a long list of threads, I then scroll down the list looking for things that interest me, if I see something I click on it, it opens fine and I read it. Then I want to go back to the list and hit the Back button, this then goes back to the list but immediately shoots to the top of the list. So then I have to try and remember where on the list I was and scroll back down to it. This has only started recently, so what am I doing wrong ? Cheers Dennis
  14. I think that it looks amazing in that colour scheme, nice one. Cheers Dennis
  15. Nice one, a really distinctive looking aircraft, hopefully reading through your build might just get me in the mood to restart my stalled Hayate build. Cheers Dennis