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  1. Thank you John, I was definately very lucky there, it could have been a lot worse, I was expecting to see split seams when I took the masking off the undersides. Cheers Dennis
  2. And finally finished the paint work I think from the real photos that the effect was much more drastic than I have portrayed it but I am happy with the result. I will leave it a couple of days and then move on to the markings, as usual I have planned to use masks for this operation but may use decals as it will be quicker and I want to sign this one off as finished.. Cheers Dennis
  3. Yes I was very lucky, and for a change I was motivated to get right on it, re attached, filled and masked. And repainted. Faded the Dark Green and removed the masks over the Dark Earth, looks good to me But Looks like the masks have pulled off the faded paint on this side, so off we go again, masked up and ready to go with the Dark Earth again. Will fade it tomorrow. Cheers Dennis
  4. I know very little about German AFV's but that looks very good to me. Cheers Dennis
  5. spitfire

    Covid Jab

    Had my booster last week and the following day I had the hot and cold shivers but then I was fine, pretty much the same as when I had my first jab (Oxford) Cheers Dennis
  6. Most impressive and for a good cause as well. Cheers Dennis
  7. Finally got back to this, paint masks re applied and the Dark Green (Xtracolor X1) applied, this was tricky as with my cataract fixed I now need to wear glasses for close up work and my vision is not as good as before the operation and my glasses steam up as I am wearing a mask. But I persevered and it went on well. So I put it up on the shelf between two books to dry while I cleaned my airbrush. I was then disturbed by a crash behind me and looked over my shoulder to see my Hurricane sitting on the floor, luckily the damage was minimal and the paint job intact, the temporary handle that I was using must have collapsed causing the model to fall, I was lucky considering the minor damage inflicted. This is where it fell from. So some CA and a bit of a touch up job will be required then I can get on with fading the Dark Green on the wing fabric areas. Cheers Dennis
  8. Beautiful builds, certainly to a higher standard that I can do, so post away to your hearts content. There is just one thing missing though, a Spitfire, but then again I am very biassed. Cheers Dennis
  9. Nice work, and some good tips and escapes, it's a shame we do not have a state of the art 1/32 Hurricane, I'm ploughing my way through a PCM fabric wing at the moment and have a metal wing in the stash as well as a few FLY kits so I am and will be taking more notes. Cheers Dennis
  10. Unlikely but I would love the following in 1/32 scale BP Defiant Fairey Fulmar Fairey Battle Fairey Barracuda Fairey Firefly (BPF version) Mind you my most wanted the Westland Whirlwind did appear. Cheers Dennis
  11. That is looking very tasty, the Tamiya 1/32 kits are renowned for their quality, I have several in the stash but have not got round to building any yet. Cheers Dennis
  12. I can't remember replying to this one but it doesn't matter if I say it again, that is superb, well built, painted and weathered and I wish I could build like that, but I cannot. I do have a liking for early WW2 US subjects and hopefully will build some this next year when my current builds are finished.. Cheers Dennis.
  13. Just arrived today, wanted to build one of these for ages. Cheers Dennis
  14. Not quite to the standard of the photos already posted but these are my favourites out of the ones that I took yesterday, the Warhorse especially caught my eye as we went to see the stage show. Cheers Dennis
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