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  1. Nice build and a nice back story as well. Cheers Dennis
  2. spitfire

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    That's one tip that could save me a lot of grief, thank you Thank you, I'm really enjoying it at the moment that could change if it goes pear shaped.. That's very nice of you to say, I haven't built many Japanese subjects but once this one is finished I have 2 more in the build "queue" in fact I have already started one to fill in time while I'm waiting for paint to dry on this one. Cheers Dennis
  3. spitfire

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    Well I have not been neglecting this one too much, the tail marking was still bugging me so I decided to revert to my original plan, initially I painted the tail yellow to reverse mask the marking but I decided to mask it off as normal, my sausage like fingers were not up to this so I gave up and half decided to use a decal. But rather that use a decal, which I don't like and would not match the other yellows that I had airbrushed I went as follows: Tail airbrushed yellow. Spare Kabuki mask supplied in the Matetar set, with "transfer tape" applied to hold it together while I placed it on the model. Mask surround removed, ready to apply to model. Mask applied to model And the result, I just need to do the red "shadow" lines now, so it is left on the shelve to dry for a while before masking. Cheers Dennis
  4. spitfire

    Russian P-39D, revell 1/32

    Looking good, always nice to see a Soviet P-39 being modelled. Cheers Dennis
  5. What a pain, but I'm glad that you sorted it out, it sounds very frustrating, but you fixed it and it still looks great to me. Cheers Dennis
  6. Nice one looking good, the Hasegawa kits do build up very nice, I'm building one at the moment, and the 21st Century kits do build up well considering how cheap they are (or were). Cheers Dennis
  7. Hi Heather it's nice to see that I'm not the only one with a fascination for this early period of WW2, I just wish that there was more kits from this time period available, mind you I build in 1/32 scale which does not help, AZUR do some really nice kits in my scale and I have already built a D520, Ms 406 and of course a Bloch 152. Waiting in the wings are a Caudron C714 and a Fokker DXX1. Keep up the good work. Cheers Dennis
  8. spitfire

    Trumpeter P-47D Razorback

    Beautiful job and expertly weathered Cheers Dennis
  9. Forgot about this, very handy Cheers Dennis
  10. I could not find a comprehensive book on the subject, these are the references that I used for my builds. Cheers Dennis
  11. spitfire

    Interesting Spots

    That would certainly be a surprise if you did not know it is there, it's great that the courage and sacrifice of the soldiers and volunteers is remembered in such a grand way. Cheers Dennis
  12. spitfire

    airfix 1/24 hawker typhoon

    Nice to see one of these built, I have two in the stash, on my last Typhoon build (MDC 1/32 Bubble top) I decided to go with a basically interior green/grey, black and silver cockpit, with black (Humbrol H85 Satin coal black) cockpit side walls above the tubular frame and interior grey green (Humbrol 78 Matt cockpit green) below the frame, the frame itself was silver (Humbrol 56 Aluminium). Anything above the elbows was black underneath was grey green. Here's some more info https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/53722-hawker-typhoon-cockpit-photos/ Cheers Dennis
  13. spitfire

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    Than you very much for those kind words, hopefully now I am at this stage things can speed up a bit. Fingers crossed that I don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it has happened in the past. Thank you Jamie and thank you for the splendid paint range. Cheers Dennis
  14. spitfire

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    Now to the markings, I bought the Maketar set for the Ki84 as I dislike decals and am rubbish at applying them so I normally use masks. However the masks I ordered are Kabuki tape and I could not see what was on the sheet as the cuts are very fine and the instructions are non existant. So I could not see the masks and did not know what half of them did, I'm sure that there were some that would have been very handy and they were well made. The canopy masks were very good and the instructions for them were very clear. though. So I could make out the Hinomaru's but did not know which applied to my subject so I had to measure the kit decals to find the ones to use on the sheet. These were then cut out. The problem that I had with the "Bandages" was to ensure that I got the markings central and in the right position on the wing, so I measured the mask and the "bandage" and put some Tamiya tape across the wing to get the marking central, some pen marks were then made on the mask lining up on panel lines to ensure that the position on the wing was correct. The masks were then prepared with some transfer Tamiya tape to hold the circle in the mask, this would ensure that the mask stayed round and I was not left with egg shaped markings. All ready to go with the mask circles removed. Everything else masked off just in case. The the airbrush was loaded up with Sovereign Colourcoats ACJ20 Hinomaru Red and way I went. The finished article And a small repair was needed where I had polished the matt paint a bit too much, a small decal goes here so rather that use a gloss coat I just buff up the area with a nail buffer, so out with the Sovereign Colourcoats ARJ01 Khaki and it was like new.. It wasn't all a success story as I failed trying to line up the mask on the tail, I just could not get it to fit where it transitions from the fin to the fuselage so i will reluctantly have to use the kit decal. Cheers Dennis
  15. That looks great, nice choice of subject as well, will look forward to seeing more. Cheers Dennis