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  1. This rebuild will probably show all you are looking for https://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/threads/f40-lm-restoration.396915/page-5 Kind regards Wayne
  2. Blue helmet + red gloves = Jacky Ickx. Thats my guess anyway. Nice build too. Wayne
  3. Are you a surgeon? With cuts as clean and fine as those you should be.
  4. They're amazing, and look great side by side.
  5. Hello, this is my first post. My name is Wayne and I am from New Zealand. I have been quietly following the many terrific builds on this site gathering information on techniques and ways to overcome problems as they arrise. Thank you to all. There is no doubt that Gerald Wingrove is a master craftsman I too have his books, by his own admission there are details he omits, operating steering, wheels that turn for example. If you haven't already please take the time to look at the work of Roger Zimmerman. The detail is staggering for 1/12, working electric windows and the master he made for t
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