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  1. Thanks Jeroen, and welcome to the world of 1/43! Trevor
  2. Thanks very much. This is one of my favourite endurance racers. With the big airbox it looked so different from the Ferraris and Fords of the sixties. Trevor
  3. Cheers Nick. I use a vintage Mattel vac-forming machine which was upgraded with some better parts from the wonderfully named loteckengineering on eBay. It's fine for windows, windshields, headlight covers, small body parts, etc. Trevor
  4. Thanks Chris. With so much in the way of windows at the back I felt that the very simplistic PM representation of the engine wasn't good enough, hence the Marsh engine, exhaust, etc. Trevor
  5. Looking good thus far, despite the wonky mirror. I always try to drill and pin where possible, sometimes using drills as small as 0.4mm and florists' rose wire. Trevor
  6. Cheers Keith. I've used Humbrol enamels for more years than I care to remember. Familiarity with them helps a lot. However, I also use, to a lesser extent, Revell and Xtracolor enamels. I stick with what works for me and have not been tempted to try acrylics, or whatever. Trevor
  7. This is my completed model of the Chaparral 2D which was driven by Phil Hill and Jo Bonnier to first place in the 1000km race at the Nurburgring in 1966, the Chaparral team's first visit to Europe. It is based on the Provence Moulage kit, with lots of detail parts from the metal Marsh Models kit. The PM kit is nicely cast in resin and is supposed to represent the 2D as it appeared at the 'ring and at Le Mans. It most closely resembles the Le Mans configuration, so I back dated it to correctly portray the earlier 'ring car. This involved blanking off the n
  8. Good grief, that is a fantastic video! Grip/adhesion not the car's greatest attribute, judging by the very wide lines on some of the corners! I think a double dose of "brave pills" is required to drive at the limit. Trevor
  9. Great shame about the side race numbers. Hope you arrive at a satisfactory solution. However, it is still a fantastic job thus far. Trevor
  10. What a great car. I will follow with interest. Trevor
  11. Yes, in the very early days they operated a mix of crews. Part of the initial training process until sufficient RAF crews were able to train other RAF crews. Trevor
  12. Your very high standard of workmanship continues to astound me. Great job so far. Trevor
  13. As has been said before, a beautifully built and finished model. Great workmanship. Trevor
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