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  1. Great result! Well done for persevering despite the challenges thrown at you. Trevor
  2. Hard work, by the look of it. End result looks great though. Trevor
  3. That is really great. Has a certain "used" look to it. Well done. Trevor
  4. Ye Gods! Just goes to show that, in many circumstances, money and taste are mutually exclusive. Trevor
  5. Spotted today when I visited Sleaford Mini Centre - a very nice Fiat 124 Sport. Trevor
  6. Absolutely! IMHO, the SUV market is just a cash cow for the manufacturers. Trevor
  7. Around 11am, on the A17 near Heckington, I spotted a dark green Triumph Herald estate (D reg I think - I only saw it for a moment). I cannot recall when I last saw one. Quite rare, I should think. Trevor
  8. Another cracking Skyhawk. Sorry to hear about the decal woes, but you did a great recovery job. Trevor
  9. A fabulous rendition of one of my favourite aircraft. Beautifully done. Trevor
  10. Very nice, Chris. The Connaught is something I didn't know existed in kit form - a rarity, as you say. Trevor
  11. A great subject - God bless turbo-diesels, and their prodigious amounts of torque! I wasn't aware of the ALMS differences, so I will watch with interest. I have the 1/43 Marsh Le Mans car somewhere in the stash. Trevor
  12. Wow, that looks good! The big red London bus - usually travelled in groups of three! Trevor
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