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  1. In order to apply sidewall decals to the rubber/vinyl tyres of my 1/43 sports cars, I start with two or three coats of acrylic gloss varnish after the tyre has been mounted on the rim. With surface now suitably smooth and shiny, I apply the decals as per usual and then use satin (or matt, depending on desired finish) acrylic varnish as a topcoat. Trevor
  2. That's really nice. Great paint finish - not easy with gloss black. Trevor
  3. But the panel gap between the door and the front wing of the Mk1 Escort is a bit shonky. Trevor
  4. Spotted a very nice Dolomite Sprint in Sleaford this afternoon. Looked to be in very good condition. Trevor
  5. That's looking really good. Love the scratch building that you've done, as well. Trevor
  6. Just found a picture of the CCC magazine Cox GTM. Trevor
  7. It's the former CCC magazine Cox GTM. They sponsored it in the late sixties/early seventies, IIRC. At at about two thirty, turning into Tesco's in Sleaford, I caught a brief glimpse of a Renault Spyder. I remember watching their one make race series back in the day, but it's the first time I've seen one on the road. Trevor
  8. Another classy model. Great work, bravo! Trevor
  9. Well, if you hadn't mentioned the fun and games you had with the A pillar and decals, I would not have guessed that anything was amiss. Great build of a great car. Used to watch the DTM on Eurosport back in the day. Trevor
  10. Looking good! Love the way you adapted the engine to suit your needs. Good luck with the "hacking and filing"! Trevor
  11. At about 1pm on the M11 northbound (just north of Duxford) I saw a Mk1 Escort van on a trailer. Can't remember the last time I saw of of those. It looked in need of a restoration. Trevor
  12. A brilliant end result - well done! Trevor
  13. Great subject you've chosen. I will follow with interest. Trevor
  14. Nice to see a two-seat Skyhawk trainer. The end result, despite the problems you encountered, is very good. Trevor
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