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  1. I would think that white would be correct, seeing as how the entire airframe was white externally on the early schemes. Probably left in white when the external colour changed to grey and white. That's my opinion only, and stand to be corrected by more knowledgeable individuals on the forum. Trevor
  2. Thanks very much. I've previously had Minis with 45DCOE, so I know what you mean. The manifold on this is a four branch, and it's an absolute pain to juggle into place. The conversion kit is by Specialist Components in Norfolk. Trevor
  3. No, it's not a Japanese bike engine. It's the BMW K1100 16v motorbike head on a modified A Series block with external belt drive for the cams. It should be good for about 130bhp, once it's been run in and sorted on a rolling road. It all just about fits inside the Clubman engine bay. Trevor
  4. We have a total of four classic Minis in the family. A 1979 Clubman saloon with a 1380 twin cam 16 valve engine, a 1980 Clubman estate (completely standard), a 1984 Mayfair with an MG Metro engine, Zeemax body kit, 13" alloys (now being used by eldest daughter as her daily drive), and a 1990 Mayfair with Mini 30 half-leather interior and a custom paint job, i.e. it's painted lilac, and is "senior management's" car. It's enough to keep me very occupied in my retirement. I nearly bought a Phoenix estate a few weeks ago, but I've nowhere to keep another! Trevor
  5. I've been doing some repair work on one of my classic Minis at Sleaford Mini Centre. This rather nice Park Lane visited on Saturday. And today, this 1966 Wolseley Hornet MkII arrived. Although it looks a bit rough, the shell is sound, and all the important Hornet specific bits are in the back seat area. It looks unmolested, and SMC will do it up a treat! Trevor
  6. Nice work Rab. Is the registration number of the XK120 significant? Trevor
  7. Really nice. If the kit put up a fight, then you definitely won! Trevor
  8. Welcome to the forum. A good bunch of like minded individuals. Trevor
  9. I wish you well with this one. Progress thus far looks good. Great choice of colour scheme! Trevor
  10. This ruling also affected Porsche. In a similar manner to Jaguar's airbox, the Porsche 956 intercoolers were visible from above, and most teams installed a horizontal vane to obscure the view from above. The Joest team solution is seen above. Trevor
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