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  1. A degree of imagination is required............ I have actually built one of these, and although there is a lot of refinement needed I think it quite a good kit. Paul.
  2. I wondered - the last lot I had, the thinnest struts had ragged trailing edges, very hard to trim. But I just got a jeweller's saw (for some odd reason) and found that once clamped securely a sanding stick sorts them out in seconds, which is nice. I must agree with John Masters, your products are really missed, although you've more than earned your retirement and after churlishly resenting the demise of Aeroclub I always have to give myself a good kicking in the seat of the pants to be fair. Luckily there are still some Fleabay lots that go for non-silly prices, so I pick them up when I can - I get through a lot of the WWI and inter-war stuff, and it all being rather niche, there are either no alternatives, or there were but they've also come to an end, presumably with the massive reduction in vacform kits and (assisted) scratch building. Paul.
  3. That might not be the case - they've had quite a few gaps in production so the moulds may be okay. What I'd be more concerned about is how well they work with the plastic used these days. Another thing, and perhaps I'm remembering wrong, but I thought that the curled mismoulding of the wing wnds that used to occur was sorted with later production runs. So you really need to either know someone who's bought a recent one, or get hold of a kit from the 2nd production run............ Paul.
  4. Thanks for the offer. I'll bear it in mind. Another route I've considered is to only try to do the opening section - the windshield section is composed of mostly flat planes so I could use the supplied moulding for the framing and glaze it. I've been using the Flightpath set but am not totally sold on it. Some bits fit well, others I can't get my head around, and I've never liked the really thick, springy metal used. You can anneal it, but that isn't too easy either. I mention it because I did use the wheel well inserts - completely different shape to the kit appertures, so I wish I'd just used styrene. And I've built the cockpit but think I'll just use bits of it with the kit parts. Anyway, enough thread divergence............. Paul.
  5. Payment has now been taken. Still the same though, when I log in it says checkout the new club offers, and when I try to I get 'access restricted to club members only'. I'm assuming this is just teething troubles and am only teling you lot to make myself feel better I suppose - I will contact them if nothing changes in a week. Paul.
  6. Well, I got the option for free postage or £4.95, so chose free to see what would happen. Still 'in processing', and still no access, but on the plus side they've also still not taken the payment from my account. So, mystified. Paul.
  7. How is your canopy? Mine is yellowed. Thinking of filling it with Milliput and trying to mould a new one, but it's a bit large for that. Indeed, an excellent kit otherwise, although the main plastic parts on mine have gone slightly brittle with age. Building is slow because I got the Daco book, the photo coverage being so good that I'm going back over what I've already done and doing my best to improve it. Wings are done, but the book clearly shows every perforation in the fuselage, so I'm having a go at that. The late Ted Taylor's 3-part build is very helpful, and the original poster might want to have a look because much of the detail he adds can be added to the Airfix kit using old-schooly methods with bits of scrap and plastic card, if you'd rather not shell out for aftermarket stuff. His article is still online, starting at http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/82-echelon-lightning/page-82.html . The aircraft part of the site is organised a bit chaotically but very much worth a look. http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/02-airbase/page-02.html Paul.
  8. There should be an email from Airfix saying Welcome to the (whatever club package you bought). This has your membership number in it. FWIW, my membership is still listed as in processing, and I have no access to any of the club areas yet. It was worth the price to me because I was wanting another Kate kit, and have many Flying Hours tokens awaiting liberation. Paul.
  9. Issued in more than one form IIRC- initially vac, then later injection moulded, - long time since I used one, although I saw one go on Ebay at a reasonable price recently. I don't know if it also came in resin, although there was a resin set from DB latterly marketted under the Airwaves label, meant for use with the Italeri Martin B-57 (so it also had new engine fronts). Anyone intending to use one of the Heritage sets, do have a good look before commiting yourself. The T.4 set I've used was appallingly cast, and bulged out one side. The resin used was not ammenable to heat treatment, and I spent much quality time having at it with knives and sandpaper. Paul.
  10. Just tried to sub, it must have fallen over - says 'out of stock'. That didn't last long.................. Paul.
  11. Hannants don't have a price yet, but the kit is listed as ex WnW. Paul.
  12. I do similar with an old spool of armature wire, about 0.3mm, except it being more malleable and me more impatient I just grip each end with some ancient flat ended tweezers It has weathered to a nice steel grey colour, so is suitable for some rigging. It will kink if knocked about but is much more resilient than if simply rolled. Paul.
  13. That would be............unusually cruel. Paul.
  14. I forgot about the Rareplanes kits, didn't know about the Argentinian ones. I think the PJ resins were very good actually, but they tend to go for silly prices second hand these days. Sometimes to be found in non-Corona virus times at shows for under £10.00 in the UK, I think at that price they're worthwhile. Decals are not very good though, but I'm sorted for life with a large stack of old Modeldecal and Xtradecal sets............ Paul.
  15. ............and if you want to go the older-fashioned route, Aeroclub made conversion sets for the Matchbox kits to allow you to produce single seaters of most sorts, (injection plastic, vac canopies, white metal seats where appropriate) and a lot of plastic dust from the cutting, filling and sanding. There are also very nice T.7 and F.8 limited run injection kits from Aeroclub. Al these turn up on Fleabay quite often, usually at reasonable prices. Then there's the Airwaves PE set which provides a lot of useable parts to tart up the Matchbox (later reboxed by Revell) nightfighters. All of this stuff is great fun if you enjoy process rather than shaking boxes, and with a lot of work can produce nice models, but having built a few of the MPM/Special Hobby kits (also in Airfix and Xtrakit reboxings), they'll give you a better result for the same effort. When MPM started producing other versions of their kit, they (or Special Hobby, who knows) retooled the wings and nacelles, and added locating pins. The pins actually induce misalignment so can go, but the wings are much thinner and nicer. I've always thought the Matchbox kits were either produced by 2 teams, because there are some parts with locating pins but no matching hole, and vice-versa. Plus the poor fit (different cross sections) of some of the optional parts. Anyone know? On the other other other hand, if you just want to relax and build something not necessarily that accurate, but not too fussy and looks like the part from a few feet away, the old Airfix kit and Frog F.IV go together quite easily, so long as you avoid the NOVO repop of the latter which usually has too much mismoulding. Paul.
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