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  1. Paul Thompson

    A-Model AVRO 504K: any good?

    Don't have one, so don't know, but the PE fret is available separately from Hannants. Pricey, for what it is. See https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HRPE7202 . I'll have a scout through my old Windsocks this evening and see what, if anything, they say. Paul.
  2. Paul Thompson

    A-Model AVRO 504K: any good?

    The cockpits are about 3mm too far back. If you really want to correct that, then the Airfix kit can be had from shows for £5.00 or less, if you're in the right place at the right time. Same for Fleabay. You could use the Amodel kit with the Airfix, but it makes additional work because one of the changes Amodel made was to convert the wing attachment to 2 separate parts in place of the Airfix single piece wing. Still, not a show stopper if you got the Amodel kit really cheap................ You typed while I did the same - as I said above, the problem is the modified lower wing attachment. Having just reread the article I should elaborate - you'd have to fill the Airfix wing slot in any case, so you might think you could use the Amodel fuselage. Problem is, the Amodel has the wings set into deep recesses in the fuselage, which would be quite hard to fill yet still having enough strength after you cut the new slot for the Airfis wing - and if you want to use the Amodel wings instead it'd be even harder to carve new (airfoil shaped) recesses for the wings.
  3. Paul Thompson

    A-Model AVRO 504K: any good?

    The Amodel kit is from their early days, and is a 90% knockoff of the Airfix kit. The moulding quality is appaling. I have examples of both and you can, after extensive cleanup, swap parts between the kits. The main fault of the Airfix kits is that the cockpit openings aren't quite in the right place. This is faithfully copied by Amodel. I'd use the Airfix kit if I was you. Very good for it's day, needs some simple scratch building to improve, and depending on how much it bothers you, you may choose to ignore the cockpit poisitions. Paul.
  4. Paul Thompson

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor short shot parts issues

    Not entirely, no. No kit or for that matter manufacturer is perfect, and many other kits I've seen have short shots, from many manufacturers. Paul.
  5. Paul Thompson

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor short shot parts issues

    I had that, one side, on the first issue F.8 boxing. Okay, shouldn't have happened, but fixed with a dab of filler and sanding, less than a minutes work plus drying time. But only on the one half of one part. With both halves short shot as yours are, if Airfix don't get back to you, a sliver of plastic card and some filler will save the day. Must say, I was inclined to cut Airfix much slack because I was dual building the Airfix with a Classic Airframes kit. Paul.
  6. Paul Thompson

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    From Allan Wright, the man who runs the WWI Mailing List Website on which the photo was posted: }I cover that in the site's FAQ. In fact I receive inquiries often about using site images. Those are forwarded to the image contributors when they're still active. I could add a 'copyright info' link to the site's page footer that hot links to the appropriate FAQ section I suppose. That's the 'modern' way to do it. Allan{ FWIW. Paul.
  7. Paul Thompson

    1/72 Merlin Brandenburg G1 - expecting a mess!

    If the kit was one of the first 14 or so then it will be an okay but limited run kit, quite acceptable for it's day. Any higher and you're in a very strange land indeed. Paul.
  8. Paul Thompson

    Revell 2019 releases

    This I presume. Several pages. Paul.
  9. Paul Thompson

    Question for Builders of Resin Biplanes

    I've never had a resin strut that wasn't warped, to be honest. That includes those reinforced with wire (wire reinforced wings too, on a pair of 1/48th Albatros kits from before the flood). I haven't lived anywhere particularly hot or left kits in warm storage. The worst offenders have been Choroszy, but these days I never use resin struts at all, except as patterns to make replacements. A real pain when there is delicate detail cast into the strut. In the past I've used some CMR struts which have survived okay, but they were really too thick for accuracy. I would suggest that if your Choroszy struts arrive unwarped in the box then they may be okay so long as the wing isn't too heavy. If warped, I don't think there's any point in straightening them for use because they will go off again. Hard to say - it may well be a combination of temperature and humidity that governs it, assuming they left the manufacturer okay. Paul.
  10. Paul Thompson

    Ceramic wire?

    I noticed in Ray Rimell's 'Building the WNW Sopwith Camels' that he's started using Wonder wire a lot. Perhaps he has a current source? Not listed in the materials section of the book though - I just checked. I used to use it a lot, but it was got for me by a friend in the US and sent on. My stock is now gone. Paul.
  11. Paul Thompson

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    If you want some inspiration, here's a shed load by the late, lamented Ted Taylor: http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/11-revell-victor/page-11.html Apologies if anyone already posted this and I missed it. Paul.
  12. Paul Thompson

    WW1 paints

    They've always been acrylics, at least the WWI colours. Thinnable with water, but if you add a few drops of Johnson's Klear/Future or the modern equivalent it also toughens them up andimproves their sticking power. Paul.
  13. Paul Thompson

    1/48 F.2B Decal Sets?

    Blue Max never did a white scheme. But Roden did, so I think that's probably what you've got there . Pheon still have their Western Front aces set in stock, although they're bog standard PC10, Battleship Grey and CD Lhttps://www.pheondecals.com/48008-bristol-f2b-fighters-western-front-aces.html , These from Freightdog, Empire Brisfits, might be a bit more colourful: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/military-products/military-decals/1-48-scale/blue-max/blue-max-1-48-f2b-empire-brisfits-decal-sheet.html Hannants still have some Freightdog post war markings in stock - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BM4801 . You would need to check the engine louvre configuration and tailplane sizes to make sure your model matched the right mark. Finally, there is still a set by Print Scale, Polish markings, varied camo types: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/D48094. Paul.
  14. Paul Thompson

    Avro Lancastrian

    Sorry about the odd spacing in the above post- I can't seem to edit it out, it's either a full tab instead of a space, or just one long word. At least the picture is there. While I'm at it I'd better attribute the photo - it's from Dauntless Hobbies. Paul.
  15. Paul Thompson

    Avro Lancastrian

    Dave's right about the curve, but it isn't quite so bad as it appears in that photo. Here's one on Ebay: I hope that works.