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  1. I replied a few hours ago but it seems to have got lost....so, in short......... There are many far better WW1 modellers in various corners of this forum. I'm just a noisy one. The out of the box finesse of the SE5a is better than the others left-pilers except the Avro, and it'll be okay if you want to put in the work. I wouldn't but that's because I've done it once, then built several Blue Max and Roden kits, which spoils you a bit. Then along came Eduard, which is (despite my love of Roden) by far the best. IIRC there was an early PE set for this one too, but I can't remember if it was Airwaves or Eduard. Probably the former. I'm fairly ignorant of Jennies, but have built the Lindberg kit anyway. It was a fine kit in it's day, and you don't have any other choice in this scale, so just as well. The Windsock Datafile contains all you need to add the missing details. Mine had warped fuselage halves, but that isn't a common problem. Paul.
  2. Mike, The only RE8 kit ever available in 1/48th, I think, was the Aeroclub kit. Emminently buildable, you can occasionally still find it at shows, around £25.00 in the UK pre-pandemic. Also on Ebay now and then, but the sense or nonsense of the price will depend on how alert the sharks are. AFAIK there were two issues, the second with a few of the white metal parts replaced by resin (certainly the prop, which is a 4 blader in 2 parts has an awkward to fix joint between the halves). Paul. Allan, P.S. The only kits in the left pile I'd not bother with are the DH2 (life is too short) and the SE5a. The latter has confused features apart from the simplicity inherent in it's age. All the other oldies there build okay although not that accurate . They look enough like what it says on the box, certainly good enough for testing rigging and painting skills. The Smer and Glencoe kits are also a lot more robust when refining the arcane arts of top-wing mounting and rigging, due to the cruder struts. Improving them is fairly easy, but only really worth it as a learning process. Also, unless you happen to have a handy 3D printer, if you want an Avro 504K, then until you have the proficiency to build Roden kits in your sleep, the ex-Merit kit is your only option except the Blue Max kit. The latter is a good kit, but much more challenging due to the very limited run nature, and needing to make things like struts from the material included. (All Blue Max kits were intended only for the specialist who could already build biplanes and handle limited run issues, and you'd really need to be comfort with what you have in the photo before embarking down that road. The upside is that at their time of release they were the only serious game in town, usually accurate, and possessed very nice surface details). There is or was an Airwaves set for the 504 which is a lot earlier and cruder than what Eduard produce, but helps the Merit kit a lot. Paul.
  3. I happily build bad models if there is no alternative or if it is what I already have. However, having only a finite lifespan, I really appreciate it if someone's considered opinion can save me from making a fresh purchase that I would regret, and when the correction time exceeds what I'd spend on what I already have, or how long I think a scratch build or conversion would take, then doubly so. Criticism of minor issues may get irritating if they don't bother you personally, or if they're being used to bash a manufacturer unreasonably, but what is wrong with calling out major problems? You can choose to ignore them if the errors don't bother you or you disagree about the severity, and no harm done. Meanwhile, the rest of us may be saved a little pocket money we can spend on something else. You don't have to read a negative review if you don't want to. You certainly don't have to ask or tell people to stop discussing it just because you don't want them to. Maybe if puppies were being harmed, but we haven't got to that stage yet. Paul.
  4. Thanks so much for that, best news I've heard in a while. Paul.
  5. Now I'm wondering if these could be adjusted to fit the Echelon kit. One of the reasons I've parked this on the shelf of doom again is the smoked yellow actetate of the aged vac canopy. Since I'd be doing it canopy open, only the windshield would need to fit the kit.......... Bit of a gamble though. Paul.
  6. Amongst others, the fuselage has seen a lot of work (based on the Revell kit) including widening it, but the wings remain much the same as the originals and so the middle one is too wide. Unless you want the struts to bow outwards about the only solution is to remove material from the inner ends of the middle wings. Many other small niggles which I now forget, but there's a build review in the GWSIG free newsletter Cher Ami. The decals are all over the place accuracy wise, and perform terribly. I was later told that one option I had thought wrong was in fact okay, but that's just one out of 6 that I looked at. In box review comparing to the Revell kit, volume 9, issue 3, and construction in volume 10 issue 2. Previously when I posted links my posts in the thread were removed and some comment made about advertising 'your own' magazines or websites (which may not have been aimed at me, but I dunno) so I can only suggest you find the GWSIG website, where there's a link to all past issues. HTH. Paul.
  7. Actually, that isn't entirely true. Certainly they're rare, but there were several systems that produced authentic colour prints. Relatively famous are those from a Bristol Fighter squadron, and recently there was one posted on Britmodeller of some Nieuport or other, in the context of the aluminium paint finish. And I'm not being confused by colourised photos. There were several photos published in some of the Windsock magazines, including the Biffs and Nieuport. Paul.
  8. FWIW the date of certificate expiry reported by Firefox is today, rather than a day ago. Paul.
  9. It has been pointed out before, not all but most of the people complaining about price are in the UK, where it costs more. I just had a look at Hannants, and the cheapest in stock are a penny under £13.00. The Junior Hurricane Mk1 is billed as a re-release not yet available, and that will be £14.80. So 12 Euros is quite a bit cheaper than what we get. Okay, Hannants aren't the cheapest, but there are no longer that many mail-order stores within the UK, and as soon as you have to buy from abroad the prices get really silly so that doesn't help. Personally, I still don't think they're overpriced, yet, because virtually everything else is going up as well, and they are very good kits. Un-drifting the thread: my main area is WW1 so whatever they come out with probably will not be something I regard as essential, but depending on the exact subject I may get one of whatever anyway if I can, because I like what they make. Paul.
  10. Perhaps worth PMing him here or contact through his website. I don't know the story but have found that site to have plummeted in functionality since the last redesign, and also, he sometimes has small quantities of stuff not shown by the site. Good luck. Paul.
  11. Like Dave said. But there was also a vac and white metal version (no decals) by CA Atkins. Paul.
  12. I've used the Pegasus decals quite a lot. They work well (particularly the re-issued ones after takeover by Freightdog), but it is tedious - each decal needs to dry thoroughly before you put the next number on, then the whole lot must dry before you add the white outlines. But short of printing your own in one piece per serial (and the white would need an ALPS printer), there's not really amy alternative than Ye Olde Hand Painting, which is much more tedious. And difficult, for many of us mortals. At least the Pegasus decals don't need to be trimmed out separately, having individual carrier film that stops close to the edge of the image. Paul.
  13. I've heard recommendations a few times but never followed it up. I think I'll give it a try too. The big bottle of wood glue by my desk is cheap and lasts a long time, but needs pouring out onto an old credit card and then picking up and applying a blob with a bit of wire. Less time and less cleanup would be nice. Paul.
  14. Also better than the Pegasus kit in some areas, including ease of construction. But both need the trailing edges attending to, rather savagely. Still, worse things happen at sea, and having built them all I'd be hard put to say which I preferred. Ruling out the Airfix, which hasn't been very nice since it was new and I built it waaay back in my youth-ish-ness. I did have a go at bringing it up to a reasonable standard a few years ago, and while fun in the sense of exercising modelling skills, it was more effort than it was worth, mostly because the mould is shot to the extent I replaced the wings. Paul.
  15. I don't suppose you know, but any idea if this is the 2004 kit re-released? A new one would be nice, but the old one was okay in many ways. Paul.
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